Cloud Hopper: Major Cloud Services Victims Named

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Reuters Says Fujitsu, Tata, NTT Data, Dimension Data, CSC and DXC Affected Six major cloud services providers apparently were victims of Cloud Hopper, an umbrella name for deep cyber intrusions suspected to originate in China, Reuters reports. The report also alleges Cloud Hopper-affected companies withheld information from their clients for reasons of liability and bad publicity

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Breach at Cloud Solution Provider PCM Inc.

Krebs on Security

based cloud solution provider, allowed hackers to access email and file sharing systems for some of the company’s clients, KrebsOnSecurity has learned. Data Breaches Cloud Hopper gift card fraud Insight Enterprises microsoft Office365 PCM Inc. A digital intrusion at PCM Inc. ,

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Security at the Speed of the Cloud

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McKinsey CISO Dan Fitzgerald on DevSecOps and the Future of Cloud Security Migrating from on-premises data security to the cloud and then embedding security in the application development process are common challenges for enterprises.

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Microsoft to Require Multi-Factor Authentication for Cloud Solution Providers

Krebs on Security

says it will soon force all Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) that help companies manage their Office365 accounts to use multi-factor authentication. Security Tools cloud solution provider Microsoft Office 365 multi-factor authentication PCM breach

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Firm iNSYNQ Hit in Ransomware Attack

Krebs on Security

Cloud hosting provider iNSYNQ says it is trying to recover from a ransomware attack that shut down its network and has left customers unable to access their accounting data for the past three days. based iNSYNQ specializes in providing cloud-based QuickBooks accounting software and services.

Put Those Cloud Security Objections to Rest

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In the wake of digital transformation, there remain some organizations that - for security reasons - resist the temptation to move to the cloud. Zscaler's Bil Harmer addresses these, as well as the critical questions security leaders should ask of cloud service providers

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EDW in the Cloud TCO

Perficient Data & Analytics

Usually, the OpEx was slightly higher for the cloud TCO versus the on-prem TCO required substantial capital investment. Part of our assessment was to compare TCO between the different deployment options, on-prem and cloud.

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Cloud Security: How the Dialogue Has Shifted

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Palo Alto Network's Matt Chiodi on the Evolution of Public Cloud Security In just five years' time, the public cloud security conversation has changed dramatically, says Matt Chiodi of Palo Alto Networks.

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Do You Know What Cloud Assets You Actually Have?

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Sam Curcuruto of Expanse on the Role of Cloud Governance in Maintaining Control Many organizations struggle to understand what cloud assets they actually have. Sam Curcuruto of Expanse explains the role cloud governance plays in gaining better clarity and control

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Put Those Cloud Security Objections to Rest

Data Breach Today

In the wake of digital transformation, there remain some organizations that - for security reasons - resist the temptation to move to the cloud. Zscaler's Bil Harmer addresses these, as well as the critical questions security leaders should ask of cloud service providers What are their objections?

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Going ‘cloud first’? Start with an easy win: Cloud fax

OpenText Information Management

Have you adopted a ‘cloud first’ strategy where you look to the cloud before an on-premises alternative? There are many benefits to transitioning your applications to a cloud service provider. There are even more when … The post Going ‘cloud first’?

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Cloud Security: Beyond CASB

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Oracle's Amit Zavery on Taking a Comprehensive Approach Cloud access security brokers are not a panacea for all cloud security problems, says Oracle's Amit Zavery, who advocates an end-to-end approach

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CoreDNS: The DNS for cloud-native computing

DXC Technology

Cloud Networks cloud cloud computing cloud-native containers CoreDNS DNS Kubernetes microservicesI have a t-shirt which reads, from top to bottom: “It’s not DNS. There’s no way it’s DNS. It was DNS!” ” As every sysadmin knows, all too many network problems boil down to a Domain Name System (DNS) blunder. That’s already annoying, but when you have to deal with a DNS headache with fast-moving containers […].

