Data Governance: How to Tackle Three Key Issues

Data Breach Today

The Importance of Accountability, Data Inventory and Automation As organizations plot their 2020 cybersecurity strategies, especially in light of privacy regulations, key data governance challenges are emerging. What are the critical issues, and how are they being addressed

The Value of Data Governance and How to Quantify It


erwin recently hosted the second in its six-part webinar series on the practice of data governance and how to proactively deal with its complexities. The business drivers and motivation should be the starting point for any data governance initiative. Govern PII “at rest”.


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How to Do Data Modeling the Right Way


Data modeling supports collaboration among business stakeholders – with different job roles and skills – to coordinate with business objectives. What’s desperately needed is a way to understand the relationships and interconnections between so many entities in data sets in detail.

How to implement data governance


So your team has identified implementing data governance as a priority for the year. You’ve evaluated and demoed countless technologies and you think you’re ready to select a solution. But what happens once you purchase a data governance platform?

Top Considerations for Building an Open Cloud Data Lake

In this paper, we explore the top considerations for building a cloud data lake including architectural principles, when to use cloud data lake engines and how to empower non-technical users.

How to accelerate digital transformation in Government

OpenText Information Management

Recent requirements to stay at home due to COVID-19 have highlighted the importance of digital transformation in the public sector.

How to Create an Effective Information Governance Strategy


Information Governance in 2021. Suddenly working from home became a global norm, causing IT teams to scramble to secure access for remote workers. With newly dispersed workforces comes new challenges for information governance programs.

How To Use the Information Governance Platform by Alt + F0

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The post How To Use the Information Governance Platform by Alt + F0 appeared first on IG GURU. Compliance IG News Information Governance information privacy information security Privacy Record Retention Risk News Sponsored

How to: Find and Clean out Your Dark Data with


We talk a lot about how you need to get control of the dark data spread across disconnected silos in your company. Now let’s show you how you can do with our tools; in this case, with is our file analytics product, and it’s very easy to use. You can connect to multiple repositories, index all the content in those repositories, search, classify and organize the content. Want to see up close?

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How to Respond as Demand for Governance Automation Accelerates


With much of the workforce in flux — with people either working from home, returning to restructured office spaces, heading to the office as-needed, or filling in and catching up — it should come as no surprise that information management has become more challenging in the last few months.

Rethinking Information Governance In The Age of Unstructured Enterprise Data

Today’s organizations are faced with the overwhelming challenge of managing, finding, and leveraging their information. This eBook discusses a newly discovered information discipline and is filled to the brim with helpful information.

The Evolution of Cloud Governance

Data Breach Today

Expanse CTO Matt Kraning on Meeting New Demands for Cloud Security The good news is: Organizations are embracing the cloud, and that's a boon to velocity and digital transformation. The bad news: Visibility and governance take a huge hit.

Data Governance: How to Tackle 3 Key Issues – BankInfoSecurity

Information Governance Perspectives

The ease of digitally storing and monetizing personal information has now run up against the rights of consumers to access and in some sense, reclaim ownership of that data,” via Data Governance: How to Tackle 3 Key Issues – BankInfoSecurity.

How to Protect Against COVID-19 Email Scams

Security Affairs

Phishing emails have been driven up to 600% since the end of February as cybercriminals capitalize on people’s fears. COVID-19 phishing emails have been said to make up an approximate of 15% of all spam mails to offices during the last week of March. How Phishing Attack Works?

No Internet Access? Amid Protests, Here's How to Tell Whether the Government Is Behind it

Dark Reading

Government-mandated Internet shutdowns occur far more regularly than you might expect

How to Overcome the Pain Points of Your CRM

When used effectively, a CRM can be the life blood of your sales team – keeping everyone organized, efficient, and at peak productivity. However, as a company, sales stack, and database grow, it becomes difficult to uphold structure and governance to keep a CRM up-to-date. The result? Less organization, more confusion, and fewer deals closed. Leveraging leading industry research from industry analysts, this eBook explores how your sales team can gain back valuable time.

How to boost your Cyber Essentials certification

IT Governance

Cyber Essentials, the UK government-assured security scheme, is a terrific way of giving you a general overview of the effectiveness of your cyber security practices. What Cyber Essentials lacks, though, is a process to manage your day-to-day security concerns.

How to Improve Governance, Risk and Compliance

eSecurity Planet

VIDEO: Alissa Johnson, CISO at Xerox and former Deputy CIO at the White House, outlines compliance steps that could help all enterprises

How to become a data protection officer

IT Governance

The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires certain organisations to appoint a DPO (data protection officer) to help them comply with the Regulation. The GDPR stipulates that DPOs should have appropriate experience and qualifications to fulfil the role.

