Hack of DNA website exposes data from 92M accounts

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MyHeritage received a message from a researcher who unearthed a file named 'myheritage' containing email addresses and encrypted passwords of nearly all of its users on a private server outside the company. Hacking Data security Cyber security Cyber attacks

A new Shamoon 3 sample uploaded to VirusTotal from France

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” In the attempt to deceive the victims, attackers used the internal file name “Baidu PC Faster” and the “Baidu WiFi Hotspot Setup” in the description of the file.

Sony Bravia Smart TVs affected by a critical vulnerability

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“This application handles file names incorrectly when the user uploads a media file. ” The third flaw directory-traversal vulnerability tracked as CVE-2018-16594 that relates to the way the Photo Sharing Plus app handles file names. The application handles file names incorrectly when receiving a user’s input file via uploading a URL. A attacker can upload an arbitrary file with a crafted file name (e.g.: /./)

The Long Run of Shade Ransomware

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The phishing email contains a.zip file named “slavneft.zakaz.zip”, which means something like “slavneft order” in English, showing a direct reference to “Slavneft”. It contains a russian speaking JavaScript file named “«??? «??? «?????????» ??????????? ??????”,

Researcher disclosed a Windows zero-day for the third time in a few months

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The last Windows zero-day flaw disclosed by SandboxEscaper is an arbitrary file read vulnerability that could be exploited by a low-privileged user or a malicious program to read the content of any file on a Windows system.

Severe bug in LibreOffice and OpenOffice suites allows remote code execution

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The security researcher Alex Inführ discovered a severe remote code execution vulnerability in LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice that could be exploited by tricking victims into opening an ODT (OpenDocument Text) file embedding an event embedded.

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Shared Drive Cleanup Success Story

The Texas Record

Over the years, staff had tried to maintain order by naming folders by the record type listed on the retention schedule, using idiosyncratic naming conventions, and attempting to create high level folders for staff to save their files in. Creation of README Files (PDF).

New NRSMiner cryptominer NSA-Linked EternalBlue Exploit

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The new version of NRSMiner updates existing infections by downloading new modules and removing files and services installed by old previous versions. This malicious code first installs a service named snmpstorsrv , with snmpstorsrv.dll registered as servicedll.

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How to deliver malware using weaponized Microsoft Office docs embedding YouTube video

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“This attack is carried out by embedding a video inside a Word document, editing the XML file named document.xml, replacing the video link with a crafted payload created by the attacker which opens Internet Explorer Download Manager with the embedded code execution file” The experts created a proof-of-concept attack using a YouTube video link embedded in weaponized Microsoft Office documents.

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A flaw in MySQL could allow rogue servers to steal files from clients

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A rogue MySQL server could be used to steal files from clients due to a design flaw in the popular an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). The LOAD DATA statement can load a file located on the server, and if the LOCAL keyword is used in the request, on the client host.

Sofacy APT group used a new tool in latest attacks, the Cannon

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Hackers used weaponized files named ‘crash list (Lion Air Boeing 737).docx’ Sofacy APT group (aka APT28 , Pawn Storm , Fancy Bear , Sednit , Tsar Team, and Strontium ) has a new weapon in its arsenal dubbed Cannon.

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New Gallmaker APT group eschews malware in cyber espionage campaigns

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“These lure documents use titles with government , military, and diplomatic themes, and the file names are written in English or Cyrillic languages.

Experts warn of fake Adobe Flash update hiding a miner that works as a legitimate update

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” The fake Adobe Flash updates use file names starting with AdobeFlashPlayer that are hosted on cloud-based web servers that don’t belong to Adobe. One such example from December 2017 named free-mod-menu-download-ps3.exe also shows osdsoft[.]com

“Collection #1” Data Breach Analysis – Part 1

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In fact, while years ago the most used passwords were about names, dates or simple patters such as “qwerty”, today we observe a significative increase in pattern complexity, but still too easy to be brute-forced. What are the domain names of the most leaked emails ?

