Major market trends driving the manufacturing sector in 2019

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Earlier this year, OpenText™ became a member of the Manufacturers Leadership Council, the highly influential leadership network for senior executives in the manufacturing industry.

Key factors driving digital transformation in manufacturing

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The race to digitally transform is more intense than ever for manufacturers. A new InfoBrief from IDC, Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, shows that manufacturing is at the heart of digital transformation’s perfect storm, and outlines how … The post Key factors driving digital transformation in manufacturing appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Top 5 big data analytics software benefits for manufacturing in 2019

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Data has long been the lifeblood of manufacturing. Manufacturers are beginning to deploy big data analytics for two essential tasks: … The post Top 5 big data analytics software benefits for manufacturing in 2019 appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Tracking Cybersecurity Threats in Manufacturing

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With the rise of the industrial internet of things comes a far broader attack surface in the manufacturing sector. Chris Morales of Vectra outlines findings of a new report on cyberattack trends in the manufacturing sector

Stay ahead of the digital curve with our Digital Manufacturing eBook

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The world’s largest information management conference was packed with sessions designed to help manufacturers get the most from their digital journey. Among the many things happening during the show was a very significant launch: OpenText’s new Digital Manufacturing eBook.

Brexit readiness: what can manufacturers do now?

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It’s a particularly uncomfortable and uncertain time for the UK manufacturing industry in the face of Brexit ambiguity. Compliance Information Management Innovation Tour brexit industry regulation information governance manufacturing Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing 4.0? Industry 4.0? It’s all digital manufacturing to me

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I recently attended the Manufacturers Leadership Summit hosted by Frost & Sullivan in LA. This three-day event was full of presentations, case studies and discussions on the journey to Manufacturing 4.0. The Manufacturing Leadership Summit is … The post Manufacturing 4.0?

What will be the effect of Brexit in the manufacturing industry?

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It has since rolled back from that statement, but this has only added to the confusion and uncertainty surrounding Brexit in the Manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is one sector that will be seriously affected … The post What will be the effect of Brexit in the manufacturing industry?

Analytics and AI. The rise of the data-driven manufacturer

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Global economic growth for the manufacturing sector is slow with few signs of recovery. Manufacturing firms are still a long way off fully exploiting the mountains of data they produce. The rise of the data-driven manufacturer appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Times are tough.

Streamlining the Manufacturing and Automotive Treasury Function

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The strategic vision of the manufacturing and automotive treasury function is to deliver efficiency, control, and scalability.

Agile for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Companies

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with many small and mid-sized manufacturers. Customer Experience Data & Analytics Integration & IT Modernization Manufacturing Strategy agile agile approach agile framework agile manufacturing manufacturing medium-sized manufacturing small manufacturingThese companies are typically much more flexible and able to mobilize quickly compared to their larger counterparts.

The 4 key capabilities of DAM platforms for manufacturers

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In my last blog, I took a look at Digital Asset Management (DAM) and how manufacturers can use this technology to take full advantage of the rich media being created within the supply chain. … The post The 4 key capabilities of DAM platforms for manufacturers appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Customer Experience Management Customer Experience dam dam platform dam solution digital asset management Industry manufacturing Manufacturing Industry

Applying Digital Asset Management (DAM) to improve manufacturing operations

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Some sections of the manufacturing industries have been slow in adopting a customer-centric approach to their business. Let’s face it.

6 great reasons why manufacturers should attend Enterprise World 2018

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The pace and scale of technological change in manufacturing is stunning. There has never been a more important time to join us at Enterprise World … The post 6 great reasons why manufacturers should attend Enterprise World 2018 appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Threatlist: Manufacturing, a Top Target for Espionage


lateral movement manufacturing operational technology reconnaissance vectraVectra’s 2018 Spotlight Report found that attackers can easily spy, spread and steal information, largely unhindered by the insufficient internal access controls that are in place. Critical Infrastructure Hacks Privacy Cyberattacks espionage industry 4.0

The top trends for manufacturing in 2018

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We’re now quite well into 2018 but I thought it was still worth putting together a blog on the trends I see affecting manufacturing over the coming year.

To Make the Internet of Things Safe, Start with Manufacturing

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Typically, when they are manufactured, IoT devices receive their initial identity in the form of a “digital birth certificate.” Therefore, manufacturing is the first critical link in the chain to establish trust across the IoT.

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Six trends challenging the factory of the future

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Using digital technologies to transform factory operations has become imperative for every company – whether in automotive or high tech manufacture – but achieving success can be elusive.

Digital Transformation in a Global Manufacture Organization

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In each industry and even the whole economics system, digitization and intelligentization have become buzz-words, and it will help the manufacture industry upgrade its production, management and efficiency to the next level.

Hackers have stolen customer data from Titan Manufacturing and Distributing company for nearly one year

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Cyber criminals have stolen customer data from the Titan Manufacturing and Distributing company for nearly one year using a malware. Hackers hit the Titan Manufacturing and Distributing company and compromised its computer system to steal customer payment card data for an entire year. Attackers breached into the computer system at Titan Manufacturing and Distributing company to steal customer payment card data for roughly a year. Titan Manufacturing and Distributing, Inc.

