Redaction: Definition, Process, and When to Use It

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Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out how you can securely manage redaction of your documents. Video Transcript […]. The post Redaction: Definition, Process, and When to Use It appeared first on Record Nations.

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New Video Course for State Agencies

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We are pleased to announce a new online video course for state agency records management officers and records liaisons. Click here to access the video on the course page. We will be further developing our online courses to add video and interactive functionality, so stay tuned for more.

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Searching for definition | ZDNet

Collaboration 2.0

Searching for definition By Oliver Marks | June 15, 2008, 10:51pm PDT Summary A recurring theme for me at the Enterprise 2.0 ′ in 2006, called on attendees to log on to Wikipedia and edit its definition.

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Records vs Documents: The Differences & How Best to Manage Them [Video]

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Video Transcription Document vs Record Definitions Documents A document refers to “live” information that has not been made final. The post Records vs Documents: The Differences & How Best to Manage Them [Video] appeared first on Record Nations. Records and documents are actually classified differently in the professional space. Understanding their differences and the best ways to manage them will go a long way in keeping your business organized and secure.

Data Breach Today - Untitled Article

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You can’t skip video marketing on LinkedIn. The best example would be Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos on LinkedIn. Marketers like Gary fins more innovative ways to attract audiences, thus making a video as a meaningful part of the strategic conversation.

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Falling Down an Archival Rabbit Hole: Following the Trail from Finished Film Back to the Research that Inspired It

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Though it came to the Motion Picture Preservation Lab as a kinescope film, the original source material was definitely video. Learn about the difference between film and video here. )

Who’s spreading the news?


Woman posting video on Facebook claiming sexual harassment posted on Facebook sentenced to two years in jail. Data quality Information Governance Definition Controls Third parties Internal controls Culture Compliance Oversight Duty Accuracy Compliance (General “Egypt Send Actress to Jail for ‘Fake News,'” The Wall Street Journal , October 1, 2018 A9. Publishing fake news with intent of toppling regime. Egypt has some problems with sexual harassment.

Information delayed


Facebook sued two years ago for knowing the statistics on how long users were looking at videos were flawed, overstating the average time videos were viewed but failed to let the advertisers know. So advertisers paid for posting videos based on inaccurate information from the seller (Facebook). So, either (a) the definition of Information includes information you don’t disclose or (b) the value of information can include the value of not disclosing it.

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Sexual assault


Video? Compliance (General) Controls Definition Duty Governance Information Internal controls Privacy Third partiesI hesitated to discuss the Kavanaugh hearings as an information governance teaching case, due to the raw political nerves. Another case presented itself. “A Sexual-Assault Claim Spotlights National Dilemma,” The Wall Street Journal , October 15, 2018 A1.

Business Must Change: InfoSec in 2019

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That said, there was definitely a watershed moment in the mid-1990s marking a clear transition from the old Deming-era industrial ways to this modern digital era. For example, a true security architect will have a broad background within strength of vision, the ability to run an entire project from start to finish (including: problem definition, solution identification and evaluation, solution testing/POC, and solution deployment).

Secret Service Warns of Surge in ATM ‘Wiretapping’ Attacks

Krebs on Security

Often this is a false fascia directly in front of or above the PIN pad, recording each victim entering his or her PIN in a time-stamped video. So that knowledge is definitely being shared more widely in the criminal community now. The U.S.

Weekly Update 139

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Per the beginning of the video, it's out late, I'm jet lagged, all my clothes are dirty and I've had to raid the conference swag cupboard to even find a clean t-shirt.

Capture is now Capture 2.0

OpenText Information Management

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Parents’ Guide for Safe YouTube and Internet Streaming for Kids

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But did you know that YouTube allows comments on most videos and that those comments sections can contain links posted by predatory adults hiding behind fake profiles? What does this have to do with streaming videos? Check their video history from time to time.

Terahertz Millimeter-Wave Scanners

Schneier on Security

Most images that might be mistaken for a weapon­ -- backpacks or a big patch of sweat on the back of a person's shirt­ -- are easily evaluated by observing the terahertz image alongside an unaltered video picture of the passenger. It definitely has the backing of TSA.".

The Year Targeted Phishing Went Mainstream

Krebs on Security

The sextortion scheme that emerged this month falsely claims to have been sent from a hacker who’s compromised your computer and used your webcam to record a video of you while you were watching porn.

SandboxEscaper releases Byebear exploit to bypass patched EoP flaw

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Below a video PoC for the ByeBear exploit that abuses Microsoft Edge browser to write discretionary access control list (DACL) as SYSTEM privilege. “This bug is most definitely not restricted to the edge.

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EU: European Court confirms journalism exception for citizen-journalists, but not in France?

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

YouTube video . Mr. Buivids posted a video on YouTube of him making a statement in a Latvian police station in the wake of an administrative offence. The Latvian Data Protection Authority ( Datu valsts inspekcija ) and two administrative courts believed that Mr. Buivids video was violating Latvia’s Natural Persons’ Data Protection Law ( Fizisko personu datu aizsardz?bas By Patrick Van Eecke, Denise Lebeau-Marianna and Laetitia Mouton.

Crooks use Star Wars saga as bait in Phishing and malware attacks

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Even if you are going to download a video file from a source you consider trusted and legitimate, the file should have an.avi,mkv or.mp4 extension, among other video formats, definitely not.exe Check the website’s authenticity.

