How to Comply with GDPR, PIPL, and CCPA

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The regulations from GDPR, PIPL, and CCPA are especially prevalent to MSPs and software vendors because they get access to data from so many organizations, but all businesses need to comply with them. GDPR Compliance. What is GDPR? Who Does GDPR Affect?


Privacy Rights: GDPR Enforcement Celebrates Third Birthday

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Three years later, legal and privacy experts say that while the global privacy discussion and expectations have evolved, GDPR still has some growing up to do Regulators Increasingly 'Asking the Right Questions' After a Breach, Expert Says Where were you on May 25, 2018?

GDPR 202

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How GDPR Is Failing

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The world-leading data law changed how companies work. But four years on, there’s a lag on cleaning up Big Tech. Security Security / Privacy

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Breaching the GDPR

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GDPR 156

Amazon Hit With $885 Million GDPR Fine

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Online Retailer Plans to Appeal the Decision Handed Down by EU Regulators Amazon reports that it's been fined 746 million euros ($885 million) under the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation for violating privacy rights in its advertising program. The company says it plans to appeal

GDPR 229

WhatsApp fined €225M over GDPR issues

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The instant messaging company violated the actual General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). “The Data Protection Commission (DPC) has today announced a conclusion to a GDPR investigation it conducted into WhatsApp Ireland Ltd. SecurityAffairs – hacking, GDPR).

GDPR 103

Revise the GDPR

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GDPR 156

Is GDPR Compliance Tougher Than HIPAA Compliance?

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Analysts: GDPR Case in Portugal Offers Lessons for U.S. Healthcare Entities An EU General Data Protection Regulation enforcement action against a hospital in Portugal demonstrates complying with GDPR may be even tougher than complying with HIPAA. Regulatory experts analyze the implications of the case

British Airways GDPR Lawsuit: The Potential Impact

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A Substantial Settlement Could Build Data Security Momentum British Airways could face a substantial compensation payout as a result of an ongoing group lawsuit over its 2018 data breach, the first of its kind under GDPR.

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Facebook's WhatsApp Hit With $266 Million GDPR Fine

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GDPR 280

GDPR: Data Breach Notification 101

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Brian Honan of BH Consulting on When to Notify - or Not Since the EU's new GDPR privacy law came into effect in May 2018, one challenge for organizations that suffer a breach is knowing whether or not they must report it to authorities, says Brian Honan, president and CEO of BH Consulting in Dublin

Cisco Studies Global Impact of GDPR

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Cisco is out with findings from its 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study, which shows the impact of GDPR compliance as well as how customers are asking more questions about how their data is secured. Cisco Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy analyzes the survey

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Big GDPR Fines in UK and Ireland: What's the Holdup?

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and Ireland each issued only one final GDPR fine to date Both Countries Have Each Issued Only a Single, Finalized Fine Under EU's Privacy Law The EU's General Data Protection Regulation was meant to finally bring in line organizations that didn't treat Europeans' personal data with respect.

GDPR 218

GDPR Compliance Used as Phishing Lure

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Campaign Designed to Steal Credentials A recently uncovered phishing campaign used the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation as a lure to steal login credentials. The campaign enticed victims with subject lines indicating their email security system was not in compliance with the law, according to Area 1 Security

Twitter Fined $547,000 Under GDPR for 2018 Data Breach

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Ireland's Data Protection Commission Tuesday hit social media giant Twitter with a $547,000 fine for failing to report and document a data breach within 72 hours, as required under GDPR Penalty Marks First Time US Tech Firm Penalized Under EU's Privacy Regulation For the first time, a U.S.

French Court Upholds $57 Million Google GDPR Fine

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The fine is the biggest yet for a GDPR privacy policy violation

GDPR 207

French Court Upholds $56 Million Google GDPR Fine

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The fine is the biggest yet for a GDPR privacy policy violation

GDPR 207

Booking.Com's GDPR Fine Should Serve as 'Wake-Up Call'

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Dutch Authorities Found Company Waited Over 20 Days to Issue Breach Notification The 475,000 euro fine levied against by Dutch privacy authorities should serve as a "wake-up call" for other companies when it comes to GDPR, some experts say.

GDPR 173

Marriott Hit With $24 Million GDPR Privacy Fine Over Breach

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Privacy Regulator in UK Cautions Organizations to Conduct Thorough Due Diligence Hotel giant Marriott has been hit with the second largest privacy fine in British history, after it failed to contain a massive, long-running data breach. But the final fine of $23.8

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GDPR Three Years Later

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GDPR Three Years Later. May 25, 2021, marks the third anniversary of GDPR – a landmark regulation not only for consumer privacy but for businesses processing and controlling petabytes of personal data day after day. Data encryption fosters GDPR compliance. madhav.

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Analysis: The Significance of GDPR Fines

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The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report analyzes the significance of fines against British Airways and Marriott for violations of the EU's GDPR. Also featured are discussions of California's privacy law as a model for other states and the next generation of deception technologies

GDPR 176

Free Game: This Is GDPR Jeopardy!


The post Free Game: This Is GDPR Jeopardy! Blog FAQ Foundational GDPR Resources Privacy Awareness Resources Thought Leadership games GDPR privacy awareness resourcesappeared first on MediaPRO.