Thousands of Mega account credentials leaked online, it is credential stuffing

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Thousands of account credentials associated with the popular file storage service Mega have been published online, The former NSA hacker Patrick Wardle, co-founder at Digita Security , discovered in June a text file containing over 15,500 usernames, passwords, and files names. Found file on VirusTotal w/ 15K+ Mega accounts (user names/passwords & users' file listings). File listings included files names describing child abuse content.

SAA RMS bibliography completed in Zotero. for now!

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Guest Post - How important is digital document consistency?


Consistent document capture and file naming. Because automated scan workflows are predefined, capture parameters including output quality and output file formats can be consistent for a particular process, for example, scanned invoices may be in jpg whereas legal documents are PDFs. Another area that lends itself to mixed results is in file naming structure. Left to decide, users can create a variety of document naming formats that only make sense to them.

Thousands of applications affected by a zero-day issue in jQuery File Upload plugin

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A security researcher discovered a zero-day vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2018-9206 , that affects older versions of the jQuery File Upload plugin since 2010. The jQuery File Upload is a jQuery widget “with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bars, validation and preview images, audio and video.”. Cashdollar discovered two PHP files named upload.php and UploadHandler.php in the package’s source, which contained the file upload code.

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Epson ScanSmart Accounting Edition Software Now Available Across Scanner Portfolio

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Epson’s ScanSmart Software Accounting Edition 2 offers powerful productivity features such as automatic file naming, automatic receipt recognition with accurate OCR and easy integration with QuickBooks ® , TurboTax and Quicken. LONG BEACH, Calif. – 17, 2019 – Epson America, a leading provider of digital imaging solutions, today unveiled its updated ScanSmart Software 1 , now available with Epson’s ScanSmart Software Accounting Edition 2 upgrade for receipt scanning capabilities.

Using Microsoft Powerpoint as Malware Dropper

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The downloaded file (wraeop.sct) represents a Javascript code reporting the Stage 2 of the infection process. The script downloads a file named: AZZI.exe and saves it by a new name: VRE1wEh9j0mvUATIN3AqW1HSNnyir8id.exe on a System temporary directory for running it.

New PowerShell-based Backdoor points to MuddyWater

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Threat actors used PowerShell-based first stage backdoor named POWERSTATS, across the time the hackers changed tools and techniques. “These documents are named Raport.doc or Gizli Raport.doc (titles mean “Report” or “Secret Report” in Turkish) and maliyeraporti (Gizli Bilgisi).doc

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Hundreds of apps removed from Google Play store because were carrying Windows malware

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“Notably, the infected APK files do not pose any threat to Android devices, as these embedded Windows executable binaries can only run on Windows systems: they are inert and ineffective on the Android platform.” 15 apps were found containing both PE files inside.

Dissecting the latest Ursnif DHL-Themed Campaign

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file and when it is launched, starts the infection by downloading other components from the Internet. However, the real malicious action performed by the javascript is to create a batch file in the “ %APPDATA%Roaming325623802.bat ” path.

Apple removed the popular app Adware Doctor because steals user browsing history

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The expert discovered also that the gathered info was first stored in a password protected zip file named “history.zip”, then it would be uploaded to a remote server. It was eventually removed, but was replaced soon after by an identical app named Adware Doctor.”

The 42M Record kayo.moe Credential Stuffing Data

Troy Hunt

The operator of the service (Kayo) reached out to me earlier this week and advised they'd noticed a collection of files uploaded to the site which appeared to contain personal data from a breach. When I pulled the email addresses out of the file, I found almost 42M unique values.

BusyGasper spyware remained undetected for two years while spying Russians

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“Further investigation showed that the malware, which we named BusyGasper, is not all that sophisticated, but demonstrates some unusual features for this type of threat.” “Log files can be uploaded to the FTP server and sent to the attacker’s email inbox.

