The Wages of Password Re-Use: Your Money or Your Life

Krebs on Security

When normal computer users fall into the nasty habit of recycling passwords, the result is most often some type of financial loss. Our passwords can say a lot about us, and much of what they have to say is unflattering. POOR PASSWORDS AS GOOD OPSEC?

Leaking Passwords through the Spellchecker

Schneier on Security

Sometimes browser spellcheckers leak passwords : When using major web browsers like Chrome and Edge, your form data is transmitted to Google and Microsoft, respectively, should enhanced spellcheck features be enabled. Uncategorized browsers data protection leaks passwords


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Password Management: The First Line of Defense

Data Breach Today

Vikas Malhotra of LastPass on Ways to Transition From Password to Passwordless Vikas Malhotra, country manager, LastPass, discusses establishing a password management program as the first line of defense in establishing user identity, followed by 2FA and MFA as the second step in the protection process.

How Coinbase Phishers Steal One-Time Passwords

Krebs on Security

A recent phishing campaign targeting Coinbase users shows thieves are getting cleverer about phishing one-time passwords (OTPs) needed to complete the login process. com — password-reset[.]com

Microsoft Fully Ditches the Password

Data Breach Today

Windows Users Can Now Use Other Methods to Access Microsoft Products Microsoft has officially gone fully passwordless, allowing Windows users to replace their alphanumeric passwords with one of several substitute sign-in technologies to gain entry into a Microsoft product - a move received positively by industry insiders.

Ukraine Nabs Suspect in 773M Password ?Megabreach?

Krebs on Security

In January 2019, dozens of media outlets raised the alarm about a new “megabreach” involving the release of some 773 million stolen usernames and passwords that was breathlessly labeled “the largest collection of stolen data in history.”

8 Best Password Management Software & Tools for 2022

eSecurity Planet

Since many people use the same passwords or patterns when generating passwords, hackers have more and more opportunities to gain access to sensitive company data. Password manager tools allow organizations and their employees to seamlessly and securely handle login credentials.

“Change Password”

Schneier on Security

Oops : Instead of telling you when it’s safe to cross the street, the walk signs in Crystal City, VA are just repeating ‘CHANGE PASSWORD.’

Keeper vs 1Password: Compare Password Managers

eSecurity Planet

Even using a password with special characters, numbers, and both upper and lower case letters, an attacker can crack an eight-character password in as little as 39 minutes with brute force attacks. High-strength password generator Secure password sharing 24/7 support.

Bitwarden vs 1Password: Compare Top Password Managers

eSecurity Planet

The average internet user has somewhere around 100 accounts, according to NordPass research, meaning they have to track 100 different passwords or risk using the same one over and over. Users can share password files securely with encrypted transmissions.

Latest Blow Falls on the 'Scourge of Passwords'

Data Breach Today

FIDO Alliance Leader Andrew Shikiar on New Deal With Google, Apple and Microsoft Tired of keeping track of passwords?

26M Passwords Exposed in Botnet Data Leak

Data Breach Today

Facebook Passwords, Valid Cookies Some 26 million passwords were exposed in a 1.2 Data Includes 1.5M terabyte batch of data found by NordLocker, a security company.

Introducing KnowBe4’s Password Policy E-Book


KnowBe4 just released its first e-book covering password attacks , defenses and what your password policy should be. Here is a summary of its recommendations: Password Security

FBI will share compromised passwords with HIBP Pwned Passwords

Security Affairs

The FBI is going to share compromised passwords discovered during investigations with Have I Been Pwned (HIBP)’s ‘Pwned Passwords’ service. “Feeding these passwords into HIBP gives the FBI the opportunity to do this almost 1 billion times every month.

Vulnerability in the Kaspersky Password Manager

Schneier on Security

A vulnerability (just patched) in the random number generator used in the Kaspersky Password Manager resulted in easily guessable passwords: The password generator included in Kaspersky Password Manager had several problems.

Botnet Data Leak: 26 Million Passwords Exposed

Data Breach Today

Million Facebook Passwords Among Leaked Data; Raccoon Infostealer Suspected Some 26 million passwords were exposed in a 1.2 terabyte batch of data found by NordLocker, a security company.

Nihilistic Password Security Questions

Schneier on Security

Uncategorized humor passwords security questionsPosted three years ago, but definitely appropriate for the times.

How Hackers Get Your Passwords and How To Defend Yourself


Despite the world’s best efforts to get everyone off passwords and onto something else (e.g., for decades, passwords have pervasively persisted. Today, nearly everyone has multiple forms of MFA for different applications and websites AND many, many passwords. Password Security

Why We Recommend Your Passwords Be Over 20-Characters Long


KnowBe4 just released its official guidance and recommendations regarding password policy. Here are our official password recommendations: Phishing Password SecurityIt has been a project in the works for many months now, but we wanted to make sure we got it right.

Study reveals top 200 most common passwords

Security Affairs

The annual study on top-used passwords published by Nordpass revealed that we are still using weak credentials that expose us to serious risks. Nordpass has published its annual report, titled “Top 200 most common passwords,” on the use of passwords.