Clothing Retailer H&M Told to Wear $41 Million GDPR Fine

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Employee Surveillance Violations Trigger Germany's Biggest Privacy Fine to Date Privacy regulators in Germany have slammed clothing retailer H&M with a $41 million fine for collecting and retaining private employee data in violation of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.

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Marriott and BA's Reduced Privacy Fines: GDPR Realpolitik

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Final Fines Set Precedent, Avoid Court Cases, Likely Reflect EU Penalty Benchmarks Large, recently levied privacy fines against the likes of British Airways, H&M and Marriott show regulators continuing to bring the EU's General Data Protection Regulation to bear after businesses get breached.

GDPR 257

Under GDPR, UK Data Breach Reports Quadruple

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After Privacy Law Went Into Full Effect, Data Security Complaints Doubled One year after Europe's tough new GDPR privacy law went into full effect last May, authorities in Britain have seen the number of annual data breach notifications more than quadruple.

Marriott Mega-Breach: Will GDPR Apply?

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With GDPR in full effect since May, organizations with data security practices face the potential of massive fines Legal Experts Suspect So, But Investigation Could Take a Year or More Will Marriott be the first organization that lost control of Europeans' personal data to feel the full force of the EU's General Protection Regulation?

GDPR 173

Using Strategic Data Governance to Manage GDPR/CCPA Complexity


for alleged violations of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While not the first , it is the largest penalty levied since the GDPR went into effect in May 2018. cautions: “European regulators could accelerate the crackdown on GDPR violators, which in turn could accelerate demand for GDPR readiness. With all the advance notice and significant chatter for GDPR/CCPA, why aren’t organizations more prepared to deal with data regulations?


British Airways' GDPR Fine Dramatically Reduced

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Fined $26 Million in Connection With 2018 Breach Britain's Information Commissioner's Office announced this week a dramatic reduction in its fine against British Airways for violating the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.

GDPR 173

GDPR for small business: the ultimate guide

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What is the GDPR? First, the UK has implemented the UK DPA (Data Protection Act) 2018 , which adopts the GDPR into national law. Second, if you process EU residents’ personal data, the GDPR still applies. Does the GDPR apply to small businesses? GDPR compliance checklist.


GDPR: Is Australia Ready?

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With Europe's GDPR enforcement set to take effect on May 25, Australian organizations vary in readiness. Steve Ingram of PwC says it's not too late for companies to prepare for GDPR, but it will be too late to ask regulators for forgiveness if something goes wrong

GDPR 100

The Reasons Behind Google's GDPR Fine

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The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report features an analysis of why Google was one of the first companies to be hit with a major GDPR fine, plus a global update on GDPR compliance trends and an in-depth report on shifts in malware

GDPR 143

GDPR and COVID-19: Privacy Regulator Promises 'Flexibility'

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While Breach Notification Rules Still Apply, Expect Lower Fines As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Britain's privacy watchdog has signaled that although privacy rights and transparency - as enshrined under GDPR - remain paramount, it will take a more "flexible" regulatory approach.

GDPR 131

Europe Catches GDPR Breach-Notification Fever

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Privacy Law is Fast Revealing the True Extent of Data Breaches Across UK and EU Less than four months after GDPR went into enforcement, Europe has arguably entered the modern data breach era. Reports of data breaches continue to increase and breached organizations now face the specter of class-action lawsuits over material as well as non-material damages

GDPR 168

GDPR Compliance: Common Misconceptions

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Attorney Elizabeth Harding clears up confusion about certain provisions of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, including the issue of when organizations need to obtain a European consumer's consent to process their data

GDPR: $126 Million in Fines and Counting

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Ireland’s Privacy Watchdog Launches GDPR Probe of Facebook

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Data Protection Commission Sees Likely Violations in Wake of Latest Mega-Breach Ireland's privacy regulator has launched an investigation into Facebook after personal information for 533 million of the social network's users appeared for sale online.

GDPR 210

The European Commission’s GDPR review in short

Privacy and Cybersecurity Law

Two years after the GDPR entered into force, the European Commission ( EC ) issued its first evaluation of the GDPR. Individuals are increasingly aware of the GDPR and their GDPR rights. The GDPR’s international data transfer toolbox.

Kickstart your GDPR program

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The role of Data Discovery in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is the essential first step to building a successful GDPR program, but it’s one that many companies are struggling to take. Companies are faced with terabytes or petabytes of data spread throughout their organization – and beyond – and don’t clearly know what … The post Kickstart your GDPR program appeared first on OpenText Blogs.


Hamburg’s data protection agency (DPA) states that using Zoom violates GDPR

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The German state’s data protection agency (DPA) warns that the use of the videoconferencing platform Zoom violates the European Union’s GDPR. The German agency states that the use of Zoom by the public body violated the EU GDPR.

GDPR 114

Amazon denies breach or sharing data in massive $888 million GDPR fine via Bloomberg

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The post Amazon denies breach or sharing data in massive $888 million GDPR fine via Bloomberg appeared first on IG GURU. Amazon GDPR IG News information privacy Risk News Information Governance Privacy Records ManagementCheck out the story here.