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Breach Roundup: Swedish Insurer Fined $3M for GDPR Breach

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Also, Google Fitbit Faces Privacy Complaints From Schrems This week, the Swedish DPA fined an insurer $3 million for violating GDPR, a DDoS attack disrupted a German financial agency website, Google Fitbit faced privacy complaints from Schrems, Ragnar Locker published hacked hospital data, and Seville, Spain dealt with the aftermath of a ransomware (..)

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Microsoft Sets Aside $425M For Anticipated GDPR Fine

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European authorities have shown increased willingness to use the GDPR to limit targeted advertising.

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Spotify Fined 5 Million Euros for GDPR Violations

Data Breach Today

Spotify in an emailed statement said the investigation revealed that "only minor areas of our process" were at odds with the GDPR.

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GDPR compliance checklist

IBM Big Data Hub

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union (EU) law that governs how organizations collect and use personal data. Any company operating in the EU or handling EU residents’ data must adhere to GDPR requirements. However, GDPR compliance is not necessarily a straightforward matter.

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Maintaining GDPR and Data Privacy Compliance in 2024

IT Governance

For a start, maintaining data privacy and GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] compliance will become increasingly complex through 2024, particularly for organisations operating across multiple jurisdictions. In addition, 14 US states now have their own data privacy laws, and GDPR-like legislation has proliferated across the world.

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CJEU Rules on Processing of Sensitive Data and Compensation Under the GDPR

Hunton Privacy

After becoming aware of the fact that a report concerning himself had been prepared, an employee of MDK sought compensation under Article 82 of the GDPR. of the GDPR (which provides that processing based on Article 9.2 (h) of the GDPR (which provides that processing based on Article 9.2 (h) Read the judgement.

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UK Reintroduces Bill Proposing Modifying Country's GDPR

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GDPR could lead to more surveillance. Civil Society and Tech Firms Warn Aginst Modifying the European Privacy Law The British government is proposing modifications to the European privacy law adopted as British law before leaving European Union. Civil society groups warn changes to the U.K.

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