Think instead about who can deny a single individual access to information, while providing access to 190 other people. Who is entitled to access information in your company? What controls are in place to make sure that people who shouldn’t have access don’t get access? Access Compliance (General) Controls Culture Duty Governance Government Internal controls Policy Third parties Uncategorized



Isn’t it good that airlines are competing based on providing better access to your information? “Firms Push Better In-Flight Web Access,” The Wall Street Journal , February 26, 2018 B4. But it’s a good thing to have better access to information when you are in the air, right? Access Information ValueCompetition is a good thing. Airlines and satellite providers team up to give passengers faster in-flight web service.

Cybercrime Markets Sell Access to Hacked Sites, Databases

Data Breach Today

Payment Card Theft, Ransomware Facilitated by Cybercrime-as-a-Service Offerings One mystery with the recently discovered payment card sniffing attacks against such organizations as British Airways and Newegg has been how attackers might have first gained access to the victims' networks.

Access 191

Why Is Providing Patients Access to Records So Challenging?

Data Breach Today

Access 156

FBI: Encryption Blocked Access to 7,800 Devices

Data Breach Today

Director Calls For 'Responsible' Solution That's Not a Backdoor FBI Director Christopher Wray says the agency was unable to access nearly 7,800 devices in fiscal 2017 because of encryption, which he alleges will pose ever-increasing complications for law enforcement.

Report: Remote Access Is No. 1 Healthcare Tech Hazard

Data Breach Today

ECRI Institute Calls Attention to Cyber Risks for Second Consecutive Year Hackers remotely accessing medical devices and systems - potentially disrupting care and putting patients at risk - is the No.

Access 156

The 4 Pitfalls of Privileged Access Management

Data Breach Today

Bomgar's Sam Elliott on Overlooked Areas of Security Overlooked areas of security and defense include four pitfalls of privileged access management, says Sam Elliott of Bomgar, who offers insights on taking the right steps

Access 142

Modern Identity and Access Management

Data Breach Today

What are the critical questions that need to be addressed by anyone managing identity and access management in a modern enterprise? How do we establish and maintain digital trust without burdening our users? David Duncan of CA Technologies offers answers to these questions

Access 100

Facebook Can't Reset All Breach Victims' Access Tokens

Data Breach Today

Social Network Reveals It Cannot Log Users Out of All Third-Party Services Warning: Attackers behind the recently revealed Facebook mega-breach may still be able to access victims' accounts at some third-party web services and mobile apps - and Facebook has offered no timeline for when a full lockdown might occur - although there are no signs of third-party account takeovers

Access 133

The future for “free” Subject Access Requests

Data Protector

Parliamentarians will soon be debating the merits of the Data Protection Bill, and I’m wondering whether much consideration will be given to the implications of the proposal to gift citizens with “free” Subject Access Requests.

Access 156

iPhone Hack Allows Access to Contacts, Photos

Adam Levin

Apple’s iOS 12 update includes a workaround that can allow a hacker to access a device’s photos and contacts without having the passcode to unlock it. It does not, however, allow unauthorized users full access to the device, and executing the workaround isn’t exactly an easy thing to do.

Local-Privilege Escalation Flaw in Linux Kernel Allows Root Access


Vulnerabilities centos Debian Kernel Linux Local Privilege Escalation Red Hat root access vulnerabilityResearchers said the vulnerability "is very easy to exploit.".

How Cyber Essentials can help secure your access controls

IT Governance

This blog covers access controls. Deficient access controls result in security breaches. Any organisation whose employees connect to the Internet needs some level of access control in place. Secure your access controls.

ID and Access Management: The Next Steps

Data Breach Today

Bringing identity and access management to the next level and investigating the potential that blockchain offers to improve the management of device IDs are among the priority security projects at Sentara Healthcare, an integrated delivery system serving Virginia and North Carolina, says CISO Daniel Bowden

Access 103

FitMetrix Exposes Millions of Customer Details, Accessed by Criminals


Breach Cloud Security Privacy Web Security cloud storage criminal access data breach Elasticsearch fitmetrix gym customers misconfiguration open server personal information public accessGym customer data, including contact information, birth dates and height/weight data, opens the door to convincing follow-on social-engineering attacks.

