European Police Hack Encrypted Communication System

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Cracking of EncroChat's Network Leads to Hundreds of Arrests in Organized Crime Crackdown European police gained access to messages sent via an encrypted cellular network, leading to the arrest of hundreds of alleged organized crime members, according to Europol

Transitioning customer communications from paper to digital

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When it comes to customer communications, Millennials, we’re told, prefer text and social media messages to phone calls and email. While most of the research into customer communications has focused on the customer, few have looked into what companies think and what has been their experience communicating with their customers? So, OpenText teamed up with … The post Transitioning customer communications from paper to digital appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Nuance Communications Breach Affected 45,000 Patients

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Former Employee Allegedly Accessed Personal Data From Several Nuance Clients Speech recognition software vendor Nuance Communications says an unauthorized third party accessed one of its medical transcription platforms, exposing records for 45,000 people.

Mastering Communication in Cyber Intelligence Activities: A Concise User Guide

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Communication is key in intelligence activities. Watchful intelligence operators have been long communicating – in strategic documents – the possible outbreak of a pandemic. To communicate means to share information with others by speaking, writing or using other signals.

New Emergency Communications Plan Released by CISA

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The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's latest version of the National Emergency Communications Plan comes after a two-year process to improve the cybersecurity and flexibility of the nation's emergency communications

DARPA Wants Research into Resilient Anonymous Communications

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DARPA is funding research into resilient anonymous communications systems. anonymity darpa resilience

Consolidating customer communications platforms at NAV with OpenText Exstream

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Every year the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) sends out more than 20 million items of communication to over 3 million citizens in Norway.

CIA Network Exposed Through Insecure Communications System

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Interesting story of a CIA intelligence network in China that was exposed partly because of a computer-security failure: Although they used some of the same coding, the interim system and the main covert communication platform used in China at this time were supposed to be clearly separated.

Invisible Pixel Patterns Can Communicate Data Covertly

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University researchers show that changing the brightness of monitor pixels can communicate data from air-gapped systems in a way not visible to human eyes

Avoiding the Perils of Electronic Communications

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That's why an agile communications strategy is so important Twitter, Slack, etc., have become undeniably important for business today, but they can cause a lot of damage.

iPhone Apps Surreptitiously Communicated with Unknown Servers

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Long news article ( alternate source ) on iPhone privacy, specifically the enormous amount of data your apps are collecting without your knowledge. A lot of this happens in the middle of the night, when you're probably not otherwise using your phone: IPhone apps I discovered tracking me by passing information to third parties ­ just while I was asleep ­ include Microsoft OneDrive, Intuit's Mint, Nike, Spotify, The Washington Post and IBM's the Weather Channel.

A secret weapon for effective workplace communication


Enterprise success in the digital economy is dependent in large part on the ability of employees to collaborate and communicate effectively. Digital Transformation Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications Workplace collaboration collaboration platforms communication Email phone remote workers Slack textIncreasingly, this means using digital tools to work with colleagues, customers, and business partners located remotely.

3 Steps to Overcoming Communication Barriers

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Using these three tips will help ensure your communication quality is at peak performance. Key Questions for Effective Communication. To ensure you are communicating to your full potential, make sure your team has a firm “yes” to these questions.

Cracking Down on Criminals' Use of Encrypted Communications

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An analysis of a crackdown on criminals' use of encrypted communications leads the latest edition of the ISMG Security Report. Also: a preview of ISMG's Healthcare Security and Legal & Compliance summits, including expert insights on vendor risk management

Building secure communication resiliency at the desktop

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That means no access to … The post Building secure communication resiliency at the desktop appeared first on OpenText Blogs. The unprecedented events of 2020 have shown many organizations the cracks in their infrastructure. Faced with the sudden reality of remote work environments, organizations that have traditionally relied upon fax machines to securely exchange documents are now faced with a serious problem: fax machines are in offices where employees aren’t.

Fax & Omnichannel Communications Learn Path at Enterprise World

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The Fax & Omnichannel Communications Learn Path delivers practical training, tools … The post Fax & Omnichannel Communications Learn Path at Enterprise World appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Business Network Enterprise World Fax Enterprise World 2019 fax Fax & Omnichannel Communications Learn Path learn path learn paths RightFax

How you communicate with your customers has changed for good

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The last 6 months have changed the way we all communicate – with friends, with family, with colleagues. The recent global pandemic has accelerated digital … The post How you communicate with your customers has changed for good appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

5 Tips to Keep Your Team Communications Compliant During COVID-19


While most organizations’ offices have systems in place to ensure the safety and compliance of employee communications , such protections aren’t always implemented for people working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are five tips to keep your corporate communications compliant while employees work and remain healthy at home. Monitor Automated Archiving of Communications. Verify That Communications Solutions Work on Multiple Devices.

Ignite your career with multimedia communication skills


Career Digital Transformation Robotics Workplace adaptability AI automation communications skills IT career IT jobs multimedia podcasts videoIn a workplace where automation and artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly are taking over tasks traditionally performed by humans, it is imperative that employees build “competencies in areas that machines will be unlikely to tackle effectively,” as the World Economic Forum advises.

Poor Communications Slowing DevOps Shift

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Existing functional silos are standing in the way of building a DevOps culture

BlackWater, a malware that uses Cloudflare Workers for C2 Communication

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The post BlackWater, a malware that uses Cloudflare Workers for C2 Communication appeared first on Security Affairs. Crooks continue to abuse the interest in Coronavirus outbreak, now experts found a new backdoor called BlackWater that pretends to provide information about COVID-19. Experts found a new backdoor malware called BlackWater that pretends to provide information about the COVID-19 outbreak while abusing Cloudflare Workers as an interface to the C2 server.

