Blockchain White Paper

National Archives Records Express

We are pleased to announce the release of our Blockchain White Paper. The white paper began as an internal effort to assist NARA staff in learning more about the technology and how agencies are using it. The white paper focuses on fundamental records management concerns such as the existence of records on a Blockchain, records authenticity and integrity, records scheduling, and records transfer and accessioning to NARA.

White Paper: 4 Ways to Avoid Privacy Whack-a-Mole with Privacy Awareness Training


Download our free white paper 4 Ways to Avoid Privacy Whack-a-Mole with Privacy Awareness Training to learn tips and tricks for building a principles-based approach into your privacy awareness training.

New White Paper Published

Getting Information Done

Not if, But When You Get Hacked: Measuring and Proactively Managing Information Risk If this is true, then what are organizations to do? These increased cyber security threats corporations face today is a big concern for Board members and CEOs.

Coming Soon: My Next White Paper

Getting Information Done

Well, I am working on the sequel to last year’s paper and you won’t want to miss it. My next paper will address this question and provide a practical way forward

It’s Here…My Next Thought Leadership Paper

Getting Information Done

Kill Your File Shares: A Roadmap to Reducing Your Biggest Information Risk This is my sequel to last year’s paper, Not if, But When You Get Hacked: Measuring and Proactively Managing Information Risk.

Paper 142

DOJ Releases a White Paper on the CLOUD Act

Hunton Privacy

Department of Justice (“DOJ”) published a white paper entitled “Promoting Public Safety, Privacy, and the Rule of Law Around the World: The Purpose and Impact of the CLOUD Act” (“White Paper”). The White Paper was compiled with the input of attorneys from the DOJ’s Criminal Division and the National Security Division. The paper outlines challenges that investigators face in cross-border data requests and discusses the purpose and scope of the CLOUD Act in addressing them.

LC4: Another Pen-and-Paper Cipher

Schneier on Security

This paper defines the LC4 encryption and decryption algorithms, analyzes LC4's security, and describes a simple appliance for computing LC4 by hand. Almost two decades ago I designed Solitaire , a pen-and-paper cipher that uses a deck of playing cards to store the cipher's state.

Paper 65

[Podcast] Up Against 70,000 Boxes of Paper - One Law Firm’s Paper-Free Journey


No, you read that title right – seventy THOUSAND boxes of paper in the highly restrictive environment of legal services. That’s what Susan Gleason , Manager of Records and Information Governance at Shipman & Goodwin and her team were up against.

Paper 52

[Podcast] Up Against 70,000 Boxes of Paper - One Law Firm’s Paper-Free Journey


No, you read that title right – seventy THOUSAND boxes of paper in the highly restrictive environment of legal services. That’s what Susan Gleason , Manager of Records and Information Governance at Shipman & Goodwin and her team were up against.

Paper 52

Reducing Paper Storage Through Digital Transformation


If you work for a small business, you’ve likely heard a colleague or manager use these terms to complain about paper storage, referring to the rows of filing cabinets or piles of paper waiting to be filed. In terms of documents, that means automating as many paper-based processes and digitizing as many documents as possible. While some of your more recent documents may have been “born digital,” you probably have many more in paper form. Inefficient.

Inside Synthetic Fraud: New Industry White Paper


To help keep FIs educated with the latest data available in the market — and share expert’s take on how this problem has been transforming — we’ve released a new white paper titled Inside Synthetic Fraud.

Best of TAB 2017 part 3: the top white papers

TAB OnRecord

In a four-part series, we are bringing you the top case studies, white papers, blog posts, and guides – all chosen by your records management colleagues! For part three of our series, we reveal the most popular white papers of the past year.

Steps for Reducing Paper Waste

Archive Document Data Storage

Every year, millions of tonnes of paper is wasted in the UK, and businesses are the biggest culprits. In addition to wasting resources, paper waste also negatively impacts your company’s productivity and bottom line. Follow these steps to reduce paper waste in your business. Where a document purge helps you responsibly dispose of accumulated paper waste, ongoing shredding prevents it from building up too much in the first place.

