Documentation required by ISO 27001

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Organisations seeking ISO 27001 compliance must prove their compliance with the Standard by completing appropriate documents. List of documents required for ISO 27001 compliance. Information security policy. Information security risk assessment process.

New Ursnif Variant Spreads Through Infected Word Documents

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The malware is spreading through infected Microsoft Word documents, and it has the ability to evade advanced security filters, according to security researchers at Fortinet

UK Parliament Seizes Internal Facebook Privacy Documents

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court documents to reveal internal Facebook discussions about data security and privacy controls, as Parliament probes Facebook and other social media firms, as well as Russian interference and fake news

Top Considerations for Document Management

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Top Considerations for Document Management. Records management is a major concern for virtually any company, but different industries face different regulatory requirements concerning document management and recordkeeping. Document Destruction.

NY Investigates Exposure of 885 Million Mortgage Documents

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On May 24, KrebsOnSecurity broke the news that First American had just fixed a weakness in its Web site that exposed approximately 885 million documents — many of them with Social Security and bank account numbers — going back at least 16 years.

How Document Scanning Can Improve Productivity at Your Workplace


Document management has an important part to play here. of losses in employee productivity are due to paper-based documentation challenges that businesses go through. While some documents do need to be printed, digitization can considerably increase your workplace productivity.

4 In-House Document Shredding Myths


During digital transformation, chances are your organization will need to shred paper documents. But before deciding how to shred your documents, make sure you aren’t led astray by any of these four myths about in-house shredding. MYTH: In-House Shredding Is More Secure.

Offsite Document Storage for Texas Lawyers and Law Firms

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In fact, certain original documents must be kept for a minimum length of time per Texas Bar Association rules. That’s why many law firms turn to document management services for secure and convenient legal file storage.

How to document your information security policy

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With cyber security affecting businesses worldwide, it is important that all organisations have a policy in place to state and record their commitment to protecting the information that they handle. First, what is an information security policy?

The Benefits of Combining Secure Offsite Storage with Professional Document Scanning

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Do you dread searching through disorganised file rooms to find a hard copy document? Are you fed up of wasting time removing staples from documents and then wrestling with the office scanner to make a digital copy? Each image should be reviewed and compared to the original document.

Non-Profit Document Management Solutions

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Nonprofit organizations handle numerous documents each day, and it’s important to manage them all in a way that supports both office efficiency as well as security. This tends to run at lower prices than renting additional office space, and it can improve security as well.

Cabinet of Secret Documents from Australia

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Inside was the trove of documents now known as The Cabinet Files. There's lots of interesting (and embarassing ) stuff in the documents, although most of it is local politics. They allowed the government to secure the files, and then returned them.

What Happens to Old Paper Documents After Scanning Is Finished?

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Scanning is a convenient way to manage and organize your documents. But if you have a lot of documents containing sensitive information, you may be cautious about the security of handing those documents off to a scanning service. Document Scanning

The Importance of Shredding Paper Documents in the Workplace via Security Magazine

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The post The Importance of Shredding Paper Documents in the Workplace via Security Magazine appeared first on IG GURU. What seems like common sense isn’t so common sometimes. This article is a great to show employees.

4 Advantages of Centralized Document Management

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For many organisations, identifying, securing, tracking, storing, and accessing documents is a big headache. In this blog, we discuss the advantages of centralised document management. Security. The sheer volume of documents makes it easy for someone to steal sensitive personal or corporate information. Centralised document management enhances file security so your customers and employees are less prone to identity theft.

Hire a Document Scanning Company or DIY?

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You can better predict and fulfill customer needs with digital recordkeeping and secure data storage. Give your brand the gift of going digital with help from professional document scanners for the easiest, most pain-free transition. Professional Document Scanning vs. DIY.

Document Storage and Retention Guidelines for Large Businesses

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Improperly stored documents can create a number of serious obstacles for any company. Unfortunately, some businesses regard document management as an afterthought. In these situations, it is a wise idea to save storage space by archiving these documents.

How to document the scope of your ISMS

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If you’re planning to implement an information security management system (ISMS), you’ll need to document the scope of your project – or, in other words, define what information needs to be protected. For example, your organisation’s foyer probably won’t need security controls.

Evans & Dixon readies for the future by streamlining their document management with OpenText eDOCS

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Is your document management solution scalable to your firm’s future growth? When Evans & Dixon decided to implement a document management system in their Midwest U.S.

Experts analyzed how Iranian OilRIG hackers tested their weaponized documents

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Security experts at Palo Alto Networks analyzed the method used by Iran-linked OilRig APT Group to test weaponized docs before use in attacks. The spear-phishing email had an attached Microsoft Word document that contained a macro responsible for installing a new variant of BONDUPDATER.”.

How to create documentation to comply with the DSP Toolkit

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The Data Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit has superseded the Information Governance (IG) Toolkit as the standard for cyber and data security for healthcare organisations. A quick overview of DSP Toolkit documentation. Data Security Standard 3: Training.


