Government Shutdown: Experts Fear Deep Cybersecurity Impact

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government shutdown is impacting agencies integral to the nation's cybersecurity readiness, and experts fear its long-term impact on the country's cyberattack response capabilities, as well as the risk that it will drive away desperately needed new cybersecurity talent from entering public service

Enhancing Security Governance

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Longtime CISO Vito Sardanopoli on Building an Effective Security Program A formal security program that spells out precise governance components is critical to protecting sensitive data, says Vito Sardanopoli, who served on the U.S.

Government Shutdown Hampers Cybersecurity

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Government has impacted federal cybersecurity according to several reports. Faced with little respect, low and uncertain pay, arbitrary disruption, and an inability to accomplish the mission they love, people leave government, and in the future, never work for it in the first place.”.

Deal to Reopen U.S. Government Approved

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President Trump Signs Measure to Fund Government for Three Weeks President Donald Trump late Friday signed a short-term funding bill to temporarily end the 35-day federal government partial shutdown.

Deal to Reopen U.S. Government Announced

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Who governs access to the White House? In the absence of a written rule, who governs what behavior is permitted in a press briefing within the White House? Access Controls Culture Duty Governance Government Internal controls Third parties Who is in charge The Executive or the Judiciary? “Judge Grants CNN’s Press-Pass Motion,” The Wall Street Journal , November 17, 2018 A3.

Government Spending on Cybersecurity: An Analysis

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Around the world, many CIOs at various levels of governments expect an increase in cybersecurity spending in 2019, according to new research from Gartner. Alia Mendonsa, co-author of the report, analyzes the results of a global survey

Government Shutdown: Impact on Health Data Security, Privacy

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HIPAA Enforcement Agency Open, But Regulatory Activity Slows Down Some regulatory activity related to health data privacy and security is on hold as a result of the partial government shutdown.

Cybersecurity or Information Governance Failure???

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This past weekend the world was overwhelmed by the cyberattack that spread around the globe hitting businesses, hospitals, and government agencies in over 150 countries. I point to the lack of effective information governance as a root cause.

Governance in Healthcare: Seen as a Business Capability

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Related to the trend of recognizing the difference between information and data, content, and knowledge is that governance of information requires it be viewed as a business capability. However, governance and tight collaboration between IT and the business continues to be critical.

Government Shutdown Leaves Americans More Vulnerable to Identity Theft, Scams

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citizens are more vulnerable to the effects of identity theft and scams as a result of the ongoing government shutdown. Government websites will also become a more attractive avenue for scams and phishing. Data Security Government Consumer Protection Identity Theft featured shutdown

Japanese Government Will Hack Citizens' IoT Devices

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The Japanese government's decision to log into users' IoT devices has sparked outrage in Japan. However, the government's plan has its technical merits.

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5 Reasons Why Information Governance and Cybersecurity Go Hand in Hand


Those who know and manage the data working closely with those who strive to protect it – information governance and IT functioning in tandem. Featured IG, Regulations & Compliance cybersecuity information governance interfunctionalityIt’s a logical partnership.

Our Data Governance Is Broken. Let’s Reinvent It.

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My current work is split between two projects: One has to do with data governance, the other political media. And second… Governance. Government – well for sure, I’d wager that’s increased given who’s been running the country these past two years. But Governance?

Reimagining Information Governance with Blockchain

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The post Reimagining Information Governance with Blockchain appeared first on Holly Group. Blockchain information governance

Association Governance: Why Transparency Matters

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My purpose in writing this is to call for greater transparency in the governance of Information Governance related associations to which many of us belong. The post Association Governance: Why Transparency Matters appeared first on IG GURU.

Government Websites Deliver Cryptocurrency Mining Code

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and Australian governments, have been turning their visitors' computers into mining machines to harvest the virtual currency Monero. Security of Code Pushed by Content Delivery Networks Remains Ongoing Concern More than 4,200 websites, some belonging to the U.S.,

Mining 165

5 Steps to Information Governance Success

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To hear some people tell it, the future of information governance is a complex, frightening place to ponder. The post 5 Steps to Information Governance Success appeared first on Holly Group. governance infogov information governance information management

Governance, Technology, and Capitalism.

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Our lives are now driven in large part by data, code, and processing, and by the governance of algorithms. Synonymous with progress, asking not for permission, fearless of breaking things – in particular stupid, worthy-of-being-broken things like government, sclerotic corporations, and fetid social norms – the technology industry reveled for decades as a kind of benighted warrior for societal good. Do they think that means there’s no governance ?

Is Your Information Governance Mostly Sound and Fury?