Paper 40

Paper and the Case for Going Low-Tech in the Voting Booth

WIRED Threat Level

When considered as a form of tech, paper has a killer feature set: It’s intuitive, it doesn’t crash, and it doesn’t need a power source. Security

Paper 83

Digital Rights Management (DRM) White Paper Released

IG Guru

Seeking to arm government archivists and records managers with important information and guidance surrounding the protection of rights associated with digital content, today during the 2018 Fall Regional Forum in Atlanta, Georgia, the National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators (NAGARA) announced the release of a white paper addressing the […]. The post Digital Rights Management (DRM) White Paper Released appeared first on IG GURU.

Document Scanning: Covering More Than Just Paper

Record Nations

The post Document Scanning: Covering More Than Just Paper appeared first on Record Nations. Document scanning services help companies across industries scan their paperwork into digitized copies.

6 Steps to Spring-Clean Your Office Space for Workplace Transformation


Help your employees create a cleaner workspace and improve productivity by requesting that they scan or file papers by the end of the workday. 4.Digitize Paper Records.

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Girl’s Own Paper

Archives Blogs

The Digital Library Center has been busy loading material into DigiNole , and one of the most recent additions is the Girl’s Own Paper. Page from The Girl’s Own Paper Volume 2, Issue 61. This post is part of our series celebrating American Archives Month.

Paper 36

Two New Papers on the Encryption Debate

Schneier on Security

Seems like everyone is writing about encryption and backdoors this season. Policy Approaches to the Encryption Debate ," R Street Policy Study #133, by Charles Duan, Arthur Rizer, Zach Graves and Mike Godwin. Encryption Policy in Democratic Regimes ," East West Institute.

15 Top AIIM eBooks and White Papers in 2017


Here are your Top AIIM White Papers from 2017! The votes are in.and here are the most popular AIIM eBooks and white papers and Tip Sheets from 2017. The Digital Office: Improving the Way We Work – White Paper (Bob Larrivee).

Free green paper: essential compliance guidance for the NIS Directive

IT Governance

IT Governance has produced a green paper that provides all the essential compliance information and guidance for UK organisations, based on the government’s consultation documents. The green paper provides expert advice on how to enhance your cyber resilience to comply with the Directive.

Paper 64

ICO Releases Discussion Paper on Regulatory Sandbox Beta Phase

Hunton Privacy

On January 30, 2019, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) released a discussion paper on the upcoming beta phase of its regulatory sandbox initiative (the “Discussion Paper”). The Discussion Paper outlines the application process for entering the beta phase of the sandbox, how the ICO sees the sandbox working in practice and the types of support it will offer organizations in the sandbox.

Paper 56

Paper Trail Absence May Still Plague 2020 Election

Dark Reading

The recommendation for paper ballots may go unheeded in all or part of at least 6 states in the next national election

Paper 53

What Should our Company Do with Our Paper Files?

Armstrong Archives

Companies across all industries are transferring paper files into electronic versions on the computer. However, converting from paper into electronic is a time-consuming and tedious project. The post What Should our Company Do with Our Paper Files?

Paper 52

CIPL Issues White Paper on the Regulatory Sandbox Following Joint Roundtable with the ICO

Hunton Privacy

On March 8, 2019, the Centre for Information Policy Leadership (“CIPL”) at Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP issued a white paper on Regulatory Sandboxes in Data Protection: Constructive Engagement and Innovative Regulation in Practice (the “White Paper”). The release of the White Paper follows a joint roundtable held by CIPL and senior staff from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) on February 19, 2019.

New White Paper: State of Card Fraud 2018


Tracking card fraud trends is a task the Rippleshot team is all too familiar with. As any financial institution leader knows, card fraud is complex, labor-intensive, ever-changing and shouldn't be tackled alone. This is why we like to remind you that we're in this fight together.


DLA Piper Privacy Matters

In the United Kingdom, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (“ DCMS “) has this week published its ‘Online Harms White Paper’ This paper sets out a framework for tackling online content which is harmful to individual users, particularly children, or threatens key values within the UK. In recent years, internet platforms which host user generated content (including major social media sites) have been the subject of widespread scrutiny.

