Titanium Blockchain CEO Convicted for $21M Fraud

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Michael Stollery Launched an ICO, Advertised Fake Crypto Tokens to Scam Investors Michael Alan Stollery, the chief executive of Titanium Blockchain, pleaded guilty in U.S.

Kudelski Flexes Cryptography Muscle in Web3, Blockchain Area

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Kudelski Security has made a big investment into the blockchain and Web3 security spaces, leveraging a team of 25 to help translate the company's expertise around cryptography and application security into the nascent market, according to CEO Andrew Howard


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Cybercriminals Reportedly Created Blockchain Analytics Tool

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Researchers Say the Tool Is Designed To Help Gangs Launder Bitcoin Cybercriminals have developed a blockchain analytics tool on the darknet that could help a gang launder illegally obtained bitcoin, and they are actively marketing it, according to the cryptocurrency analytics firm Elliptic.

Black Hat: Incident Recovery, Threat Hunts & Blockchain Woes

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The Changes Security Leaders Expect to See in Technology and the Threat Landscape Security executives at Black Hat USA 2022 discuss the latest cybersecurity trends from confidential computing and unified threat hunting languages to attack surface management and recovery services, social engineering campaigns and blockchain vulnerabilities.

Titanium Blockchain CEO Convicted of $21 Million Fraud

Data Breach Today

Michael Stollery Scammed Investors via Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offering Fraud Michael Alan Stollery, the chief executive of Titanium Blockchain, pleaded guilty in U.S.

Blockchain for Voting: A Warning From MIT

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Researchers Say Blockchain Introduces More Problems Than It Solves Blockchain technology has been floated as a solution to enable remote, electronic voting.

On the Dangers of Cryptocurrencies and the Uselessness of Blockchain

Schneier on Security

Nothing in that letter is out of the ordinary, and is in line with what I wrote about blockchain in 2019. ” In it, he makes several broad points: Yes, current proof-of-work blockchains like bitcoin are terrible for the environment. Oh look, blockchain is a good solution.”

On Blockchain Voting

Schneier on Security

Blockchain voting is a spectacularly dumb idea for a whole bunch of reasons. I have generally quoted Matt Blaze : Why is blockchain voting a dumb idea? You may have heard of Voatz, which uses blockchain for voting. And this is my general essay on blockchain.

Illegal Content and the Blockchain

Schneier on Security

Now the content-delivery network Akamai has reported on a new method: a botnet that uses the Bitcoin blockchain ledger. Since the blockchain is globally accessible and hard to take down, the botnet’s operators appear to be safe.

Blockchain Security Firm Halborn Raises $90M to Guard Crypto

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The Series A Proceeds Will Help Halborn Expand Its Audit and Pen Testing Services Halborn raised $90 million to expand its audit and penetration testing services and more effectively safeguard the crypto industry.

Bitcoin ? Blockchain

Weissman's World

The post Bitcoin ≠ Blockchain appeared first on Holly Group. bitcoin Blockchain process management records management information governanceSeems like not an hour goes by that I don’t see a headline about the soaring value of bitcoin – followed near-immediately by another that warns of the imminent bursting of the bitcoin bubble. Since I’m not a bitcoin owner, my interest in these goings-on is more academic than practical. But I am invested (intellectually, […].

Using Blockchain for Authentication

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In an interview, Rohas Nagpal, a chief architect at Primechain Technologies, describes how blockchain can be used for authentication and pinpoints areas where blockchain is not the ideal technology. He'll be a featured speaker at ISMG's Security Summit in Mumbai Thursday

Senator Seeks Input on Securing Crypto, Blockchain

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Pat Toomey of the Senate Banking Committee is requesting input from the cryptocurrency and blockchain community to inform future legislation on its security and privacy. Security Experts Praise Desire to Regulate Market, Cite Complexity Sen.

The State of Blockchain Applications in Cybersecurity

eSecurity Planet

Whether perceived or real, a lack of understanding about blockchain technology has slowed the adoption of advanced distributed database technology in the past decade. This functionality makes forging a record in a blockchain ledger extremely difficult at best. What is a Blockchain?

US Postal Service Files Blockchain Voting Patent

Schneier on Security

The US Postal Service has filed a patent on a blockchain voting method: Abstract: A voting system can use the security of blockchain and the mail to provide a reliable voting system. As is pretty much always the case , blockchain adds nothing.

University of California Berkeley offering free Crypto and Blockchain Courses Online

IG Guru

The post University of California Berkeley offering free Crypto and Blockchain Courses Online appeared first on IG GURU. Blockchain Cryptocurrency Education IG NewsCheck out the page here.

Blockchain For The Common Good

Information Governance Perspectives

The big five – the internet of things, blockchain, big data, artificial and quantum computing. The post Blockchain For The Common Good appeared first on Rafael Moscatel. Blockchain Professional Development Ashish Gadnis BanQu Logistics Upward Mobility

Data Protection on the Blockchain: PDPC (Singapore) Weighs in via Odia Kagan on LinkedIn

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Blockchain Compliance IG News Privacy Risk News Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) publishes guide on data protectionblockchainCheck out the post here.

China Builds COVID-19 Recovery on Blockchain

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Gartner's Avivah Litan on Benefits, Concerns and New Issues to Consider Gartner analyst Avivah Litan says China is attempting to leverage blockchain technology in the country's COVID-19 recovery.

What is a Blockchain platform?

OpenText Information Management

Blockchain is perhaps one of the most overhyped technologies that has ever appeared. However, the 2019 Global Blockchain Survey from Deloitte found that over half of respondents saw Blockchain as a critical priority for their business.

Blockchain & Document Security

Record Nations

Is blockchain technology the future of document management? Although the origin of blockchain technology is often debated, it’s thought to have come into prominence around 2008. The post Blockchain & Document Security appeared first on Record Nations.

