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Supply Chain Attacks: Hackers Hit IT Providers

Data Breach Today

Symantec Sees New Tortoiseshell Gang Hitting Targets in Middle East A hacker group called Tortoiseshell has been hitting targets in the Middle East since at least July 2018, apparently targeting IT service providers to gain access to many potential targets at once.

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Cloud Security: Mess It Up and It's on You

Data Breach Today

It's also created a bevy of new security challenges. Jay Heiser of Gartner says if organizations don't get cloud security right, it's their own fault.

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Docker Hub Breach: It's Not the Numbers; It's the Reach

Data Breach Today

But the breach has caused a collective gasp because it potentially magnifies risks for enterprises

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Privacy without borders: Reality or Fantasy?

Did GandCrab Gang Fake Its Ransomware Retirement?

Data Breach Today

Evidence Mounts That Sodinokibi Ransomware Is GandCrab Gang's 'Retirement' Plan Did the gang behind GandCrab fake its retirement?

Secret Service Investigates Breach at U.S. Govt IT Contractor

Krebs on Security

Secret Service is investigating a breach at a Virginia-based government technology contractor that saw access to several of its systems put up for sale in the cybercrime underground, KrebsOnSecurity has learned. It’s down when you get to the tier-three and the tier-four” subcontractors.

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It's Official: FTC Fines Facebook $5 Billion

Data Breach Today

Mark Zuckerberg Must Ensure Compliance With Commission's Order The U.S. Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission officially announced a privacy settlement with Facebook that includes a record-setting $5 billion fine.

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Canonical Investigating Hack of Its GitHub Page

Data Breach Today

a British company that offers commercial support and services for the popular Ubuntu Linux open source operating system, is investigating a hack of its GitHub page over the weekend. Company Says Ubuntu Linux Source Code Remains Safe Canonical Ltd.,

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The 'Going Dark' Debate: It's Back

Data Breach Today

Trump Administration Reportedly Weighs Forcing Tech Firms to Use Weak Crypto The debate over whether the U.S. government should have the right to force weak crypto on Americans has returned.

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Top 10 industries for monetizing data: Is yours one of them?

Hybrid IT tactics and techniques

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As companies embrace hybrid IT, they must address both technology and the human side of change. There are several key actions to take: Staff and train differently: As applications move from traditional platforms to the cloud, current IT staff needs to be trained and re-skilled. Cloud DevOps Digital Transformation Platform AI automation cloud cloudops governance hybrid IT shadow IT talent

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It's Great to Go Straight

Data Breach Today

Ex-Cybercriminal Brett Johnson Discusses Life as a Keynote Speaker It's good to be legal, according to Brett Johnson, formerly America's most wanted cybercriminal, as he reflects on a year of his experiences speaking at ISMG Summits

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Solve fundamental IT issues within your business

IT Governance

As a framework in your business, governing your IT effectively helps ensure your organisation’s IT infrastructure supports and enables the corporate strategies and objectives. Find out more >> Due care is not always taken with IT and information.

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Wipro Intruders Targeted Other Major IT Firms

Krebs on Security

On Monday, KrebsOnSecurity broke the news that multiple sources were reporting a cybersecurity breach at Wipro, a major trusted vendor of IT outsourcing for U.S. It’s unclear if the work of these criminal hackers is tied to a specific, known threat group.

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Blockchain Revisited: How Can It Reduce Fraud?

Data Breach Today

Microsoft's David Houlding on Use Cases and Lessons Learned Critics say blockchain is a technology looking for a purpose, but Microsoft's David Houlding says organizations are using blockchain today to validate identities and to help prevent fraud. He shares use cases and emerging best practices

Misconfigured IT (Again) Leads to Big Health Data Breach

Data Breach Today

A misconfigured IT setting has landed a Puerto Rico-based clearinghouse and cloud software services vendor at the top of federal regulators' list of largest health data breaches so far this year. Did Company Also Bungle Notification for Some Victims Impacted?

Lavaman 2019 Triathlon – We did It Together!


Doing it as a relay was a fantastic idea, as we could focus on individual events and also motivate each other. We did it! We did it together! And doing it as ONE! What a thrilling experience it was! The post Lavaman 2019 Triathlon – We did It Together!

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Maybe shadow IT isn’t so bad after all, study suggests via ZDNet

IG Guru

IT leaders agree shadow IT serves as a force of innovation and productivity. The post Maybe shadow IT isn’t so bad after all, study suggests via ZDNet appeared first on IG GURU. End-users simply need more guidance and support.

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Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, so own it, secure it and protect It

Thales eSecurity

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and while IT departments around the globe don’t need a reminder to keep data safe and secure, this is an excellent opportunity to amplify critical cybersecurity efforts across the enterprise.

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SecOps Is Broken. What Can We Do About It?