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” Shakespeare penned these words as a metaphor for life (Macbeth, Act V, Scene V), but they relate equally well to information governance in that organizations often spend more time arguing over the particulars than actually doing much about them.

Dutch and British Governments Slam Russia for Cyberattacks

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Creating data governance committees, forums and working groups

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You may have a data governance forum, data steering group, or something similar. Data governance Data management Data strategyWhatever you call it is not important, it’s who sits on it and what it does that is.

Data governance takes a turn — And it’s a doozy

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Data is too dynamic, federated and ownership-complex to apply the same practices for compliance as the gold standard for data governance. Yes, I’m saying it: Kill your data governance program immediately. Data governance Data quality Data management

External governance


If your company interacts with government regulators (and whose doesn’t?), is the government effectively a part of your governance structure? Or is government a separate component of Governance, whether that is Compliance Governance or Information Governance? Or just “Governance”? And what does it say about communications when the government holds up a senior official for poor oversight?

Security Risks of Government Hacking

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Some of us -- myself included -- have proposed lawful government hacking as an alternative to backdoors. A new report from the Center of Internet and Society looks at the security risks of allowing government hacking.

Risk 82

Governance in Healthcare: Beyond Compliance, Risk and Analytics

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Historically, a key driver for the establishment and application of governance has been to address regulatory and compliance concerns. These are no less important today, but clearly demonstrate the “reach” of governance is broadening across a much wider band of the enterprise’s business.

Governance in Healthcare: Recognizing a Strategic Imperative

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The subject of governance often comes up whenever leadership is asked about some of the more critical capabilities that an organization must possess. However, this does not mean that the governance program’s work is done and that there is clear sailing ahead.

IT modernization in Government

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IT modernization has always been high on the agenda of government CIOs. US Government agencies now have a $500 million fund they can use for their modernization projects following the Modernizing Government Technology Act becoming law.

Information or governance


Not sure whether this is more about governance than about information. AT&T wants information on internal government discussions, in order to rebut the government’s attack on the proposed acquisition of/merger with Time Warner. How much is it worth to keep your internal government discussions private? On the governance point, one governing authority (the Executive Branch) moves to block a transaction, alleging it’s anti-competitive.

Getting Started With Data Governance

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Data governance doesn’t start in a vacuum; it requires plenty of advance thinking, preparation, and strategy. As such, successful data governance must begin with a foundation built on data principles and a well-thought-out data strategy.

CGOC Releases Information Governance Infographic

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The post CGOC Releases Information Governance Infographic appeared first on IG GURU. CGOC IG News Information Governance information privacy information security IG

Why Cybersecurity Pros Should Care About Governance

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Cybersecurity professionals need to understand the information risks their organization faces and how to leverage information governance, along with technology, to get the biggest bang for their buck. Cybersecurity is a strategic priority for most organizations.

Focus on data governance growing, but should be be a tech-only approach

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The focus on data governance has escalated in the last 18 months, in part because of the emergence of new regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation. Data governance Data quality Data management

Top 2018 tech trends for Government

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Digital transformation continues to progress in the government sector and this is unlikely to change in 2018. Instead, they cover areas where government agencies are likely to begin to realize … The post Top 2018 tech trends for Government appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Can software help my data governance initiative?

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In order to add value to your data governance initiative, these tools must be used in the correct manner and at the correct time. Data governance Data management Data strategy

Robust data governance is key for machine learning success

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Data governance as a framework defines, and helps implement the overall management of the obtainability, usability, integrity, security and effectiveness of data used in any ecosystem. Data governance Artificial intelligence Machine learning

ExileRAT Malware Targets Tibetan Exile Government

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Researchers have discovered a new cyber-espionage campaign targeting the organization representing the exiled Tibetan government. The post ExileRAT Malware Targets Tibetan Exile Government appeared first on The Security Ledger. Cisco Companies Government Malware threat intelligence Threats Tibetan Government in Exile Top Stories Trojan Central Tibetan Administration China malware Microsoft state sponsored Tibet trojan

Planning Your Information Governance Technology Strategy

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By Dan Griffith As part of your Information Governance strategy, you need a technology strategy. Your information governance technology strategy is a key element of your overall governance strategy […]. IG News Information Governance

The IT Governance Cyber Resilience Framework: how it works

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The IT Governance Cyber Resilience Framework describes four levels of cyber resilience maturity: Core : for organisations getting started with cyber security. You can find out more about the IT Governance Cyber Resilience Framework by downloading our free green paper: Managing Cyber Risk.

Information Governance – Still Need It, Always Will


A while ago I was pointed to an article proclaiming that Information Governance is no longer necessary (ROFLMAO). However, once you get past the intermangling of “governance” and “management”, there are a couple threads that have validity. information) Governance is needed.