UK Cyber Security Council to Tackle Education, Standards

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Claudia Natanson Describes Vision of U.K.’s s New Self-Regulatory Body U.K. Cyber Security Council is a new self-regulatory body for the profession. It is tasked by the U.K. Government to execute their vision for the U.K.

Analysis: Cyberthreats in the Educational Sector Worldwide

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Check Point Researchers Identify Increases in DDoS Attacks, Other Threats Check Point Research analysts have observed a significant rise in cyberthreats on the educational sector worldwide since July.


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The Net Promoter® Education Difference

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The Education Difference Education. Company Culture Corporate Certification education NPS TrainingThis is not normally a touchpoint along the customer journey that most people think of when describing the main interaction points with a company.

Mastercard Brings Cyber Education to Small Businesses

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To aid in countering the threat, Mastercard has launched a cybersecurity education effort targeting this market segment. Paul Trueman Shares Details of ‘Trust Center’ Initiative Small businesses have been disproportionately affected by hackers in recent months.

2020 Database Strategies and Contact Acquisition Survey Report

As buyer expectations continue to heighten, marketing and sales teams are feeling pressured to deliver authentic messaging to buyers at every point of their customer journey. This report aims to highlight the current state of B2B database and contact acquisition strategies, and organizations’ goals to leverage data to fuel their go-to-market strategies in 2020 and beyond.

Cybersecurity Education for the Remote Workforce

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The Need for 'Short, Sharp Bursts' of Compelling Messages In the current work-at-home environment, keeping the workforce educated about critical cybersecurity practices requires "short, sharp bursts of education" that offer compelling messages, says Vicki Gavin, a former CISO who now serves as a cyber education consultant.

Education Sector OnDemand | Authentication for the Evolving Campus Community

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Smart & Adaptive MFA for the Modern Campus View this webinar as we discuss multi-factor authentication for the evolving campus community

Improving Healthcare Security Education

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Wombat's Gretel Egan on How to Take a Fresh Approach to the Awareness Challenge As attackers increasingly take advantage of users' risky behavior, enterprise security leaders are taking steps to improve end-user security education. Gretel Egan of Wombat Security outlines how to focus on education strategies that are truly effective

Educating Educators: Microsoft's Tips for Security Awareness Training

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Microsoft's director of security education and awareness shares his approach to helping train employees in defensive practices

ISC(2): Only 13% of Cybersec Pros Had a Cyber Education

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Study Points to Need for Extensive On-the-Job Training Only 13% of cybersecurity professionals had a cybersecurity education before getting into the sector reports (ISC)², pointing to the need for extensive on-the-job training


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Palmyra, NJ (March 1, 2021) – The ARMA International Educational Foundation (the Foundation) is excited to announce the availability of funding opportunities for aspiring information management professionals currently enrolled in accredited information management studies programs.

The Future of Cybersecurity Education - Part 1

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ISACA and (ISC)2 on Meeting Changing Demands of Industry, Students What is the role of professional certification companies in the cybersecurity education ecosystem? In part one of a two-part panel discussion on the future of cybersecurity education, John McCumber of (ISC)2 and Rob Clyde of ISACA share their philosophies


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The post AIEF Press Release: 2020 FOUNDATION EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIPS appeared first on IG GURU. AIEF Education Record Retention Records Management Sponsored ARMA International Educational Foundation scholarship

Experts warn of surge in DDoS attacks targeting education institutions

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Experts warn of a surge in the DDoS attacks against education institutions and the academic industry across the world. The DDoS attacks are causing severe issues to the targeted education institutions such as temporarily takedown of the network and online classes.

Black Hat Europe: Hackers Need to Educate Policymakers

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Also, UK Cyber Official Urges Businesses to Build a Safety-Focused 'Reporting Culture' Government leaders are increasingly calling on cybersecurity researchers to better inform policymakers and are urging businesses to pay more attention to their in-house security teams, according to presenters at this week's Black Hat Europe virtual conference.

DDoS Attacks on Education Escalate in 2020

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The number of DDoS attacks affecting educational resources was far higher between February and June 2020 compared with 2019

Mainframes, Freight Trains and Education Pains

Rocket Software

Programmers should influence our educational institutions. You’re tapping into the vein of what those forward-thinking educators want. The post Mainframes, Freight Trains and Education Pains appeared first on The Rocket Software Blog. By David Robertson , guest blogger.

Challenging Our Education System to Nurture the Cyber Pipeline

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Let's teach students how to teach themselves. Once we do that, we will have taught a generation of students how to think like hackers

The Future of Cybersecurity Education - Part 2

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In part two of a two-part panel discussion on the future of cybersecurity education, Lisa Ho of the University of California-Berkeley and Amit Elazari Bar On of Intel Corp. Intel's Amit Elazari Bar On and UC-Berkeley's Lisa Ho on Schools and Digital Transformation What are America's universities doing to help fill the cybersecurity skills gap felt by enterprises worldwide?

