Recent DNS Hijacking Campaigns Trigger Government Action

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governments to issues warnings and policy updates to improve security

Enhancing Security Governance

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Longtime CISO Vito Sardanopoli on Building an Effective Security Program A formal security program that spells out precise governance components is critical to protecting sensitive data, says Vito Sardanopoli, who served on the U.S.

Government Shutdown: Experts Fear Deep Cybersecurity Impact

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government shutdown is impacting agencies integral to the nation's cybersecurity readiness, and experts fear its long-term impact on the country's cyberattack response capabilities, as well as the risk that it will drive away desperately needed new cybersecurity talent from entering public service

Ransomware Increasingly Hits State and Local Governments

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Yet These Victims Are Less Likely to Pay Any Ransom, Recorded Future Finds Over the past two years, the number of ransomware attacks against state and local government agencies has increased.

Deal to Reopen U.S. Government Approved

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President Trump Signs Measure to Fund Government for Three Weeks President Donald Trump late Friday signed a short-term funding bill to temporarily end the 35-day federal government partial shutdown.

City of Albany Latest Local Government Hit With Ransomware

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Attack Comes After Others That Targeted Counties Albany, New York, is the latest unit of local government hit with ransomware in recent weeks, following similar attacks reported in Georgia and North Carolina that crippled government IT systems and disrupted service for local residents

Why you need data governance

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Data governance Artificial intelligence Machine learningIt need not (in fact it should not) be an overly complex burden that adds controls and obstacles to getting things done, but a practical thing, designed to proactively manage the data that is important to your organization.



Who governs access to the White House? In the absence of a written rule, who governs what behavior is permitted in a press briefing within the White House? Access Controls Culture Duty Governance Government Internal controls Third parties Who is in charge The Executive or the Judiciary? “Judge Grants CNN’s Press-Pass Motion,” The Wall Street Journal , November 17, 2018 A3.

Deal to Reopen U.S. Government Announced

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Data governance in the age of AI: Beyond the basics

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Data governance Data management Data strategyEnsuring the quality of data becomes increasingly important so that organizations don’t wind up making bigger mistakes.

Understanding the role of governance in data lakes and warehouses

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Data lakes Data warehouses Data governanceWhile they have innate differences, and serve organizations differently, there is a universal thread that runs through both, without which, would render them useless.

Kazakhstan Government Intercepting All Secured Internet Traffic

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The Kazakhstan government is intercepting all HTTPS-encrypted internet traffic within its borders. Once installed, this certificate allows the government to decrypt and analyze all incoming internet traffic. . Data Security Government Cybersecurity Technology featured kazakhstan https

Using Strategic Data Governance to Manage GDPR/CCPA Complexity


In light of recent, high-profile data breaches, it’s past-time we re-examined strategic data governance and its role in managing regulatory requirements. Govern PII “at rest”. Govern PII “in motion”.

GDPR 100

How to succeed in a career in data governance

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If you want to transition to a data governance career, it's possible to do so and embark on a path that leads to lasting satisfaction and success. Career moves Data governance Data Scientist Career planning

Are You Ever Finished With Information Governance?

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The post Are You Ever Finished With Information Governance? governance maturity infogov information governance information management

Cybersecurity or Information Governance Failure???

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This past weekend the world was overwhelmed by the cyberattack that spread around the globe hitting businesses, hospitals, and government agencies in over 150 countries. I point to the lack of effective information governance as a root cause.

Why Information Architecture is VITAL to Information Governance

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Our very own Kevin Parker has written another stellar piece on the importance of information architecture to information governance. The post Why Information Architecture is VITAL to Information Governance appeared first on Holly Group.

Welcoming the Irish Government to Have I Been Pwned

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Over the last year and a bit I've been working to make more data in HIBP freely available to governments around the world that want to monitor their own exposure in data breaches. domains and a handful of other government ones on different TLDs.

Large-Scale Government Hacks Hit Russia, Bulgaria


Breach Government Hacks Privacy Bulgaria Cyberattacks FSB russian security agency secret projects tax informationThe Bulgarian attack impacted almost all tax information for the entire country.

