Death by unstructured data

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Unstructured data comprises the overwhelming majority of an enterprise's information assets. Unstructured data

Is there value in unstructured data?

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Learning how to interpret random data points and unstructured information often proves to be more than some companies can handle, but it doesn’t have to be. Unstructured data Data types Data management

Understanding the potential commercial value of unstructured data

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Because it's unstructured, IT lacks the precise knowledge of whether that data is valuable or not, and therefore where and how it should be stored, what level of protection it deserves, and how much should be spent in the process. Unstructured data Data management Compliance systems

Integrating Structured and Unstructured Data; Are we there already?


“By 2022, 50% of organizations will include unstructured, semistructured and structured data within the same governance program, up from less than 10% today.” Gartner Market Guide for File Analytics. Can we look at both types of data in a single governance program?

“Marie Kondo-ing” Your Unstructured Data


” But what if you could take Kondo’s philosophy and apply it to an organization’s mountain of unstructured data? Right away, there might be a problem: Instead of sparking joy, this growing mountain of unstructured data is more likely to spark woe for the average organization. By 2020, some claim 90% of the world’s stored data will be unstructured. Unstructured Data — What Is It? Sensor and log data.

MY TAKE: The no. 1 reason ransomware attacks persist: companies overlook ‘unstructured data’

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All too many companies lack a full appreciation of how vital it has become to proactively manage and keep secure “unstructured data.”. One reason for the enduring waves of ransomware is that unstructured data is easy for hackers to locate and simple for them to encrypt. Related video: Why it’s high time to protect unstructured data. For a drill down on our conversation about unstructured data exposures please listen to the accompanying podcast.

NLP enables Atrius Health to gain insights from unstructured data

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Machine learning Artificial intelligence EHR documentation Unstructured dataTechnology culls through critical clinical information in physician notes to support value-based care.

Use text analytics technologies to handle mountains of unstructured data

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Unstructured data Data types Data managementOrganizations are sitting on mountains of this information. Luckily, there are mature technologies that can sort it all out.

UPMC turns to NLP to make sense of unstructured data

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Healthcare analytics Clinical decision support Clinical data repositories Patient data PayersThe Pittsburgh-based health system’s venture arm is investing in information extraction technology.

Are critical business insights hiding inside your unstructured data?

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The search function is a very powerful tool, assuming you have concrete keywords or concepts to find in your data. And that does not even take into account the size of the information you might be searching

MarkLogic - Unstructured Data Supertanker

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MarkLogic are an interesting and rapidly growing company in the enterprise space right now:Â essentially they replace the relational database model in ways that make their next generation purpose built tools fit your unstructured data. Their servers coral all the heterogeneous information companies create to index everything they see, pulling together information in context. Despite the

Rush using ML, analytics on images and unstructured data

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Technology from Cloudera and MetiStream enables the provider to derive patient care insights faster. Radiology Machine learning Healthcare analytics Medical imaging Cloud computing Clinical decision support

Release 16 EP5 gives Magellan more text mining power and better user experience

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In fact, by some estimates nearly 80% of all enterprise information is unstructured data, such as documents, web content, or social media. Analytics are no longer just a matter of “crunching the numbers” in a database or spreadsheet.

Morgan Stanley focuses on data quality to strengthen AI

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The bank is one of many to realize that artificial intelligence is only as good as the data fed into it. Customer data Unstructured data Data lakes Data ownership Data transparency Data warehouses Artificial intelligence Machine learning Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Developing a data-first mindset in insurance

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It is a powerful positioning for insurance carriers to view themselves as data companies first, incorporating that information across all facets of the organization. Unstructured data Data quality Customer data

Amazon launches NLP service to process unstructured text

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A new machine learning service from Amazon Web Services is being offered to process unstructured medical text and identify information such as patient diagnosis, treatments, dosages, and symptoms. Machine learning Unstructured data HIPAA Protected health information Patient data

The hidden message in reams of text

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Analytics AI analyst Captiva concept extraction Content data visualization dataviz Forrester Forrester Wave machine learning magellan Magellan Text Mining OpenText Business Network PAML Predictive Analytics sentiment analysis text analytics unstructured content unstructured data

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4 ways insurers can improve data veracity

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Managing this crucial component of data management will help carriers get better results from their analytics, AI and blockchain initiatives. Analytics Data quality Unstructured data Data warehouses Data architecture Data strategy Big data Accenture

Information is at the heart of your business

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CEO Blog Advanced Analytics AI Analytics artificial intelligence data lakes edge analytics EIM Enterprise Information Management internet of things IoT IoT platform Mark Barrenchea OpenText security structured data unstructured data

Ready. AIIM. Fire!

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I spoke about some of the common challenges end-users, records managers and IT staff face when dealing with structured content in their ERP and CRM systems, as well as unstructured content produced by Office 365.

