Cybersecurity or Information Governance Failure???

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This past weekend the world was overwhelmed by the cyberattack that spread around the globe hitting businesses, hospitals, and government agencies in over 150 countries. I point to the lack of effective information governance as a root cause.

Are You Ever Finished With Information Governance?

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We at Holly Group spend our days working with clients to help them improve their Current State of information and move them towards their desired Future State. The post Are You Ever Finished With Information Governance?

Popular Information Governance Frameworks and Models

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June 19, 2019 Don’t know where to begin with implementing a governance program? IG GURU has compiled a list of information and data governance frameworks and models one can use for their organization.

Why Information Architecture is VITAL to Information Governance

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Our very own Kevin Parker has written another stellar piece on the importance of information architecture to information governance. The post Why Information Architecture is VITAL to Information Governance appeared first on Holly Group.

Reimagining Information Governance with Blockchain

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The post Reimagining Information Governance with Blockchain appeared first on Holly Group. Blockchain information governance

Resumes for Information Governance Leaders by Admovio

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The post Resumes for Information Governance Leaders by Admovio appeared first on IG GURU. Education Information Governance Sponsored Admovio Careers CIO Magazine CIO Online IG Resumes Information Governance Resumes Resumes

5 Steps to Information Governance Success

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To hear some people tell it, the future of information governance is a complex, frightening place to ponder. The volume of information we have to deal with is exploding, the mix of technologies we need to keep track of is changing, and just what do we call all this, anyway?!

Is Your Information Governance Mostly Sound and Fury?

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” Shakespeare penned these words as a metaphor for life (Macbeth, Act V, Scene V), but they relate equally well to information governance in that organizations often spend more time arguing over the particulars than actually doing much about them.

The Building Blocks of Information Governance

Information Governance Perspectives

Information Governance (IG) is quite the buzzword these days, yet too many organizations still find themselves struggling with implementing a practical roadmap for success. Information Governance Information Management Information Technology Legal Records Management Data Governance eDiscovery File Analysis GRC Legal Holds Policy Management Records Retention

Information Governance Innovations in 2019


If 2018 showed us anything, it’s that information governance has captured the attention of organizations of all sizes. Maybe they don’t all refer to the work they do on ensuring their information is well governed as “information governance,” but they are thinking about what’s needed and doing the work to make it happen. Here’s a look at some of the things we believe is going to help organizations get better at information governance.

Records Management vs Information Governance

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While the terms “records management” and “information governance” may have overlapping principles and are often used interchangeably, there are some key differences that should be considered by management professionals. Records management is a subset within information governance.

Information Governance Must Change


Information governance (IG) is all the rules, regulations, legislation, standards, and policies with which organizations need to comply when they create, share, and use information. Governance is mandated internally and externally.

Innovation Lab: The Role of Blockchain in Information Governance


The blockchain is one of those technologies and in the information management world there are some interesting ways it is helping increase data security, accountability, and transparency. Leveraging Blockchain in Information and Records Management.

The Chief Data Officer: A Key Advocate for Information Governance


While the specific duties vary, the Chief Data Officer is usually responsible for the organization’s data security and, more importantly, data quality throughout the information life cycle. This is where the information governance professionals can assist.

CGOC Releases Information Governance Infographic

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The post CGOC Releases Information Governance Infographic appeared first on IG GURU. CGOC IG News Information Governance information privacy information security IG

#5Thoughts – Cloud Information Governance


Whether we like it or not, we’re storing more and more content in the cloud, and that content needs to be governed. To be effective, managing and governing content in the cloud needs a modern, simplified approach. FOCUS ON THE VALUE OF YOUR INFORMATION.

Overcoming Information Governance Inertia


Information governance (IG) is necessary in the era of big data, but it’s often undervalued or, even worse, dismissed. News Digital transformation information governance obstacles to IGWithout robust IG strategies in place data exists in chaos. That chaos inhibits data analytics. Without IG your organization won’t be capable of gaining a competitive edge from new technologies like AI, blockchain and machine learning.

Webinar: Vital Steps for Healthcare to Develop Information Governance

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Healthcare organizations are notorious for having a large volume of patient records and information on hand. In fact, according to industry averages, only 25-30% of that information consists of vital or active records.

Planning Your Information Governance Technology Strategy

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By Dan Griffith As part of your Information Governance strategy, you need a technology strategy. Your information governance technology strategy is a key element of your overall governance strategy […]. IG News Information Governance

Information Governance – Still Need It, Always Will


A while ago I was pointed to an article proclaiming that Information Governance is no longer necessary (ROFLMAO). However, once you get past the intermangling of “governance” and “management”, there are a couple threads that have validity. information) Governance is needed.

Corporate Information Governance: Whose Job Is It Anyway? (Part I) via Above the Law

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The post Corporate Information Governance: Whose Job Is It Anyway? Compliance eDiscovery IG News Information Governance Records Management Risk News Privacy RiskLegal operations professionals need to lead the conversation and get stakeholders to the table.

Information Governance Conference 2018 Keynote Announced


The Information Governance Conference , or InfoGovCon, is a fantastic event for information professionals run by my friends at the Information Coalition. I spoke the last 2 years, and I won the 2016 Information Governance Expert of the Year award.

