NATO military command center should be fully operational in 2023

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The NATO military command center should be fully operational in 2023, every member states will contribute with its cyber capabilities to the military hub. NATO alliance is aware of growing threats in the cyberspace and the new NATO military command center aims to respond them.

Military Carrier Pigeons in the Era of Electronic Warfare

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camouflage espionage militaryThey have advantages : Pigeons are certainly no substitute for drones, but they provide a low-visibility option to relay information. Considering the storage capacity of microSD memory cards, a pigeon's organic characteristics provide front line forces a relatively clandestine mean to transport gigabytes of video, voice, or still imagery and documentation over considerable distance with zero electromagnetic emissions or obvious detectability to radar.

Locating Secret Military Bases via Fitness Data

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Over this weekend, someone realized that it could be used to locate secret military bases: just look for repeated fitness activity in the middle of nowhere. datacollection geolocation military secrecy

How the US Military Can Better Keep Hackers

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Interesting commentary : The military is an impossible place for hackers thanks to antiquated career management, forced time away from technical positions, lack of mission, non-technical mid- and senior-level leadership, and staggering pay gaps, among other issues.

Report Outlines Military Health Facility Security Weaknesses

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Watchdog Agency: Problems Put Patient Data at Risk Some military health facilities haven't consistently implemented security controls, putting patient data at risk, according to a new watchdog agency report.

How Military Tactics Apply to Cybersecurity

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Former West Point professor Greg Conti explains how military doctrines apply to cyber security, and what lessons enterprises can learn from that

U.S. Military Members Catfished and Hooked for Thousands of Dollars


MilitaryPrisoners in South Carolina posed convincingly as beautiful women on social media platforms. Mobile Security Web Security catfish enforcement action ncis prisoners sextortion scam South Carolina U.S.

Military justice


A Brigadier General in charge defending the accused at Guantanamo was arrested on the order of a military judge. Do military judges have more power than either they think they have or that they should? A new oxymoron. The General’s crime: allowing other civilian defense attorneys to resign after it was discovered the Government had bugged the room where the attorneys met with their clients. “Gitmo General Is Released,” The Wall Street Journal , November 4, 2017 A5.

Polar Fitness App Exposes Location of ‘Spies’ and Military Personnel


The fitness app Polar Flow exposes the whereabouts of some of its high-profile users, including “spies” and those with sensitive positions in the military. Hacks Mobile Security Privacy Fitness tracker geolocation data IoT military personnel polar polar fitness Polar Flow spies

Report: Chinese Hackers Siphon Off ‘Massive’ Amounts of Undersea Military Data


Critical Infrastructure Cryptography Featured Government Hacks China espionage Hackers military contractor military secrets navy sea dragon submarines underseaThe stolen data included "secret plans to develop a supersonic anti-ship missile for use on U.S. submarines by 2020," American officials said.

Security Pros Agree Military Should Conduct Offensive Hacking

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But it can't operate in a bubble, a new Washington Post study indicates

Study 77

Their War Too: U.S. Women in the Military During WWII. Part I

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This year, we are focusing on the role women played in the United States Military during World War II in a two-part blog post. They were recruited for service in the United States military for the first time. They served in each branch of the military in separate units.

Strava Data Heat Maps Expose Military Base Locations Around the World

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The US military is reexamining security policies after fitness tracker data shared on social media revealed bases and patrol routes. Security

Their War Too: U.S. Women in the Military During WWII. Part II

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In part I of this two-part series, we discussed the role women played in the military during World War II by highlighting those who served in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC), the Coast Guard Women’s Reserve (SPARS), and the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP) during World War II.

U.S. military trusted more than Google, Facebook to develop AI

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Facebook Inc. is among the technology companies leading the race to develop artificial intelligence. But Americans don’t trust it to do so responsibly, a survey from a U.K. think tank has found. Artificial intelligence Machine learning Facebook Google

GoScanSSH Malware Targets SSH Servers, But Avoids Military and.GOV Systems


Researchers identify a new malware family called GoScanSSH that avoids servers linked to government and military IP addresses. . Cloud Security Government Hacks Malware ARM GoScanSSH GoScanSSH Malware SSH SSH Servers x86 x86_64

Military documents about MQ-9 Reaper drone leaked on dark web

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Hackers have put up for sale on the dark web sensitive military documents, some associated with the U.S. military’s MQ-9 Reaper drone aircraft, one of its most lethal and technologically advanced drones, security research firm Recorded Future recently discovered. » Related Stories Fitness apps: Good for your health, not so much for military security Evasive new botnet can take over enterprise devices to steal data, spread ransomware U.S.

The Military Should Teach Artificial Intelligence to Watch Drone Footage

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Opinion: The Pentagon collects so much surveillance footage that humans can’t watch all of it. It’s time to deploy AI. Security Opinion

Fitness apps: Good for your health, not so much for military security

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Fitness apps are proving to be a lot less beneficial to military security than they are for military fitness. That after researchers in the Netherlands discovered that data from the Polar fitness app revealed the homes and habits of those exercising in clandestine locations around the world, including intelligence agencies, military bases, nuclear.

