The Role of 'Prosilience' in IoT Security

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The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report features a discussion of the role of "prosilience" in IoT security, plus the problem of overnotification under GDPR and the notion of "Spartacus as a Service

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How IoT Changes Security

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Steve Rog of ForeScout Technologies on Improving Security Hygiene The growth of IoT means traditional methods of security are inadequate, says Steve Rog of ForeScout Technologies, who calls for improvements in security hygiene

IoT 208

2019 IoT Security Outlook

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DigiCert just conducted a global study of how organizations across sectors are approaching IoT security. What are some of the best practices of the organizations that emphasize securing connected devices? Mike Nelson of DigiCert shares the findings

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Congress Considers IoT Cybersecurity Legislation - Again

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Third Attempt at Setting Minimum Standards for Devices Government Uses The U.S.

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Cataloging IoT Vulnerabilities

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Recent articles about IoT vulnerabilities describe hacking of construction cranes , supermarket freezers , and electric scooters. hacking internetofthings vulnerabilities

IoT 87

Countering Attacks That Leverage IoT

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Eddie Doyle of Checkpoint Software on Mitigation Strategies How are cybercrime syndicates launching attacks that leverage IoT devices? Eddie Doyle of Check Point Software Technologies offers insights on the latest attack strategies and how to counter them

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IoT Cybersecurity Bill Proposed to Congress

Adam Levin

Congress proposed a bill to improve the security of internet-enabled devices called the Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2019. The post IoT Cybersecurity Bill Proposed to Congress appeared first on Adam Levin.

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Future-Proofing for IoT Risks

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Robert Falzon of Check Point Software Technologies outlines IoT risks and how to prepare to mitigate them Check Point's Robert Falzon on Preparing for the Changes to Come The internet of things promises to change how enterprises operate - as well as the cybersecurity risks they will face.

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Securing IoT: Is It Feasible?

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consumers now own about 870 million IoT devices. In an interview, Al Pascual of Javelin Strategy & Research, discusses the challenges involved in securing the exploding IoT landscape

IoT 100

New IoT Security Regulations

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While the US government is largely absent in this area of consumer protection, the state of California has recently stepped in and started regulating the Internet of Things, or "IoT" devices sold in the state­and the effects will soon be felt worldwide.

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Experts Bemoan Shortcomings with IoT Security Bill


The infosec community say a recently approved IoT security bill is "nice," but doesn't hit on the important issues. IoT Vulnerabilities California Connected devices DDoS iot bill iot law iot password IoT security SB-327

IoT 61

Japanese Government Will Hack Citizens' IoT Devices

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The Japanese government's decision to log into users' IoT devices has sparked outrage in Japan. Many of today's IoT and router botnets are being built by hackers who take over devices with default or easy-to-guess passwords.

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5 IoT Security Predictions for 2019

Security Affairs

2018 was the year of the Internet of Things (IoT), massive attacks and various botnets hit smart devices, These are 5 IoT Security Predictions for 2019. 2018 was the year of the Internet of Things (IoT) – massive attacks and various botnets, a leap in regulation and standards, and increased adoption of IoT devices by consumers and enterprises, despite the existence of security and privacy concerns. IoT Attacks in 2018. Three IoT Attack Avenues for 2019.

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Japan's IoT Security Strategy: Break Into Devices

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Nation to Allow Researchers to Brute-Force 200 Million Devices Japan plans to identity vulnerable internet of things devices the same way hackers do: by trying to log into them. The country wants to gauge its cybersecurity readiness for next year when it hosts the summer Olympics. If vulnerable devices are found, the plan is to notify device owners

Japan Authorizes IoT Hacking

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A new campaign will see government employees hacking into personal IoT devices to identify those at highest security risk

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Podcast: Two Billion IoT Devices Still Vulnerable to BlueBorne Bug


Up to two billion devices are still vulnerable to the BlueBorne IoT attack - and may not ever get a patch. IoT Malware blueborne Bluetooth iot attack IoT security

IoT 72

Yet Another IoT Cybersecurity Document

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This one is from NIST: " Considerations for Managing Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity and Privacy Risks." It's still in draft. Remember, there are many others. cybersecurity internetofthings nist

Hacking the Twinkly IoT Christmas lights

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Security researchers discovered some flaws in the Twinkly IoT lights that could be exploited display custom lighting effects and to remotely turn off them. The post Hacking the Twinkly IoT Christmas lights appeared first on Security Affairs.

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AWS FreeRTOS Bugs Allow Compromise of IoT Devices


The bugs let hackers crash IoT devices, leak their information, and completely take them over. IoT Vulnerabilities amazon AWS FreeRTOS IoT security vulnerabilities

IoT 82

IoT Devices: Reducing the Risks

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Attorney Steven Teppler, who recently wrote a report that addresses risks related to the internet of things, offers insights on risk management steps organizations in all sectors must take as IoT devices proliferate in the enterprise

IoT 109

FreeRTOS flaws expose millions of IoT devices to cyber attacks

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The researcher Ori Karliner and his team analyzed some of the most popular operating systems in the IoT market, including the FreeRTOS. FreeRTOS is an open-source operating system that runs on most of the small microprocessors and microcontrollers in IoT devices.

