How to: Find and Clean out Your Dark Data with


We talk a lot about how you need to get control of the dark data spread across disconnected silos in your company. Now let’s show you how you can do with our tools; in this case, with is our file analytics product, and it’s very easy to use.

How to Achieve 'Laser-Cut Fraud Prevention'

Data Breach Today

Trusteer's Avner Gideoni on Creating the Perfect Defensive Blend How do machine learning, threat intelligence and advanced analytics blend together to form agile and accurate fraud prevention?

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How to Shop Online Like a Security Pro

Krebs on Security

‘Tis the season when even those who know a thing or two about Internet scams tend to let down their guard in the face of an eye-popping discount or the stress of last-minute holiday shopping. How do you know the lifespan of a site selling that must-have gadget at the lowest price?

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How to Shift Security Practices From Monitoring to Observability

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Or, is it the new way to find out "why" (and not just "if") your system, IT or application isn't working as expected? Is 'Observability' just a disingenuous rebrand of 'monitoring'? Is it monitoring on steroids?

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How to Predict Insider Fraud

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How to Punish Cybercriminals

Schneier on Security

There are approximately 300,000 reported malicious cyber incidents per year, including up to 194,000 that could credibly be called individual or system-wide breaches or attempted breaches. This is likely a vast undercount since many victims don't report break-ins to begin with.

How to Maximize Data Used to Fight Fraud

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Splunk's Jim Apger on Streamlining Omni-Channel Defenses The data being used to drive effective anti-fraud efforts can be rich in context and useful for other activities.

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Beyond 'Black Box' MSSP Security: How to Get the Most

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Matt Peters of Expel Describes Hybrid Approaches to Security Operations For a managed security service provider to deliver maximum value for customers, it needs to provide a hybrid approach that delivers not only actionable security information but also context, says Matt Peters of Expel

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How to Spring Clean Your Digital Clutter to Protect Yourself

WIRED Threat Level

You don't have to get your hands dirty to do the most important spring cleaning of the year. Security Security / Security Advice

Cyber Exposure: How to Discover, Measure and Reduce Your Risk

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Tenable's Diwaker Dayal on Benchmarking the Success of Your Security Posture How does an organization measure cybersecurity success? For too many, it's simply the absence of a breach.

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New Hacker Exploits and How to Fight Them

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Dan Larson of Crowdstrike discusses some the new techniques hackers are using and how to fight them off Dan Larson of Crowdstrike on Battling New Attack Techniques Hackers are constantly developing new exploits, and updating defenses is not an easy task.

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How to Avoid Card Skimmers at the Pump

Krebs on Security

But according to police in San Antonio, Texas, there are far more reliable ways to avoid getting skimmed at a fuel station. Booth said the SAPD has yet to see a skimming incident involving newer pump models like the one pictured directly above.

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How to write a business continuity plan: the easy way

IT Governance

The threat of disruption looms over organisations more ominously than ever, thanks to the increasing infiltration of technology in business processes, consumer expectations and the rapid rise in cyber crime. In this blog, we explain how a BCP works, what it covers and how to create one.

How to lose your password

Thales eSecurity

The tsunami of passwords that exist across every aspect of our digital life means that there’s a thriving underground industry of cyber-criminals trying to get at them. Equifax – I could go on, but you might want to play with this visualisation instead.

How to Run a Threat Hunting Program

eSecurity Planet

What is threat hunting, how do you do it, and what tools and training do you need to do it right? We answer all that and more about this security tool

How to Use FDA's Medical Device Cybersecurity 'Playbook'

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aims to assist healthcare delivery organizations in responding to cybersecurity incidents involving medical devices. Julie Connolly, who helped develop the guide, explains how to use it A new "playbook" co-developed by the Food and Drug Administration and Mitre Corp.

How to: Setting Up Exceptions for Information Policies in everteam.policy


Then you’ve got some work to do. Let’s have a look at how to set up exceptions for information policies. For this article, we will focus on retention rules for multiple jurisdictions, but keep in mind this applies to any type of information policies and its rules.

How to beat the creative content crunch

OpenText Information Management

With the demand for creative content to support an ever-increasing volume of campaigns and programs on the rise, marketers turn to digital asset management (DAM) solutions to address their creative challenges.

How to detect a data breach

IT Governance

Having systems in place to help identify and contain breaches promptly should be a priority for all management teams. Organisations must also deploy modern breach detection tools, and keep as up to date as possible with the constantly evolving threat landscape. The need for speed.

