10 Tools & Tips to Promote Self Service in B2C


Self-help is the best help. It reduces reliance on others, making one self-sufficient – one of the major reasons why customers today prefer self-help more than anything else to address. Guest Post

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Using blockchain to combat counterfeiting in manufacturing


Product authenticity plays a huge role in assuring consumer confidence for B2B and B2C businesses. Using blockchain to combat counterfeiting in manufacturing.

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B2B CRM Systems: Benefits, Features, and Real Examples


Both B2C and B2B companies need effective customer relationship management systems. However, the content and features of these CRMs will be different, as each business type has its specifics. Thus, Guest Post

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MY TAKE: How consumer-grade VPNs are enabling individuals to do DIY security

The Last Watchdog

I’ve since discovered that there’s a heck of a lot going on in the B2C VPN space. The top B2C VPNs proved to be very clever and effective at differentiating themselves from one another and very successful at marketing their services. The leading B2C VPNs all recognize this and have begun promoting the use of personal VPNs as, essentially, a DIY security tool. Other B2C VPNs are logically promoting and developing a wide array of security-related functionalities.

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Are you prepared for the French eInvoicing mandate starting in 2023?

OpenText Information Management

Starting in 2023, new eInvoicing and eReporting obligations will apply to business-to-government (B2G) and business-to-business (B2B) transactions, including cross-border B2B and domestic business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.

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The importance of consumer IAM in the world of the ‘digital-savvy’ customer

OpenText Information Management

Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), also known as B2C IAM, is still relatively new but it is rapidly becoming a ‘must have’ for any customer-focused business. It sets the foundation for an enterprise to deliver great customer experiences while creating the ideal balance between convenience and security. In the first of our CIAM blog … The post The importance of consumer IAM in the world of the ‘digital-savvy’ customer appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

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GUEST ESSAY: Here’s how Secure Access Service Edge — ‘SASE’ — can help, post Covid-19

The Last Watchdog

About the essayist: Postan is the former SEO and Content Director of Outbrain, and previously worked in the gaming, B2C and B2B industries for more than a decade. One legacy of the ongoing global pandemic is that companies now realize that a secured and well-supported remote workforce is possible. Recently, the University of Illinois and the Harvard Business School conducted a study, and 16% of companies reported switching their employees to work at home from offices at least twice a week.

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Cyber Defense Magazine – August 2020 has arrived. Enjoy it!

Security Affairs

Cyber Defense Magazine august 2020 Edition has arrived. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition…packed with over 147 pages of excellent content.

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The Local Business and Government Digital Marketing Dilemma — Top Eight Strategies in Virginia Emerging Into the Post-COVID era 2021

Interactive Information Management

Particularly the B2B, B2G, online B2C and nonprofit communities?

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Everyone Needs Master Data Management (MDM), But Don’t Call It That


How can you increase cross and upsell in a B2C Loyalty Management use case if you can’t connect Customer, Product and possibly also Location (retail outlet)? Everyone Needs Master Data Management (MDM), But Don’t Call It That.

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Cyber Defense Magazine ? July 2020 has arrived. Enjoy it!

Security Affairs

Cyber Defense Magazine June 2020 Edition has arrived. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition…packed with over 165 pages of excellent content. Cyber Defense Magazine June 2020 Edition has arrived. Tips, tricks, ideas, secrets and insider information on the best practices in cybersecurity.

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A Proposition to Drive E-Tail Scanner Sales

Document Imaging Report

Maybe the issue is that Textract is more of an AWS/B2B play than a B2C play like you get more commonly with the Amazon marketplace.

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How to Choose the Right Access Management, Authentication and SSO Solution

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

Just because an access management vendor can support B2C, B2C and a wide range of other use cases doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right solution for your organization. How to Choose the Right Access Management, Authentication and SSO Solution. sparsh. Thu, 11/19/2020 - 06:33.

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Cookies and Layer Cakes - How an Increased Focus on First-Party Data Could Be the Recipe for Success in Delivering an Amazing Omnichannel Customer Experience.


This has huge implications for advertisers and content publishers alike but, from a data management point of view, for B2B and B2C organisations the good news is that first-party cookies are not going away.

