Is GDPR Compliance Tougher Than HIPAA Compliance?

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Analysts: GDPR Case in Portugal Offers Lessons for U.S. Healthcare Entities An EU General Data Protection Regulation enforcement action against a hospital in Portugal demonstrates complying with GDPR may be even tougher than complying with HIPAA.

Data Breach Reports in Europe Under GDPR Exceed 59,000

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Netherlands, Germany and UK Have Logged the Most Data Breach Reports Since the EU's GDPR went into full effect, European data protection authorities have received over 59,000 data breach reports, with the Netherlands, Germany and the U.K.

Cisco Studies Global Impact of GDPR

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Cisco is out with findings from its 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study, which shows the impact of GDPR compliance as well as how customers are asking more questions about how their data is secured. Cisco Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy analyzes the survey

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Auditing your GDPR practices

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Follow our advice to make sure your organisation is GDPR-compliant and avoids disciplinary action. After a relatively quiet few months, the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is back in the news. EU GDPR GDPR


Europe Catches GDPR Breach-Notification Fever

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Privacy Law is Fast Revealing the True Extent of Data Breaches Across UK and EU Less than four months after GDPR went into enforcement, Europe has arguably entered the modern data breach era.

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Cyber resilience and the GDPR

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Cyber resilience is referred to broadly throughout the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) , meaning its framework will help you achieve compliance, protect your customers and prevent disciplinary action. What the GDPR says. Cyber Resilience GDPR


Marriott Mega-Breach: Will GDPR Apply?

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With GDPR in full effect since May, organizations with data security practices face the potential of massive fines Legal Experts Suspect So, But Investigation Could Take a Year or More Will Marriott be the first organization that lost control of Europeans' personal data to feel the full force of the EU's General Protection Regulation?

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The Reasons Behind Google's GDPR Fine

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The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report features an analysis of why Google was one of the first companies to be hit with a major GDPR fine, plus a global update on GDPR compliance trends and an in-depth report on shifts in malware

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GDPR: 8,000 Data Breach Reports Filed So Far in UK

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Privacy Watchdog Counts 41 Daily Breach Reports Since GDPR Enforcement Began The U.K.'s

List of free GDPR resources and templates

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This blog was originally published before the GDPR took effect in May 2018. The EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires all organisations that process EU residents’ personal data to abide by its strict terms. Conducting a data flow mapping exercise under the GDPR.


The GDPR for the Little Guy (or Gal)

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What is the GDPR? The GDPR is the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, and as the EU’s new take on privacy protection, it took effect a month ago to much fanfare. The post The GDPR for the Little Guy (or Gal) appeared first on Holly Group. GDPR infogov

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Kickstart your GDPR program

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The role of Data Discovery in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is the essential first step to building a successful GDPR program, but it’s one that many companies are struggling to take.


Life Under GDPR: Data Breach Cost Unknown

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GDPR has been in effect since May 2018, but organizations are still waiting to see what impact it will have on the costs organizations might face from breach cleanup, investigations, sanctions and class action lawsuits, says Ian Thornton-Trump of the financial services firm AMTrust International

Life Under GDPR: Sizing Up the Long-Term Costs

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GDPR has been in effect since May 2018, but organizations are still waiting to see what impact it will have on the costs organizations might face from breach cleanup, investigations, sanctions and class action lawsuits, says Ian Thornton-Trump of the financial services firm AMTrust International

Google fined £44 million in landmark GDPR ruling

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Google has been fined €50 million (about £44 million) by CNIL, France’s data protection regulator, for a breach of the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). . The CNIL concluded that Google had violated the GDPR in two ways. Cyber Security EU GDPR

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How the ICO measures GDPR compliance

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Whenever someone mentions the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) , one of the first things they discuss is the potential for huge fines that it brings. This includes the GDPR, the Freedom of Information Act and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations).

The Effects of GDPR's 72-Hour Notification Rule

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The EU's GDPR regulation requires companies to report a breach within 72 hours. disclosure facebook gdpr

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GDPR: more popular than Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian

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But, surprising as it might seem, the GDPR was googled more often than Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian in May 2018, according to a new infographic from the European Commission. The law firm reports that there have been 91 fines issued under the GDPR and regulatory action is only just beginning. “It


The GDPR: Requirements for encryption

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Six months since the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force, pseudonymisation and data encryption remain the only technology measures specifically mentioned in the famously technology-agnostic Regulation. BreachReady EU GDPR GDPR ISO 27001

GDPR: Is Australia Ready?

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With Europe's GDPR enforcement set to take effect on May 25, Australian organizations vary in readiness. Steve Ingram of PwC says it's not too late for companies to prepare for GDPR, but it will be too late to ask regulators for forgiveness if something goes wrong

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Facebook Submits GDPR Breach Notification to Irish Watchdog

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Report Into 50 Million Breached Accounts Is Incomplete, Privacy Watchdog Warns To comply with GDPR, Facebook has notified Ireland's data privacy watchdog about the massive breach it has suffered, resulting in 50 million accounts being exposed.