Data Breach Today

Learn how your enterprise security team can step up to the challenge of increasing daily attacks. Learn how your enterprise security team can step up to the challenge of increasing daily attacks

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TA505 is expanding its operations

Security Affairs

The malicious email contains a highly suspicious sample which triggered the ZLAB team to investigate its capabilities and its possible attribution, discovering a potential expansion of the TA505 operation. After that, it executes “exit.exe” which launches the “i.cmd” batch script.

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Fraud: Why Payment Card Industry Must 'Get Its Act Together'

Data Breach Today

Murray, pointing to the new Apple Card - which lacks the card number printed on it - as an example of how the industry must evolve. Consultant William H.

France Outlines Its Approach to Cyberwar

Schneier on Security

In a document published earlier this month (in French), France described the legal framework in which it will conduct cyberwar operations. Lukasz Olejnik explains what it means , and it's worth reading.

SHARED INTEL: What it takes to preserve business continuity, recover quickly from a cyber disaster

The Last Watchdog

Related: How ransomware became such a scourge The FBI discourages it, as you might have guessed. As such it variably gets caught in the crossfire of ransomware strikes. It’s here that Semperis is helping companies build resiliency. To pay or not to pay?

IT Challenges: A 20-Year Look Back at “Office Space”

OpenText Information Management

In addition to the laughs the movie provokes, it also … The post IT Challenges: A 20-Year Look Back at “Office Space” appeared first on OpenText Blogs. TPS reports. Flair. Red Swingline® stapler. Non-working printer. Cube farms.

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Growing IT-OT Integration: Addressing the Risks It Brings

Data Breach Today

IBM Security's Paul Garvey on Taking the Right Approach While IT and OT integration has brought about new levels of operational efficiency, it has also introduced serious cyber risks that conventional IT security approaches might fail to address, says IBM Security's Paul Garvey

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It’s a jungle out there

OpenText Information Management

When it comes to hospital laboratory outreach solutions, it’s not just about accurate test results and clean orders. Today, labs can provide additional value to both physicians and patients by becoming a … The post It’s a jungle out there appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Business Network Digital Transformation Information Management Data digital transformation Healthcare healthcare IT Integration lab lab outreach

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Blockchain for Identity Management: It's Years Away

Data Breach Today

Why It Doesn't Fix Long-Running Access Management Problems Technologists are wrangling with an identity puzzle: Is it possible to create a single digital identity that can be seamlessly and securely used at a bank, a hospital or consumer websites? It's the holy grail of identity.

Crypto Mining Service Coinhive to Call it Quits

Krebs on Security

In March 2018, Coinhive was listed by many security firms as the top malicious threat to Internet users, thanks to the tendency for Coinhive’s computer code to be surreptitiously deployed on hacked Web sites to steal the computer processing power of its visitors’ devices.

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OpenAI Said Its Code Was Risky. Two Grads Recreated It Anyway

WIRED Threat Level

The artificial intelligence lab cofounded by Elon Musk said its software could too easily be adapted to crank out fake news. Business Business / Artificial Intelligence Security

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3 ways to advance your IT career, and 3 ways to undermine it

DXC Technology

This is a glass-half-empty, glass-half-full sort of blog post — featuring three suggestions for how you can get your IT career to the next level and three warning signs that your career is dead in the water. Career Workplace IT careers IT jobs IT SkillsLet’s start with the good stuff, from CIO contributor Paul Heltzel, who compiled a list of 15 things […].

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Infosecurity Europe: Easing the Clash Between IT and OT


Experts at Infosecurity Europe shed light on how IT and operational technology teams can better collaborate as industrial IoT takes hold. Featured Malware Vulnerabilities IIoT Industrial IoT infosecurity Europe IoT IT OT operational technology shamoon tritan

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Tech Data Says It Has Closed Off StreamOne Data Exposure

Data Breach Today

Researchers Say Logging Server Left Online Without Authentication Tech Data says it has disabled a logging server used for its StreamOne cloud services marketplace after a data exposure. Tech Data differs with researchers over the sensitivity over what was exposed, but the logging server is offline now

Ransomware Crypto-Locks Port of San Diego IT Systems

Data Breach Today

Port Remains Open and Accessible to Ships, Officials Say Several days after the Port of San Diego was hit by a crypto-locking ransomware attack, incident response efforts remain underway and many port systems remain offline.

4 Easy Steps to Break into the IT Field


So, you’ve been considering it for a while, and you’ve decided to take that leap of faith and break into the IT field. According to research from Fosster, the top 10 most in-demand IT jobs all have salaries in the 6-figure range.

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Make Time for Earth Day, Spring Cleaning and IT Asset Disposition


Earth Day is on April 22, so now is the perfect time for organizations to do their part for the planet by finding and removing outdated IT assets. Fresh Reasons for IT Asset Disposition This Spring. Failure to securely dispose of IT assets makes organizations vulnerable to hackers.

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