Leveraging Blockchain Integration to Meet Information Governance Challenges


This figure is pretty low considering “interoperability of systems” has pretty much been at the top of the reasons a technology project fails ever since information technology has been around.

Information Governance: Trends and Highlights From 2018


Continuing the annual tradition, it’s time to review the valuable information governance (IG) lessons of the past year. Information Governance Compliance Was a Critical Need. IG, Regulations & Compliance cyber security GDPR Checklist information governance

Book Review: Information Governance for Healthcare Professionals: A Practical Approach

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Robert Smallwood’s latest book on Information Governance is part of the HIMSS book series. The book is titled: Information Governance for Healthcare Professionals: A Practical Approach.

5 Reasons Why Information Governance and Cybersecurity Go Hand in Hand


Those who know and manage the data working closely with those who strive to protect it – information governance and IT functioning in tandem. IG knows what information an organization has and can identify what’s important and what’s not.

The Information Governance Reference Model You Haven’t heard of…

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The CGOC Information Governance Process Maturity Model provides a maturity model for the 22 specific processes for key information stakeholders, including legal, records information management (RIM), privacy and security, lines of business and IT. Learn how to build a robust information governance/unified governance program, including methods for calculating the cost savings associated with eliminating unnecessary […].

From the CTO: From Information Governance to Information Asset Management


There is an evolution that needs to happen in the world of enterprise information management, but it’s going to take some time. On the Horizon: Putting a Value or Quality Score on an Information Asset. Augmenting Information Assets Users Access.

Sedona Conference Cautions Against Siloed Approach to Information Governance

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In an update to its 2014 information governance guide, the Sedona Conference advises organizations to be unified in how to govern information to better protect themselves against risks and runaway costs. The post Sedona Conference Cautions Against Siloed Approach to Information Governance appeared first on IG GURU.

Lessons from the Information Governance Front Lines


As the volume of data organizations must manage continues to grow, so does the need for strategies and practices for managing it, a discipline known as information governance. In this episode, Paul Gillin speaks to Michal Shea , CIO of Morgan Lewis, who knows a lot about information governance because his firm has on the leading edge of applying it to his business. Featured Modern Governance Podcast information governance Modern Governance Podcast

The Procurement Process: Key to an Information Governance Strategy


” Without exception, my response is to always include the information governance department in the procurement process. Adding this simple step in the process will make your organization’s information governance strategy much more effective in the long run.

Information Governance vs Records Management [Video]

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Records management and information governance are two terms with similarities in their responsibilities and principles yet are executed very differently. The post Information Governance vs Records Management [Video] appeared first on Record Nations.

Information Governance World Magazine Now Available!

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Information Governance World magazine is now available -in print and digital editions! Information Governance World magazine covers major facets of IG, uniting them under the umbrella of a common vision. The post Information Governance World Magazine Now Available!

Looking Back At Information Governance in 2018


2018 was the year enterprises started seriously investing in their information governance programs. It’s not that they didn’t do governance before, but the increase in compliance and regulations, including the new privacy regulations has pushed for improvements to how enterprise think about and apply information governance processes. Information Governance Insights. Information Governance: A Small Ball Strategy in Action.

Information Governance World magazine invites you to our Launch Fiesta!

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Information Governance World magazine invites you to our Launch Fiesta! Attendees at the reception hosted by the debuting Information Governance World Magazine can meet the […]. The post Information Governance World magazine invites you to our Launch Fiesta!

Information Governance – Essential Ingredient for Business Value

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In my last blog, you may recall that we were discussing the value and the need for Standards and Templates for ensuring a consistent and efficient use of the Data Lake, both in its population (supplying) and in its retrieval (consuming) of information. To achieve this level of consistency and efficiency, as well as reliability, requires a robust Information Governance Program responsible for overseeing the environment. Information Stewards, Owners, etc.

Information Governance Expert Roundtable


I was one of four experts interviewed by RecordLion for a virtual roundtable of Information Governance experts. Here's a sample: Question: "How do you define information governance?". My answer: First, it is important to start with Information Strategy followed by Information Architecture. Architecture asks “How do we organize and structure things so that the right information gets to the right people and processes as the right times?”

The Information Governance Conference Announces 2018 Keynote Speaker

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Drones and related technologies continue to tangle up courtrooms – with implications on downstream information, autonomous vehicles, manufacturing, healthcare, and so much more. The post The Information Governance Conference Announces 2018 Keynote Speaker appeared first on IG Guru.

Access Announces Acquisition of Montaña & Associates – a Leading Information Governance Consulting Firm

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Records and Information Management (RIM) Leader Strengthens Compliance Solutions for Retention Policy and Schedules, Data Privacy and IG Policy. The post Access Announces Acquisition of Montaña & Associates – a Leading Information Governance Consulting Firm appeared first on IG GURU.

Simplify records management while improving information governance

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Challenge: Your organization has many users involved in the lifecycle management of important information assets–from knowledge workers to legal associates to system administrators and, yes, Records Managers.