Documentation required by ISO 27001

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Organisations seeking ISO 27001 compliance must prove their compliance with the Standard by completing appropriate documents. List of documents required for ISO 27001 compliance. Documented information determined by the organisation as being necessary for the effectiveness of the ISMS.

Top Considerations for Document Management

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Top Considerations for Document Management. Records management is a major concern for virtually any company, but different industries face different regulatory requirements concerning document management and recordkeeping. Document Destruction.

The Art of Document Restoration

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Document restoration for vellum

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Privacy and Innovation Combined in Information Governance


The post Privacy and Innovation Combined in Information Governance appeared first on EVERTEAM. Document Management GDPR Information Governance Records Management Technology Trends compliance privacy

Cabinet of Secret Documents from Australia

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This story of leaked Australian government secrets is unlike any other I've heard: It begins at a second-hand shop in Canberra, where ex-government furniture is sold off cheaply. Inside was the trove of documents now known as The Cabinet Files.

Document Strategy Forum Next Week! My Session – Executing the Information Governance Strategy for the Post-Cloud World

Information Governance Perspectives

Data Governance Information Governance Information Technology Millennials Professional Development Automation Conferences Customer Communications Management Document Strategy ForumContent. Communication. Strategy. I’ve attended and spoken at many different “information management” conferences over the years and each has their strengths and weaknesses.

Leaking government documents


So, working with a federal government agency to get confidential government information. The leakers at the government were angling for jobs at KPMG. Confidential government information belongs to the government. Conspiring with government employees to get that information is a crime. No one at the government has been charged.

Using Strategic Data Governance to Manage GDPR/CCPA Complexity


In light of recent, high-profile data breaches, it’s past-time we re-examined strategic data governance and its role in managing regulatory requirements. Govern PII “at rest”. Govern PII “in motion”.

GDPR 100

List of mandatory documents required by the GDPR

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The documentation of processing activities is a new legal requirement under the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Documenting your processing activities can also support good data governance, and help you to demonstrate your compliance with other aspects of the GDPR.

More than a Nicety: Information Governance is a Growing Necessity


This is why organizations need to focus on information governance and how it can affect their organization’s wellbeing. Information governance is more than simply managing information, and it’s a strategy for how that asset is protected, leveraged, and maintained.


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If you’ve never experienced a paper-related disaster, you’d be surprised how fast things can go off the rails in document storage areas. And schools, government offices, law firms, medical offices and other business and facilities that deal with a lot of paper are all at risk. The post PREVENTING DOCUMENT DAMAGE NIGHTMARES appeared first on IG GURU.

Experts analyzed how Iranian OilRIG hackers tested their weaponized documents

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Security researchers Palo Alto Networks have analyzed the techniques adopted by Iran-linked APT group OilRig (aka APT34 ) to test the weaponized documents before use in attacks. The final document was then delivered to the target within 20 minutes after its creation.

Intellectual Property: A Funny Thing Happened When Seeking the Truth about an Altered Document and Brand…

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by Robin Thompson I had a unique experience involving my love of information and documents that I want to share with my fellow practitioners who guard information as an asset. I love looking at documents for anomalies, kerning that is off, a suggestion of alteration or misuse.

ECM 2.0: The Role of Federated Information Governance in the ECM / DM Evolution


The history of Document Management (DM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has been one of almost continuous change. Instead, they require supplementing a strategy with tools that combine support for both centralized and decentralized models of information governance.

ECM 52

How to write a GDPR privacy notice – with documentation template example

IT Governance

An integral part of EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance is producing appropriate documentation. It should be a clear and concise document that is accessible by data subjects. Example of IT Governance’s GDPR privacy notice template. Updated 8 November 2018.

The Carbon Footprint of Document Scanning and Imaging

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How to create documentation to comply with the DSP Toolkit

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The Data Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit has superseded the Information Governance (IG) Toolkit as the standard for cyber and data security for healthcare organisations. A quick overview of DSP Toolkit documentation. Top tips for producing DSP Toolkit documentation.

Components of a Data Governance Strategy in Financial Services

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Previously, I analyzed the types of data in a governance program for financial services companies. In this post, I discuss the components needed to design a data governance strategy.

Government Shutdown Leaves Americans More Vulnerable to Identity Theft, Scams

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citizens are more vulnerable to the effects of identity theft and scams as a result of the ongoing government shutdown. Government websites will also become a more attractive avenue for scams and phishing. Data Security Government Consumer Protection Identity Theft featured shutdown

How to document your information security policy

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We have collated some information from Alan Calder’s Nine Steps to Success: An ISO 27001 Implementation Overview and IT Governance: An international guide to data security and ISO 27001/ISO 27002 to help you produce your own information security policy.