Now is the Time for “Moments-Based Marketing”


The shift to online commerce since the start of the pandemic in the US - both in B2C and B2B - has been dizzying. Have a moment? That’s exactly what your customers want.

Reltio Advances in Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM Solutions


Gartner points to Reltio’s “market momentum,” “real-time B2B and B2C,” and a “mature cloud offering” as Strengths. The moment Reltio and other providers of master data management ( MDM ) software have waited more than seven months for arrived last Thursday.

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NEW TECH: Cequence Security launches platform to shield apps, APIs from malicious botnets

The Last Watchdog

Thus, what we’re experiencing today is the blossoming of B2B and B2C commerce transacted digitally. Cyber criminals are deploying the very latest in automated weaponry, namely botnets, to financially plunder corporate networks. The attackers have a vast, pliable attack surface to bombard: essentially all of the externally-facing web apps, mobile apps and API services that organizations are increasingly embracing, in order to stay in step with digital transformation.

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Reltio Named a Leader in the 2021 Forrester Wave™ Report for MDM


We deliver this 360-view capability for any entity, person, organization, product, and location for B2B and B2C environments with out-of-the-box data models and solution accelerators. Your data fuels your business and your digital transformation.

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How to Tackle the Information Chaos Problem


In a B2C environment these requirements are driven by the end customer, meaning the bank customer who applies for a mortgage – expectation is to have this completed in 30 minutes. Profitability impact is caused by slow, inefficient processes; a transaction with multiple manual steps consumes labor, impacts order to cash and in a B2C environment also impacts the customer satisfaction due to delays and errors.

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DLA Piper Privacy Matters

The CNIL also decided to publish this decision due to the importance and severity of the infringement concerning the employees and the nature of the concerned data, and given that SPARTOO is involved in a B2C e-commerce activity. By Denise Lebeau-Marianna and Yaël Hirsch.

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FRANCE: New cooperation agreement between the CNIL and DGCCRF

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

B2C businesses will need to be more careful than ever in the way they collect and process consumer personal data, the way they inform them of such processing, etc. By Denise Lebeau-Marianna and Caroline Chancé.

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The death of duplicate data spending


In a large B2B or B2C enterprise, hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted on redundant third-party data purchase every year. What is third-party data duplication? Most companies are already leveraging their operational and transactional data for generating valuable insights.

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It's One DataPoint. But It Ain't Great for PPC

John Battelle's Searchblog

For background, our agency manages search for over 100 clients, mostly online retailers, mostly B2C. A reader sent me this : In September, we reported online sales were holding steady across our client base. As November begins, the situation has become bleaker. Across much of our client base, we see significant signs of the economic slowdown. Our clients spend about $100 million combined on paid search clicks annually.

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How to Win Customers and Drive Loyalty With Data


Instead of thinking about B2B or B2C, think H2H: Human to Human. Do you find yourself wondering how to win customers in this hyper-competitive, always-on era? You're not alone.

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Subject Matter Experience And Product Quality Are Dead


If an organization’s data infrastructure is not set up to collect and anticipate product failures, innovate into new product adaptations and learn from poor service experiences, B2B and B2C customers alike can quickly move on to alternative vendors or more costly channels.

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Say Goodbye to Legacy MDM, Say Hello to Reltio to Power Connected Customer Experiences


Connected Customer 360 Profiles are enriched with 1000s of attributes including: Relationships: among B2C and B2B customers, between customers and employees (eg.

Strength on Strength: Marketo and the Adobe Experience Platform


While B2C marketers have for years clamored for the flexibility and time-to-value offered by B2B2C platforms such as Marketo, never before has Marketers been able to truly execute on that vision regardless of customer origin.

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Data Breach Today - Untitled Article

Data Breach Today

If you want to generate B2B leads make sure you are not generating B2C leads. 18 Best 2018 B2B Lead Generation Strategies For Marketers. Have you yet planned your best 2018 B2B lead generation strategies? Well if you have not until now then you should probably know that when it comes to B2B lead Generation, 2018 is going to become the lifeblood of modern sales process. With loads of strategies to choose from, it has become very challenging for businesses to survive the competition.