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GDPR puts focus on the security of your EIM solutions

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In its report, The role of technology in your GDPR strategy, IDC identifies EIM technologies as central to achieving compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR sets out to deliver new levels of data privacy and protection.


France Hits Google with $57 Million GDPR Fine

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Record Privacy Fine Sends Strong Signal to Data-Processing Technology Companies France has hit Google with a 50 million euro ($57 million) fine for violating the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.

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GDPR: EU Sees More Data Breach Reports, Privacy Complaints

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Ireland, France, Germany and UK Report Increases Since Privacy Law Took Effect The number of data breach reports filed since the EU General Data Protection Regulation went into effect has hit nearly 3,500 in Ireland, over 4,600 in Germany, 6,000 in France and 8,000 in the U.K.

GDPR automated decision-making and profiling: what are the requirements?

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In addition to data subjects’ rights to be informed, of access, to rectification, to erasure, to restrict processing, to data portability and to object, the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) sets out requirements relating to automated individual decision-making, including profiling.


The impact of GDPR on cybersecurity managers

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Among many unclear implication of GDPR, the vaguest might be how to ensure compliance with the security requirements, including data protection by design and by default. GDPR Compliance Compliance systems Data privacy


How you can demonstrate GDPR compliance

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Organisations have had to radically rethink their approach to data protection now that the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is in effect. But did you know that data controllers can be in violation of the GDPR even if they don’t violate any its data protection rules?

The role of blockchain in helping organizations meet GDPR compliance

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GDPR Blockchain Data management Data privacy Data securityMany have begun to consider whether the technology could be used to improve customer data management processes, as they relate to the upcoming EU mandate.

GDPR Compliance: Common Misconceptions

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Attorney Elizabeth Harding clears up confusion about certain provisions of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, including the issue of when organizations need to obtain a European consumer's consent to process their data

How Cyber Insurance Is Changing in the GDPR Era

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Facebook's Zuckerberg: GDPR Won't Apply Worldwide

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CEO Says Compliance Outside EU Should Be 'In Spirit' of GDPR Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the social networking company is already complying with parts of Europe's GDPR privacy legislation, but it won't comply with all of its requirements worldwide.

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Free download: GDPR & ISO 27001 Gap Analysis Tools

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Data breaches are on the up, and information security and GDPR compliance remain business-critical issues. That’s why – for a limited time – we’re giving away our EU GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment Tool and ISO 27001 Gap Analysis Tool for free*. EU GDPR ISO 27001

Wake up to the reality of the GDPR: What you need to know about compliance

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With a mammoth GDPR fine handed out to Google last week, it’s time for organisations to reassess their understanding of the Regulation. We’re through the eye of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) storm. This is the second way in which Google violated the GDPR.


GDPR compliance checklist for healthcare

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In February 2018, NHS Digital released guidance for healthcare providers (HCPs) to help them comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). View the checklist >> For HCPs that have not yet considered how they will comply with the GDPR – don’t panic.

UK: GDPR Brexit flowchart

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Access the GDPR Brexit flowchart. This week has brought further uncertainty on the route to Brexit.


Procrastinators' Guide to GDPR Compliance

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Organizations Are Not as Ready as They Might Believe If you're paying attention, you've probably already seen a handful of GDPR-related headlines just today, let alone in the last week or month. But there are two good reasons for the deluge of GDPR discussion right now: It's incredibly important and the time to act is now

How the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Helps Improve RIM Policies and Processes


A good incentive to update and strengthen your organization’s records and information management (RIM) policies is the looming threat of fines upwards of 20 million euros, courtesy of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) , which became effective on May 25, 2018.


A critical flaw in GDPR compliance plugin for WordPress exploited in the wild

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A critical security vulnerability affects a GDPR compliance plugin for WordPress has been already exploited in the wild to take control of vulnerable websites. WP GDPR Compliance currently supports Contact Form 7 (>= 4.6), Gravity Forms (>= 1.9), WooCommerce (>= 2.5.0)

Where to start with GDPR compliance

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The first few steps of your EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance project can be the most confusing. What is the GDPR and does your organisation need to comply? GDPR compliance is not a choice, nor is it just a matter of ticking a few boxes.

A Look Back: GDPR Overview


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changed the landscape of data privacy regulation and made it the most secure it has been in 20 years. I spoke with Michael Zurcher, Global Privacy Officer and Senior Director at Iron Mountain about how things have changed since the implementation of GDPR. This article outlines a GDPR overview and why it should still be a priority for business leaders and their organizations.