Information Governance – Still Need It, Always Will


Today’s technology and architecture are definitely built to encourage sharing and collaboration, and that is an awesome thing. In this video, from Boxworks 2016, I express some of my thoughts about information governance, and how Box is approaching it.

Our Industry Is Failing. Will We Fix It?

John Battelle's Searchblog

Day one, a former YouTuber posts a video and commentary on Reddit laying out how YouTube’s recommendation algorithms have enabled pedophiliacs to thrive on the platform.

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“Marie Kondo-ing” Your Unstructured Data


If you want a more thorough definition, TechTarget has a pretty good one.) Video surveillance footage. Decluttering Guru Marie Kondo has generated a popular movement of devotees now madly paring down personal belongings that no longer “spark joy.” ” But what if you could take Kondo’s philosophy and apply it to an organization’s mountain of unstructured data?

Comodo Antivirus is affected by several vulnerabilities

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” Another vulnerability, tracked as, CVE-2019-3970, is an arbitrary file write issue that could be’ exploited by an attacker to modify malware definitions and evade detection. Wells also published a Proof-of-concept exploit code on GitHub and a video PoC for the flaw.

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Weekly Update 97

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But they do and it's worthwhile being aware of them so have a listen to the video this week and check out the links I've shared below. This is Scott Helme's and my little project which turned out to be a much bigger project but one that was definitely worthwhile doing.

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Weekly Update 76

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I'm not trying to make these videos longer (and the next two while I'm overseas will definitely be shorter), but yeah, this week was a biggie. Massive, massive week!

Supply Chain Security is the Whole Enchilada, But Who’s Willing to Pay for It?

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Take, for instance, the problem right now with insecure Internet of Things (IoT) devices — cheapo security cameras, Internet routers and digital video recorders — sold at places like Amazon and Walmart.

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Facebook hacked – 50 Million Users’ Data exposed in the security breach

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” Facebook revealed that the bug exploited by the attackers was introduced with a change to their video uploading feature made in July 2017. But it definitely is an issue that this happened in the first place.”.

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Governance in Healthcare: Big Data is Table Stakes

Perficient Data & Analytics

And big data isn’t just about data – it’s also concerned with managing and governing vast amounts of content of varying types such as video, images, voice, etc. Big data itself does not alter the approach to governance nor its framework.

Documentation Theory for Information Governance

ARMA International

The first section presents definitions of three significant terms used in information governance, namely “record,” “information,” and “document.”

FTC Announces Record-Setting $5.7M COPPA Penalty

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million civil penalty against makers of the popular free video creation and sharing app, (now known as TikTok), for violations of U.S. video social networking app allowed users to make 15-second videos of themselves ( e.g. , lip-synching and dancing to songs), and then share them with other On February 27, 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced a record-setting $5.7

Understanding the online safety and privacy challenges faced by South Asian women


a daughter might search for and then play a video for her mother). Most participants hid social media applications, photograph and video folders created by social applications, and Gallery (a photograph editor and storage folder).

Reminder that the FTC is Providing an Opportunity to Comment on COPPA Rule by October 23

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

These amendments, among other changes, approved additional methods for obtaining parental consent, specified new requirements for notices to parents, and expanded the definition of personal information to include geolocation data, pictures, videos, audio recordings, and persistent identifiers.

Amazon Knows What You Want to Buy BEFORE You Buy It

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In addition, content recommendation, personalization of videos or application, segmented marketing based on customer demographics, and personalized content based on personas have direct impact on bottom line. Here is Gartner’s definition of AIOPs on Continuous Monitoring.

Challenges faced while training an AI to combat abuse


Non-stationary problem Traditionally, when applying AI to a given problem, you are able to reuse the same data over and over again because the problem definition is stable. Looking at the view count timeline for the famous Gangnam style video, you will notice two anomalous peaks.

The Age of Intelligent Robots is Coming

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” “Because in video games when you play against the computer, even the highest level is dumber than playing against the worst real person,” my son answered.

Cloud, Intelligent Content Services, and Digital Fragility: What’s on the RIM Horizon for 2020

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Just 59% of surveyed RIM professionals are included in their company’s IT strategic planning, including activities such as requirements definition and vendor selection – down from 67% in 2017.

e-Records 2018: Tackle Tough E-Records Challenges

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” In looking at the legal definition of records management, Mr. Ybarra has observed that records managers spend a lot of time perfecting the first half of the definition but spend less time on the latter. Watch our video recap of e-Records Conference 2018.

Court Enters Parties’ Order for Discovery of ESI: eDiscovery Case Law

eDiscovery Daily

The parties agreed to produce the ESI in single-page Group IV TIFF image format using at least 300 DPI print setting, except for certain files (Excel files, spreadsheet files,CSV files, source code, audio, and video) which would be produced natively with a placeholder image.

Influence Operations Kill Chain

Schneier on Security

s definition is as good as any: "the collection of tactical information about an adversary as well as the dissemination of propaganda in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent." Influence operations are elusive to define. The Rand Corp.'s

#ModernDataMasters: Scott Taylor, “The Data Whisperer”


For example, they might say they want to be the “premier partner of choice” for their customers and yet not have a common definition of customer that everyone in their organisation understands. Watch my videos!