Growing IT-OT Integration: Addressing the Risks It Brings

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IBM Security's Paul Garvey on Taking the Right Approach While IT and OT integration has brought about new levels of operational efficiency, it has also introduced serious cyber risks that conventional IT security approaches might fail to address, says IBM Security's Paul Garvey

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Is It Time for a Federal U.S. Data Protection Law?


It’s tempting. With an umbrella data protection law, legal and compliance teams (and even everyday businesspeople) would not need to parse as many overlapping legal requirements to figure out what data needs to be managed, how and when it needs to be managed, whom to inform and so on.

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Ransomware Crypto-Locks Port of San Diego IT Systems

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Port Remains Open and Accessible to Ships, Officials Say Several days after the Port of San Diego was hit by a crypto-locking ransomware attack, incident response efforts remain underway and many port systems remain offline.

Gartner IT Expo: Augmented Analytics

Perficient Data & Analytics

Our MicroStrategy and BI Expert Jim Butz spoke at the Gartner IT Expo today on the power of augmented analytics. MicroStategy’s approach is to make it easy to embed insights in any channel and any application. Hovering over it gives you key information on Lee Bank.

That Domain You Forgot to Renew? Yeah, it’s Now Stealing Credit Cards

Krebs on Security

If you own a domain name that gets decent traffic and you fail to pay its annual renewal fee, chances are this mistake will be costly for you and for others. That’s because in June of this year the domain expired, and control over her site went to someone who purchased it soon after.

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Blockchain for Identity Management: It's Years Away

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Why It Doesn't Fix Long-Running Access Management Problems Technologists are wrangling with an identity puzzle: Is it possible to create a single digital identity that can be seamlessly and securely used at a bank, a hospital or consumer websites? It's the holy grail of identity.

Building the Relationship Between RM and IT

The Texas Record

Whether it’s creating and securing electronic records or establishing a process to capture records from social media sites, records managers often find themselves working closely with their Information Technology (IT) Departments. MW : “ Working with IT has been a mixed-bag.

IT modernization in Government

OpenText Information Management

IT modernization has always been high on the agenda of government CIOs. This gives the potential for great progress to be made if agencies view their IT modernization project as a … The post IT modernization in Government appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Gartner IT Expo: Create Actionable Intelligence

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Along with thyssenkrupp Elevator, they showed that off in a session on Creating Actionable Intelligence here at the Gartner IT Expo. This brings many challenges in understanding what’s happening in the business and acting on it. Did it all in MicroStrategy.

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California's New Privacy Law: It's Almost GDPR in the US

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But Tech Giants are Taking Aim at the Law, Which Can Be Amended Until 2020 California's legislature has quickly introduced and passed new privacy legislation, making the state's laws the strongest in the U.S.

Securing IoT: Is It Feasible?

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consumers now own about 870 million IoT devices. In an interview, Al Pascual of Javelin Strategy & Research, discusses the challenges involved in securing the exploding IoT landscape

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Supply Chain Security is the Whole Enchilada, But Who’s Willing to Pay for It?

Krebs on Security

There aren’t any corroborating accounts of this scoop so far, but it is both fascinating and terrifying to look at why threats to the global technology supply chain can be so difficult to detect, verify and counter. Least privilege is expensive to administer but it is effective.

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Managing the Risk of IT-OT Convergence


Cloud Security Critical Infrastructure Hacks InfoSec Insider IoT Web Security Industrial Control Systems Information Technology Internet of things IT-OT Convergence NotPetya operational technology WannaCryWhy manufacturing and logistics are especially challenged.

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When Will GDPR Show Its Teeth?

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The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report takes a look at the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, including the outlook for enforcement and common misconceptions about its provisions

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AI-Augmented Security: Can Cyberattackers Counter It?

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XM Cyber's Adi Ashkenazy on the Latest Trends Are cyberattackers working on ways to counter artificial intelligence-augmented security? And will the bad guys ever use AI-driven attacks? Adi Ashkenazy of XM Cyber offers an analysis

Managing 'Shadow IT' Risks in Healthcare Settings

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It's End of Life for ASafaWeb

Troy Hunt

The point is that an awful lot has been happening but one thing that hasn't been happening is that I haven't been upgrading ASafaWeb which is why, as of today, it's reached end of life. And I put a lot of work into it, at least in the early years.

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If It Ain’t Broke, Fix it Anyway

Weissman's World

When speaking of technology and information governance, we often are told that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – or in other words, don’t go looking for trouble where there isn’t any. The post If It Ain’t Broke, Fix it Anyway appeared first on Holly Group.

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RIP, 'IT Security'

Dark Reading

But the concept of "IT security" has never made sense Information security is vital, of course.

Key Skills for Records Managers: Working Productively With IT


But when it comes to IT, the recipe should be closer to a perfect dry martini. Close collaboration with IT is one of the key skills for records and information managers. RIM and IT are fundamentally concerned with the same things.

When It Comes to PII, Santa’s Got Nothing Over Amazon

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The post When It Comes to PII, Santa’s Got Nothing Over Amazon appeared first on Holly Group. Amazon this week announced new software that, as described by The Wall Street Journal, “can read patient records and other clinical notes, analyze them, and pluck out key data points.”

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Crypto Agility: Its Importance to IoT

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Ted Shorter of CSS on the Need to Update Cryptographic Keys What is crypto agility, and why is it so important to IoT? Ted Shorter of Certified Security Solutions offers an explanation

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Russian Indictments: 'It's About Time'

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Cyber intelligence expert Tom Kellermann discusses the significance and impact of the announcement that 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities were indicted Friday for allegedly meddling in the 2016 presidential election

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Banking Malware Targets Mexico; Will It Spread?

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Kaspersky Lab has discovered a new form of malware it calls Dark Tequila that has been targeting users in Mexico and stealing bank credentials and other personal and corporate data. The malware can move laterally through a computer while it's offline, says Dmitry Bestuzhev, a Kasperksy researcher

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Legacy Content Migration: The Crowd Has it Wrong

Weissman's World

A few weeks ago, I used this space to wonder how top-of-mind content migration is among organizations whose legacy solutions are more than 8 years old – which, it turns out, accounts for more than 75% of those in service.

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Gartner IT Expo: Real Time Data Drives Fanatics Growth

Perficient Data & Analytics

It means having a technology platform that is as agile as the athletes in the game. Built on AWS and powered by MicroStrategy, Fanatics runs its business with real-time market basket analytics, powerful forecasting, and actionable intelligence. Quote : It’s complete automation.

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It's Time to Move Endpoint Security to the Cloud

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It's time to move your antivirus to the cloud Learn how to leverage a predictive security cloud model to get ahead of emerging attacks. Traditional endpoint security products are holding organizations back.

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It Started as an Online Gaming Prank. Then It Turned Deadly

WIRED Threat Level

Here’s how it all went horribly awry. wager on a "Call of Duty" match led to a fake 911 call reporting a violent hostage situation in Wichita. Security Backchannel

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White House Says It's Been 'Very Tough' on Russia

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The White House is facing questions over what it's doing to deter Moscow Russia's US Election Interference: Trump Administration Defends Response After a U.S. indictment charged Russians with running a troll factory that interfered in U.S.

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Scrappy 'Silence' Cybercrime Gang Refines Its Bank Attacks

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Archive-It Partner News, December 2018


by the Archive-It team. Join Archive-It partners, Internet Archive staff, and friends in Seattle, WA! Join the next quarterly update call with Archive-It. Archive-It staff asked about the collections that partners would create with just a little extra free data budget.

Sharing HIPAA Fines With Victims: Will It Ever Happen?

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2019 IT Security Outlook: New Attack Vectors Will Emerge

eSecurity Planet

Our 2019 IT security predictions: Encryption will lose its luster, cloudjacking and containers will be growing risks, and more

IT Security Lessons from the Marriott Data Breach

eSecurity Planet

500 million people are at risk because of a data breach at Marriott's Starwood hotel chain. What steps can your organization take to limit the risk of suffering the same fate

Dispostion and its Discontents

The Schedule

As many records managers note, recordkeeping decisions are in the news on a daily basis (with today’s accelerated news cycle, it often feels like an hourly basis!). ” It’s increasingly clear that one of the major areas of public discontent is around disposition.

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Is it live or is it Memorex?


Now It’s on Instagram.,” What impact has technology had on the flow of information in your industry, including the flow of information to and from competitors? Are your controls keeping pace? “Fashion Industry Gossip Was Once Whispered. ” The Wall Street Journal, December 2, 2018 (online). Instagram used to track fashion statements that are strikingly similar. Underlying this is the point that copying someone else’s creative expression is frowned upon.

How Lush could have protected its till system

IT Governance

In November, Lush – the high-street store known for its fragrant, eco-friendly beauty products – temporarily lost the ability to take card transactions after a member of the IT team “ deleted the till system by accident ”. Determined if this was within its risk assessment criteria.

The FDA's New Digital Health Cyber Unit: What Would It Do?

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Cybersecurity Unit Would Be Part of a Center of Excellence for Digital Health The Food and Drug Administration plans to launch a new digital health "center of excellence" that includes a cybersecurity unit.

Q&A: How certifying in-house IT staffers as cyber analysts, pen testers can boost SMB security

The Last Watchdog

A security-first mindset is beginning to seep into the ground floor of the IT departments of small and mid-sized companies across the land. Senior executives at these SMBs are finally acknowledging that a check-box approach to security isn’t enough, and that instilling a security mindset pervasively throughout their IT departments has become the ground stakes. Stanger : It’s two things. Stanger: It’s huge. It’s more than just a check the box kind of thing.

SamSam ransomware continues to make damages. Call it targeted Ransomware

Security Affairs

Crooks behind the attack on MedStar requested 45 Bitcoins (about US$18,500) for restoring the encrypted files, but the organization refused to pay the Ransom because it had a backup of the encrypted information. Call it targeted Ransomware appeared first on Security Affairs.

Transparency in eDiscovery? Save it for your clients

OpenText Information Management

Save it for your clients appeared first on OpenText Blogs. This article was first published in Legaltech News.

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Researcher discloses VirtualBox Zero-Day without reporting it to Oracle

Security Affairs

“I like VirtualBox and it has nothing to do with why I publish a 0day vulnerability. and prior versions, it can be exploited on any host or guest operating system. It’s common and isn’t considered an insurmountable obstacle.

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Let's Call it "Collabication"

Hanzo Learning Center

When Does “Collaboration” Simply Become “Communication”? Humans have been communicating for thousands of years. The earliest cave paintings date back 40,000 years to the Ice Age. And just as Prehistoric Man has evolved, so have the methods by which we connect with one another