Blockchains Have a ‘Bridge’ Problem, and Hackers Know It

WIRED Threat Level

Blockchain bridges are a crucial piece of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which makes them prime targets for attacks. Security Security / Cyberattacks and Hacks

Blockchain's Biggest Potential in Healthcare

Data Breach Today

Where is the greatest potential for the implementation of blockchain in healthcare? Attorney Steven Teppler discusses the possibilities for the distributed ledger technology as well as its security pros and cons

Fintech and Blockchain 2021

Data Matters

Please join us for a program focused on the latest 2021 FinTech and blockchain developments. Lilya Tessler , Partner, Head of Blockchain and Fintech Group. The post Fintech and Blockchain 2021 appeared first on Data Matters Privacy Blog.

Records Disrupted: Blockchain as a Transformative Force

Weissman's World

The post Records Disrupted: Blockchain as a Transformative Force appeared first on Holly Group. Blockchain records management information governanceAuthors: Alan Pelz-Sharpe (Deep Analysis) & Steve Weissman (Holly Group) If records and content management issues such as security, privacy, and compliance seem everlasting, that’s because they are! What aren’t everlasting though, are the so-called information governance “technologies” we use to bring these matters to heel.

Blockchain Revisited: How Can It Reduce Fraud?

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Microsoft's David Houlding on Use Cases and Lessons Learned Critics say blockchain is a technology looking for a purpose, but Microsoft's David Houlding says organizations are using blockchain today to validate identities and to help prevent fraud.

Microsoft is looking to use the ethereum blockchain to prevent piracy via Business Insider

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The post Microsoft is looking to use the ethereum blockchain to prevent piracy via Business Insider appeared first on IG GURU. Blockchain Business Compliance IG News Information Governance Risk News Ethereum Microsoft PiracyCheck out the link here.

Blockchain in Healthcare: The Potential Benefits, Risks

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Indiana University Health is evaluating the use of blockchain in two areas to improve healthcare information security, Mitch Parker, CISO, says in an interview at the HIMSS19 conference. He sizes up the potential risks and benefits

Reimagining Information Governance with Blockchain

Weissman's World

A Discussion Paper Authors: Alan Pelz-Sharpe (Deep Analysis) & Steve Weissman (Holly Group) Statement of Purpose This discussion paper provides an overview of how future information governance (IG) platforms may be envisaged and built utilizing blockchain – perhaps the key point being that all the technologies necessary to do so are already available. Though blockchain […]. The post Reimagining Information Governance with Blockchain appeared first on Holly Group.

The keys to blockchain interoperability (and why it matters)


So too will interoperability between disparate blockchains […]. Banking & Capital Markets blockchain interoperability

8 ways blockchain will change finance & accounting


Blockchain is rapidly evolving from hype to high-value technology with real-world applications in business. In 2017, blockchain began making its way onto the roadmap of business process services. Business Processes accounting blockchain financeNow it is emerging in full operational deployments and disrupting fundamental business processes related to buying and selling and converging into mainstream accounting technology used to record […].

Speaking of: Blockchain (with Alan Pelz-Sharpe)

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Tons, especially when the subject is blockchain, and the guest expert is Alan Pelz-Sharpe! Join our discussion of the disruptive force blockchain will prove to be in records and information governance. The post Speaking of: Blockchain (with Alan Pelz-Sharpe) appeared first on Holly Group. BlockchainIf a picture is worth 1000 words, then what’s a 15-minute video worth?

Case Studies: Managing Identity With Blockchain

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Pioneers Test Using the Technology for Identity and Access Management Government agencies and private sector organizations around the world are experimenting with the use of blockchain to help manage digital identity. Here are three examples of pioneering efforts in the U.S., Canada and India

Gartner's Litan on Blockchain

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Analyst Cuts Through Hype and Details Real-World Uses to Help Fight Fraud Blockchain is high on the hype meter in 2018, but Gartner's Avivah Litan is encouraged by practical applications of the technology to secure financial transactions, protect identity and help organizations fight fraud

Blockchain White Paper

National Archives Records Express

We are pleased to announce the release of our Blockchain White Paper. While it includes a very high-level overview of the technical aspects of blockchain, it is useful to records managers because it explores the various implications for Federal electronic records management programs. The white paper began as an internal effort to assist NARA staff in learning more about the technology and how agencies are using it.

Paper 76



What does blockchain have to do with information governance? “Blockchain Has Power to Transform,” The Wall Street Journal , March 12, 2018 B4. It’s early days yet, but think about what happens with information. It gets created, modified, transferred, stored, used, reused, exchanged, and, hopefully, deleted at the end of its life. Would it be useful to be able to track who owns the information and where it is at each step of its life?

Redefining Security with Blockchain

Dark Reading

Blockchain offers a proactive approach to secure a new generation of digital platforms and services for both enterprises and individuals

Off the Record: Blockchain

The Texas Record

The following articles appraise the use of blockchain and the potential impact the technology has on both private and government level entities. The articles provide information on the potential of better practices, and the use of blockchain technology to improve records management.

Is blockchain in the supply chain overhyped?

OpenText Information Management

From increasing conflict minerals traceability to monitoring supply chain disruptions or late delivery of shipments, the benefits of blockchain in the supply chain seem clear. According to Craig Wentworth, Principal Analyst at MWD Advisors, although blockchain in the supply chain has proven benefits, such as increasing quality decision making surrounding food and product safety while … The post Is blockchain in the supply chain overhyped?

Blockchain for Identity: 6 Hot Projects

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Distributed Ledgers For Identity and Access Management Have Great Promise Blockchain technology already underpins the boom in cryptocurrencies, but is also being rigorously tested and developed for other applications, including identity and access management.