Find out how OpenText’s Triple A’s are supercharging Industry 4.0 at Enterprise World 2018

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Call it what you will, but digital transformation is radically changing the manufacturing industries. Business Network Digital Transformation Enterprise World Industry Posts digital manufacturing digital transformation enterprise world 2018 Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0.

CVE-2018-4251 – Apple did not disable Intel Manufacturing Mode in its laptops

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Positive Technologies while analyzing Intel Management Engine (ME) discovered that Apple did not disable Intel Manufacturing Mode in its laptops. This week, researchers Maxim Goryachy and Mark Ermolov published a blog post that revealed Chipzilla’s ME contains an undocumented Manufacturing Mode. ” The only way to access the Intel Manufacturing Mode is using a utility included in Intel ME System Tools software, that anyway isn’t available to the public.

California Enacts New Requirements for Internet of Things Manufacturers

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According to Bloomberg Law, the Bills’ non-specificity regarding what “reasonable” features include is intentional; it is up to the manufacturers to decide what steps to take. Manufacturers argue that the Bills are egregiously vague, and do not apply to companies that import and resell connected devices made in other countries under their own labels.

Podcast: Why Manufacturers Struggle To Secure IoT


Too often, many IoT device manufacturers are opting to leave out costly security features for their small, low power connected devices. . IoT Podcasts DDoS IoT IoT Consumer Device IoT Device IoT security Threatpost podcast

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How auto makers benefit from the connected supply chain

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Business Network Digital Transformation Industry Supply Chain connected supply chain digital manufacturing Manufactruing Manufacturing Industry supply chain

Report: In Huge Hack, Chinese Manufacturer Sneaks Backdoors Onto Motherboards

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If true, the attack using Supermicro motherboards could be the most comprehensive cyber breach in history

How to improve manufacturing ROI with prescriptive analytics

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Today's manufacturing organizations operate in a dynamic environment characterized by increased complexity and uncertainty. The financial performance of manufacturers hinges on their ability to rapidly adapt to constantly-changing conditions, from demand fluctuations to delivery challenges while managing production costs efficiently.

Could collaboration trump the confusion of Brexit for auto makers?

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With less than 150 days to go before the UK leaves the EU, it’s time for automotive manufacturers to ensure they’re ready for the changes to come. Business Network Industry Supply Chain Automotive Industry brexit Brexit impact studies on Manufacturing EIM Enterprise Information Management manufacturingBut for many the uncertainty surrounding Brexit still remains.

Manufacturing Industry Experiencing Higher Incidence of Cyberattacks

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New report reveals the natural consequences of ignoring the attendant risks of industrial IoT and Industry 4.0.

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How content analytics helps manufacturers improve product safety and save lives

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Manufacturing problems can have a serious impact on businesses. This is especially true when these problems manifest themselves as product safety issues causing injury or even death

Auto parts manufacturer uses OpenText Analytics Suite to gain competitive edge

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MPAU) and Kia Motors Australia, MPAU started exploring business intelligence (BI) and analytics technology that would integrate with the BI tools Kia was using … The post Auto parts manufacturer uses OpenText Analytics Suite to gain competitive edge appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

VPNFilter should compel IoT manufacturers to adopt a secure by design mindset

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The VPNFilter Internet of Things botnet that Cisco Talos researchers recently discovered is the latest cyber security red flag for all IoT device manufacturers – and it’s an enormous flag. Internet of things Data security Cyber security Cyber attacks

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Making complex processes simple and efficient with OpenText OT2

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Professionals who have spent a career in the life sciences field can recognize immediately a new idea that will dramatically improve life as they know it for their customers and colleagues.

Industrial IoT software platforms do more than just connect things

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Manufacturers mingle with software giants and cloud providers to develop innovative applications. Internet of things Manufacturing industry

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A malware paralyzed TSMC plants where also Apple produces its devices

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A virus has infected systems at several Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. A malware has infected systems at several Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. TSMC is the world’s biggest contract manufacturer of chips for tech giants, including Apple and Qualcomm Inc.

AI myths and misconceptions

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Analytics Advanced Analytics AI ai in manufacturing AI-enhanced analytics artifical intelligence big data analytics digital enterprise enterprise machine learningIn this blog we welcome guest blogger Mariano Kristensen, Software Sales Executive at SAP Centre of Excellence, EMEA North.

Senators Ask FTC to Investigate Smart TV Manufacturers

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Senators sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking the agency to investigate the privacy policies and practices of smart TV manufacturers. On July 12, 2018, two U.S.

Optimism and Opportunity in Life Sciences: Thinking back and looking forward

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Never have those words rung as true as today. Constant, ever-accelerating change has become the new normal in every walk of life.

DHS and FBI – Hackers Are Targeting US Nuclear, Energy, and Manufacturing Facilities

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According to a new joint report issued by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), hackers have been penetrating the computer networks of companies that operate nuclear power stations, energy facilities, and manufacturing plants in the US since May 2017. If you or your enterprise is engaged in the energy or manufacturing sectors, cyber threat preparation and monitoring is your first line of defense against bad actors.

Smart Dust – Personal Clouds

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Peanuts Wiki. The author could not resist the analogy here. In my recent research on emerging technology for my client I came across the subject of “Smart Dust.” ” I had reviewed the technology one time before but put it in the “10-year plus” category.