Components of a Data Governance Strategy in Financial Services

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Previously, I analyzed the types of data in a governance program for financial services companies. Requesting access to data should be automated through workflows to facilitate and speed the servicing of requests as to not hinder productivity.

Financial services are embracing multi-cloud

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That’s according to an independent report by 451 Research, ‘Multi-Cloud Fundamental to Financial Services Transformation.’ Banking & Capital Markets Cloud Insurance financial services hybrid cloudMulti-clouds — environments made up of multiple public and private clouds typically used for different purposes — may well be the cloud of choice for banks.

[Guide] Designing a Data Governance Program in Financial Services

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Data & Analytics Financial Services data governance Data Governance in financial services Data Governance Program in Financial Services financial services dataData is the lifeblood of any company.

Industry Guide to Financial Services: What’s driving digital transformation across financial services institutions?

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To compete and succeed in today’s fast-changing business climate, banks, insurance companies and other financial services institutions (FSIs) need to have three priorities to contend with new technologies, new market entrants and new ways of working that are changing expectations for the industry.

Key Drivers to Enable Digital Transformation in Financial Services

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Digital transformation (DX) continues to drive growth across financial services firms, creating new opportunities to increase revenue and foster innovation.

Data Privacy Laws in Financial Services: NYDFS 500

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In my post today I want to discuss data privacy laws, specifically involving New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) 23 NYCRR 500. Service providers. In my previous post, I discussed what data privacy is and why it’s important?

The Future of Adaptive Authentication in Financial Services

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Key findings from a recent study that surveyed the state of adaptive authentication in FIs. In this webinar, OneSpan and ISMG summarize key findings from a recent study that surveyed the state of adaptive authentication

GDPR: Data Privacy Laws in Financial Services

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My previous blog post addresses the reasons for the regulation and the requirements associated with the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) 23 NYCRR 500. Data protection must be designed into the development of business processes for products and services.

Pulling an Uber: Customer experience in Financial Services

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One of the latest brands to gain “household verb” status is the ride-sharing service Uber. … The post Pulling an Uber: Customer experience in Financial Services appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

AI in Financial Services is growing, but there’s a way to go

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We recently wrote a blog on how AI in Financial Services can improve customer experience. It came as a bit of a surprise as … The post AI in Financial Services is growing, but there’s a way to go appeared first on OpenText Blogs. It’s funny how the world works.

Social Media and the Financial Services Industry


Over the last seven years, the financial services industry has increasingly adopted social media platforms. Public social platforms are especially difficult for the financial services industry to monitor and control because employees can access and use these platforms as individuals.

A time of reflection: Five tips for Financial Services in 2019

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The New Year is upon us, and with it come new challenges and opportunities for the Financial Services industry. Enterprise World Industry 2019 financial services financial services industry financial services institutions Insurance trends

NYDFS 500 and GDPR in Financial Services – Actions to Take Now

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The first step any financial institution must take in its response to the laws is to evaluate its exposure and current capabilities in protecting sensitive business and customer data. Implement: Technical services are required to create/ update cybersecurity policies and procedures.

[Guide] Data Privacy Laws in Financial Services: NYDFS 500 & GDPR

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It is typically called personally identifiable information (PII) and can be any combination of a person’s name, address, social security number, phone number, email address, bank/financial account number, credit/debit card number, biometric records, health records, or other information. New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS 500) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are two important privacy laws with which many financial services institutions must comply.

The Innovation Dilemma in Financial Services

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Customers place a lot of value on innovation when selecting financial services products. Data & Analytics Financial Services Integration & IT Modernization Finance finance innovation financial services innovation FinTech fintechs innovative

Cyberthreats Against Financial Services Up 56%

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Financial institutions interacting with customers online must prepare for a broader, more sophisticated variety of threats

Managed Detection & Response for Financial Services

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These are among the top threats to financial institutions of all sizes. Ransomware. Phishing. Credential stuffing. But small-to-midsized ones are particularly challenged to detect and respond to threats. Arctic Wolf's Todd Thiemann discusses the value of managed detection and response

One financial services CIO warns: Don’t get comfortable.


The CIO of Daimler Financial Services, Udo Neumann, warns that although your company may be thriving now unless you transform and innovate, that success won’t last. Financial Services News Daimler Financial Services Digital transformation financial servicesLearn more here.

Here Are the Top Digital Transformation Trends in Financial Services


This next coming year promises big changes for the financial services industry; especially when it comes to digital transformation. In fact, the rise of digital transformation in financial services means an interesting shake-up is on the way. Learn about the top 7 digital transformation trends in financial services here. Financial Services News Digital transformation financial services

Customer experience in Financial Services

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In a recent blog, I wrote about the increasing prominence of AI in financial services. It’s a hot topic that’s topping the agenda of most financial … The post Customer experience in Financial Services appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Enterprise World Industry Posts Analytics Customer Experience customer satisfaction customer support digital enterprise world 2018 financial services omni-channel

DNS Cyber Attacks Costing Financial Services Companies $924,390


According to a report entitled The 2018 Global DNS Threat Report by EfficientIP, the financial services industry is the worst affected sector by domain name systems (DNS) attacks which are cyber attacks where attackers take advantage of network vulnerabilities to break into bank systems stealthily. According to the report, last year, a single financial sector attack cost each organization $588,200 to recover.

