Documentation Theory for Information Governance

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Documentation the Emblem of Modern Society? Documentation is a central feature of the contemporary world. We are immersed in documents in nearly every sphere of life and constantly engage with them. Our lives, in many ways, are “document-pervaded.” [i]

BEC Fraudsters Targeting Financial Documents: Report

Data Breach Today

Aging Accounts' a Useful Tool for Stealing Money As business email compromise schemes continue to evolve, some cybercriminals are focusing on accessing companies' financial documents, which provide useful information to support the theft of money, according to a new report from security firm Agari

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Documents Describe US Cyber Command's Campaign to Hack ISIS

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Cyber Command's campaign to hack ISIS and disrupt its media operations faced some challenges, including a lack of data storage, but ultimately proved successful, according to government documents from 2016 that were made public Tuesday

‘Documentation as code’ matters. Here’s why

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There has long been a mindset to treat documentation and code as separate functions. Organizations should start treating documentation as code. Development projects are not complete without documentation that is in the same state or better as the code.

UK Parliament Seizes Internal Facebook Privacy Documents

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court documents to reveal internal Facebook discussions about data security and privacy controls, as Parliament probes Facebook and other social media firms, as well as Russian interference and fake news

Documentation required by ISO 27001

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Organisations seeking ISO 27001 compliance must prove their compliance with the Standard by completing appropriate documents. List of documents required for ISO 27001 compliance. Documented information determined by the organisation as being necessary for the effectiveness of the ISMS.

NY Investigates Exposure of 885 Million Mortgage Documents

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On May 24, KrebsOnSecurity broke the news that First American had just fixed a weakness in its Web site that exposed approximately 885 million documents — many of them with Social Security and bank account numbers — going back at least 16 years.

Top Considerations for Document Management

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Top Considerations for Document Management. Records management is a major concern for virtually any company, but different industries face different regulatory requirements concerning document management and recordkeeping. Document Destruction.

Document Management vs. Records Management: What’s the Difference?


When I teach, questions often come up about the differences and similarities between document management and records management. Document Management. Document management is used to track and manage documents that are in process. More specifically, it’s used to manage the overall process of document creation, from inception through completion. It formalizes the document creation process to ensure transparency and accountability at every step in the process.

How to document the scope of your ISMS

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If you’re planning to implement an ISMS (information security management system), you’ll need to document the scope of your project – or, in other words, define what information needs to be protected. What should the ISO 27001 scoping document look like?

Document Management vs. Content Management: What's the Difference?


For instance, businesses are looking for cost-effective methods to capture, organize, share, and document digital data. However, people often get confused between document management software and content management software when it comes to business information management.

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Offsite Document Storage Breakdown

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Offsite document storage is a service that has some serious advantages over storing physical files at your office that many businesses are utilizing. When you work with an offsite storage facility to store your documents […]. Document Management


‘Documentation as code’ tools to get you started

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Treating documentation as code has become an important part of the software development process. Companies are recognizing that the more they can treat documentation like source code, the more effective their documentation, software development and maintenance become.

Why Are Documents Redacted?

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Redaction, sometimes called sanitization or data anonymization, is the process of removing confidential or sensitive information from a document to protect that information. The post Why Are Documents Redacted?

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4 In-House Document Shredding Myths


During digital transformation, chances are your organization will need to shred paper documents. But before deciding how to shred your documents, make sure you aren’t led astray by any of these four myths about in-house shredding. Haven’t yet achieved a paperless office?

ECM is key for Engineering document control

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Asset optimization is a vital part of business … The post ECM is key for Engineering document control appeared first on OpenText Blogs. It’s estimated that the average company faces 800 hours of downtime each year.

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Reddit Says Influence Campaign is Behind Leaked U.S.-U.K. Trade Documents


The platform has linked documents posted on its site to a vote-manipulation campaign already observed on Facebook earlier this year. Facebook Government brexit Charming Kitten data leak documents Fancy Bear leaked documents politics Reddit Secondary Infektion

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Mandatory documentation for ISO 22301

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ISO 22301 certification requires organisations to prove their compliance with the standard with appropriate documentation. List of documents required for ISO 22301:2012 business continuity management system (BCMS). You must document: Context of the organisation (4.1).

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6 ways artificial intelligence is revolutionizing document management

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AI has the ability to make every step of the workflow better, smarter and faster — from the processing of documents to their storage to the extraction of the information they contain. Artificial intelligence Document management Data management

The Art of Document Restoration

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The post The Art of Document Restoration appeared first on IG GURU. Disaster Recovery IG News Information Governance Sponsored Document Restoration Polygon

Cabinet of Secret Documents from Australia

Schneier on Security

Inside was the trove of documents now known as The Cabinet Files. There's lots of interesting (and embarassing ) stuff in the documents, although most of it is local politics.