Open Government Today: “The Harder I Work, The Behinder I Get”

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This 3-Minute Drill troubleshoots a typical municipality’s information challenges as it strives to meet its Open Government commitment. TL:DR Chances are the documents you need are hard to find and are hard to validate because: They’re in different departments, scattered all across the city; They’re in different computer systems; and As often as not, they’re […]. governance information governance Open Government

Scanner App for Android — 5 Best Way to Scan your Documents

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We admit, these are essential devices to better communicate digitally with your important documents. The post Scanner App for Android — 5 Best Way to Scan your Documents appeared first on IG GURU. Information Governance Records Management Scanning Sponsored android Mobile Phone Scanne

7 ways organizations can improve information governance

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Documents and records retention Cloud hosting Data securityBetter management of data can help healthcare entities protect information and achieve compliance.

My Latest Article Published at Document Strategy Magazine

Getting Information Done

How to Get Your Information Governance Projects Funded One of the big challenges for information governance professionals is getting buy-in from business stakeholders and sponsors for funding projects.

Why Cybersecurity Pros Should Care About Governance

Getting Information Done

Cybersecurity professionals need to understand the information risks their organization faces and how to leverage information governance, along with technology, to get the biggest bang for their buck. This article appears in the Spring 2017 digital issue of DOCUMENT Strategy

Experts devised 3 attacks Show Signed PDF Documents Cannot Be Trusted

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Several PDF viewers and online validation services contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited to make unauthorized changes to signed PDF documents without invalidating their digital signature.

Information or governance


Not sure whether this is more about governance than about information. AT&T wants information on internal government discussions, in order to rebut the government’s attack on the proposed acquisition of/merger with Time Warner. How much is it worth to keep your internal government discussions private? On the governance point, one governing authority (the Executive Branch) moves to block a transaction, alleging it’s anti-competitive.

Top 10 Data Governance Predictions for 2019


This past year witnessed a data governance awakening – or as the Wall Street Journal called it, a “global data governance reckoning.” So what’s on the horizon for data governance in the year ahead? The data needs to be continuously governed for assurance purposes.

Governance is Always Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

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There’s a disturbing trend in the information governance profession that needs to stop now, namely the tendency to apologize for the work we’re doing. Let me email that document to you.” – “I’m sorry, but please paste in the link to the digital document instead.” “I The post Governance is <del>Always</del> Never Having to Say You’re Sorry appeared first on Holly Group.

Getting Started With Data Governance

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Data governance doesn’t start in a vacuum; it requires plenty of advance thinking, preparation, and strategy. As such, successful data governance must begin with a foundation built on data principles and a well-thought-out data strategy.

Our Data Governance Is Broken. Let’s Reinvent It.

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My current work is split between two projects: One has to do with data governance, the other political media. And second… Governance. Government – well for sure, I’d wager that’s increased given who’s been running the country these past two years. But Governance?

Fractured Block Campaign: CARROTBAT dropper dupports a dozen decoy document formats

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Palo Alto Networks recently discovered a malware dropper, dubbed CARROTBAT, that supports a dozen decoy document file formats to drop many payloads. Palo Alto Networks detected 29 unique CARROTBAT samples since its discovery, they contained a total of 12 unique decoy documents.

Cyberattack shuts down La Porte County government systems

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Government computer systems at La Porte County, Indiana, were shut down after a cyber attack hit them on July 6. On July 6, a cyber attack brought down government computer systems atLa Porte County, Indiana.

Croatia government agencies targeted with news SilentTrinity malware

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Croatia government agencies have been targeted by unknown hackers with a new piece of malware tracked as SilentTrinity. Between February and April, allegedly state-sponsored hackers have launched a spear-phishing campaign against government agencies.

Top 7 Data Governance Blog Posts of 2018


The driving factors behind data governance adoption vary. Whether implemented as preventative measures (risk management and regulation) or proactive endeavors (value creation and ROI), the benefits of a data governance initiative is becoming more apparent. Defining Data Governance.

Gorbea pushing to move historic state documents out of flood plain

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WPRI) — Thousands of Rhode Island’s most historic documents sit in a rented building, and one of its features fills R.I. The post Gorbea pushing to move historic state documents out of flood plain appeared first on IG GURU. PROVIDENCE, R.I.

Information Governance Innovations in 2019


If 2018 showed us anything, it’s that information governance has captured the attention of organizations of all sizes. Maybe they don’t all refer to the work they do on ensuring their information is well governed as “information governance,” but they are thinking about what’s needed and doing the work to make it happen. Here’s a look at some of the things we believe is going to help organizations get better at information governance.

Innovation Lab: The Role of Blockchain in Information Governance


It is a series of blocks or data records that record transactions (like a change to a document, a digital signature) grouped in a chain. They used the example of an automated deletion policy that cleans up unwanted legacy documents.

Lawyers: Why Document Scanning Services Are Critical for your Client Files

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