Five benefits of eDiscovery software for Financial Services

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Financial Service organizations are among the most highly regulated industries and routinely face a myriad of compliance and administrative proceedings. Discovery best eDiscovery software ediscovery financial services machine learning Predictive Coding TAR

3 ways prescriptive analytics helps deliver better financial services

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As any financial services executive knows, improving business results with precise, timely decisions is much harder than it looks

Survey Finds Financial Services Fail to See Tech as a Disruptor


A survey by Vuealta found that fiancial services leaders are far more concerned about compliance and cybersecurity than the financial services startups they are in competition with. Financial Services News financial services fintech fintech startupsThis may be a mistake. Read more here.

Financial Services Sector Rife with Hidden Tunnels


Hacks Vulnerabilities Web Security attack technique data exfiltration Equifax breach financial services hidden tunnels uptickAttackers use the approach to look like legitimate traffic and hide data exfiltration in plain sight.

Salesforce DMP, Financial Services Cloud & B2B Analytics Intro

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What You Need to Know About Financial Services Cloud. Field Service Updates in Summer ’18 that Will Change How You Work. Self-Service or Bust: Why Connected Customer Portals are Vital to Customer Experience. Must-Know Salesforce Updates.

Digital transformation in Financial Services requires a rethink of identity management

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However, the discussion didn’t cover identity management and that’s an area that needs to be urgently addressed if Financial Service companies are … The post Digital transformation in Financial Services requires a rethink of identity management appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Financial Services Data – More at risk than you’d believe

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One of the top findings from the 2018 Thales Data Threat Report, Financial Services Edition was that data breaches in U.S. financial services organizations are increasing at an alarming rate.

US banks Q3 results shine light on financial services innovation

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For example, ChatBot technology is becoming particularly popular in banking for customer service, by cutting down handling times and accelerating payments processing, enabling better customer interaction by eliminating errors and increasing efficiency.

The Financial Services Industry is in Need of Technology Modernization


Many financial services organization still have legacy technology and it has become a significant barrier to their success. Financial services organizations need to start their digital transformation. This is especially true given the fact that the business environment is becoming increasingly digital. Learn more here. News Digital transformation legacy technology

The Key to Scalability in Financial Services is Regtech


With the global financial crisis comes more regulations. This, in turn, is pushing financial services organizations to find ways to manage and make sure they are compliant with regulations. Because of this, regtech has become a new frontier in the financial sector. News financial services regtechRead more here.

Financial services industry blueprints for scalable enterprise data initiatives

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Financial services organizations face considerable challenges today. From regulatory changes to globalization to shifting customer expectations, the urgent need to re-engineer outdated systems to better manage vast amount of data can apply additional pressure.

Do AI Applications Have a Limit in Financial Services?

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Dominant financial services institutions, currently, focus on; a scale of assets, mass productions, relationship exclusivity, switching costs, and dependence on the integrity of humans. The same mindset goes for artificial intelligence (AI) pairing with financial services. How AI Helps with Financial Services. “A Ultimately, AI in the financial services industry will be directed towards optimizing the customer experience.

More Financial Services Organizations are Entering the Cryptocurrency World


More and more financial services organizations are investing in cryptocurrency and TD Ameritrade and Ric Edelman are the most recent big name companies to make the move. News Uncategorized Bitcoin cryptocurrency financial servicesRic Edelman told InvestmentNews that the future is cashless and the market of digital assets is too big to ignore. Read more here.

How Financial Services Companies Are Using Intelligent Information Management to Drive Digital Transformation


Financial services organizations are facing a range of challenges and, in order to overcome these challenges, the financial sector must adopt business strategies and technologies that enable greater agility, speed, access and organization. News financial services

Threatlist: Financial Services Firms Lag in Patching Habits


Most Recent ThreatLists Vulnerabilities 2018 Breaches financial services patching habits ponemon survey servicenowHalf of breached firms say they were compromised due to a vulnerability for which a patch was available but not applied.

OpenText STP Financial Hub revolutionizes workflows in the Financial Services sector

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Recently, we completed an onboarding for a new corporate … The post OpenText STP Financial Hub revolutionizes workflows in the Financial Services sector appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Know it first: The race for AI advantage from within the data tornado of financial services

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Learn why finserv firm Capitalogix is climbing the ladder to AI to transform the financial services industry

NY Payroll Company Vanishes With $35 Million

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Unlike many stories here about cloud service providers being extorted by hackers for ransomware payouts , this snafu appears to have been something of an inside job. The company that handled that process for MyPayrollHR is a California firm called Cachet Financial Services.

'Hidden Tunnels' Help Hackers Launch Financial Services Attacks

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Hackers are using the infrastructure, meant to transmit data between applications, for command and control