White House: Russian Military Behind NotPetya Attacks

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Trump administration statement comes on the heels of UK government calling out Russia for the cyberattacks that spread through Europe and elsewhere

History of the US Army Security Agency

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historyofsecurity intelligence militaryInteresting history of the US Army Security Agency in the early years of Cold War Germany.

Google renounces AI weapons; Will still work with military

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The company said it will keep working with the defense department in other areas, giving its cloud business the chance to pursue future lucrative government deals. Artificial intelligence Machine learning Google

CIA: Russian Military Hackers Behind NotPetya Attack

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Cyberattack last June aimed to disrupt Ukraine's financial system

Military, Government Users Just as Bad About Password Hygiene as Civilians

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New report comes out just as group of US senators chastise Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for not using multifactor authentication

Leaky AWS Storage Bucket Spills Military Secrets, Again


For the second time in ten days, researchers at UpGuard released sensitive data belonging to the United States Defense Department that was stored insecurely online. Cloud Security Government Privacy Web Security AWS AWS Storage Bucket Chris Vickery Leaky AWS Storage Bucket Linux misconfigured servers National Security Agency NOFORN NSA Red Disk top secret United States Defense Department

DoD Travel System Breach Exposed Data of 30K Civilian, Military Employees

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Defense Dept. says contractor that handles travel management services was hacked

Mueller Probe Yields Hacking Indictments for 12 Russian Military Officers

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GRU hackers used bitcoin to fund US computer network infrastructure supporting and hiding the operation

Pentagon Travel Provider Data Breach Counts 30,000 Victims

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Department of Defense Has Begun Notifying Military and Civilian Breach Victims The Pentagon is warning that a data breach at a third-party travel management service provider exposed records for an estimated 30,000 civilian and military personnel.

Google builds military ties for AI cloud business as staff quit

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Almost 4,000 company employees, out of an Alphabet total of 85,000, signed a letter asking Google CEO Sundar Pichai to nix the Project Maven contract and halt all work in 'the business of war.'. Artificial intelligence Machine learning Google

Hacker Exploits 2-Year Old Router Issue To Steal Sensitive US Military Data

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A moderately skilled hacker managed to steal export-restricted data pertaining to the Reaper drone and Abrams tank from computers belonging to two US Army officials

Google engineers refused to build security tool to win military contracts

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Internal disputes are common at the firm, which gives employees ample space to air grievances. But dissent is on the rise (as it is at other tech companies). Hardware and software Artificial intelligence Machine learning Google

Feds Indict 7 Russians for Hacking and Disinformation

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Russian Military Intelligence Team Allegedly Conducted Close-Access Operations The U.S.

Hy Rothman – Searching for Nazis on the Greenland Patrol

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Harry is a former Navy photographer himself and came across this story while researching military photographers. During WWII the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations interviewed over 600 servicemen from all branches of the military on their activities and experiences in the war.

US Air Force Veteran Charged in Iran Hacking Scheme

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Monica Witt Allegedly Aided Spear-Phishing Attacks Against US Military A former U.S. Air Force counterintelligence agent was indicted for disclosing classified information and helping Iran compromise the computers of other U.S. intelligence agents.

Will Apple Serve Our Veterans, Or Expose Them to Fraud?

Adam Levin

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reported a potential new partnership between Apple and the Department of Veterans Affairs that would give military veterans access to portable electronic health records. Data Security Government Technology featured military

Cloud Security Fail: Classified U.S. Military Data Exposed in Amazon S3 Bucket

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The exposed data includes information on the Army's Distributed Common Ground System and its cloud component, Red Disk

Supply-Chain Security

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Earlier this month, the Pentagon stopped selling phones made by the Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei on military bases because they might be used to spy on their users. Members of the military, and everyone else, can still buy the phones. They just can't buy them on US military bases.

Pentagon Data Breach Exposed 30,000 Travel Records

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Department of Defense Has Begun Notifying Military and Civilian Breach Victims The Pentagon is warning that a data breach at a third-party travel management service provider exposed an estimated 30,000 civilian and military personnel records.

The Panama Canal: Riots, Treaties, Elections, and a Little Military Madness

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and Panamanian foreign relations: The Panama Canal: Riots, Treaties, Elections, and a Little Military Madness, 1959 – 1973. Learn more and view images from this project on our website: The Panama Canal: Riots, Treaties, Elections, and a little Military Madness, 1959­-1973. The National Declassification Center’s newest special project release concerns U.S.

Captured on Film: Armistice Day 1918

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More than 350,00 African Americans served in segregated units in the United States military during World War I. “Our Wings of Victory,” the Manufacture of Military Aeroplanes During WWI. African American History Digitization Films Military Motion Pictures U.S.