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Data Advances Communication Service Provider Innovations


If you know more about a customer (B2B or B2C) you’ll know more about how to retain their business and make it profitable. .

How Telcos are embracing data to become the back-end infrastructure for organizations


If you know more about a customer (B2B or B2C) you’ll know more about how to retain their business and make it profitable. Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing one of Reltio's esteemed partners, Sarit Bose at Cognizant about IoT, 5G, and expansion of the industry.

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Building a Data-Driven Business Model

Information Matters

This plays to the strengths of B2B and B2C information-based products; consumers are generally unwilling to pay for information while businesses will do so if there is a commercial value to it. Data-Driven Business Models. Although we are awash with data, making money from it is not always straightforward. Low barriers to entry and the commoditization of many data sources mean that creating and then sustaining a profitable data-driven business model is a considerable challenge.

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Have you forgotten the right to be forgotten?


Respondents to the survey were typically working in a B2B industry rather than B2C and may have different expectations of the potential number of SARs. Automating SAR fulfilment: The decision to automate SAR processing may have depended on your estimate of requests and whether you are primarily in B2B or B2C. Have you forgotten the right to be forgotten? shobana.lv@cgi.com. Thu, 09/27/2018 - 06:35.

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Humanizing utility assets: A new approach to using assets to drive automation


Such a framework will enable you to look at each element of the entire process, whether it is M2M, machine-to-person (M2P), person-to-machine (P2M), or B2C to optimize each of the separate steps, while still maintaining a view of the whole chain. Humanizing utility assets: A new approach to using assets to drive automation. pallavi.m@cgi.com. Wed, 12/05/2018 - 00:35.

Is Your Customer Experience Future-Ready?


White Paper: The Golden Path to B2C Customer 360 – What We Learned from World’s Largest Retail & Consumer Brands. Ankur Gupta, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Reltio. Are your customers demanding and want only the best? I guess the question is redundant. Customers are always demanding and we must deliver to top those expectations. Besides the usual suspects of value for money and best deals, it’s the unique experience that drives today’s customers.

Data as Experience: The Customer Role


Think through the following: B2C: Who hasn’t gone to Amazon and looked up past orders or otherwise looked their history. This is a continuation of my Data As Experience Series. The last post was on the Executive Role. The Customer. Many companies tend to overlook customers. Most salespeople actually provide a range of reports but nine times out of ten, it seems that these are custom built report based on a lot of hoops the salesperson needed to jump through.

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Open the Gates for Next-Gen Loyalty


Download the white paper: Customer Data Management in B2C: What We Learned from World’s Largest Retail & Consumer Brands. Ankur Gupta, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Reltio. I was in Boston last week. Coincidently, Martha had dropped a mail and wanted to talk. So I decided to take the opportunity and meet her. Martha earlier worked with one of our customers and had recently moved to another company as VP – Customer Innovation and Experience.

Data disruption – new business models


However, one of the biggest challenges faced by business leaders is how to differentiate themselves in the market and this often involves exploring new business models, for both B2B and B2C markets, which ultimately drive profitability and new level of services. Data disruption – new business models. p.butler@cgi.com. Mon, 02/15/2016 - 03:00.

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Will Postal Services Stand and Deliver?


The recent announcement from eBay and Argos regarding their joined up delivery service looks to address one of the most visible obstacles in B2C commerce; The Last Leg. Because of these features the Postal Services are also in pole position to address the second issue with some B2C logistics. Will Postal Services Stand and Deliver? ravi.kumarv@cgi.com. Thu, 10/31/2013 - 08:50.

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Data Innovator Spotlight - Interview with Charles Joseph, DataZed


B2B, B2C or B2B2C: B2B. Name: Charles Joseph. Title: Founder & Data Governance Consultant. Company: DataZed. 1 sentence company description: DataZed is a consultancy that works with organizations to improve their data quality, data governance and data strategy.

Enabling Data Driven Business Models


However, one of the biggest changes that businesses and government currently face is the change in business models for both B2B and B2C. Enabling Data Driven Business Models. p.butler@cgi.com. Thu, 11/13/2014 - 04:06. The business world is changing at a rate we would not have believed ten years ago.

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