How to Future-Proof the Critical National Infrastructure

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Design Cyberattack Resilience Into Technology, Says Professor Prashant Pillai The challenge when designing technology for critical national infrastructure sectors is that it must be securable today and remain resilient to cyberattacks for decades to come, says cybersecurity Professor Prashant Pilla

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How to improve your cyber resilience

IT Governance

It’s not as simple as finding off-the-shelf tools to plug into your organisation. Rather, you must tailor your approach to your needs, assessing the way any one solution affects the whole. Cyber resilience is the ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber attacks.

How to Foster Collaboration in your Workplace


An overabundance of motivation can lead to stress, fatigue, and burnout. Clearly, we need better ways to manage time. Agile environments are conducive to cooperation and collaboration. It is important to nip collaborative overload in the bud.

How to Check Your Computer for Hacked Asus Software Update

WIRED Threat Level

Hackers compromised Asus’s Live Update tool to distribute malware to almost a million people. Here’s how to find out if your computer has it. Security Security / Cyberattacks and Hacks

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How to create an ethical framework for artificial intelligence

Information Management Resources

Such frameworks ensure that AI continues to lead to the best decisions, without unintended consequences or misuse of data and analytics. Artificial intelligence Corporate ethics Machine learning

How to create a risk assessment matrix

IT Governance

To comply with ISO 27001 , the international standard for information security, you need to know how to perform a risk assessment. This process is at the core of your compliance measures, as it helps you identify the threats you face and the controls you need to implement.

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NoScript temporarily disabled in Tor Browser … how to fix it?

Security Affairs

A few days ago millions of users discovered that Mozilla Add-ons were disabled and they were not able to re-activate or re-install them. The issue was caused by an expired intermediary certificate used to digitally sign Mozilla add-ons.

How to write a disaster recovery plan

IT Governance

All organisations experience disruptions, whether that’s from a cyber attack, IT failure, weather event or something else, and they need to be prepared. The longer it takes to address an issue, the more the costs will spiral and the harder it will be to recover.

How to create an ISO 27001-compliant risk treatment plan

IT Governance

An RTP (risk treatment plan) is an essential part of an organisation’s ISO 27001 implementation process, as it documents the way your organisation will respond to identified threats. This response is appropriate if the risk is too big to manage with a security control.

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How to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks

eSecurity Planet

Your company's website does not have to be the next victim of a SQL injection breach. Here's how to prevent SQL injection attacks

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Experts demonstrate how to exfiltrate data using smart bulbs

Security Affairs

The experts focused their study on devices using the Low Energy Attribute Protocol ( ATT ) to communicate. In this way, the researchers discovered the commands sent by the mobile app to the smart bulbs. The stolen information is sent to an attacker using a BLE light bulb nearby.”

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Business Process Modeling Use Cases and Definition


A visual representation of what your business does and how it does it. According to Gartner , BPM links business strategy to IT systems development to ensure business value. In this case, a key best practice to consider is the introduction of role/user-based access.

How to Secure ‘Permissioned’ Blockchains

Thales eSecurity

Permissioned blockchains are growing in popularity as businesses attempt to cash in on the blockchain trend while keeping a firm hand on the tiller. The post How to Secure ‘Permissioned’ Blockchains appeared first on Data Security Blog | Thales e-Security.

How to build a cyber incident response team

IT Governance

Having a cyber incident response team ready to go can save your organisation from disaster. Crooks are constantly poised to exploit vulnerabilities and employees use complex IT systems where mistakes are bound to happen. How to assemble the team. How to get started?

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How to Manage a Security Operations Center

eSecurity Planet

We define security operations centers (SOCs), including how they should be designed, run and staffed, and the technologies needed to make them work

How to Use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Data Breach Today

Specific Actions for Organizations to See Success in their Cybersecurity Programs By focusing on the cybersecurity actions, NIST CSF can be flexibly deployed regardless of the setting or industry

How to achieve cost effective content localization

OpenText Information Management

Executing successful global digital marketing campaigns can be a complex nightmare even for the most digitally savvy organization.

Strong, streamlined and secure: How to get the most out of centralized key management

Thales eSecurity

With organizations around the world now deploying ever-increasing amounts of encryption solutions in an effort to ward off cybercrime, businesses are facing a combination of challenges. Using algorithms to encode data as ciphertext, encryption acts as a safety blanket for data.

How to benefit from cutting edge AI technologies

DXC Technology

In contrast to the popular belief that technologies such as AI are going to leave skilled and unskilled workers high and dry, recent research into the effects of automation indicate it can lead to increased demand, creating new job opportunities.

How to Build a Cloud Security Model

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Security experts point to seven crucial steps companies should be taking as they move data and processes to cloud environments

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How to prepare for a penetration test

IT Governance

Rather, it requires a lot of skill and experience, as testers need to know what vulnerabilities to look for, where to find them and how to exploit them. All testers should follow a series of steps to guide them through the process, which we’ve outlined here.