How to Block Advanced Threats

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Focus on 'Total Cost of Control,' Says BlackBerry Cylance's John McClurg After years of organizations being stuck in a reactive security posture, proactive prevention is finally possible thanks to machine learning backed by AI math models, says BlackBerry Cylance's John McClurg

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How to Prepare for Misconfigurations Clouding the Corporate Skies


With cloud misconfigurations rampant in cloud storage and IaaS environments, adding security layers to identify them is crucial for securing sensitive data.

How to: Find and Clean out Your Dark Data with


We talk a lot about how you need to get control of the dark data spread across disconnected silos in your company. Now let’s show you how you can do with our tools; in this case, with is our file analytics product, and it’s very easy to use.

How to Make Your Containers More Observable

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Want to keep up with your dynamic environment with unified insights? Splunk for container monitoring provides a solution to help ensure your containers are available, and issues are fixed quickly with minimal effort.

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How to Effectively Use AI and ML in Security

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Group-IB's Aleksandr Lazarenko on Overcoming the Challenges It's difficult to build a reliable security system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, says Aleksandr Lazarenko of Group-IB, who offers insights on how to make the most of these technologies

How to Shop Online Like a Security Pro

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‘Tis the season when even those who know a thing or two about Internet scams tend to let down their guard in the face of an eye-popping discount or the stress of last-minute holiday shopping. How do you know the lifespan of a site selling that must-have gadget at the lowest price?

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How to Get Your Equifax Settlement Money

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A settlement with the FTC means Equifax will pay victims of its breach $125 or more. Make sure it pay ups. Security Security / Security News

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How to manage content chaos

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ILTACON has been a staple for legal and IT professionals for over 40 years, and this year’s conference promises not to disappoint. Spend less time searching for … The post How to manage content chaos appeared first on OpenText Blogs. The agenda is packed with sessions on collaboration, technological advancements and tangible takeaways that address the challenges law firms and corporate legal clients face on a daily basis.

How to Predict Insider Fraud

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How to Shift Security Practices From Monitoring to Observability

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Or, is it the new way to find out "why" (and not just "if") your system, IT or application isn't working as expected? Is 'Observability' just a disingenuous rebrand of 'monitoring'? Is it monitoring on steroids?

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How To Clear Out Your Zombie Apps and Online Accounts

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Here's how to get rid of them. All those services you signed up for but forgot about? They're a security risk. Security Security / Security Advice

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How to Punish Cybercriminals

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There are approximately 300,000 reported malicious cyber incidents per year, including up to 194,000 that could credibly be called individual or system-wide breaches or attempted breaches. This is likely a vast undercount since many victims don't report break-ins to begin with.

How Does Encryption Work?

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The word “encryption” is synonymous with data protection, and most people are aware of its functionality in their day-to-day lives within a digital context. The post How Does Encryption Work? Cybersecurity How-To Tech how-to security

OnDemand Webinar | How to Secure Custom Apps Without Code

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The number one gating factor for true edge compute on mobile is security, and that's a hard thing to get into a mobile app Accelerating the development of secure custom apps without coding.

How to Maximize Data Used to Fight Fraud

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Splunk's Jim Apger on Streamlining Omni-Channel Defenses The data being used to drive effective anti-fraud efforts can be rich in context and useful for other activities.

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How to Prepare for the Brazil Data Protection Law


With the new August 2020 effective date of the Brazil data protection law moving ever closer, organizations subject to its requirements may want to implement changes now, so they will be fully ready.

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How to eliminate roadblocks to digital transformation

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Our second blog covered how to ensure quality data drives your analytics activities. The third examined how you can integrate … The post How to eliminate roadblocks to digital transformation appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

How to Avoid Card Skimmers at the Pump

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But according to police in San Antonio, Texas, there are far more reliable ways to avoid getting skimmed at a fuel station. Booth said the SAPD has yet to see a skimming incident involving newer pump models like the one pictured directly above.

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New Hacker Exploits and How to Fight Them

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Dan Larson of Crowdstrike discusses some the new techniques hackers are using and how to fight them off Dan Larson of Crowdstrike on Battling New Attack Techniques Hackers are constantly developing new exploits, and updating defenses is not an easy task.

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Cyber Exposure: How to Discover, Measure and Reduce Your Risk

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Tenable's Diwaker Dayal on Benchmarking the Success of Your Security Posture How does an organization measure cybersecurity success? For too many, it's simply the absence of a breach.

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5 Common Phishing Attacks and How to Avoid Them?

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The emails are designed in a way that it appears to be authentic or belonging from a real business or authoritative source. These emails appear to be coming from some authentic source like from your bank or some legit business organization. Tips to Prevent Phishing.

