Addressing Privacy Compliance Challenges

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Fatima Khan of Okta on Going Beyond GDPR Compliance Compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is no guarantee of compliance with other privacy regulations, says Fatima Khan of Okta, who discusses the challenges

Is GDPR Compliance Tougher Than HIPAA Compliance?

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Analysts: GDPR Case in Portugal Offers Lessons for U.S. Healthcare Entities An EU General Data Protection Regulation enforcement action against a hospital in Portugal demonstrates complying with GDPR may be even tougher than complying with HIPAA.

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Compliance in a Hybrid Environment

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Don Closser of Firemon Shares Insights on New Issues in New Era How can organizations deal with compliance issues in a hybrid environment? Don Closser of Firemon discusses compliance in the age of cloud computing

Australia's New Infosec Regulation: A Compliance Challenge

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Here's why compliance with the regulation, CPS 234, is challenging

Initial CCPA Compliance Costs Could Hit $55 Billion: Study

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Report Estimates Anticipated Expenses for California Consumer Privacy Act Compliance The California Consumer Privacy Act could cost companies in the state a total of $55 billion for initial compliance expenses, according to a new study prepared for the state attorney general's office.

CCPA Compliance: Identity Verification Challenges

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One key step for preparing to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act, which goes into effect in January, is determining how best to verify the identity of users, say two leaders of the Sovrin Foundation, who discuss the key issues

Costco EDI compliance made easy

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To be stocked in Costco, all suppliers – … The post Costco EDI compliance made easy appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Technologies Business Network EDI small business EDI Costco EDI Costco EDI specifications CostcoEDI requirements Costco EDI compliance B2B connectivity

Is your Organization Suffering From Third-Party "Compliance Drift"?

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Countermeasures to Keep your Compliance On Track and as Originally Designed Third-party vendors accessing your most critical systems and networks can also bring in security incidents along with all those wonderful things they promised in the sales presentation

COPPA Compliance

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Examining COPPA Compliance at Scale ": Abstract: We present a scalable dynamic analysis framework that allows for the automatic evaluation of the privacy behaviors of Android apps. Interesting research: " 'Won't Somebody Think of the Children?'

Third-Party Risk Management: NY DFS Regulation Compliance

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Ted Augustinos of Locke Lord LLP Addresses the Challenges Defining the scope of third-party risk is challenging, says Ted Augustinos of Locke Lord LLP, who discusses compliance with the New York Department of Financial Services' cybersecurity regulation

GDPR Compliance: Common Misconceptions

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Attorney Elizabeth Harding clears up confusion about certain provisions of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, including the issue of when organizations need to obtain a European consumer's consent to process their data

Compliance: Mississippi State Agencies Have a Long Way to Go

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Compliance Training? What Compliance Training?

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Employees can run. but they can't hide. Or can they

Preservation Plan: Monitoring Compliance


Legal counsel has a duty to monitor custodians’ compliance with the hold instructions. The post Preservation Plan: Monitoring Compliance appeared first on Zapproved. Best Practices compliance ediscovery legal hold preservation

Ensuring quality control and compliance

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The company is pioneering a new class of medicines to address … The post Ensuring quality control and compliance appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Compliance Enterprise Content Management Information Management Brava D2 Documentum ECM enterprise content management OpenText

WORM Compliance at Work


Where WORM compliance is critical, companies naturally prefer WORM media so that data can live and remain available for many years without risk to its integrity. WORM compliance is the industry’s best investment in the health and accessibility of its most precious information resources. Vendors create WORM-compliant storage technologies (Write-Once, Read-Many) so that organizations can write (save) data to the media indefinitely.

GDPR Compliance: The Role of Vendor Risk Management

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Attorney Steven Teppler on Holding Vendors Accountable Why is ramping up vendor risk management such a critical component of compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation?

Facebook's Zuckerberg Pledges Worldwide GDPR Compliance

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Second Congressional Hearing Probes Privacy Issues At a U.S. House hearing Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company would eventually comply worldwide with the European Union's tough privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation

Download: The Comprehensive Compliance Guide


The Comprehensive Compliance Guide can help security leaders save time and resources from creating their own compliance evaluation methods. Privacy Vulnerabilities Web Security

Verizon: Companies Failing to Maintain PCI DSS Compliance

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Many companies around the world that accept card payments are failing to continually maintain compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard, according to the new Verizon 2019 Payment Security Report. Verizon's Rodolphe Simonetti, who contributed to the report, explains the findings

BELGIUM:  Belgian DPA fines for cookie non-compliance and warns other companies to act in compliance

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The Belgian Data Protection Authority issued a fine of 1% of the annual turnover of the company for not acting in compliance with the cookie rules, despite the corrective actions undertaken by the company. By Patrick Van Eecke, Frederik Ringoot and Gilles Hachez.

