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Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Flaws Pose Bitcoin Risks

Data Breach Today

Major Cybercrime Gangs Shift From Hacking Banks to Bitcoins Bitcoin's massive rise in value and hype continues to draw the attention of hackers, scammers and organized crime.


Understanding the role of Information Rights Management

Information Management Resources

IRM focuses on restricting access and improving security for documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and other important files intended to preserve or share information. Enterprise information management Data security Cyber security

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Remote Hack of a Boeing 757

Schneier on Security

Last month, the DHS announced that it was able to remotely hack a Boeing 757: "We got the airplane on Sept. 19, 2016.

Five simple ways businesses can avoid a data breach

IT Governance

It is never long before yet another company suffers a data breach. Although many of these organisations have been the victim of a complex hack, often this is not the case.

EUROPE: Article 29 Working Party publish draft Guidelines on Consent

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

On 12 December 2017, the Article 29 Working Party (WP29) published draft Guidelines on Consent under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The guidelines expand on the WP29’s ‘ Opinion on the definition of consent’ (July 2011), addressing the concept of consent in the context of the enhanced regulatory regime under the GDPR. The Guidelines apply a strict interpretation of the principles that underpin valid consent in the GDPR.

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Court Disagrees with Plaintiff’s Contentions that Defendant’s TAR Process is Defective: eDiscovery Case Law

eDiscovery Daily

In Winfield, et al. City of New York, No. 15-CV-05236 (LTS) (KHP) (S.D.N.Y. 27, 2017) , New York Magistrate Judge Katharine H.

The Mirai Botnet Was Part of a College Student Minecraft Scheme

WIRED Threat Level

The DDoS attack that crippled the internet last fall wasn't the work of a nation-state. It was three college kids working a *Minecraft* hustle. Security

IT 23

Do You Have a Dark Endpoint Problem?

Data Breach Today

Endpoint Continues To Be a Thorn in People's Sides Most of the criminal activity targeting today's enterprises originates at the endpoint, and the majority of modern breaches use known threats or vulnerabilities for which a patch already exists. For this reason, endpoint visibility must be complete and continuous


CASL: A Call for Clarity

Privacy and Cybersecurity Law

Today the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology presented its report on Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) to the House of Commons, as part of the three-year CASL statutory review. The report title is telling: Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation: Clarifications are in Order.

Penetration tests could have spared NHS from WannaCry

IT Governance

NHS Digital has announced a £20 million project to improve data security across the service.

Article 29 Working Party Releases GDPR Guidance on Consent and Transparency

Data Matters

On 28 November 2017, the Article 29 Working Party (the “ WP29 ”) published detailed draft guidelines on consent under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (the “ GDPR ”), which is to come into effect on 25 May 2018. The draft guidance has been submitted for public consultation for a six week period before being adopted.

Exclusive: Tracing ISIS’ Weapons Supply Chain—Back to the US

WIRED Threat Level

The Islamic State is designing and mass-producing its own advanced munitions—with parts from all over the world. Security

IT 19

Report: Uber Paid Florida 20-Year-Old $100,000 Over Hack

Data Breach Today

Takeaway: 'Bug Bounty' Plus NDA Still Looks Like Hush Money The hacker to whom Uber paid $100,000 to destroy data and keep quiet about its big, bad breach is a 20-year-old man living in Florida, Reuters reports. But numerous questions remain about the 2016 breach, including whether the payment was a bug bounty, extortion payoff or hush money


I'm Sorry You Feel This Way NatWest, but HTTPS on Your Landing Page Is Important

Troy Hunt

Occasionally, I feel like I'm just handing an organisation more shovels - "here, keep digging, I'm sure this'll work out just fine." " The latest such event was with NatWest (a bank in the UK), and it culminated with this tweet from them: I'm sorry you feel this way.

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure set to increase by 100%

IT Governance

The UK infrastructure could face up to a 100% increase in cyber attacks in the next two years, as the growth in connected Internet systems is providing more surface areas and vulnerabilities for criminal hackers to exploit.

Article 29 Working Party Publishes Guidance on Consent Under the GDPR

Hunton Privacy

Recently, the EU’s Article 29 Working Party (the “Working Party”) adopted guidelines (the “Guidance”) on the meaning of consent under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). In this Guidance, the Working Party has confirmed that consent should be a reversible decision where a degree of control must remain with the data subject. The Guidance provides further detail on what is necessary to ensure that consent satisfies the requirements of the GDPR: Freely given.

