Tracking engineering documents in capital projects

OpenText Information Management

In my last blog in this series on Engineering Document Management for capital projects I discussed the importance of a project workspace in achieving project success.

US Physics Laboratory Exposed Documents, Credentials

Data Breach Today

has tidied up its systems after security researchers found weaknesses exposing documents, proprietary applications, personal information, project details and credentials. Fermilab Particle Accelerator Has Fixed Exposed Ports, Services The Fermilab physics laboratory in the U.S.


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COVID-19 Vaccine Documents, Personal Data Leaked

Data Breach Today

Information Stolen From European Medicines Agency Documents on COVID-19 vaccines and medications - including some containing personal information - that were stolen in a cyberattack last month on the European Medicines Agency have been leaked on the internet

Document Processing Vs. Robotic Process Automation


The Difference Between Intelligent Document Processing and RPA — Or Is There One? With so many different types of documents required to operate and adhere to compliances, the need for capturing data accurately and quickly, especially unstructured data, is ever growing.

Best Practices for Modern Records Management and Retention

Speaker: Sean Baird, Director of Product Marketing at Nuxeo

Documents are at the heart of many business processes. Organizations in highly regulated industries are realizing that traditional records management practices are insufficient and ineffective in today’s digital world. Join Sean Baird as he highlights best practices for effective records management and retention. He will explore how digital transformation can counteract the costs, inefficiencies, and end-user considerations that make it difficult to maintain compliance. He will highlight real-world successes and analyze the key strategies and technologies that help organizations find balance.

Home Loan Trading Platform Exposes Mortgage Documentation

Data Breach Today

leaked 9 GB of internal documentation as well as full mortgage applications for 23 individuals. Atlanta-Based Maxex Left Software Development Platform Open Maxex, a company that develops a digital trading platform for the secondary mortgage market in the U.S.,

What are the Best Document Management Capabilities?


Document Management is the use of a software application to track digital documents from creation through approval and publication. It serves in many ways to apply a formal governance framework to the document creation and collaborative editing processes. Why Document Management?

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Document access control

OpenText Information Management

This makes it challenging to protect data stored in IT systems against unwanted access, and to prevent data theft by … The post Document access control appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Blockchain & Document Security

Record Nations

Is blockchain technology the future of document management? The post Blockchain & Document Security appeared first on Record Nations. Document Management Uncategorized

RansomEXX gang claims to have hacked Ferrari and leaked online internal documents

Security Affairs

The Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari confirmed the availability of internal documents online, but said it has no evidence of cyber attack. Ferrari is investigating the leak of the internal documents and announced it will implement all the necessary actions.

Uber hacked, internal systems and confidential documents were allegedly compromised

Security Affairs

Uber on Thursday disclosed a security breach, threat actors gained access to its network, and stole internal documents. Uber on Thursday suffered a cyberattack, the attackers were able to penetrate its internal network and access internal documents, including vulnerability reports.

Access 109

What Is Document Review?


Document review, the most expensive stage of ediscovery, uses teams of lawyers to determine what ESI is relevant, responsive, or privileged.


Building a successful SaaS HR document solution with SAP SuccessFactors

OpenText Information Management

Expectation management … The post Building a successful SaaS HR document solution with SAP SuccessFactors appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

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Spear-Phishing Campaign Uses Military-Themed Documents

Data Breach Today

Cisco Talos Researchers Find Hackers Using New Dropper Called IndigoDrop A spear-phishing campaign is using military-themed malicious Microsoft Office documents to infect devices, according to researchers at Cisco Talos.

Documentation Theory for Information Governance

ARMA International

Documentation the Emblem of Modern Society? Documentation is a central feature of the contemporary world. We are immersed in documents in nearly every sphere of life and constantly engage with them. Our lives, in many ways, are “document-pervaded.” [i] i] Documents are created, deployed, and used to help us communicate, organize, control, discipline, monitor, and represent many aspects of information, institutions, and individuals. What is Documentation?

Tax Document Retention Requirements and Storage

Record Nations

With tax season just behind us, many people aren’t aware that the IRS has a set of guidelines regarding tax document retention. It’s recommended that individuals and businesses retain at least three years worth of tax documents. Document Management Uncategorized

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Document Processing Vs. Robotic Process Automation


The Difference Between Intelligent Document Processing and RPA — Or Is There One? With so many different types of documents required to operate and adhere to compliances, the need for capturing data accurately and quickly, especially unstructured data, is ever growing.

The Crowley Company Expands Document Scanning Capabilities

IG Guru

Frederick, Maryland – In the wake of growing demand for the mass digitization of paper records, The Crowley Company (Crowley) has expanded its physical footprint with the addition of a dedicated digital document scanning facility to its corporate campus.

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GUEST ESSAY: Going beyond watermarks to protect sensitive documents from illegal access

The Last Watchdog

They also enrich documents with metadata and place them in crypto-containers, access to which is only granted by permission. However, all of these solutions are powerless when it comes to photographing a document with a smartphone and compromising printed copies of documents. Watermarks can be used to protect digital or printed documents from unauthorized use by other people or entities or to identify the original creator of a copy.

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These 2 attacks allow to alter certified PDF Documents

Security Affairs

Researchers disclosed two new attack techniques that allow modifying visible content on certified PDF documents without invalidating the digital signature. The attacks are documented in CVE-2020-35931 , CVE-2021-28545 , and CVE-2021-28546.

