US Bipartisan Privacy Proposal Has Cybersecurity Mandates

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proposal for a national privacy law also imposes new cybersecurity regulatory mandates onto the private sector. The inclusion of a data security section in draft privacy legislation shows the Washington consensus for voluntary industry measures is wearing thin

Ransom Payments: Monero Promises Privacy; Bitcoin Dominates

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Ransomware Victims Typically Charged Less for Paying With Tougher-to-Trace Monero Almost all ransomware-wielding attackers accept Bitcoin for ransom payments, but many prefer Monero, thanks to the privacy-preserving coin being tougher for law enforcement officials to track.


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2 State Cybersecurity, Data Privacy Laws Enacted

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Connecticut Law Provides Security Incentives; Colorado Measure Addresses Consumers' Privacy Two states have recently taken steps to bolster cybersecurity and data privacy protections. And a new data privacy law in Colorado allows individuals to opt out of data collection

2021: The State of Privacy

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IAPP's Trevor Hughes Previews the Year's Global Trends, Challenges and Legislation From contact tracing to data transfer to the new California Privacy Rights Act, 2021 already is shaping up to be a big year for privacy.

Privacy without borders: Reality or Fantasy?

Imagine a world in which every country shared a vision and a common set of principles to protect and regulate the use of personal data. It would make international business far simpler, provide citizens in every country with the same privacy rights.

Connecticut Becomes 5th US State to Get Data Privacy Law

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Rules Similar to Privacy Laws Passed in California, Colorado, Virginia and Utah Connecticut has just become the fifth U.S. state to get a comprehensive data privacy and online monitoring law, as Senate Bill No.

Ongoing Issues With Security, Privacy, Complexity

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Rebecca Herold, host of the podcast show "Data Security and Privacy with the Privacy Professor," weighs in on the state of cybersecurity and privacy education and gives her recommendations on how to remedy the many issues the security community faces today

Privacy Legislation Progresses in 5 More States

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States Would Join 3 Others That Have Already Enacted Laws Five states are making progress this year toward passing privacy legislation along the lines of California's Consumer Privacy Act, according to the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

NFTs Are a Privacy and Security Nightmare

WIRED Threat Level

Security Security / PrivacyThe blockchain isn’t as “anonymous” as you might think.

Australia Says Uber 'Interfered' With Users' Privacy

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Uber Must Tighten Data Handling, Regulator Says Australia's data regulator has found that Uber interfered with the privacy of 1.2 million of its customers as a result of a 2016 global data breach. Uber says it's made improvements to its systems and its internal security policies

How to Effectively Equip Your IG Program for the Perilous Journey Into the Future

Speaker: Andrew Ysasi, Vice President of Advocacy for Vital Records Control, President of IG GURU®, MS, FIP, FIIM, CIPM, CIGO, CISM, PMP, CRM, IGP, CIP, CSAP

Join Andrew Ysasi, Vice President of IG Advocacy for Vital Records Control, President of IG GURU®, MS, FIP, FIIM, CIPM, CIGO, CISM, PMP, CRM, IGP, CIP, CSAP, as he explains why organizations need to have an organized and intentional approach to address privacy matters.

GUEST ESSAY: The Top 5 online privacy and data security threats faced by the elderly

The Last Watchdog

Best Practices For consumers Guest Blog Post Privacy Top StoriesWhat is it about the elderly that makes them such attractive targets for cybercriminals? A variety of factors play a role. Related: The coming of bio-digital twins. Unlike many younger users online, they may have accumulated savings over their lives — and those nest eggs are a major target for hackers. Now add psychological variables to the mix of assets worth stealing.

Connecticut Enacts Consumer Privacy Law

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On May 10, 2022, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed An Act Concerning Personal Data Privacy and Online Monitoring , after the law was previously passed by the Connecticut General Assembly in April. Connecticut is now the fifth state to enact a consumer privacy law.

Privacy Violating COVID Tests

Schneier on Security

Uncategorized COVID-19 DNA medicine privacy

Privacy Group Files Complaint Over iOS Tracking

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Recovering from a Cyber Attack

Speaker: Mike Cramer, Director of HIPAA & Data Security at The Word & Brown Companies

If your organization stores data and is connected to the Internet, it is not a matter of “if” a cyber-security incident will happen; but rather, “when” this will occur. Organizations protecting their data is no longer “recommended;” it’s necessary.

Spotlight on Women in Privacy – Hattie Davison

Data Matters

The post Spotlight on Women in Privacy – Hattie Davison appeared first on Data Matters Privacy Blog. EU International Policy Women in PrivacyHattie Davison, UK Government, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Head of Data Reform Policy.

Privacy Rights: GDPR Enforcement Celebrates Third Birthday

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Three years later, legal and privacy experts say that while the global privacy discussion and expectations have evolved, GDPR still has some growing up to do Regulators Increasingly 'Asking the Right Questions' After a Breach, Expert Says Where were you on May 25, 2018?

GDPR 203

Bad Cookies: Privacy Regulator Fines Supermarket Giant

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Million Fine for French Supermarket Giant Carrefour for Alleged GDPR Violations France's privacy regulator has hit retail giant Carrefour with a $3.7 million fine for violating privacy laws, including GDPR.

