The Value of Digital Transformation

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Implement a Zero Trust Strategy to Secure the Digital Transformation Journey With the increase in remote workers and proliferation of uncontrolled devices, your IT team has been migrating applications to the cloud along with building cloud-native applications to support the speed needed by the business.

Changing Employee Mindsets During Digital Transformation

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How CISOs Can Ensure That the Business Succeeds While It Transforms While doing digital transformation, CISOs tend to look more at technology and try to adapt it without making the distinction between technologies that are must-have and good to have.


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Digital Transformation—A Proverbial Balancing Act

Micro Focus

Derek Britton, Director of Communications and Brand Strategy, discusses how to balance making the critical decisions about digital transformation in today’s economy. Few organizations of any size have ignored the importance of digital transformation.

Why Digital Transformation Is Incomplete Without SASE

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Archie Jackson of Incedo Discusses the 'Disruptor of the Legacy Model' CyberEdBoard executive member Archie Jackson says security needs to be embedded by design at the inception of a project.

How to Overcome the Pain Points of Your CRM

When used effectively, a CRM can be the life blood of your sales team – keeping everyone organized, efficient, and at peak productivity. Leveraging leading industry research from industry analysts, this eBook explores how your sales team can gain back valuable time.

Is Digital Transformation a Trap?

Micro Focus

Is transformation a trap? No, transformation is a necessity. The post Is Digital Transformation a Trap? Digital Transformation Run and Transform ModernizationBut you must approach it with an innovation mindset.

Healthcare's Unique Digital Transformation

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The term "digital transformation" is not just marketing buzz; it's the here and now for many organizations. And the healthcare sector is uniquely impacted, says Stuart Reed of Nominet in the wake of a recent roundtable discussion

Digital Transformation: Security Best Practices

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RSA's Holly Rollo on the Importance of Third-Party Risk Management Organizations going through a digital transformation need to make sure they develop a sound third-party risk management strategy, says RSA's Holly Rollo, who discusses best practices

Digital transformation requires operating model changes


The post Digital transformation requires operating model changes appeared first on DXC Blogs. Banking & Capital Markets Cloud Digital Transformation operating model

Balancing Digital Transformation and Security

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Kaspersky's Claire Hatcher Describes a Layered Approach As companies go through a digital transformation, they should keep security top of mind, says Claire Hatcher of Kaspersky, who describes a layered approach

Best Practices for Modern Records Management and Retention

Speaker: Sean Baird, Director of Product Marketing at Nuxeo

Documents are at the heart of many business processes. Organizations in highly regulated industries are realizing that traditional records management practices are insufficient and ineffective in today’s digital world. Join Sean Baird as he highlights best practices for effective records management and retention. He will explore how digital transformation can counteract the costs, inefficiencies, and end-user considerations that make it difficult to maintain compliance. He will highlight real-world successes and analyze the key strategies and technologies that help organizations find balance.

Planning a digital transformation?

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Your company’s data is the key to success in the digital era, but do you have the technologies and processes to turn raw data into valuable insights? We believe that companies … The post Planning a digital transformation?

Accelerating digital transformation in manufacturing

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Plant closures were initially due to part shortages from China, but as the virus … The post Accelerating digital transformation in manufacturing appeared first on OpenText Blogs. The global manufacturing sector is in the midst of a crisis on a scale not seen before.

Cultural Challenges and Digital Transformation

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ISMG and Zscaler hosted a roundtable dinner in Morristown, New Jersey on April 11 focused on security's role in digital transformation

RSA's Zulfikar Ramzan: Beyond Digital Transformation

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Chief Digital Officer on the Evolution of Digital Risk Management Nearly a year ago, RSA's Chief Digital Officer, Zulfikar Ramzan, sat with ISMG to discuss 2021: A Cybersecurity Odyssey.

How ZoomInfo Helps Overcome the Top Pain Points of Inside Sales

Recent digital transformation has shifted the B2B landscape by ushering in the era of buyer empowerment. With more access to user reviews, analyst opinion, and industry research, decision-makers are more informed than ever while navigating what is now known as the “buyer’s journey.”

Why Risk Literacy is Essential for Digital Transformation

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ServiceNow's Barbara Kay Talks Maturity and Digital Transformation Project Success Want to maximize your digital transformation project success and impact?

The Vulnerability Lag: Cut Ransomware Risks Resulting From Digital Transformation

Dark Reading

Exploring ransomware and other data integrity risks from accelerated digital transformation in the wake of COVID-19

Strategies for Securing Digital Transformation

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PJ Maloney and William 'Buck' Houston on Steps to Bolster Cyber Defense Digital transformation is the buzz across all sectors, but it poses significant security risks to enterprises. PJ Maloney of DXC Technology and William "Buck" Houston of Micro Focus Global Alliances weigh in on new strategies for securing the transformation

Security's Role in Digital Transformation

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GE Digital's Al Ghous on How CISOs Can Influence the Change Security has the opportunity - or challenge - to help drive digital transformation within the enterprise. Al Ghous of GE Digital describes how security leaders can maximize their influence and avoid potholes

A Page From an Information Professional’s Book of Secrets: The Right Time to Deploy Your AI

Speaker: Dick Stark and Casey Steenport

Join our experts for this insightful webinar where members from our team will be available to answer your questions so you can walk away feeling confident in how AI & automation can empower your organization’s service management overall.

