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Chinese Hacking Contractor iSoon Leaks Internal Documents

Data Breach Today

Company Mainly Hacked for the Ministry of Public Security An apparent leak of internal documents from a Chinese hacking contractor paints a picture of a disaffected, poorly paid workforce that nonetheless penetrated multiple regional governments and possibly NATO.

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Document Scanning for Higher Education

Record Nations

Document scanning is an efficient, secure way to keep track of and store files over time. When you digitize documents it saves you physical space, provides an easy way to collaborate and share, and gives you the ability to search and edit documents.


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OneSpan to Buy ProvenDB to Securely Store, Vault Documents

Data Breach Today

The Australian Startup Uses Blockchain To Stop Data Tampering, Document Alteration OneSpan plans to purchase an Australian startup founded by a longtime Quest Software executive to securely store and vault documents based on blockchain technology.

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What are the Best Document Management Capabilities?


Document Management is the use of a software application to track digital documents from creation through approval and publication. It serves in many ways to apply a formal governance framework to the document creation and collaborative editing processes. Five Key Document Management Capabilities. Version control.

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US Physics Laboratory Exposed Documents, Credentials

Data Breach Today

has tidied up its systems after security researchers found weaknesses exposing documents, proprietary applications, personal information, project details and credentials. The findings come from the Sakura Samurai security research group.

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GUEST ESSAY: Going beyond watermarks to protect sensitive documents from illegal access

The Last Watchdog

They also enrich documents with metadata and place them in crypto-containers, access to which is only granted by permission. However, all of these solutions are powerless when it comes to photographing a document with a smartphone and compromising printed copies of documents. There are more exotic ways of protecting documents.

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How to Preserve Paper Documents: A Comprehensive Guide

Armstrong Archives

All businesses and organizations that have been in existence for more than a decade or so have had to contend with the creation, storage, handling, and disposal of documents. Of course, not all documents are created equal when it comes to protection, handling, and destruction.

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