The 'Human Element' in Privacy

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Gabriel Gumbs of Spirion on Privacy Regulations and Data Classification The RSA 2020 theme was "The Human Element." Gabriel Gumbs of Spirion describes what this means in the era of privacy regulations

Google Privacy Sandbox promises to protect user privacy online

Security Affairs

Google introduces Privacy Sandbox on Android aimed at leading to more private advertising solutions for mobile users. Google announced Privacy Sandbox on Android to limit user data sharing and prevent the use of cross-app identifiers.

Colorado Passes Consumer Privacy Law

Schneier on Security

Uncategorized data collection data protection privacyFirst California. Then Virginia. Now Colorado. Here’s a good comparison of the three states’ laws.

Ruby Zefo on Extreme Makeover: Privacy Edition

Data Breach Today

Uber Chief Privacy Officer on Impacts of Transformation and Legislation After a year of pandemic resilience and digital transformation, what is the state of global privacy?

Healthcare Workers Allege Amazon Alexa Violates Privacy

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Lawsuit Highlights Virtual Assistant Device Risks Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant device and applications are unlawfully recording and storing highly sensitive and private conversations, including discussions of patient information, that were not meant to be recorded, four healthcare workers allege in a lawsuit seeking class action status.

Marriott Hit With $24 Million GDPR Privacy Fine Over Breach

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Privacy Regulator in UK Cautions Organizations to Conduct Thorough Due Diligence Hotel giant Marriott has been hit with the second largest privacy fine in British history, after it failed to contain a massive, long-running data breach.

GDPR 285

How to Decode Privacy Policies: A Primer


The post How to Decode Privacy Policies: A Primer appeared first on MediaPRO. Blog Foundational Privacy Awareness Thought Leadership data privacy day personal data privacy privacy awareness privacy policy

7 Privacy Tips for Security Pros

Dark Reading

How best to integrate privacy into your organization's security program

Biden's New Executive Order Looks to Address Data Privacy

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White House Asks FTC to Develop New Rules on Consumer Data Collection In his new executive order, President Biden asks the FTC to establish new rules over how tech firms can collect and use data from their customers, as a way to offer more privacy protections for U.S.

UK Privacy Watchdog Imposes 7.5M-Pound Fine on Clearview AI

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ICO Orders Firm to Erase Illegally Obtained Citizen Data The ICO has imposed a penalty of 7.5 million pounds on Clearview AI Inc. for using scraped U.K. citizen facial images for its facial recognition database. The agency has directed the firm to delete images of all U.K.

Why This Facebook Privacy Settlement Is Unusual

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$650 Million Settlement Reached Under Illinois' Groundbreaking Biometrics Privacy Law Ending six years of litigation, a federal judge has signed off on a $650 million settlement of a class-action lawsuit against Facebook for violating Illinois' groundbreaking privacy law that restricts collecting biometrics data. Here's why this case is so unusual.

GUEST ESSAY: Securely managing access controls is vital to preserving the privacy of healthcare data

The Last Watchdog

However, healthcare data ranks at the top of the list for needing improvements in security and privacy protections. However, M&A is a complex undertaking, and integrating and consolidating IT, cybersecurity and data privacy infrastructure only adds to the challenge.

Access 219

The American Data Privacy and Protection Act stands to improve American users’ data privacy and offers federal regulatory power via Nextgov

IG Guru

The post The American Data Privacy and Protection Act stands to improve American users’ data privacy and offers federal regulatory power via Nextgov appeared first on IG GURU. Check out the article here.

AMA Outlines Privacy Principles for Health Data

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The American Medical Association has issued a set of privacy principles for health data that it hopes Congress and regulators will keep in mind as they prepare legislation and regulations.

Data as Value or Risk. Your Choice.

IG Guru

I know retention policies exist for a reason, but we should always look at deletion as the default and retention as the exception,” says Sentinel President Aaron Weller during the recent International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) web conference “Measuring What Matters.”

Risk 83

New Zealand's Refreshed Privacy Act Takes Effect

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Includes New Breach Notification Requirements, Fines and Greater Regulatory Powers New Zealand's refreshed Privacy Act, which came into effect Tuesday, introduces breach notification requirements and civil penalties.

Virginia Data Privacy Law

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Virginia is about to get a data privacy law , modeled on California’s law. Uncategorized courts data protection laws privacy

Federal Privacy Bill Reintroduced in Congress

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Proposal Would Empower FTC, States to Enforce Privacy Regulations U.S. Suzan DelBene, D-Wash, has reintroduced a bill that would create a national-wide data privacy standard that in its latest incarnation makes an attempt to placate Republicans.

Privacy in the Pandemic Era

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IAPP's Omer Tene on Why Privacy Issues Are More Important Than Ever Before COVID-19, the privacy discussion this year was mainly about the California Consumer Privacy Act. Omer Tene of the IAPP discusses the pandemic's influence on global privacy concerns

Privacy for Education Users

Jamf on EdTech

Protecting student data and privacy can mean many things for learning in classrooms and at home. Students and teachers often ask what MDM solutions can see, worrying it interferes with their privacy.

Congress to Consider Competing COVID-19 Privacy Bills

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