OpenText Magellan helps G7 hear the voice of the people

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Analytics Canada Charlevoix dashboard G7 magellan monG7 myG7 OpenText Magellan sentiment analysis text analytics unstructured content unstructured data Voice of CustomerEnlightened leaders take the feelings and interests of their people into account.

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AI helps you hear your customers’ voice

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Analytics AI artificial intelligence Big Content customer voice magellan Magellan Text Mining Marketing OpenText Magellan OpenText Qfiniti Qfiniti social listening social media text analytics text mining unstructured data Voice of Customer

How healthcare organizations can reap value from vast stores of data

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Data warehouses Health data Unstructured data Data lakesProviders are amassing huge quantities of information from electronic health records, and as more pours in from other sources, they need a strategic focus.

Travelers names first enterprise chief data and analytics officer

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Analytics Predictive analytics Unstructured data Data warehouses Geospatial data Data strategy Data governance Big data TravelersBruce Gifford is selected for the role after serving in the P&C carrier's actuarial department since 2009.

Give the people what they want: Better financial product recommendations

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Analytics Industry Posts AI artificial intelligence Banking Customer Experience data exhaust financial planning financial services mass customization offers unstructured data

How precision oncology will use data to advance cancer treatment

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By analyzing clinical, genomic and molecular data sets, oncologists can tap into treatment insights that can improve cancer care and patient outcomes. Healthcare analytics Unstructured data Data mining Genome sequencing Diagnosis and treatment

8 schools with insurance analytics programs

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Several top colleges and universities are offering courses and concentrations in applying data to the sector. College recruiting Analytics Data Scientist Data science Real-time data Data mining Data Analyst Unstructured data Data strategy Data architecture Data modeling Machine learning Artificial intelligence

MassMutual unit, iPipeline partner to distribute risk model

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The life insurer’s LifeScore Labs division is ready to make its data tool available to other carriers in the space. Customer data Unstructured data Data modeling Data ownership Data integration Data visualization Data mining Data types Data discovery Big data Patient data Data strategy Data architecture Data science Life insurance MassMutual

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Creating a Big Data Platform Roadmap

Perficient Data & Analytics

One of the most frequently asked questions by our customers is the roadmap to deploying a Big Data Platform and becoming a truly data-driven enterprise. Just as you can’t build a house without a foundation, you can’t start down a big data path without first establishing groundwork for success. There are several key steps to prepare the organization to realize the benefits of a big data solution with both structured and unstructured data.

How to Gain Valuable Insights from Untapped Data Using AI

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You probably know your organization needs to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to take advantage of the deluge of data that mobile and digital users are creating, but do you know why or how? LEGACY ANALYTICS METHODS AREN’T EQUIPPED TO PROCESS ALL DATA TYPES. The majority of data is unstructured (around 80%) which means it isn’t clearly defined or easily searchable the way that structured data is. LEVERAGE YOUR DATA WITH AI.

How natural language processing will help achieve a payback on EHRs

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With almost all healthcare organizations now using electronic records, computer algorithms will increasingly mine unstructured data to help improve care. Machine learning Healthcare analytics EHR analysis EHR documentation

Augmented intelligence key to unlocking value of siloed data, says study

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This includes systems that partner with people on well-defined tasks by combing through massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to detect patterns, relationships and insights. Data management Big data Augmented reality IBM

5 key learnings from the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2019

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Last week, OpenText joined thousands of IT and business leaders at this year’s Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Orlando. Analytics Data Gartner Gartner Data & Analytics Summit magellan OpenText Magellan

5 fundamental questions for your data journey

IBM Big Data Hub

To accelerate its journey to AI, a data-driven organization needs a trusted data foundation that empowers information stakeholders.

Chart your path in AI: How OpenText Magellan is unlocking the power of information

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One of the big challenges for organizations today is how to realize the business value currently locked in the huge amounts of unstructured data being generated.

What is predictive analytics?

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It has been around for many years and, like AI, it has recently come to prominence through the need to make sense of the vast amount of structured and unstructured data that every enterprise is producing. Like Artificial Intelligence, predictive analytics is not a new concept.

What is eDiscovery?

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Structured and unstructured data analysis is at the core of eDiscovery. Even routine matters regularly involve hundreds of gigabytes of data that much be analyzed for relevancy and privilege.

HP: The big data trucks aren't stopping

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Don’t overlook the value of Autonomy and their competitors helping make sense of unstructured data at scale as HP struggle to remain relevant

The Robots Are Here; Real World Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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quintillion bytes of data created every day, challenges with unstructured data and an increasingly complex regulatory landscape prompts a need for change to the old approach to information management. Many complex analytical problems are unsolvable by human effort alone due to data volumes and complexity involved. With more than 2.5

Sapphire notebook: structured taking unstructured seriously

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Historically SAP are an enterprise structured data software company: as society evolves unstructured data is ever more important. How are SAP coping with the opportunities and red herrings our increasingly connected world surfaces for them to respond to