Construction Industry Document Storage

Armstrong Archives

What many companies and contractors don’t usually think about is document management. It’s vital that your office function efficiently and that important documents be kept secure. Looking For Document Storage? Types of Documents Used in Construction. Bid documents.

Understanding the Master Document Register within an engineering capital project

OpenText Information Management

My last blog in this series on Engineering Document Management in capital projects discussed a best practice deployment of OpenText™ Extended ECM for Engineering.

ECM 60

Document Management in a Hybrid/Remote Workforce

Armstrong Archives

Hybrid workforces are more common than ever, and that can create challenges when it comes to your document management. What Is Document Management? First, what is document management? Importance of Document Management in a Remote/Hybrid Workforce. Document Management FAQs.

Russia Used Fake US Documents for Disinformation: Report

Data Breach Today

diplomatic documents and social media to spread false stories in Eastern Europe and Asia, according to a new research report, which warns that these tactics could be used against the U.S.

What is Intelligent Document Processing? via The ECM Consultant

IG Guru

The post What is Intelligent Document Processing? IG News Information Governance Records Management Scanning Intelligent Document ProcessingCheck out the article here. via The ECM Consultant appeared first on IG GURU.

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UK Parliament Seizes Internal Facebook Privacy Documents

Data Breach Today

court documents to reveal internal Facebook discussions about data security and privacy controls, as Parliament probes Facebook and other social media firms, as well as Russian interference and fake news Bikini App Developer's Lawsuit Discovery Feeds Parliament's Facebook Probe A British lawmaker has obtained sealed U.S.

Star Witness in Case Against Cisco: Its Own Documents

Data Breach Today

Judge Lauds Plaintiffs' Use of 'Cisco's Technical Documents in an Unaltered Form' Plaintiffs in the patent infringement case Centripetal Networks v. Cisco Networks won the day thanks to clear testimony and using Cisco's own technical documents in unaltered form.

Government Document Storage

Armstrong Archives

For any government, whether federal, state, city, or county, the safe and secure storage of official documents is a top priority. Benefits of Using Armstrong Archives Government Records Management There are several benefits of using our government document storage services.

Classified NATO documents sold on darkweb after they were stolen from Portugal

Security Affairs

Threat actors claimed to have stolen classified NATO documents from the Armed Forces General Staff agency of Portugal (EMGFA). The threat actors published samples of the stolen documents as proof of the hack.

BEC Fraudsters Targeting Financial Documents: Report

Data Breach Today

Aging Accounts' a Useful Tool for Stealing Money As business email compromise schemes continue to evolve, some cybercriminals are focusing on accessing companies' financial documents, which provide useful information to support the theft of money, according to a new report from security firm Agari

Clearing Up the Confusion between Document Management Systems and Digital Preservation Systems


To celebrate this year's Electronic Records Day on October 10th, guest authors Pari Swift, Jacqueline Johnson, and the Ohio Records Committee share their thoughts on the key differences between document management systems and digital preservation systems in this blog post.

The future of IT documentation: Not just SOPs


How does your IT department manage documentation? IT Glue provides a powerful documentation tool that can be integrated directly with Jamf Pro, making your documentation workflows seamless

IT 52

11 Best Practices for Document Management


When you’re thinking about how to implement digital document management for your company — or how to enhance your existing system — focusing on the fundamentals and defining your goals helps ensure success. Document Management Digital Transformation

Updating your data protection documentation following Brexit

IT Governance

The UK version was born out of the EU GDPR, so you might think that there are only cosmetic differences and that minor actions are required to adjust your documentation and compliance practices. GDPR documentation made simple.

‘Documentation as code’ matters. Here’s why


There has long been a mindset to treat documentation and code as separate functions. Organizations should start treating documentation as code. Development projects are not complete without documentation that is in the same state or better as the code. That said, often documentation is considered a major pain point involving […]. Digital Transformation Agile code doc-as-code documentation

Making the best out of your Engineering Document Management implementation

OpenText Information Management

It provides document control to support an entire project lifecycle from initial set-up, design, construction and commissioning to final handover and operation.

ECM 56

Documented Death from a Ransomware Attack

Schneier on Security

I think this is the first documented case of a cyberattack causing a fatality. UK hospitals had to redirect patients during the 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack , but there were no documented fatalities from that event.

NEW TECH: DigiCert Document Signing Manager leverages PKI to advance electronic signatures

The Last Watchdog

And this is why DigiCert recently introduced DigiCert® Document Signing Manager (DSM) – an advanced hosted service designed to increase the level of assurance of the identities of persons signing documents digitally. Trzupek outlined how DSM allows for legally-binding documents with auditability and management of signers. “It That’s what Document Signing Manager does. This eliminates in-person signing and the need for paper documents.

How Document Scanning Lessens Your Carbon Footprint

Record Nations

The post How Document Scanning Lessens Your Carbon Footprint appeared first on Record Nations. Most companies these days are looking for better ways to “go green” or lessen their carbon footprint. It’s important that we all do our part to make a cleaner environment for generations to come.

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Escanor Malware delivered in Weaponized Microsoft Office Documents

Security Affairs

The threat actors offer Android-based and PC-based versions of RAT, along with HVNC module and exploit builder to weaponize Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents to deliver malicious code.