Identity and Access Management is pivotal for GDPR compliance

OpenText Information Management

This is a clear demonstration that the European Union (EU) is very willing to take action and that companies everywhere have to be prepared for GDPR … The post Identity and Access Management is pivotal for GDPR compliance appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Facebook Now Offers Bounties For Access Token Exposure


The newly expanded Facebook bug bounty program sniffs out access token exposure flaws. Uncategorized Vulnerabilities Web Security access tokens bug bounty Facebook Facebook bug bounty hacker Privacy Security

Digital Security: Preventing Unauthorized Access to Company Data


Modern cyberthreats cost companies in many ways. Major data breaches have led some chief executives to resign from their organizations. Brand damage, fines, lost business and revenues, and dips in stock prices are only tip of the breach-aftermath iceberg. Organizations must recognize and mitigate the threats that affect their digital security most. Businesses should assess common and concerning threats and the safeguards they need to protect digital information.

5 Tips for Managing Privileged Access

eSecurity Planet

Privileged access management (PAM) can help Some accounts are more valuable than others.

Tips 86

Accessing Cell Phone Location Information

Schneier on Security

The New York Times is reporting about a company called Securus Technologies that gives police the ability to track cell phone locations without a warrant: The service can find the whereabouts of almost any cellphone in the country within seconds.

How to write a GDPR-compliant data subject access request procedure – with template

IT Governance

The EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) gives data subjects the right to access their personal data from data controllers that are processing it and “to exercise that right easily and at reasonable intervals, in order to be aware of, and verify, the lawfulness of the processing”.

Open Access Week


Open Access campaign. Lucy Ayre discusses how she ran a successful digital marketing campaign to promote Open Access week at the University of Derby by getting out of the library and working across teams.

Why Digital Archives Expand Access and Awareness

IG Guru

Here was my challenge: the archives was institutional with no public access, and I was a […]. The post Why Digital Archives Expand Access and Awareness appeared first on IG GURU. I was once the director of an archival collection related to historical buildings around the world.

D-Link fixed several flaws in Central WiFiManager access point management tool

Security Affairs

D-Link addresses several remote code execution and XSS vulnerabilities affecting the Central WiFiManager access point management tool. D-Link Central WiFiManager software controller helps network administrators streamline their wireless access point (AP) management workflow.

Q&A: Reddit breach shows use of ‘SMS 2FA’ won’t stop privileged access pillaging

The Last Watchdog

Already having our primary access points for code and infrastructure behind strong authentication requiring two factor authentication (2FA), we learned that SMS-based authentication is not nearly as secure as we would hope, and the main attack was via SMS intercept. It’s safe to assume that Reddit has poured a small fortune into security, including requiring employees to use SMS-delivered one-time passcodes in order to access sensitive company assets.

Access 133

How to respond to a data subject access request

IT Governance

What is a data subject access request (DSAR)? Data subjects have the right to send organisations a personal data request for: Confirmation that their data is being processed; Access to their personal data; and. Write a data subject access request procedure.

Off the Record – The Ease, Expense of Electronic Records Access and Security

The Texas Record

Now these records will be searchable and accessible via databases within the Agenda.NET portal. Local governments should take a minute to read about how citizens are able to access information faster and easier than before. “Balancing security with accessibility: Properly managing information and high-value assets” — GCN.

Two Zero-Day Bugs Open Millions of Wireless Access Points to Attack


Privacy Vulnerabilities Aironet Series Aruba BLE BleedingBit Bluetooth Low Energy cc2640 cc2650 Cisco Cisco Meraki IoT remote code execution flaw Texas Instrument chips Wireless Access PointCalled BleedingBit, this vulnerability impacts wireless networks used in a large percentage of enterprise companies.