Beyond 'Black Box' MSSP Security: How to Get the Most

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Matt Peters of Expel Describes Hybrid Approaches to Security Operations For a managed security service provider to deliver maximum value for customers, it needs to provide a hybrid approach that delivers not only actionable security information but also context, says Matt Peters of Expel

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How to become an ethical hacking master

IT Governance

Does the idea of being paid to hack into organisations’ systems sound appealing? The pay is good, it’s creative and you get to test your skills every day. You can implement all the defences you like, but you won’t know whether they work or not until someone tries to get past them.

How to handle a ransomware attack

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So, your computer screen has been hijacked by criminals who are demanding money to return your systems. That’s a question more organisations are having to ask themselves nowadays, with at least 55 ransomware attacks reported in the first half of 2019. How are they supposed to do work?

How to Keep Your Web Servers Secure

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But to err is human, even for IT and security people The good news is that Web servers have come a long way in terms of security.

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How to Foster Collaboration in your Workplace


An overabundance of motivation can lead to stress, fatigue, and burnout. Clearly, we need better ways to manage time. Agile environments are conducive to cooperation and collaboration. It is important to nip collaborative overload in the bud.

How to select the best iPaaS vendors in 2020

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According to Information Week, integration is one of the biggest challenges facing CIOs in 2019. As … The post How to select the best iPaaS vendors in 2020 appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Expert discovered how to brick all Samsung mobile phones

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The popular French white hat hacker Robert Baptiste (aka @fs0c131y) discovered how to brick all Samsung mobile phones. French white hat hacker Robert Baptiste (aka @fs0c131y) discovered how to brick all Samsung mobile phones.

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How to prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act

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state to pass its own data privacy law. A key variation with GDPR is the word “household” which adds more complexity to the implementation of the Act. Similar to GDPR, the CCPA excludes from its scope information that is publicly available. Looking into to the future.

How to Use FDA's Medical Device Cybersecurity 'Playbook'

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aims to assist healthcare delivery organizations in responding to cybersecurity incidents involving medical devices. Julie Connolly, who helped develop the guide, explains how to use it A new "playbook" co-developed by the Food and Drug Administration and Mitre Corp.

How to lose your password

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The tsunami of passwords that exist across every aspect of our digital life means that there’s a thriving underground industry of cyber-criminals trying to get at them. Equifax – I could go on, but you might want to play with this visualisation instead.

How to detect a data breach

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Having systems in place to help identify and contain breaches promptly should be a priority for all management teams. Organisations must also deploy modern breach detection tools, and keep as up to date as possible with the constantly evolving threat landscape. The need for speed.

How to beat the creative content crunch

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With the demand for creative content to support an ever-increasing volume of campaigns and programs on the rise, marketers turn to digital asset management (DAM) solutions to address their creative challenges.

How to accelerate digital transformation initiatives

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Digital transformation is delivering a data deluge that most legacy systems and infrastructure are struggling to cope with. With so much information at their disposal, many enterprises have to spend more time, resources, and skilled staff wrangling … The post How to accelerate digital transformation initiatives appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

How to Future-Proof the Critical National Infrastructure

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Design Cyberattack Resilience Into Technology, Says Professor Prashant Pillai The challenge when designing technology for critical national infrastructure sectors is that it must be securable today and remain resilient to cyberattacks for decades to come, says cybersecurity Professor Prashant Pilla

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Open Source Security - How to Defend at the Speed of Attack

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On the sixth stop of a multi-city tour, ISMG and Sonatype visited San Francisco for an engaging discussion on how to mitigate risks introduced by open source software. Sonatype CMO Matt Howard discusses the relevance and value of this application security conversation

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How to avoid wasting money on under-used cloud resources

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According to the research giant Gartner, we’ll spend $206.2 But, at the same time, according to the cloud resource management company ParkMyCloud, we’ll waste up to $14.1 billion on the public cloud. That sounds about right. billion in cloud spending. By a ballpark estimate, that means you’re probably wasting 6.8 percent of your IT budget […]. Cloud Uncategorized cloud strategy

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How to Create an Information Management Systems Matrix


Before engaging in any Enterprise Content Management (ECM) initiative in your organization, it is crucial to have a list of current ECM systems or tools and make the proper gap analysis to define the desired state, having always in mind to deliver the right value proposition to the business.

How to Manage Your Sprawling Content


Consolidation of repositories, which began in the early 2000s, at first looked to be the solution. However, it ended up highlighting the problems of content sprawl due to the high costs of consolidation as well as need for records managers to manage multiple file plans.

How to Create Smarter Risk Assessments

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Executives and directors need quantitative measurements - such as likelihood of loss and hard-dollar financial impact - to make more informed decisions about security risks

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