The business value of a governed data lake

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Imagine a searchable data management system that would enable you to review crowdsourced, categorized and classified data. Consider that this system would apply to all types of datastructured and unstructured — and become more robust as more users analyze it

UCSF leverages blockchain for secure sharing of clinical trial data

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The blockchain-based file and data structure could be used to reliably safeguard data in a clinical trials network. Blockchain Distributed ledger technology Data security


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Microsoft releases out-of-band update to fix Kerberos auth issues caused by a patch for CVE-2022-37966

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“An unauthenticated attacker could conduct an attack that could leverage cryptographic protocol vulnerabilities in RFC 4757 (Kerberos encryption type RC4-HMAC-MD5) and MS-PAC (Privilege Attribute Certificate Data Structure specification) to bypass security features in a Windows AD environment.”

Doing Cloud Migration and Data Governance Right the First Time


So if you’re going to move from your data from on-premise legacy data stores and warehouse systems to the cloud, you should do it right the first time. And as you make this transition, you need to understand what data you have, know where it is located, and govern it along the way.

Cisco Talos discovered 2 critical flaws in the popular OpenCV library

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The CVE-2019-5063 is a heap buffer overflow vulnerability that exists in the data structure persistence functionality of OpenCV 4.1.0. If the string does not match one of the strings in the switch statement, the data is instead copied to a buffer as is.”

Critical flaws in myPRO HMI/SCADA product could allow takeover vulnerable systems

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mySCADA myPRO is a multiplatform, human-machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that allows to visualize and control industrial processes. A researcher found a dozen vulnerabilities in mySCADA myPRO product, some of which have been rated as critical.

The Top Six Benefits of Data Modeling – What Is Data Modeling?


Understanding the benefits of data modeling is more important than ever. Data modeling is the process of creating a data model to communicate data requirements, documenting data structures and entity types. It serves as a visual guide in designing and deploying databases with high-quality data sources as part of application development. In this post: What Is a Data Model? Why Is Data Modeling Important? What Is a Data Model?

Recording Now Available: DocuWare Forms Webinar from 26.07.2018


Avoiding Incorrect Entries – Defining Default Values – Immediate Forwarding of Collected DataStructured Collection of Information – Available Anytime, Anywhere. Modern web forms not only simplify, enhance and accelerate data collection. They also help you work more efficiently and automate the flow of information, especially when coupled with workflows. Workflow DocuWare Forms Forms Management Human Resources DocuWare Kinetic Solutions Webform

Common Problems with Content Migrations


Data Quality Issues. Any migration involving unstructured data, that is, individual files, is bound to run into issues migrating certain file formats. Reports: Integrated systems may also be generating reports that rely on data from both/all systems involved. Data Quality Issues.

How to Create Great CX Using the Full Potential of MDM


Improved customer experience (CX) is a key driver in the digital economy, and having optimal multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) is a core prerequisite for delivering great CX. Customer privacy and data protection settings and rights.

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JSON is not a document, it is data… and lots of it!

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MB of data every second , and most of that data was likely stored in a database. Now, newer applications like Facebook, Twitter, Slack are storing copious amounts of data ranging from tweets, wall posts, and chats. Simply put, this is structured data.

Legendary Help: Adapting the Customer Experience Amid the Pandemic

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During times of increased demand, the flexible data structures allow for high-performance data access, storage, and resource management capabilities. The global economy is beginning to restart slowly, with businesses opening and individuals returning to work.

Over 39K unauthenticated Redis services on the internet targeted in cryptocurrency campaign

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Redis, is a popular open source data structure tool that can be used as an in-memory distributed database, message broker or cache. Threat actors targeted tens thousands of unauthenticated Redis servers exposed on the internet as part of a cryptocurrency campaign.

A custom PowerShell RAT uses to target German users using Ukraine crisis as bait

Security Affairs

The malicious code builds a unique id for the victim and exfiltrates data as a JSON data structure sent to the C2 server via a POST request. Researchers spotted a threat actor using a custom PowerShell RAT targeting German users to gain intelligence on the Ukraine crisis.

Quest EMPOWER: Day two is all about data operations


Day two will focus on data operations. The second day of Quest EMPOWER will help you lay a foundation to become truly data driven. You’ll gain the ability to identify areas within your current data operations efforts that you can improve.

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Data Modeling 301 for the cloud: data lake and NoSQL data modeling and design


For NoSQL, data lakes, and data lake houses—data modeling of both structured and unstructured data is somewhat novel and thorny. Moreover, this blog will provide readers with a firm foundation for NoSQL and data lakes as they move to the cloud. Data Lake.

Why You Need End-to-End Data Lineage


Not Documenting End-to-End Data Lineage Is Risky Busines – Understanding your data’s origins is key to successful data governance. Not everyone understands what end-to-end data lineage is or why it is important. Data Lineage Tells an Important Origin Story.

What Is An Out-of-Bounds Read and Out-of-Bounds Write Error?


CWE-125 Out-of-Bounds Read is a type of software error that can occur when reading data from memory. To avoid out-of-bounds reads, programs should check that the index they are using to read data is within the bounds of the array.

How to Develop a Metadata Strategy


Every system uses metadata to store and retrieve data. But in too many organizations, every system uses similar but different metadata, with the result that different data structures and approaches make information harder to find and manage, not easier.

How to Do Data Modeling the Right Way


Data modeling supports collaboration among business stakeholders – with different job roles and skills – to coordinate with business objectives. Data resides everywhere in a business , on-premise and in private or public clouds. Nine Steps to Data Modeling. Promote data literacy.