Telenor boosts customer communications with OpenText

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Proposals and agreements are critical … The post Telenor boosts customer communications with OpenText appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Customer Experience Management Customer Communications Management (CCM) customer experience management customer story EMEA Exstream OpenText Elite OpenText ExstreamBrand consistency has a huge impact on brand awareness, which helps to drive understanding and loyalty among customers.

Deliver even more effective multichannel communications with Exstream 16.3

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Many people, of all ages, still like to get printed bills as a visual reminder to pay their various accounts, or to keep as … The post Deliver even more effective multichannel communications with Exstream 16.3 Customer Experience Management Customer Communications Customer Communications Management (CCM) Customer Experience customer experience management OpenText Exstream

Communicating data privacy value to board members


Now we want to share recommendations for how to communicate the necessity of data privacy to those who are sometimes the hardest to reach and garner attention from – your board members. When communicating with your board, appeal to what matters to them.

Communication, Cloud & Finance Apps Most Vulnerable to Insider Threat

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Businesses say customer data, financial data, and intellectual property are the types of data most vulnerable to insider attacks

Why Satellite Communication Eavesdropping Will Remain A Problem

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Oxford PhD candidate James Pavur shows that SATCOM security has still made no progress since previous Black Hat disclosures, and discusses the physical and economic limitations that slow make it unlikely to improve anytime soon

European Commission Adopts Communication on Brexit Readiness

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On July 9, 2020, the European Commission (the “Commission”) adopted a Communication to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions entitled: “Getting ready for changes – Communication on readiness at the end of the transition period between the European Union and the United Kingdom” (the “ Communication ”).

7 Tips For Communicating With the Board

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The key? Rather than getting bogged down in the technical details, focus on how a security program is addressing business risk

Getting Customer Communications Right in Times of Coronavirus

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With all of the cancellations, postponements, and alternative arrangements that are required as a result of this global crisis, plus the special desire of all retail, travel, and other consumer-facing businesses to stay in touch with their customers, many organisations face the critical challenge of getting to grips with the legal rules that apply to those unsolicited communications and interactions. Across the world, large retail stores and small businesses alike are shutting their doors.

Fédérale Assurance implements customer communications strategy with OpenText

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Each year, Belgian insurer Fédérale Assurance produces up to 10 million pages of customer communications relating to its financial investment products and insurance offerings, including car, home and life insurance. Customer Experience Management CRM Customer communication management customers experience management document composition document production Documentum Exstream timetomarket

Communication, collaboration leadership fuels digital transformation

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When staff from different sectors know how to communicate and collaborate across traditional divisions, the result is a much smoother digital transformation process. Digital transformation Data strategy Data management

Digital fax offers new levels of secure communication and integration

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Digital fax offers new levels of secure communication and integration but does it meet expectations? Fax has evolved … The post Digital fax offers new levels of secure communication and integration appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

When Bank Communication is Indistinguishable from Phishing Attacks

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Ok, that final one might be a bit of a stretch , but the fact remains that people have high expectations of how banks should communicate to ensure that they themselves don't come across as phishers: Just a good old phish. So no, you can't trust banks to communicate in ways that don't appear suspicious. You know how banks really, really want to avoid their customers falling victim to phishing scams?

ICS-CERT warns of several flaws in the GE Communicator software

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ICS-CERT is warning of several vulnerabilities in the GE Communicator software, including hardcoded credentials and privilege escalation bugs. ICS-CERT is warning of five flaws affecting the GE Communicator software, including privilege escalation issues and hardcoded credentials. GE Communicator is a is a user-friendly software for programming and monitoring supported metering devices. GE addressed the vulnerabilities with the release of GE Communicator 4.0.517.

New Miori botnet has a unique protocol for C2 communication

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A new variant of the implements a unique protocol to communicate with Command and Control infrastructure. A new variant of the Miori botnet uses a unique protocol to communicate with C&C infrastructure, it implements a protection mechanism to access the login panel. Previous Miori variants used to communicate with the C2 server with a binary-based protocol with a login prompt displayed to anyone that knew its IP address.

Yet Another FBI Proposal for Insecure Communications

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Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein has given talks where he proposes that tech companies decrease their communications and device security for the benefit of the FBI. I simply maintain that companies should retain the capability to provide the government unencrypted copies of communications and data stored on devices, when a court orders them to do so.

Memes on Twitter Used to Communicate With Malware

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Steganography via tweet images gave attackers a way to pass on malicious instructions to Trojan, researchers say

AG Says ePrivacy Applies to Government Access to Communications Data

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On January 15, the Court of Justice of the European Union’s (CJEU) Advocate General (AG) Manuel Campos Sánchez-Bordona delivered his Opinion on four references for preliminary rulings on the topic of retention of and access to communications data.

French Government App Shows Difficulties with Secure Communications

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A messaging app released by the French government to secure internal communications has gotten off to a troubled start. The post French Government App Shows Difficulties with Secure Communications appeared first on Adam Levin. Tchap was released in beta earlier this month as a secure messaging app exclusively for government officials.

Russian govn blocked Tutanota service in Russia to stop encrypted communication

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Tutanota is disappointed of the block and explained that the decision of the Kremlin is an act against encryption and confidential communication in Russia. “Tutanota focuses on providing a secure and confidential communication channel to citizens, but also to journalists and activists.”