Digital Transformation: The Privileged Access Imperative

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As a security leaders, too often you are brought to the table after a digital transformation project has been initiated, so you are forced to take a reactive position. And a good start is by ensuring privileged access management is a key component of transformation But Adam Bosnian of CyberArk sees an important, proactive role for security.

Four ways strong user adoption ensures successful digital transformation

OpenText Information Management

It is no secret that effective digital transformation requires more than just a successful implementation or migration. When examining … The post Four ways strong user adoption ensures successful digital transformation appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Achieving digital transformation in the insurance industry

OpenText Information Management

Research has consistently shown that senior management within the insurance sector think digital transformation is critical to their business. While executives see transformation as essential, achieving success is proving to be much more difficult, with a global report recently published by Cap Gemini suggests that insurance companies are lagging behind other Financial Services organizations.

Zscaler's Stan Lowe on Digital Transformation

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22 focused on security's role in digital transformation. ISMG and Zscaler hosted a roundtable dinner in Columbus, OH on Feb. Managing expectation for security as a core component of business enablement was a core component of the discussion

Process mining and visualization steer digital transformation


It turns out the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is more relevant today than ever, especially for enterprises undergoing digital transformation. The post Process mining and visualization steer digital transformation appeared first on DXC Blogs.

5 Pillars of a Successful Digital Transformation


The large-scale and lasting impacts of a digital transformation will influence your company for decades to come. As with any new integration, digitalization presents its fair share of challenges. The goals of digitalization vary among industries. Digital Transformation

The Security Impact of Digital Transformation

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Cloud solutions, the mobile workforce, the skills gap - these are among the security impacts that don't get enough attention when discussing digital transformation. David Ryder of Avast Business opens up on these topics

Digital Transformation: Start with Simple


It’s no secret that AIIM believes every organization is on — or should be on — a Digital Transformation journey. In fact, AIIM itself is on its own Digital Transformation! MIT researcher, Dr. Jeanne Ross, defines transformational success in a similar way.

From investment to innovation engine: Cloud technology and DevOps strategy are drivers of digital transformation

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Leveraging a DevOps strategy – that strategically combines software development with IT operations – is central to this transformation. Cloud Content Services Cloud migration devops digital transformation OpenTextThe benefits of moving to cloud are well-documented.

Where are you on your digital transformation journey?

Micro Focus

Take our digital transformation survey Micro Focus recently launched a short survey about digital transformation, and I’m excited to share that we already have a significant number of respondents! Corporate Digital Transformation DX Survey

Digital Transformation Needs Security Transformation, Too

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CISO Scott Howitt of MGM Resorts Describes Adoption of New DevOps Methods As companies push more data to the cloud, large enterprises such as MGM Resorts International are balancing what it takes to complete their digital transformation journey and securing data that is rapidly moving off premises

IDG Market Pulse Report underlines importance of EDI security for digital transformation

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According to the latest IDG Market Pulse research about EDI value-added networks (VANs), digital transformation is the key driver for B2B implementation over the next 12 months.

Digital Transformation. What do the Analysts think?

Micro Focus

This week, Micro Focus released a whitepaper in conjunction with IDC on the topic of digital transformation (DX). Digital Transformation Agile Application Delivery DevOps Enterprise Applications Hybrid IT predictive analytics Security Risk and Governanance

Accelerate Digital Transformation with the Cloud

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To meet these challenges, many organizations are looking to accelerate their digital transformation projects and move quickly and … The post Accelerate Digital Transformation with the Cloud appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Why is digital process automation critical to digital transformation?

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And these shifts are leading businesses to identify opportunities for transformation powered by new, automated ways of working. … The post Why is digital process automation critical to digital transformation?

The impact of digital transformation

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Digital transformation is impacting the world today at unprecedented rates. It took only four years from the launch of Netflix’ digital business model to send Blockbuster towards bankruptcy. Digital business models are revolutionizing markets, and companies that take advantage of the customer-focused opportunities this digital shift provides will see major benefits to their organization.

Scaling Your Business for Digital Transformation - 6 Important Factors


In this day and age, digital transformations are integral for a growing business's future, as technology changes the advancements and operations of every company. What is Digital Transformation? 6 Important Factors for Scaling for Digital Transformation.

Reducing risk in digital transformation


Digital transformation and enterprise risk management can be thought of as parallel highways. That’s because any transformation effort will introduce new risks and change to the organization’s overall security posture. As organizations continue their digital transformations, the transformation of security and risk management must be an integral part of that journey.

The Impact of Digital Transformation on Security

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Kory Daniels of Trustwave on Scaling Security at the Speed of Business Identifying the data gaps in the rapidly expanding attack surface is critical to allow more sophisticated preventive and response capabilities, says Kory Daniels of Trustwave