Ubiquiti: Change Your Password, Enable 2FA

Krebs on Security

Ubiquiti , a major vendor of cloud-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as routers, network video recorders, security cameras and access control systems, is urging customers to change their passwords and enable multi-factor authentication. Change your password.

Trojanized Password Crackers Targeting Industrial Systems

Dark Reading

Tools purporting to help organizations recover lost passwords for PLCs are really droppers for malware targeting industrial control systems, vendor says

Microsoft is Leading the Way to a Password-Less Future


As we observe World Password Day to create awareness around the need for password security, Microsoft is looking for frictionless ways to eliminate passwords entirely. Password Security MFA

Click Studios Hacked, Exposing Users' Passwords

Data Breach Today

Malware Installed in Update Mechanism Enabled Data Exfiltration Attackers implanted malware into Click Studios' Passwordstate password manager update process, potentially exposing 29,000 users to exfiltration of passwords and other data, the company reports

Your Phone May Soon Replace Many of Your Passwords

Krebs on Security

Apple , Google and Microsoft announced this week they will soon support an approach to authentication that avoids passwords altogether, and instead requires users to merely unlock their smartphones to sign in to websites or online services.

Fintech Startup Offers $500 for Payroll Passwords

Krebs on Security

One financial startup that’s targeting the gig worker market is offering up to $500 to anyone willing to hand over the payroll account username and password given to them by their employer, plus a regular payment for each month afterwards in which those credentials still work.

CISA Warns of Password Leak on Vulnerable Fortinet VPNs

Data Breach Today

Agency Says Hackers Can Use a Known Bug for Further Exploitation CISA is warning about a possible password leak that could affect vulnerable Fortinet VPNs and lead to further exploitation.

Lookout Buys SaferPass to Help Carriers Manage Passwords

Data Breach Today

Lookout Plans to Expand SaferPass Beyond Consumers and SMBs and Into the Enterprise Lookout has bought password management provider SaferPass to provide carriers distributing the company's consumer app with more capabilities in a single place.

The Rise of One-Time Password Interception Bots

Krebs on Security

In February, KrebsOnSecurity wrote about a novel cybercrime service that helped attackers intercept the one-time passwords (OTPs) that many websites require as a second authentication factor in addition to passwords.

Strong Password Policy Isn't Enough, Study Shows

Dark Reading

New analysis reveals basic regulatory password requirements fall far short of providing protection from compromise

GUEST ESSAY: Until we eliminate passwords, follow these 4 sure steps to password hygiene

The Last Watchdog

Until biometrics or a quantum solution change our everyday approach to encryption, passwords remain our first line of defense against data breaches, hackers, and thieves. Proper password hygiene doesn’t require a degree in rocket science. 1) Create sufficiently-complex passwords. This may seem obvious, but most users have poor password habits because it’s far simpler to remember your pet’s name and birthday than a combination of random numbers and letters.

Eliminate the Password, Eliminate the Password Problem.

The Security Ledger

Weak, stolen or reused passwords are the root of 8 in 10 data breaches. Fixing the data breach problem means abandoning passwords for something more secure. Episode 163: Cyber Risk has a Dunning-Kruger Problem Also: Bad Password Habits start at Home.

Weak password report reveals password reuse problem

Pwnie Express

Weak password report reveals password reuse problem. Password security. New data recently released shows that setting strong passwords might not be enough in an increasingly volatile cybersecurity landscape. Find out why you need to prioritize user password security

Progress Report: FIDO's Effort to Eliminate Passwords

Data Breach Today

Andrew Shikiar Describes Alliance's Latest Initiatives and How to Overcome Barriers Andrew Shikiar, executive director at the FIDO Alliance, offers an update on the group's efforts to reduce reliance on passwords and discusses how to overcome barriers

Open Source Pwned Passwords with FBI Feed and 225M New NCA Passwords is Now Live!

Troy Hunt

In the last month, there were 1,260,000,000 occasions where a service somewhere checked a password against Have I Been Pwned's (HIBP's) Pwned Password API. It looks like this: There are all sorts of amazing Pwned Passwords use cases out there.

Why I Hate Password Rules

Schneier on Security

It was financial in nature, which means it gets one of my most secure passwords. I used PasswordSafe to generate this 16-character alphanumeric password: :s^Twd.J;3hzg=Q~. Which was rejected by the site, because it didn’t meet their password security rules.

Top Initial Attack Vectors: Passwords, Bugs, Trickery

Data Breach Today

Password Changing After a Breach

Schneier on Security

This study shows that most people don't change their passwords after a breach, and if they do they change it to a weaker password. New passwords were on average 1.3× academicpapers breaches passwords

Plex discloses data breach and urges password reset

Security Affairs

The streaming media platform Plex is urging its users to reset passwords after threat actors gained access to its database. Exposed data includes emails, usernames, and encrypted passwords. Long story short, we kindly request that you reset your Plex account password immediately.

Evolving Beyond the Password: Vanquishing the Password

Dark Reading

Using WebAuthn, physical keys, and biometrics, organizations can adopt more advanced passwordless MFA and true passwordless systems. Part 2 of 2