How Identity and Access Management helps meet the data protection requirements of GDPR

OpenText Information Management

In my previous blog, I looked at how Identity and Access Management (IAM) can help with GDPR compliance. Business Network Cloud Information Management cloud security cybersecurity Enterprise Information Management GDPR IAM IAM security identity and access management IdM

Software Legend Ray Ozzie Wades Into Lawful Access Tangle

Data Breach Today

Critic Says Ozzie's Idea Is an Unworkable Twist on Key Escrow Can technology solve the problem of giving law enforcement access to all encrypted communications without additional risks to the public? Software legend Ray Ozzie says he has an idea. But it's unlikely to quell the debate over hard-to-break encryption

Access 100

Privileged Access Management (PAM): Controlling a Critical Cybersecurity Risk

eSecurity Planet

Privileged accounts have access to your most important data, so why not protect them with a PAM solution? Here's everything you need to know

Off the Record: Ransomware Threats and RM Modernization, Apple Promotes Access and Washington Denies Access

The Texas Record

Apple expands effort to give patients iPhone access to medical records” — Health Data Management. Recognizing a need, Apple has launched an enhancement to Health app available on iPhones which will enable patients to access their records from participating medical providers from their phone.

Make Access Happen

Archives Blogs

Some NARA holdings are so historically significant and valuable that they are separated from our normal holdings and stored in vaults to increase security and limit physical access. Our efforts in digitization are an important piece in achieving our strategic goal to Make Access Happen.

Cambridge Analytica Could Also Access Private Facebook Messages

WIRED Threat Level

A Facebook permission allowed an app to read messages between 1,500 Facebook users and their friends until October 2015—data that Cambridge Analytica could have accessed. Security

Corporate Moves: Tips for Ensuring Accessibility, Security, Continuity

TAB OnRecord

The post Corporate Moves: Tips for Ensuring Accessibility, Security, Continuity appeared first on TAB Records Management Blog | TAB OnRecord. We recently published a post on how to save money during a corporate move.

Tips 111

An Inside Job: How DMS Access Controls Prevent Security Breaches

Record Nations

In addition to more efficiency, a DMS can also increase the security of your confidential files with different levels of access controls. With a predetermined set of access controls, you can manage who has the […].

Access to over 3,000 compromised sites sold on Russian black marketplace MagBo

Security Affairs

Security experts at Flashpoint discovered the availability of the access to over 3,000 compromised sites sold on Russian black marketplace MagBo. “Access to approximately 3,000 breached websites has been discovered for sale on a Russian-speaking underground marketplace called MagBo.

Access Now Is Looking for a Chief Security Officer

Schneier on Security

The international digital human rights organization Access Now (I am on the board ) is looking to hire a Chief Security Officer. I believe that, somewhere, there is a highly qualified security person who has had enough of corporate life and wants instead of make a difference in the world.

Augmented Reality for Instant Access to KPIs

Perficient Data & Analytics

The capabilities of augmented reality (AR) are reaching beyond the entertainment sphere and into the hands of store managers.

Apache Access Vulnerability Could Affect Thousands of Applications

Dark Reading

A recently discovered issue with a common file access method could be a major new attack surface for malware authors

Subject Access Requests in Scotland: Do you know what data is held about you?

IT Governance

One of the rights amended by the GDPR is the right of access. What is a data subject access request (DSAR)? Individuals have the right to send organisations a personal data request for: Confirmation that their data is being processed; Access to their personal data; and.

How to write a GDPR-compliant data subject access request procedure

IT Governance

One activity that you should start without delay is writing a data subject access request (DSAR) procedure. What is a data subject access request? D ata subject access request procedures under the GDPR. Help creating a data subject access request procedure.

Reddit discloses a data breach, a hacker accessed user data

Security Affairs

Reddit is warning its users of a security breach, an attacker broke into the systems of the platform and accessed user data. Reddit is warning its users of a security breach, a hacker broke into the systems of the platform and accessed user data. Reddit Warns Users of Data Breach.