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If you’ve never experienced a paper-related disaster, you’d be surprised how fast things can go off the rails in document storage areas. The post PREVENTING DOCUMENT DAMAGE NIGHTMARES appeared first on IG GURU. Disaster Recovery IG News Information Governance information security Records Management Risk News Sponsored business continuity intersate paper records

Mandatory documents for ISO 27001:2013

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Organisations looking to comply with ISO 27001 must produce many documents demonstrating the steps they have taken to meet the Standard’s requirements. This enables staff to identify how the Standard applies to their organisation, and provides a framework for staying secure.

The Benefits and Process of Scanning Large Documents

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Storing and managing standard-size documents is hard enough. In this blog, we discuss the benefits and process of scanning large documents. The biggest challenge of large documents is deciding where and how to store them. Background-screened professionals use large format scanners to convert your oversize documents into images and upload them to your server, hard drive, or enterprise content management system (ECM). Security.

How to Preserve Your Old Documents While Growing Digitally


Taking care of your old documents is a complicated process. On the other, however, when you do need the documents, you need to be able to locate them quickly and not waste hours trying to figure out where they might have ended up. First Off, Handle the Documents with Care.

Fox Entertainment Group puts document management in the spotlight

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As the legal community steps up to meet the needs of a digital world, law firms and legal departments are recognizing the need to ensure that information is managed and secure, yet easily accessible.

How to create documentation to comply with the NIS Regulations

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They aim to improve national cyber security capabilities and increase cooperation between EU member states. Top tips for producing documentation for the NIS Regulations. Remember to adapt the documentation to your organisation’s specific needs.

6 Ways Document Management Software Can Make Your Next Audit a Breeze


Many of your company’s processes and documents must be analyzed to make sure you are compliant and up to standard. If you currently use filing cabinets, inboxes, and hard drives to store your documents, then an audit is likely your worst nightmare. Provides Ironclad Security.

ISO 27001: How to set and document your information security objectives

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As part of your ISO 27001 certification project, your organisation needs to prove its compliance with appropriate documentation. of ISO 27001 outlines the requirements organisations need to meet when creating information security objectives. Get help documenting your objectives.

The Document that Microsoft Eluded AppLocker and AMSI

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Experts analyzed an Office document containing a payload that is able to bypass Microsoft AppLocker and Anti-Malware Scan Interface (AMSI), Introduction. Initial document view. The post The Document that Microsoft Eluded AppLocker and AMSI appeared first on Security Affairs.

Why Off-Site Document Storage in Better than On-Site

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To avoid complications and streamline business operations, companies must come up with a number of different policies including a strategy for document storage. This plan should address a number of key issues including what documents will be retained, how long the documents will be held, and where and how the documents will be stored. Typically, decisions regarding document storage break down into selecting on-site or off-site document storage.

Intellectual Property: A Funny Thing Happened When Seeking the Truth about an Altered Document and Brand…

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by Robin Thompson I had a unique experience involving my love of information and documents that I want to share with my fellow practitioners who guard information as an asset. I love looking at documents for anomalies, kerning that is off, a suggestion of alteration or misuse.

3 Security Questions Your Document Restoration Company Will Ask

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The post 3 Security Questions Your Document Restoration Company Will Ask appeared first on IG GURU. IG News Records Management Risk News Security Sponsored Polygon Risk ManagementSPONSORED.

Manafort and Cohen Sentencing Documents Put Donald Trump in Spotlight

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SecurityThe Mueller investigation has a long way to go, but the worst case scenario seems increasingly likely.

5 Benefits of Switching to Digital Document Storage

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Going digital with your documents doesn’t only make sense from an organizational perspective – it’s also the number one way to ensure the long-term safety and security of your most important personal and business records. Enjoy Maximum Data Security.

The Risks of Storing Documents in Self Storage

Archive Document Data Storage

That’s why so many organisations use them for document storage. But self-storage facilities come with big risks for document storage. Lack of Security. Self-storage facilities are low security. Chain-link fences offer minimal perimeter security. Most self-storage facilities don’t even staff security personnel. In contrast, record centres represent the opposite end of the security spectrum as they feature: 24-hour internal staffing.

Strong data security starts with proper documentation

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Content management systems Data security Data managementImportant considerations are what data is accessible, where it’s all stored, how it’s all connected and who has rights to view it.

Sensitive Super-Bowl Security Documents Left on an Airplane

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A CNN reporter found

First American Financial exposed 16 years’ worth of personal and financial documents

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The US real-estate insurance biz, First American Financial, accidentally leaked customers’ highly personal files online, hundreds of millions of documents. accidentally leaked hundreds of millions of documents.

Experts devised 3 attacks Show Signed PDF Documents Cannot Be Trusted

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Several PDF viewers and online validation services contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited to make unauthorized changes to signed PDF documents without invalidating their digital signature. Breaking News Hacking Digital signature PDF Pierluigi Paganini PKI Security Affairs