Best Digital Forensics Tools & Software for 2021

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For everything from minor network infractions to devastating cyberattacks and data privacy troubles , digital forensics software can help clean up the mess and get to the root of what happened. Like TSK and Autopsy, OpenText specializes in disk and data capture tools.

Integrating SQL and NoSQL into Data Modeling for Greater Business Value: The Latest Release of erwin Data Modeler


compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation). For decades, data modeling has been the optimal way to design and deploy new relational databases with high-quality data sources and support application development. The Newest Release of erwin Data Modeler.

Executive Order About Cybersecurity Urging Zero Trust Adoption

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prioritize identification of the unclassified data” [Section 3(c)(iv)]. Within 180 days of the date of this order, agencies shall adopt multi-factor authentication and encryption for data at rest and in transit, to the maximum extent” [Section 3(d)].

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Benefits of Enterprise Modeling and Data Intelligence Solutions


Users discuss how they are putting erwin’s data modeling, enterprise architecture, business process modeling, and data intelligences solutions to work. IT Central Station members using erwin solutions are realizing the benefits of enterprise modeling and data intelligence.

We need to talk about Go

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For example, the core “json” package converts JSON to Go structures yet does nothing to automate this process. If you have a large JSON document to consume, you’ll be writing the corresponding Go structures by hand. Thus to solve the problem above, I can turn to [link] , which automatically generates Go data structures that match a JSON document. The post We need to talk about Go appeared first on Data Security Blog | Thales eSecurity. Data security

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Integrating Structured and Unstructured Data; Are we there already?


“By 2022, 50% of organizations will include unstructured, semistructured and structured data within the same governance program, up from less than 10% today.” Gartner Market Guide for File Analytics. How many companies have separate solutions to manage structured (database, transactional data) and unstructured data (documents, text, videos, images, email, social media, etc.)? Can we look at both types of data in a single governance program?

A blazingly fast database in a data-driven world

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A database is a crucial engine for a world becoming more data driven. Businesses are more heavily relying on smart insights and emerging patterns to succeed. Instead of taking multiple copies of data and updating using different technologies, we want to help run this all transparently.

Step up to continuous data quality with modern master data management


Today’s organizations need high-quality data to thrive. And as the volume, variety, and velocity of data increases, the quality and availability of data become even more important than ever. So improving the data quality of your data should be one of your top priorities.

Six-Library Vulnerability in NGA


The US government has published a software library called six-library designed to parse and manipulate satellite imagery and data for both internal and public use. In this case the function called before readTre has the user input stream data structure on the stack.

New TSX Speculative Attack allows stealing sensitive data from latest Intel CPUs

Security Affairs

The flaw affects the Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX) feature in Intel processors, it could be exploited by a local attacker or a malicious code to steal sensitive data from the underlying operating system kernel. In the past months, security researchers devised several speculative -channel RIDL (Rogue In-Flight Data Load), Fallout, Microarchitectural Data Sampling ( MDS attacks ), and ZombieLoad.

Speculation Attack Against Intel's SGX

Schneier on Security

At a high level, SGX is a new feature in modern Intel CPUs which allows computers to protect users' data even if the entire system falls under the attacker's control. Attempts to read SGX data from outside an enclave receive special handling by the processor: reads always return a specific value (-1), and writes are ignored completely. Another speculative-execution attack against Intel's SGX.

Information Governance Challenges and How to Address Them


We can do that both from various repositories and structured data, structured repositories, endpoints and the like. ARI: Craig, how has the pandemic impacted the way organizations manage their data?

Six-Library Vulnerability in NGA


The US government has published a software library called six-library designed to parse and manipulate satellite imagery and data for both internal and public use. In this case the function called before readTre has the user input stream data structure on the stack.

What is metadata management and why is it important?


Metadata management is a cross-organizational agreement on how to define informational assets for converting data into an enterprise asset. As data volumes and diversity grow, metadata management is even more critical to derive business value from the gigantic amounts of data. .

The State of Blockchain Applications in Cybersecurity

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For these industries and more, data storage, identity management, and smart contracts are applications where blockchains could shine. In a few words, blockchains are advanced databases that timestamp and store clusters of data in immutable virtual blocks linked chronologically.

Top 10 Data Governance Predictions for 2019


This past year witnessed a data governance awakening – or as the Wall Street Journal called it, a “global data governance reckoning.” There was tremendous data drama and resulting trauma – from Facebook to Equifax and from Yahoo to Marriott. And then, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect , with many organizations scrambling to become compliant. So what’s on the horizon for data governance in the year ahead?

Seamlessly discover and extract metadata from your ERP and CRM systems


Your organization has invested heavily in these systems, and they continuously generate valuable operational and transactional data. This data is essential to power analytics and support critical business decisions. Data Catalog

Government Open Data Success Via Information Sharing, Enterprise Architecture and Data Assets

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But that's what's happening all over, isn't it, driven by consumer demand on their iPhones - mashing and manipulating information that's managed to leak through the risk-adverse, highly-regulated mantle of the government's secure data cocoon, and instantly sharing it for further rendering, visualization or actual, productive use. enterprise architecture open data open government

Poulight Stealer, a new Comprehensive Stealer from Russia

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The last instruction seen in Figure 8 is “ CBoard.Start ”, which works in the following way: Figure 12: Routine to steal the clipboard data. Researchers from Cybaze-Yoroi ZLab monitored the evolution and the diffusion of an infostealer dubbed Poulight that most likely has a Russian origin.

Active metadata graphs and machine learning for Data Intelligence


Implementing the right metadata management solution can positively impact an organization’s data strategy to maximize data use and reuse. systems and data sources. data sets. data products. Data stewards link physical data assets (e.g.