Global data governance takes center stage at the Osaka G20 Summit

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We’re witnessing tremendous global momentum behind data governance right now. Governments understand that everything we do with personal data should be done thoughtfully and for the right purposes. Data governance Data management Data strategy

4 best practices for improving governance strategies

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A failure to articulate the correct approach to IT governance could result in costly mistakes that prevent the organization from being successful. Data governance Data management Data strategy

Does it have to be called data governance?

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Data governance is the foundation of all other data management disciplines (and of course therefore the most important). Data governance Data management Data qualityBut it still remains a largely misunderstood discipline.

4 key elements to a successful data governance strategy

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Data governance Data management Data strategyEnsuring leaders understand they are responsible for their organization’s data and managing that data is not the sole duty of IT staff can lead to a stronger data stewardship program.

MDM & Data Governance Summit returns to Chicago July 10-12

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The event will offer dozens of sessions around the topics of master data management, data governance, analytics, data privacy and security. MDM Data governance Data management

MDM 82

Government Shutdown: Impact on Health Data Security, Privacy

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HIPAA Enforcement Agency Open, But Regulatory Activity Slows Down Some regulatory activity related to health data privacy and security is on hold as a result of the partial government shutdown.

Ransomware attacks reveal weakness in government cyber defenses

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These attacks are becoming more common and affect multiple computer systems used to run the government, remotely encrypting all the systems’ files

Government Spending on Cybersecurity: An Analysis

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Around the world, many CIOs at various levels of governments expect an increase in cybersecurity spending in 2019, according to new research from Gartner. Alia Mendonsa, co-author of the report, analyzes the results of a global survey

Data Governance Framework: Three Steps to Successful & Sustainable Implementation


A strong data governance framework is central to the success of any data-driven organization because it ensures this valuable asset is properly maintained, protected and maximized. When implementing or maturing a data governance framework, an accurate assessment of the ‘here and now’ is key.

How to write a good data governance policy

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As with all things data governance, I don't think that there is such a thing as a standard approach, and there certainly is not one for a data governance policy. Data governance Data management Data strategy

Privacy and Innovation Combined in Information Governance


The post Privacy and Innovation Combined in Information Governance appeared first on EVERTEAM. Document Management GDPR Information Governance Records Management Technology Trends compliance privacy

Popular Information Governance Frameworks and Models

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June 19, 2019 Don’t know where to begin with implementing a governance program? IG GURU has compiled a list of information and data governance frameworks and models one can use for their organization.

The Building Blocks of Information Governance

Information Governance Perspectives

Information Governance (IG) is quite the buzzword these days, yet too many organizations still find themselves struggling with implementing a practical roadmap for success.

Reimagining Information Governance with Blockchain

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The post Reimagining Information Governance with Blockchain appeared first on Holly Group. Blockchain information governance

Understanding change governance vs. data management practices

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Data management refers to planning, building and running such capabilities; governance relates to monitoring, evaluating and directing enablers. Data governance Data management Data strategy

Government Websites Deliver Cryptocurrency Mining Code

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and Australian governments, have been turning their visitors' computers into mining machines to harvest the virtual currency Monero. Security of Code Pushed by Content Delivery Networks Remains Ongoing Concern More than 4,200 websites, some belonging to the U.S.,

Mining 173

Best practices for building an information governance program that will last

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Data governance Data management Data strategyFor this Q&A with Aaron Bryant, I asked about the signs that an IG program is in trouble, what the keys to success are, and how to overcome the obstacles to that success.

Components of a Data Governance Strategy in Financial Services

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Previously, I analyzed the types of data in a governance program for financial services companies. In this post, I discuss the components needed to design a data governance strategy.

5 Steps to Information Governance Success

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To hear some people tell it, the future of information governance is a complex, frightening place to ponder. The post 5 Steps to Information Governance Success appeared first on Holly Group. governance infogov information governance information management

Data Governance Best Practices in the GDPR Era

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Matt Lock of Varonis on the Need to Have a Baseline for Data Access Behavior GDPR requires organizations to "have a governance model in terms of access and control and accountability," says Matt Lock of Varonis, who describes essential steps

Visibility, governance and compliance among top challenges with digital transformation

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Digital transformations are fully underway at many companies, but organizations still have work to do to optimize their digital operations, according to new study