The Advantage of Professional Document Scanning

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For some companies, one of these strategies is utilizing document scanning services , and it brings them many benefits. Instead, digitally storing documents allows companies to increase security through the use of encryption and passwords. Quick Access to Documents.

Types of Document Scanning Services

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Scanning documents is an excellent way to free up space and reduce paper clutter in your office. While you might think of document scanning as a simple process for scanning your average paperwork, scanning professionals offer a diverse range of services. Document Scanning

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Formstack Announces Online Document Generation Software, Formstack Documents

Document Imaging Report

Leader in workplace productivity introduces document automation product. Formstack Documents is a comprehensive document generation and automation product built to help users streamline various paperwork processes.

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Non-Profit Document Management Solutions

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Nonprofit organizations handle numerous documents each day, and it’s important to manage them all in a way that supports both office efficiency as well as security. Document Scanning. Document scanning is another way to streamline document management.

Document Automation: Having Your Cake…


Let’s take document capture. Document capture software is designed to automate document-oriented tasks such as sorting or extracting key data. Depending upon the complexity of a document, such efforts can easily exceed several hundred hours for one type of document.

Don’t Let Misguided Security Documentation Create Unnecessary Risks


This is especially true of security documentation. Most organizations have policies and related documents that give the illusion that all is under control in IT — the more documentation, the greater level of perceived security. The Real Deal With Security Documentation. However, it’s more difficult to put that documentation into practice. Business culture and politics dictate how security functions more than any document can.

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Offsite Document Storage for Texas Lawyers and Law Firms

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In fact, certain original documents must be kept for a minimum length of time per Texas Bar Association rules. That’s why many law firms turn to document management services for secure and convenient legal file storage. A customized logistics plan for your firm’s document storage needs.

Document restoration for vellum

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The post Document restoration for vellum appeared first on IG GURU. IG News Information Governance Records Management Sponsored Polygon

What Documents Need Large-Format Scanning?

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But occasionally, you may have an extra large document or photo that needs to be stored electronically. The post What Documents Need Large-Format Scanning? Document Scanning


Yet Another IoT Cybersecurity Document

Schneier on Security

This one is from NIST: " Considerations for Managing Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity and Privacy Risks." It's still in draft. Remember, there are many others. cybersecurity internetofthings nist

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Do Double-Sided Documents Affect Scanning Prices?

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The post Do Double-Sided Documents Affect Scanning Prices? Document ScanningThere are a number of different factors that play into the cost of a scanning project, including how much prep work may be involved and deciding where and how you want the scanning project done.


[Video] Offsite Document Storage Facilities

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The post [Video] Offsite Document Storage Facilities appeared first on Record Nations.

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Document Scanning: Covering More Than Just Paper

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Document scanning services help companies across industries scan their paperwork into digitized copies. No matter the type of files you have that need to be digitized, professional document scanners can get the job done quickly and produce high quality digital images. Document Scannin

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What Happens to Old Paper Documents After Scanning Is Finished?

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Scanning is a convenient way to manage and organize your documents. But if you have a lot of documents containing sensitive information, you may be cautious about the security of handing those documents off to a scanning service. Document Scanning

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How to document PCI DSS-compliant policies and procedures – with template example

IT Governance

Fast-track your documentation process. This can be time-consuming and challenging, so we’ve created our PCI DSS Documentation Toolkit to simplify the job. This toolkit includes all the template documents you need to ensure complete coverage of your PCI DSS requirements.

How Fast Will Your Documents Degrade?

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The post How Fast Will Your Documents Degrade? Archives Disaster Recovery IG News Record Retention Records Management Risk News Sponsored Polygon Retention Wet Documentsappeared first on IG GURU.

6 Document Scanning Dos and Don’ts

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If you want to cut the time and costs associated with storing and locating paper records, document scanning is the perfect solution. Here are several guidelines to help you avoid common document scanning pitfalls: Don’t : Buy the First Scanner You See. You’re excited to digitise your documents, so you run to the office supply store and buy a scanner. For example, desktop scanners are only good for scanning one document at a time. Do : Properly Prepare Your Documents.

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The Document that Microsoft Eluded AppLocker and AMSI

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Experts analyzed an Office document containing a payload that is able to bypass Microsoft AppLocker and Anti-Malware Scan Interface (AMSI), Introduction. Initial document view. The post The Document that Microsoft Eluded AppLocker and AMSI appeared first on Security Affairs.

Hire a Document Scanning Company or DIY?

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Give your brand the gift of going digital with help from professional document scanners for the easiest, most pain-free transition. Scanning your paper documents and building a digital storage solution can prevent all of these business risks. Professional Document Scanning vs. DIY.