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The Calico cloud

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You know what’s one of the real pains of cloud and container based computing? Workloads on a cloud come and go faster than you can read this story. Cloud Networks Calico networking SDNNetworking. Connecting those workloads, especially when they become even more ephemeral containers, is not easy. That’s where the open-source Software Defined Network (SDN) Calico comes in. SDN […].

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Avoid these five all-too-common cloud migration mistakes

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I’m on the cloud. You’re on the cloud. We’re all on the cloud. But, as we move more and more of our IT — lock, stock, and two smoking servers — to the cloud, you should make sure you know what you’re getting into. Yes, the cloud can be a real help, but there are […]. Cloud Uncategorized

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Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

Thales eSecurity

As organizations move more of their sensitive data to cloud platforms for the efficiency, flexibility and scalability that it promises, security and control continue to be a significant obstacle to this adoption. The post Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

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The Evolution of IAM in the Cloud

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More organizations are deploying single sign-on mechanisms when they move to software-as-a-service applications to help enhance authentication and control access, says Moshe Ferber, chairman of the Israeli chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance

Do and don'ts of navigating data analytics in the cloud

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It’s important to remember that the cloud isn’t magic. Analytics Cloud computing Cloud hosting Data managementIn fact, it’s just like any other infrastructure option available to the enterprise, with its own unique benefits and challenges.

Financial services are embracing multi-cloud

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Multi-clouds — environments made up of multiple public and private clouds typically used for different purposes — may well be the cloud of choice for banks. That’s according to an independent report by 451 Research, ‘Multi-Cloud Fundamental to Financial Services Transformation.’ Banking & Capital Markets Cloud Insurance financial services hybrid cloud

Why intelligent cloud ERP delivers increased value

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The arrival of intelligent cloud ERP provides the core technology that allows organisations to build the agile foundation required for entering new markets and becoming the disruptors of their industry. Intelligent cloud ERP […]. Cloud Platform cloud based ERPAgility is the name of the game for businesses who want the ability to respond to threats and opportunities in their marketplace.

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Ignore the hysteria, Cloud Foundry is just fine

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Recently, Rishidot analyst Krishnan Subramanian proclaimed the Cloud Foundry, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud, had met its demise as a standalone platform. That’s news to me, and I cover Cloud Foundry like paint. What got Subramanian so frazzled was Cloud Foundry started offering Docker in place of its own container runtime, Garden. Applications Cloud DevOps Platform Uncategorized Cloud Foundry containers Docker Kubernetes PaaS

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4 ways to ease application migration to the cloud

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Many system integrators and cloud hosting providers claim to have their own unique process for cloud migration. Applications Cloud application migration cloud migration

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5 ways to ensure cloud migration success

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Seven in 10 insurer has begun exploring the cloud, but each carrier has business goals, staffing, applications, and processes that uniquely define their deployments. Cloud computing Cloud hosting Hardware and software Infrastructure Network security

Cloud customers, not providers, responsible for most cyber security incidents

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Cyber security incidents in the cloud are most often caused by a cloud customer’s employees, rather than by the provider themselves, according to a recent report from security company Kaspersky Lab. Cloud computing Cloud hosting Data security Cyber security

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Cloud adoptions are obscuring data visibility, says new study

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The cloud is creating configuration and data visibility problems, according to a report from the Cloud Security Alliance, an organization that defines best practices for cloud security. Cloud computing Data visualization Data quality Cloud hosting

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Cloud-Based EHR Vendor Slapped With HIPAA Fine

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Investigation Came in Wake of Cyberattack That Affected Millions Federal regulators have smacked a cloud-based electronics health records vendor with a $100,000 HIPAA settlement in the wake of a 2015 cyberattack that affected millions of individuals.

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Cloud Trends in 2019: Businesses Embrace Cloud

Perficient Data & Analytics

The following blog comes from an interview with Perficient’s Strategic Advisors Consulting Managing Principal, Michael Porter, and is part of a series on cloud trends with experts from within Perficient. Cloud usage today has gone from a step pursued by bleeding edge innovators to a normal part of everyday business. Indeed, many companies now follow a “cloud first” policy. In 2015, 47% of enterprises were moving to the cloud, according to IDG.