ARMA International Education Foundation (AIEF) Call Nominations for Trustee Positions

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(Palmyra, NJ – February 22, 2022) – The Foundation is a leading organization that enhances the practical and scholarly knowledge of information management by funding and promoting research, scholarship, and educational opportunities for information management professionals.

K12 education giant paid the ransom to the Ryuk gang

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Online education giant K12 Inc. The education company Online education giant K12 Inc. is a for-profit education company that sells online schooling and curricula. The post K12 education giant paid the ransom to the Ryuk gang appeared first on Security Affairs.

Department for Education’s handling of pupil data ruled illegal

The Guardian Data Protection

Related: Department of Education criticised for secretly sharing children's data Continue reading. Department for Education Children Schools GDPR Data protection Privacy Information commissioner UK news Education Technology

NCSC warns of a surge in ransomware attacks on education institutions

Security Affairs

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued an alert about a surge in ransomware attacks targeting education institutions. National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), has issued an alert about a surge in ransomware attacks against education institutions. The U.K.

PYSA Ransomware Pillages Education Sector, Feds Warn


A major spike of attacks against higher ed, K-12 and seminaries in March has prompted the FBI to issue a special alert. Government Malware

Microsoft Exchange Server Exploits Hit Retail, Government, Education

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Mandiant researchers identify a range of victims affected in attacks targeting newly reported Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities

Cybercriminals Aim BEC Attacks at Education Industry

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Heightened vulnerability comes at a time when the sector has been focusing on setting up a remote workforce and online learning amid the pandemic

Data breaches grow across UK education sector

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A recent freedom of information request by chartered accountants UHY Hacker Young reveals a worrying rise in reported data breaches across the UK education sector. The GDPR requires organisations to take reasonable steps to protect their data, but with competing priorities and limited budgets, this can be challenging for the education sector – which makes for a particularly attractive target, as institutions typically also hold large amounts of sensitive data.

Using Microsoft education tools on iPad

Jamf on EdTech

Selecting iPad as a device to compliment Microsoft tools for Education is a game-changer for teachers, students and parents

Google sued by New Mexico attorney general for collecting student data through its Education Platform

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New Mexico sues Google for allegedly using the Google for Education platform to gather personal and private data from children. The company offers free Chromebooks to schools and access to the G-Suite for Education service as part of the Google for Education platform.

Higher Education CISOs Share COVID-19 Response Stories

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Security leaders from Stanford, Ohio State, and the University of Chicago share challenges and response tactics from the COVID-19 pandemic

SJSU Summer Course on Ethics for Archivists and IM Professionals approved for 10 continuing education credits for CRAs and CRMs

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The post SJSU Summer Course on Ethics for Archivists and IM Professionals approved for 10 continuing education credits for CRAs and CRMs appeared first on IG GURU. Archives Education ICRM IG News Information Governance Records Management Sponsored Webinar CRA CRM Ethics SJSU

Finding Ways to Entertain and Educate Your Kids


If you’re like me, you have kids that have been sent home and you are now charged with ensuring they get educated. The post Finding Ways to Entertain and Educate Your Kids appeared first on PerezBox. Business Education and Learning

How to Avoid Dropping Out of Adult Education


How to avoid being unsuccessful in continuing education is the key to success for all adult learners. However, there are common mistakes many adult students make when enrolled in education. The post How to Avoid Dropping Out of Adult Education first appeared on Cllax - Top of IT.

2020 VITAL RECORDS CONTROL (VRC) SPONSORSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT via the ARMA International Educational Foundation

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Robert McLauchlinDec 10, 2020 Palmyra, NJ (December 10, 2020) – The Foundation (ARMA International Educational Foundation, AIEF) is pleased to announce Vital Records Control’s sponsorship of $3,500.

RIM education chat this Friday

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The RMS steering committee spent a good portion of last year investigating various RIM educational opportunities. If we were to design a track program through SAA Education , here are some already existing courses that could be included: • Records Management Introduction • Basics of Managing Digital Records • Change Management: How Do You Tackle It? You can view our findings here.

The future of RIM education

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We had a great conversation with folks last week about what has worked for them and what they need in the field of records and information management education. As is the case with most things in the RIM field, it depends — more specifically, what people need in a training/education sense depends on where they are professionally and what resources they have to devote to their own professional development.

Education Gets an 'F' for Cybersecurity

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The education sector falls last on a list analyzing the security posture of 17 US industries, SecurityScorecard reports

NDSU Offers Nation's First Ph.D. in Cybersecurity Education

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The new program focuses on training university-level educators in cybersecurity

Threat actors target K-12 distance learning education, CISA and FBI warn

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The US Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency and the FBI warned about the increase in ransomware attacks targeting the US K-12 educational sector. The post Threat actors target K-12 distance learning education, CISA and FBI warn appeared first on Security Affairs.

FBI warns of PYSA Ransomware attacks against Education Institutions in US and UK

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The FBI has issued an alert to warn about an increase in PYSA ransomware attacks on education institutions in the US and UK. The FBI has issued Tuesday an alert to warn about an increase in PYSA ransomware attacks against education institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom.