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Experts: Breach at IT Outsourcing Giant Wipro

Krebs on Security

Indian information technology (IT) outsourcing and consulting giant Wipro Ltd. [ NYSE:WIT ] is investigating reports that its own IT systems have been hacked and are being used to launch attacks against some of the company’s customers, multiple sources tell KrebsOnSecurity.

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Wipro Intruders Targeted Other Major IT Firms

Krebs on Security

On Monday, KrebsOnSecurity broke the news that multiple sources were reporting a cybersecurity breach at Wipro, a major trusted vendor of IT outsourcing for U.S. It’s unclear if the work of these criminal hackers is tied to a specific, known threat group.

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Lavaman 2019 Triathlon – We did It Together!


Doing it as a relay was a fantastic idea, as we could focus on individual events and also motivate each other. We did it! We did it together! And doing it as ONE! What a thrilling experience it was! The post Lavaman 2019 Triathlon – We did It Together!

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Hybrid IT tactics and techniques

DXC Technology

As companies embrace hybrid IT, they must address both technology and the human side of change. There are several key actions to take: Staff and train differently: As applications move from traditional platforms to the cloud, current IT staff needs to be trained and re-skilled. Cloud DevOps Digital Transformation Platform AI automation cloud cloudops governance hybrid IT shadow IT talent

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Make Time for Earth Day, Spring Cleaning and IT Asset Disposition


Earth Day is on April 22, so now is the perfect time for organizations to do their part for the planet by finding and removing outdated IT assets. Fresh Reasons for IT Asset Disposition This Spring. Failure to securely dispose of IT assets makes organizations vulnerable to hackers.

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Solve fundamental IT issues within your business

IT Governance

As a framework in your business, governing your IT effectively helps ensure your organisation’s IT infrastructure supports and enables the corporate strategies and objectives. Find out more >> Due care is not always taken with IT and information.

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Data Destruction in the Cloud: It’s Complicated


It’s tricky to keep track of where data resides in the cloud and how many copies exist. This “zombie” data may live for years without detection until a breach or unintentional disclosure reveals its existence. Each cloud provider has its own rules for data destruction but finding them can be a challenge. Even then, no vendor is going to accept legal liability for its customer’s data.

Who Needs CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Certification?


What is CompTIA IT Fundamentals+? CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ is a certification designed to help aspiring IT professionals decide if a career in IT is right for them. → The post Who Needs CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Certification?

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Crypto Mining Service Coinhive to Call it Quits

Krebs on Security

In March 2018, Coinhive was listed by many security firms as the top malicious threat to Internet users, thanks to the tendency for Coinhive’s computer code to be surreptitiously deployed on hacked Web sites to steal the computer processing power of its visitors’ devices.

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3 ways to advance your IT career, and 3 ways to undermine it

DXC Technology

This is a glass-half-empty, glass-half-full sort of blog post — featuring three suggestions for how you can get your IT career to the next level and three warning signs that your career is dead in the water. Career Workplace IT careers IT jobs IT SkillsLet’s start with the good stuff, from CIO contributor Paul Heltzel, who compiled a list of 15 things […].

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Growing IT-OT Integration: Addressing the Risks It Brings

Data Breach Today

IBM Security's Paul Garvey on Taking the Right Approach While IT and OT integration has brought about new levels of operational efficiency, it has also introduced serious cyber risks that conventional IT security approaches might fail to address, says IBM Security's Paul Garvey

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Blockchain for Identity Management: It's Years Away

Data Breach Today

Why It Doesn't Fix Long-Running Access Management Problems Technologists are wrangling with an identity puzzle: Is it possible to create a single digital identity that can be seamlessly and securely used at a bank, a hospital or consumer websites? It's the holy grail of identity.

The IT Governance Cyber Resilience Framework: how it works

IT Governance

It helps organisations protect themselves from cyber risks, defend against and limit the severity of attacks, and ensure that business operations continue to function. Cyber resilience is the ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber attacks.

Is It Time for a Federal U.S. Data Protection Law?


It’s tempting. With an umbrella data protection law, legal and compliance teams (and even everyday businesspeople) would not need to parse as many overlapping legal requirements to figure out what data needs to be managed, how and when it needs to be managed, whom to inform and so on.

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Ransomware Crypto-Locks Port of San Diego IT Systems

Data Breach Today

Port Remains Open and Accessible to Ships, Officials Say Several days after the Port of San Diego was hit by a crypto-locking ransomware attack, incident response efforts remain underway and many port systems remain offline.

Gartner IT Expo: Augmented Analytics

Perficient Data & Analytics

Our MicroStrategy and BI Expert Jim Butz spoke at the Gartner IT Expo today on the power of augmented analytics. MicroStategy’s approach is to make it easy to embed insights in any channel and any application. Hovering over it gives you key information on Lee Bank.

What’s Business Process Modeling Got to Do with It? – Choosing A BPM Tool


However, data-driven business and the regulations that oversee it are becoming increasingly extensive, so the need to view data governance as a collective effort – in terms of personnel and the tools that make up the strategy – is becoming harder to ignore.

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The Convergence of IT and OT: The Cyber Implications

Data Breach Today

Damiano Bolzoni of Forescout on New Cybersecurity Concerns for Industrial Devices Information technology and operational technology are converging as industrial devices become connected. Damiano Bolzoni of Forescout discusses the emerging cyber implications

Current job market for IT pros looks promising

DXC Technology

Concerns about an economic slowdown notwithstanding, this year promises to be a good one if you’re an IT professional, according to an annual report by Spiceworks. In its 2019 State of IT Careers report, the network for IT professionals surveyed 1,000 tech professionals in businesses across North America and Europe. “The results show that as IT pros […]. Career Workplace AI cybersecurity DevOps IT jobs

Secure 2018 US Elections: It's Too Late

Data Breach Today

But here's how the company can get its act together in time for 2020 Facebook's Ex-CSO Says That Ship Has Sailed; Look to 2020 With less than three months to go until the U.S. midterm elections, Alex Stamos, until recently Facebooks's CSO, says there isn't time to properly safeguard this year's elections.

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6 Health IT Conferences in 2019 That Might Actually Be Worth the Trip


Love ’em or hate ’em, health IT conferences can do a lot more than just get you out of the office and into some fresh scenery. Becker’s Hospital Review Health IT + Clinical Leadership + Pharmacy. Healthcare Informatics: Health IT Summit Series.

That Domain You Forgot to Renew? Yeah, it’s Now Stealing Credit Cards

Krebs on Security

If you own a domain name that gets decent traffic and you fail to pay its annual renewal fee, chances are this mistake will be costly for you and for others. That’s because in June of this year the domain expired, and control over her site went to someone who purchased it soon after.

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Maltese bank thwarts huge cyber heist by taking its IT systems offline

IT Governance

At least that was the thinking at the Bank of Valletta in Malta, which last week prevented a daring cyber heist by shutting down its IT systems and plunging the organisation into cyber darkness. Yes, it was cautious (perhaps overly so), but the good news is that plans are adaptable.

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California's New Privacy Law: It's Almost GDPR in the US

Data Breach Today

But Tech Giants are Taking Aim at the Law, Which Can Be Amended Until 2020 California's legislature has quickly introduced and passed new privacy legislation, making the state's laws the strongest in the U.S.

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Managing 'Shadow IT' Risks in Healthcare Settings

Data Breach Today

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Gartner IT Expo: Create Actionable Intelligence

Perficient Data & Analytics

Along with thyssenkrupp Elevator, they showed that off in a session on Creating Actionable Intelligence here at the Gartner IT Expo. This brings many challenges in understanding what’s happening in the business and acting on it. Did it all in MicroStrategy.

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Securing IoT: Is It Feasible?

Data Breach Today

consumers now own about 870 million IoT devices. In an interview, Al Pascual of Javelin Strategy & Research, discusses the challenges involved in securing the exploding IoT landscape

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If It Ain’t Broke, Fix it Anyway

Weissman's World

When speaking of technology and information governance, we often are told that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – or in other words, don’t go looking for trouble where there isn’t any. The post If It Ain’t Broke, Fix it Anyway appeared first on Holly Group.

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Russian Indictments: 'It's About Time'

Data Breach Today

Cyber intelligence expert Tom Kellermann discusses the significance and impact of the announcement that 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities were indicted Friday for allegedly meddling in the 2016 presidential election

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Supply Chain Security is the Whole Enchilada, But Who’s Willing to Pay for It?

Krebs on Security

There aren’t any corroborating accounts of this scoop so far, but it is both fascinating and terrifying to look at why threats to the global technology supply chain can be so difficult to detect, verify and counter. Least privilege is expensive to administer but it is effective.

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Is THIS in Your Digital Transformation Strategy? (It Should Be)


I’ll give you one clue: It has to follow your data from cradle to grave. According to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology , data lifecycle management “ensures that the organization understands, inventories, maps, and controls its data, as it is created and modified through business processes throughout the data lifecycle, from creation or acquisition to retirement.”

Crypto Agility: Its Importance to IoT

Data Breach Today

Ted Shorter of CSS on the Need to Update Cryptographic Keys What is crypto agility, and why is it so important to IoT? Ted Shorter of Certified Security Solutions offers an explanation

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AI-Augmented Security: Can Cyberattackers Counter It?

Data Breach Today

XM Cyber's Adi Ashkenazy on the Latest Trends Are cyberattackers working on ways to counter artificial intelligence-augmented security? And will the bad guys ever use AI-driven attacks? Adi Ashkenazy of XM Cyber offers an analysis

NSA released Ghidra, its multi-platform reverse engineering framework

Security Affairs

Digging in the huge trove of files, it is possible to find also information about the GHIDRA , a Java-based engineering tool. Ghidra is Apache 2.0-licensed and requires a Java runtime, it is available for download here.

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Facebook Gets Its First Real Privacy Penalty - From Apple

Data Breach Today

Apple's Privacy Warning to Facebook: We Can Break You Apple's conflict with Facebook this week resulted in the most effective and quickest punishment the social network has ever received over a privacy issue. But should a multi-billion dollar tech company like Apple be picking up the slack for the digital privacy enforcement failures of governments

When Will GDPR Show Its Teeth?

Data Breach Today

The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report takes a look at the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, including the outlook for enforcement and common misconceptions about its provisions

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Data Gravity: Will It Weigh Down Cloud Security?

Data Breach Today

The 2019 RSA Conference offers an opportunity to learn about new concepts across all aspects of cybersecurity. One such area is "data gravity," which will be the topic of a session featuring Microsoft's Diana Kelley and Sian John. They discuss the concept in a joint interview

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The Huawei Threat Isn't Backdoors. It's Bugs

WIRED Threat Level

A British report finds that Huawei equipment, suspected of including backdoors for China's government, suffers from a lack of "basic engineering competence.". Security

Underestimated Risk & Overestimated Security: When All You Do Is React, it May Be Too Late

Data Breach Today

For decades, IT professionals have been fighting malware, hackers, and other threats. Data protection, confidentiality, integrity and availability have long been threatened not only by amateur hackers, but by profit-oriented, well-organised criminals.

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