Nuance Communications Breach Affected 45,000 Patients

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Former Employee Allegedly Accessed Personal Data From Several Nuance Clients Speech recognition software vendor Nuance Communications says an unauthorized third party accessed one of its medical transcription platforms, exposing records for 45,000 people.

iPhone Apps Surreptitiously Communicated with Unknown Servers

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Long news article ( alternate source ) on iPhone privacy, specifically the enormous amount of data your apps are collecting without your knowledge.

A secret weapon for effective workplace communication

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Enterprise success in the digital economy is dependent in large part on the ability of employees to collaborate and communicate effectively. Digital Transformation Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications Workplace collaboration collaboration platforms communication Email phone remote workers Slack textIncreasingly, this means using digital tools to work with colleagues, customers, and business partners located remotely.

New Emergency Communications Plan Released by CISA

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The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's latest version of the National Emergency Communications Plan comes after a two-year process to improve the cybersecurity and flexibility of the nation's emergency communications

ICS-CERT warns of several flaws in the GE Communicator software

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ICS-CERT is warning of several vulnerabilities in the GE Communicator software, including hardcoded credentials and privilege escalation bugs. ICS-CERT is warning of five flaws affecting the GE Communicator software, including privilege escalation issues and hardcoded credentials.

New Miori botnet has a unique protocol for C2 communication

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A new variant of the implements a unique protocol to communicate with Command and Control infrastructure. A new variant of the Miori botnet uses a unique protocol to communicate with C&C infrastructure, it implements a protection mechanism to access the login panel.

Consolidating customer communications platforms at NAV with OpenText Exstream

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Every year the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) sends out more than 20 million items of communication to over 3 million citizens in Norway.

Cracking Down on Criminals' Use of Encrypted Communications

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An analysis of a crackdown on criminals' use of encrypted communications leads the latest edition of the ISMG Security Report. Also: a preview of ISMG's Healthcare Security and Legal & Compliance summits, including expert insights on vendor risk management

Platinum APT and leverages steganography to hide C2 communications

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The Platinum cyber espionage group uses steganographic technique to hide communications with the Command and Control Servers (C&C). The post Platinum APT and leverages steganography to hide C2 communications appeared first on Security Affairs.

Fax & Omnichannel Communications Learn Path at Enterprise World

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The Fax & Omnichannel Communications Learn Path delivers practical training, tools … The post Fax & Omnichannel Communications Learn Path at Enterprise World appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Business Network Enterprise World Fax Enterprise World 2019 fax Fax & Omnichannel Communications Learn Path learn path learn paths RightFax

Poor Communications Slowing DevOps Shift

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Existing functional silos are standing in the way of building a DevOps culture

DARPA Wants Research into Resilient Anonymous Communications

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DARPA is funding research into resilient anonymous communications systems. anonymity darpa resilience

CIA Network Exposed Through Insecure Communications System

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Interesting story of a CIA intelligence network in China that was exposed partly because of a computer-security failure: Although they used some of the same coding, the interim system and the main covert communication platform used in China at this time were supposed to be clearly separated.

3 Steps to Overcoming Communication Barriers

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Using these three tips will help ensure your communication quality is at peak performance. Key Questions for Effective Communication. To ensure you are communicating to your full potential, make sure your team has a firm “yes” to these questions.

Fédérale Assurance implements customer communications strategy with OpenText

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Each year, Belgian insurer Fédérale Assurance produces up to 10 million pages of customer communications relating to its financial investment products and insurance offerings, including car, home and life insurance.

Ignite your career with multimedia communication skills

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Career Digital Transformation Robotics Workplace adaptability AI automation communications skills IT career IT jobs multimedia podcasts videoIn a workplace where automation and artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly are taking over tasks traditionally performed by humans, it is imperative that employees build “competencies in areas that machines will be unlikely to tackle effectively,” as the World Economic Forum advises.

French Government App Shows Difficulties with Secure Communications

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A messaging app released by the French government to secure internal communications has gotten off to a troubled start. The post French Government App Shows Difficulties with Secure Communications appeared first on Adam Levin.

Telenor boosts customer communications with OpenText

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Proposals and agreements are critical … The post Telenor boosts customer communications with OpenText appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Customer Experience Management Customer Communications Management (CCM) customer experience management customer story EMEA Exstream OpenText Elite OpenText ExstreamBrand consistency has a huge impact on brand awareness, which helps to drive understanding and loyalty among customers.

Deliver even more effective multichannel communications with Exstream 16.3

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Many people, of all ages, still like to get printed bills as a visual reminder to pay their various accounts, or to keep as … The post Deliver even more effective multichannel communications with Exstream 16.3 Customer Experience Management Customer Communications Customer Communications Management (CCM) Customer Experience customer experience management OpenText Exstream

Yet Another FBI Proposal for Insecure Communications

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Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein has given talks where he proposes that tech companies decrease their communications and device security for the benefit of the FBI.