IoT 103

Assessing IoT Risks in Healthcare Environments

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Healthcare organizations should steer clear of connecting internet of things devices to their networks unless they serve a precise medical purpose, says attorney Julia Hesse, a featured speaker at the HIMSS19 Conference

IoT 129

Crypto Agility: Its Importance to IoT

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Ted Shorter of CSS on the Need to Update Cryptographic Keys What is crypto agility, and why is it so important to IoT? Ted Shorter of Certified Security Solutions offers an explanation

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Japan to Hunt Down Citizens’ Insecure IoT Devices


Japan will carry out a “survey” of 200 million deployed IoT devices, with white-hats trying to log into internet-discoverable devices using default credentials. Government IoT citizens default credentials government IoT devices Japan Passwords penetration testing

At CES, Focus is On ‘Cool Factor’ Not IoT Security


When it comes to IoT, the priority at CES is the "wow factor" - but not so much a focus on security. Featured IoT CES ces 2019 consumer electronics show IoT security

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Podcast: Why Manufacturers Struggle To Secure IoT


Too often, many IoT device manufacturers are opting to leave out costly security features for their small, low power connected devices. . IoT Podcasts DDoS IoT IoT Consumer Device IoT Device IoT security Threatpost podcast

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Evolution of threat landscape for IoT devices – H1 2018

Security Affairs

Security experts from Kaspersky have published an interesting report on the new trends in the IoT threat landscape. What is infecting IoT devices and how? The first data that emerged from the study is that threat actors continue to look at the IoT devices with increasing interest.

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Augmented Reality, IoT and Enterprise Content Management

OpenText Information Management

Augmented … The post Augmented Reality, IoT and Enterprise Content Management appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Cloud Enterprise Content Management augmented reality Big Data connected factory Extended ECM hololens IoT OpenText™ Extended ECM for Office 365

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When It Comes To IoT Security, Liability Is Muddled


The onus behind IoT security has become so muddled that no one knows who to point fingers at. IoT Vulnerabilities hacked IoT device IoT Act IoT botnet IoT security Security of things

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Improving IoT Security

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Organizations in all sectors need to strive to adopt a standardized approach for ensuring that security is built into internet of things devices at the design phase, says Vinod Kumar, CEO and managing director at Bangalore-based Subex, a telecom analytics solutions provider

IoT 106

A Global Approach to IoT Cybersecurity?

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has published a new standard for cybersecurity in relation to consumer IoT products. The standard builds on the UK’s Code of Practice for Consumer IoT Security , published in October last year.

IoT 52

IoT Security: The Basics

Pwnie Express

This piece is part 1 of our ongoing series on IoT security. Don't forget to download the eBook to understand the IoT security gap and how your business needs to address it, today. IoT Security

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Chalubo, a new IoT botnet emerges in the threat landscape

Security Affairs

Security experts from Sophos Labs have spotted a new piece of IoT malware tracked as Chalubo that is attempting to recruit devices into a botnet used to launch DDoS attacks. The IoT malware ran only on systems with an x86 architecture. Securi ty Affairs – Chalubo, IoT botnet).

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RSAC 2019: For Domestic Abuse, IoT Devices Pose New Threat


IoT RSAC connected thermostat nest Privacy RSA RSAC 2019 Smart Home techWhen it comes to domestic abuse, smart products around the house are turning into new threats, a panel of experts said at RSA.

IoT 68

ThreatList: Malware Samples Targeting IoT More Than Double in 2018


A honeypot set up to sniff out data on infected IoT devices found a broad array of compromised devices – from Mikrotik routers to dishwashers. IoT Malware botnet Gafgyt IoT security malware mikrotek Mirai SSH Telnet

IoT Inspector Tool from Princeton

Schneier on Security

Researchers at Princeton University have released IoT Inspector , a tool that analyzes the security and privacy of IoT devices by examining the data they send across the Internet. They've already used the tool to study a bunch of different IoT devices. Related: IoT Hall of Shame.

IoT 83

IoT: Moving to Security by Design

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With the explosive growth of the internet of things, and the increasing threat posed by botnets that leverage IoT, more must be done to ensure IoT devices include security by design, says David Holmes, principal threat researcher at F5 Networks, who offers a strategy

IoT 102

Alleged ‘Satori’ IoT Botnet Operator Sought Media Spotlight, Got Indicted

Krebs on Security

Satori is a variant of the Mirai botnet , a powerful IoT malware strain that first came online in July 2016.

IoT 153

Hacking the hackers – IOT botnet author adds his own backdoor on top of a ZTE router backdoor

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The author of an IoT botnet is distributing a backdoor script for ZTE routers that also includes his own backdoor to hack script kiddies. A weaponized IoT exploit script is being used by script kiddies, making use of a vendor backdoor account to hack the ZTE routers.

IoT 111

Hide and Seek (HNS) IoT Botnet targets Android devices with ADB option enabled

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The Hide and Seek (HNS) IoT botnet was first spotted early this year, since its discovery the authors continuously evolved its code. It is currently the first IoT malware that implements a persistence mechanism to keep devices infected after reboots.

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