Bots and Form Letters Make It Nearly Impossible to Find Real FCC Net Neutrality Comments

WIRED Threat Level

Over seven months, 39 Nicholas Thompsons submitted net neutrality comments to the FCC. We tried to track each of them down. Security

IT 17

Report: Russian Hackers Target Banks in US, Britain, Russia

Data Breach Today

Nearly $10 Million Stolen from 20 Institutions in Past 1½ Years A group of Russian-speaking hackers over the past year-and-a-half has stolen nearly $10 million from banks, mostly in the United States, Britain and Russia, the Moscow-based, according to cybersecurity firm Group-IB


Over 26 Percent of Ransomware Attacks in 2017 Hit Business Users

eSecurity Planet

65 percent of businesses hit by ransomware lost a significant amount or all of their data

Data 25

Following big data, organizations turn their attention to smart data

Information Management Resources

The new focus will be on the information that business users and business-focused analysts can utilize in their everyday decision-making. Big data Analytics Internet of things

5 Reasons the Cybersecurity Labor Shortfall Won't End Soon

Dark Reading

The number of unfilled jobs in our industry continues to grow. Here's why

2017 AWS Re:Invent Recap: The evolution of innovation in the cloud

Thales Data Security

A couple weeks ago I attended yet another successful AWS Re:Invent conference. For those of you that don’t already know, AWS Re:Invent is Amazon Web Services premier cloud conference for customers, partners, and industry professionals.

New Law Bans Kaspersky AV Software From Federal Computers

Data Breach Today

Measure Included in Military Funding Bill Signed by President Trump A new U.S. law signed by President Donald Trump prohibits federal agencies from running anti-virus software from Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab.


Nation State Attackers Shut Down Industrial Plant with New ICS Malware

eSecurity Planet

The malware was designed specifically to target Triconex SIS controllers


Net neutrality is dead – Long live common sense

Information Management Resources

The FCC has finally acted on its promise. But don’t get despondent and don’t get too overjoyed – just roll up your sleeves and develop a plan to work around the new rules. Customer experience Customer data FCC

IT 22

Security Compliance: The Less You Spend the More You Pay

Dark Reading

The costs of complying with data protection requirements are steep, but the costs of non-compliance are even higher, a new study shows

Study 22

Christmas is busy for cyber criminals too

IT Governance

With the festive season fast approaching and fewer people in the office, company resources can be stretched. Those at work are under pressure to tie up loose ends and close those last-minute deals before the end of the year break.

Don't Be a Money Mule for the Holidays

Data Breach Today

Cybercrime Money-Transfer Schemes Increasingly Involve Cryptocurrency Cybercriminals continue to rely on individuals who undertake the risky operation of moving illicit proceeds from one location to another. But these "money mules" face a multitude of risks, including imprisonment, police warn


Just 28 Percent of Business Leaders Have Heard of the Equifax Breach

eSecurity Planet

We're a little worried about the other 72 percent


GDPR and the human element of personal data protection

Information Management Resources

The new mandate should be seen as a fantastic opportunity to get in-house policies, systems and technologies into shape, as well as demonstrating governance compliance. GDPR Compliance Compliance systems Data privacy Data security

Healthcare Faces Poor Cybersecurity Prognosis

Dark Reading

Experts say the healthcare industry is underestimating security threats as attackers continue to seek data and monetary gain

Don’t let cyber attackers infect your computer this Christmas

IT Governance

No one wants to be ill at Christmas, but every year thousands of us are left sniffling through our turkey and Brussels sprouts after being exposed to freezing temperatures and rooms full of forced festivity.

GDPR: Distinguishing Fact From Fiction

Data Breach Today

With just a few months left until the EU's General Data Protection Regulation will be enforced, too many so-called "experts" are spreading fear and falsehoods about the regulation, says Brian Honan, a Dublin-based cybersecurity consultant, who clarifies misperceptions in an in-depth interview


Triton Malware Targets Industrial Safety Systems In the Middle East

WIRED Threat Level

A rare and dangerous new form of malware targets the industrial safety control systems that protect human life. Security