How Media & Communication Can Leverage IP Assets to Stay Competitive


We’ve all witnessed the global media and communication industry go through a huge transformation over the last few years. Making sense of this data and managing it intelligently is perhaps the biggest challenge that media and communication companies face today. For media and communication companies, a cost effective and robust data-driven solution like Title 360 helps manage their revenue generating IP assets with a master repository for all titles complete with all the attributes.

7 Tips For Communicating With the Board

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The key? Rather than getting bogged down in the technical details, focus on how a security program is addressing business risk

Nuance Communications Announces Healthcare Workflows

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March 5, 2018 – Nuance Communications, Inc. BURLINGTON, Mass. today announced a suite of workflows designed to increase productivity, enhance organizational efficiency and drive document security to aid in the management of information for healthcare organizations.

No reasonable anticipation of litigation given longstanding relationship and lack of communication about incident


The post No reasonable anticipation of litigation given longstanding relationship and lack of communication about incident appeared first on Zapproved. Case Law duty to preserve ediscovery Sanctions Spoliation trigger

Google dorks were the root cause of a catastrophic compromise of CIA’s communications

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Google queries allowed Iran Government to dismantle the CIA communication network used by its agents and kill dozens of tens of spies. The alleged hack of the communications network used by CIA agents allowed Iranian intelligence to identify and kill at least 30 spies. News the security breach has happened in 2009, the Iranian intelligence infiltrated a series of websites used by the CIA to communicate with agents worldwide, including Iran and China.

Moving to All IP? Beware of how it will paralyze vital communications

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Beware of how it will paralyze vital communications appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Business Network Cloud Fax all ip cloud fax enterprise fax fax communications fax2mail IP fax secure fax swisscom

How the Best File Sharing Platform Improves Business Communication


Effective business communication requires a platform, personnel, and a purpose. But today’s technology has enabled business communication to evolve past physical world limitations and into the digital space. The introduction of email in the 1990s changed how we communicate forever.

Communicating About Cybersecurity in Plain English

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When cybersecurity professionals communicate with regular, non-technical people about IT and security, they often use language that virtually guarantees that the message will be ignored or misunderstood.

Memes on Twitter Used to Communicate With Malware

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Steganography via tweet images gave attackers a way to pass on malicious instructions to Trojan, researchers say

EUROPE: e-Privacy Regulation – changes regarding electronic communications and digital marketing

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Since the European Commission unveiled a proposal for an e-Privacy Regulation in January 2017, this new piece of legislation, aiming to adapt rules on electronic communications and cookies, has undergone many iterations. On 26 July 2019, at the level of the Council, the Finnish government has issued a revised (Council) proposal for the e-Privacy Regulation with some amendments concerning electronic communication content, data & metadata, and further processing of metadata.

Communication service providers must transform support systems to realize 5G’s true potential

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Until now, each transition to the next generation of wireless networks, most recently 3G to 4G, has been incremental and relatively seamless. But the jump from 4G networks to 5G is expected to be monumental and fundamentally disruptive. 5G is more than just a faster, lower-latency version of 4G; it represents the first generation wireless […]. Mobility Networks Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications 5G CSPs Telecom

4 Steps to Effective Change Management Communications

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Four steps to effective change management communications: . We sent out three “awareness” communications (“This is coming, and here’s why it’s great!”) Then we sent out a series of what we call “T-minus” communications (e.g., These communications were distributed using a distribution list related to the migration schedule for each wave, so that each user gets customized information before (and after) their specific go-live.

A 'Scarily Simple' Bug Put Millions of Cox Communications Customers at Risk

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The most straightforward insecurities can sometimes be the riskiest. Security

3 Reasons Change Management Isn’t Just Communication and Training

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Change management is “just communication and training.” Just communication and training? I’ll grant you that change managers spend nearly 80 percent of our time on any given project performing activities related to communication and training. From communication artifact creation, reviews, edits, more reviews, and then distribution (and the same with training), it takes a lot of time and effort. I hear it all the time.

Everteam Awards Jeraisy Computer & Communication Services Best Partner of the Year


said corporates from Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services. The post Everteam Awards Jeraisy Computer & Communication Services Best Partner of the Year appeared first on EVERTEAM.

Brazilian Banking Trojan Communicates Via Microsoft SQL Server


Researchers have discovered a banking trojan making waves in Brazil with an array of tricks up its sleeve, including using an unusual command and control (C&C) server. Malware Vulnerabilities banking trojan Microsoft SQL Server MnuBot Overlay Form RAT remote access Trojan social engineering Trojan

From DevOps to DevSecOps: Structuring Communication for Better Security

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A solid approach to change management can help prevent problems downstream