Cloud and Container Adoption: The Visibility Imperative

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Marco Rottigni of Qualys on Business Best Practices for Digital Transformation As organizations pursue digital transformation initiatives backed by new application deployment techniques, they must ensure that security, operations and development teams fully coordinate, says Marco Rottigni of Qualys

Migrating to the Cloud: Top Security Lessons

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When migrating systems, data and applications to the cloud, a critical security step is to involve compliance auditors in the process as early as possible, says Thien La, CISO at Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. He'll be a featured speaker at ISMG's Healthcare Security Summit on June 25 in New York

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The OpenText Enterprise Cloud

OpenText Information Management

It’s agile, it’s affordable, it’s the cloud—and for the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise, it is a business imperative. The cloud will keep your overhead lean and your storage requirements leaner.

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US-based Cloud Solution Provider PCM Inc. hacked

Security Affairs

based cloud solution provider, and accessed to email and file sharing systems for some of its clients. based cloud solution provider. The post US-based Cloud Solution Provider PCM Inc. Hackers breached the infrastructure of PCM Inc. , one of the major U.S.-based

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Clouds and containers are not all about what’s new and hot

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Applications Cloud DevOps cloud cloud computing containers IaaS Kubernetes OpenStackThis past Spring at London’s OpenInfra Days UK 2019, Mark Shuttleworth, executive chairman at Canonical and creator of Ubuntu Linux, said in a keynote, “I believe OpenStack is important. It’s become trendy to say: ‘I’m skipping OpenStack and going straight to Kubernetes.’ ’ It’s like skipping salad and going straight to steam – they both solve […].

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Data security challenges in native cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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The latest survey by the Cloud Security Alliance examines new and unique information security concerns in a complex cloud environment. Cloud computing Data security Cyber security

I servizi finanziari abbracciano il multi-cloud

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Multi-cloud, ovvero ambienti costituiti da più cloud pubblici e privati ??generalmente generalmente utilizzati per scopi diversi, potrebbero rappresentare il cloud preferito per le banche. Questo è quello che riporta il rapporto indipendente di 451 Research, “Multi-Cloud Fundamental to Financial Services Transformation“ Non sono qui per discutere. Questo rapporto, sponsorizzato da Canonical – il business del cloud […].

The Security of Cloud Applications

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Despite the great success of the cloud over the last decade, misconceptions continue to persist. Here's why the naysayers are wrong

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In arrivo i 5 principali sviluppi del cloud

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Mettetevi comodi, perchè presto vi porteremo in alcuni posti molto interessanti grazie al cloud. L’Hybrid Cloud decolla Per molto tempo il cloud ibrido non è andato da nessuna parte. Questo perché non era facile integrare cloud privati ??e Mediante Kubernetes, fino a quando una piattaforma cloud […]. Uncategorized AWS cloud cloud computing containers fornitori cloud Kubernetes lambda serverless servizi sicurezza cloud

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Investments in the cloud expected to nearly double over next two years

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On average, organizations are running 27 percent of their workloads and applications in public clouds and expect this figure to nearly double to 48 percent within the next one to two years. Cloud computing Cloud hosting

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Let the cloud lift your tech career

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Career Cloud Workplace cloud architect cloud computing cloud jobs cloud salaries LinkedInWhen you write about the workplace of the future, it’s easy to focus on the jobs of the future — that is, jobs involving technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, that have yet to become common across most enterprises. Still, make no mistake: There are and will be plenty of jobs opportunities and […].

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HHS manages risk in using cloud through federal program

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The agency has embraced a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to the cloud. Cloud computing Data security Cyber security Personally identifiable information Protected health information

Most databases will have moved to the cloud by 2022, says Gartner

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By 2022, 75 percent of all databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform, with only 5 percent ever considered for repatriation to on-premises, the research firm says. Cloud computing Database management Data management

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