The Best Way To Secure US Elections? Paper Ballots

Dark Reading

Voting machines that do not provide a paper trail or cannot be independently audited should immediately be removed, concludes a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Paper 57

Everglades National Park Commission Papers

Archives Blogs

Dew in the morning, NPSphoto, G.Gardner. In our current climate of growing environmental concern, the. condition and protection of national parks has become a recurring part of our. 24-hour news cycle. Everglades National Park is Florida’s most famous national.

Paper 26

Deciding Which Paper Files to Keep, Which to Scan, Which to Shred

Armstrong Archives

If you’re in the business of sorting through piles of paper files, you may wonder how to distinguish between files you should keep, files you should scan, and files you should shred. Another option is to store the paper records in a secure storage facility that offers a scan on demand service.

Paper 52

The right way to migrate to the cloud: All in, but with the right tools – New white paper

Quest Software

Learn the right way from this DCIG paper on system administration practices and performance monitoring tools.( Going all in to migrate to the cloud? read more ). Foglight Foglight for Virtualization

6 Paper-Based Processes Killing Your Productivity


Many enterprises waste time and money controlling and managing documents, but do you know where they would be if they could just get visibility into their paper-based processes

Paper 28

CIPL Issues White Paper on Principles for a Revised U.S. Privacy Framework

Hunton Privacy

The Centre for Information Policy Leadership (“CIPL”) at Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP has issued a white paper on Ten Principles for a Revised U.S. Privacy Framework (the “White Paper”). Download the full paper to read more about the principles and why these are essential for inclusion in a new federal U.S.

AIIM Webinar: Effectively Capturing Paper and Digital Documents in your Existing Applications


SlideShare Deck: Effectively Capturing Paper and Digital Documents in your Existing Applications [AIIM Webinar] from Kevin Parker, CIP. YouTube Replay: In this webinar, we share best practices for the capturing of key information and data from paper and electronic documents and forms.

Reworking the McCloy Papers

Archives Blogs

McCloy Papers, one of our most heavily used collections. We swapped out all of the boxes in the McCloy Papers for new acid-free buffered boxes and replaced well-worn folders. McCloy Papers were given to Amherst College by McCloy through a deed of gift executed in July of 1985.

Paper 26

William P. Bigelow (AC 1889) Papers

Archives Blogs

Bigelow (AC 1889) Papers , a small collection of personal and professional papers of an Amherst College alumnus and professor. The papers include correspondence between Bigelow and his family, members of the Amherst College faculty, and professional acquaintances.

Paper 31

CIPL Issues Discussion Paper on GDPR Certifications

Hunton Privacy

On April 12, 2017, the Centre for Information Policy Leadership (“CIPL”) at Hunton & Williams LLP issued a discussion paper on Certifications, Seals and Marks under the GDPR and Their Roles as Accountability Tools and Cross-Border Data Transfer Mechanisms (the “Discussion Paper”). CIPL’s Discussion Paper is meant as formal input to that process.

Paper 53

Criterion Tool & Die’s Digital Transformation Boosts Productivity and Eliminates Paper


A third-generation family-owned company founded in 1953, Criterion Tool & Die Inc. in Brook Park, Ohio manufactures precise components for “no-failure allowed” sectors including the medical, airspace, and photonics industries. With its 32 employees, Criterion Tool & Die Inc.

Don’t Let the Quest for “Easier” Stand in the Way of High-Quality Native-Format Evidence: Lessons From In re Syngenta AG MIR 162 Corn Litigation

Hanzo Learning Center

digital evidence ediscovery native format ESI web archive Case Law Summary case law discovery website preservation quasi-paper web preservation online evidence dynamic web evidence web archiving evidence TIFF Bates number Bates stamp

Paper 52

The History of Paper Engineering

Archives Blogs

However, paper products with mechanical elements were originally created as tools used by adults. De Corporis Humani Fabrica Lirbri Septem (1543), a human anatomy book, pioneered the next form of paper engineering. The History of Little Fanny (1810) provided a new form of entertainment as the first paper-doll book with movable paper clothes. During this time Lothar Meggendorfer of Munich, Germany led the industry in innovative paper engineering techniques.

Paper 29