Simplify and accelerate your compliance projects

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Anyone who is working on a compliance project, whether for the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or ISO 27001 certification, will understand how time-consuming, complex and lengthy the process can be. Compliance Manager.

7 steps to highly effective GDPR compliance

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If you’re overwhelmed about GDPR compliance or find most implementation advice too technical and complex, don’t worry. IT Governance has created a simple guide to help you understand how to achieve regulatory compliance and avoid disciplinary action.


GDPR compliance checklist for healthcare

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With the GDPR enforcement date less than a week away, HCPs should have identified a compliance plan in line with this guidance, which highlights how they will enact the Regulation and by when. Compliance will be mandatory for any organisation that processes EU residents’ personal data.

GDPR Compliance — The Fines Have Begun!


GDPR compliance has been a major talking point among information governance professionals for quite some time. While this was the first such fine for GDPR compliance failures in France, it is not unusual. Compliance with the regulation is not a difficult task.

GDPR Compliance – Encryption

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Cloud Customer Experience Data & Analytics Operations compliance Data Data Breach data encryption Data Privacy General Data Protection Regulation

Where to start with GDPR compliance

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The first few steps of your EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance project can be the most confusing. GDPR compliance is not a choice, nor is it just a matter of ticking a few boxes. The Regulation demands that you are able to demonstrate compliance.

GDPR Compliance for US Healthcare: What You Need to Know

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Strict HIPAA compliance is a great preparation for compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, which will be enforced starting May 25, according to attorneys Robert Stankey and Adam Greene, who provide compliance insights in an in-depth interview

Why GDPR compliance requires a software solution

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You might not be able to bring in expert consultants, but there are software packages to help with the majority of your compliance requirements, from risk assessments to data breach reporting. CyberComply is a Cloud-based platform that contains five tools designed to help improve your data protection practices and meet compliance requirements, including those of the GDPR. Compliance Manager.

A more sustainable approach to CCPA compliance


Now that the January 1, 2020 deadline for California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA ) compliance passed, organizations are looking to create long-term sustainable compliance programs. It can be tempting to look at CCPA as “just another” compliance project, but that would be a real mistake.

Vendor compliance management is more than just a compliance manual

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In the retail sector, vendor compliance programs exist to reduce the time and effort it takes get the product to customers. To help reduce “time to customer”, retailers publish vendor compliance manuals with standards and expectations for doing business with them. Note – if you do a web search for “vendor compliance manual” you can … The post Vendor compliance management is more than just a compliance manual appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

3 GDPR compliance tips for small businesses

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Small businesses have faced this biggest challenge, partly because they lack the resources to overhaul their processes and invest in compliance solutions. Fast-track your compliance project.


Introducing Compliance Hotline Investigations with Hanzo

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Compliance teams and the investigations specialists within them are facing a tremendous logistical and technical challenge. Compliance Investigations online investigation Hanzo Dynamic Capture 2019 machine learning artificial intelligence AI Regulatory Compliance social media investigation

Compliance Meets Social APIs

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The Surprising Irony at the Intersection of Compliance and Social APIs. Compliance article

Procrastinators' Guide to GDPR Compliance

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Organizations Are Not as Ready as They Might Believe If you're paying attention, you've probably already seen a handful of GDPR-related headlines just today, let alone in the last week or month. But there are two good reasons for the deluge of GDPR discussion right now: It's incredibly important and the time to act is now

Data compliance challenges in an as-a-service world

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Compliance Software development Data privacyOrganizations are increasingly coming to rely on software-as-a-service, replacing applications that have previously been hosted on-premises.

‘Wildly Different’ Privacy Regulations Causing Compliancy Chaos


Threatpost talks to Anthony di Bello with OpenText, at ENFUSE 2019, about the successes and failures of security regulations, and how companies are changing as they struggle to keep up with compliancy issues.

Introducing OpenText Core for Federated Compliance

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As records policies become more … The post Introducing OpenText Core for Federated Compliance appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Holistic, cross-enterprise information governance has long been the vision for records administrators coping with large-scale enterprise content.

Digital transformation escalates compliance challenges

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Compliance Takes Center Stage. The adoption of pseudonimization and anonymization solutions, based on encryption and tokenization technologies to protect an enterprise’s most sensitive data, is a key component of any compliance program to reduce an enterprise’s risk.

Web Archiving for FINRA Compliance

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But haphazardly taking screenshots or downloading social media content through application program interfaces (APIs) won’t meet your compliance goals. ComplianceDo your web archives have inTegrity?