Fixing Enterprise Wiki Page Titles and URLs in SharePoint 2013


There are a few things that bug me and other standards advocates out there, chief of which (for me) are the title and file name problems. Problem #1: Spaces in File Names The page title is used to create the page's name (i.e., file name).

CrowdStrike uncovered a new campaign of GOBLIN PANDA APT aimed at Vietnam

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“Two exploit documents with Vietnamese-language file names were observed with file metadata unique to the GOBLIN PANDA adversary.” Researchers from security firm CrowdStrike have observed a new campaign associated with the GOBLIN PANDA APT group.

The Race to the Bottom of Credential Stuffing Lists; Collections #2 Through #5 (and More)

Troy Hunt

This meant choosing a random file from amongst the 85k+ in the data, extracting all the email addresses then grabbing a random 100 sample and looking for uniqueness. That's fine, but it skewed the 61% number down as the file was counted as not being an exact match.)

How to Deploy Your Own Algo VPN Server in the DigitalOcean Cloud

Lenny Zeltser

To accomplish this, use your favorite text editor, such as Nano or Vim to edit the config.cfg file in the ~/algo directory: vim config.cfg. After saving the file and exiting the text editor, execute the following command in the ~/algo directory to install Algo software: /algo.

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Is Enumerating Resources on a Website "Hacking"?

Troy Hunt

So the crux of the matter seems to be that the guy pulled down a bunch of files by enumerating through file names without realising that the publisher of said files had not intended for them to be public.

The 773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach

Troy Hunt

I found a combination of different delimiter types including colons, semicolons, spaces and indeed a combination of different file types such as delimited text files, files containing SQL statements and other compressed archives.)

Logging in Datapower

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Target type enable additional capabilities that include rotating file, signing, encryption and sending files to remote servers. Enter name of the LogTarget. In type click File. File-Writes log to file on the appliance. Enter destination file name.

A new sophisticated version of the AZORult Spyware appeared in the wild

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The messages used employment-related subjects such as “About a role” and “Job Application,” while the malicious attached documents used file names in the format of “firstname.surname_resume.doc”.

Hacking The Hacker. Stopping a big botnet targeting USA, Canada and Italy

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My entire “Cyber adventure” began with a simple email within a.ZIP file named “Nuovo Documento1.zip” as an apparently normal attachment (sha256: 79005f3a6aeb96fec7f3f9e812e1f199202e813c82d254b8cc3f621ea1372041).

North Korea-linked Lazarus APT uses first Mac malware in cryptocurrency exchange attack

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The malware continuously connects the command and control (C&C) server to fetch and execute an additional executable file. Once the Cellas Trade Pro app is installed on macOS, it launches the Updater application on the system load via a file named “.com.celastradepro.plist.”.

Epson Unveils Two Document Scanners Designed to Easily Organize Receipts and Invoices

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The automatic file naming and receipt recognition tool, with machine-learning capabilities, identifies important data such as vendor names and logos, and streamlines the process of storing and finding critical data and documents 2. LONG BEACH, Calif.

Ricoh brings enterprise-class workflow solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, via the cloud

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MALVERN, PA, June 25, 2018 – Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced its RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions portfolio, a collection of cloud-based technologies that bring streamlined simplicity to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in affordable, scalable, subscription-based packages.

Malware researcher reverse engineered a threat that went undetected for at least 2 years

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The Sample (SHA256: e5c67daef2226a9e042837f6fad5b338d730e7d241ae0786d091895b2a1b8681) presents itself as a JAR file. A Java Method that invokes (through evals ) an embedded “ Javascript ” file ! This.class is actually a JAR file carrying a whole function set.

I've Just Added 2,844 New Data Breaches With 80M Records To Have I Been Pwned

Troy Hunt

It then links directly through to 8.8GB worth of easily downloadable data breaches, all obtainable in a single ZIP file. In total, there were 2,889 text files in the archive but it's what's inside them which I found particularly interesting. Almost all the files are just email addresses and plain text passwords (the occasional file has a username that's not an email address and a password).