Data Governance: How to Tackle 3 Key Issues – BankInfoSecurity

Information Governance Perspectives

The ease of digitally storing and monetizing personal information has now run up against the rights of consumers to access and in some sense, reclaim ownership of that data,” via Data Governance: How to Tackle 3 Key Issues – BankInfoSecurity Shift in Concept of Privacy Privacy requirements have changed dramatically as a result of GDPR Continue reading


Open Source & Open Standards: Navigating the Intricacies of a Symbiotic Partnership

Speaker: Guy Martin, Executive Director of OASIS Open

The COVID-19 global pandemic has raised the already bright visibility of technology to an even higher level. Join Guy Martin, Executive Director at OASIS Open, as he presents this webinar that will discuss how we can make open source and open standards even more effective by helping them recapture their strong partnership.

How to build a business glossary


The real benefit of a business glossary is that it can provide all the context around an asset so any user can understand what the asset is, who owns it, and how it has changed over time. The best way to address this challenge is to start small.

Lessons from the SolarWinds attack: How to protect your business

OpenText Information Management

By the time it was discovered in December, the SolarWinds cyber attack had evaded the security defenses of and penetrated at least 18,000 government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and other organizations.

IoT Cybersecurity: 5 Major Vulnerabilities and How to Tackle Them

Security Affairs

The number of sensors and smart devices connected to the internet is exponentially rising, which are the 5 Major Vulnerabilities for IoT devices. IoT devices are exposed to cybersecurity vulnerabilities. A hacker managed to identify a weak spot in a security camera model.

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US Government Sites Give Bad Security Advice

Krebs on Security

government Web sites now carry a message prominently at the top of their home pages meant to help visitors better distinguish between official U.S. government properties and phishing pages. Here’s how you know.” It is good that they mention to look for ‘.gov’.

Use It, Save It, Or Lose It: Spring Cleaning for Information Governance

Speaker: Speakers Michelle Kirk of Georgia Pacific, Darla White of Sanofi, & Scott McVeigh of Onna

As an organization’s most valuable asset, data should be cared for and integrated, managed, archived, and deleted as appropriate. Join Onna, Georgia Pacific, and Sanofi for this on-demand webinar as they discuss proactive, practical steps for kicking off your organization's own digital cleanup.

Data Governance Maturity and Tracking Progress


Data governance is best defined as the strategic, ongoing and collaborative processes involved in managing data’s access, availability, usability, quality and security in line with established internal policies and relevant data regulations. Data Governance Is Business Transformation.

How to write a good data governance policy

Information Management Resources

As with all things data governance, I don't think that there is such a thing as a standard approach, and there certainly is not one for a data governance policy. Data governance Data management Data strategy

How to succeed in a career in data governance

Information Management Resources

If you want to transition to a data governance career, it's possible to do so and embark on a path that leads to lasting satisfaction and success. Career moves Data governance Data Scientist Career planningHere are some practical steps you should take.

How to comply with GDPR


Like it or not, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is here to stay. Many companies have hired in-house teams to take on the task of how to comply with the GDPR. Assessment to understand the risk involved with data processing activities.


The Next-Generation Cloud Data Lake: An Open, No-Copy Data Architecture

A next-gen cloud data lake architecture has emerged that brings together the best attributes of the data warehouse and the data lake. This new open data architecture is built to maximize data access with minimal data movement and no data copies.

Social engineering: what it is and how to avoid it

IT Governance

Cyber criminals have many tricks up their sleeves when it comes to compromising sensitive data. They’re just as likely to target the an organisation’s employees. The attack methods they use to do this are known as social engineering.

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Experts Explain How to Bypass Recent Improvement of China’s Great Firewall

Security Affairs

Experts from Great Firewall Report analyzed recent upgrades to China’s Great Firewall and revealed that it can be circumvented. Shadowsocks is a free and open-source encryption protocol project, widely used in China to circumvent Internet censorship.

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How to use IG tool LOCK by Alt+F0

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The What & Why of Data Governance


Modern data governance is a strategic, ongoing and collaborative practice that enables organizations to discover and track their data, understand what it means within a business context, and maximize its security, quality and value. The What: Data Governance Defined.

How to leverage data governance to boost customer retention

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Data governance helps remove uncertainties about how to handle customer data or why businesses need the information at all. Data strategy Data governance Customer experienceIn turn, customers appreciate a company's honesty and realize that providing data can create a mutually beneficial situation.

How to Bring Business Process Management to Your Business


Businesses looking for ongoing growth and scalability try to achieve these goals through different approaches that can provide “that extra advantage.” One such approach is business process management , which aims to find and make ongoing improvements in the operations of a business.

How to use a lean approach to data governance

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Getting a data governance initiative started can be extremely challenging. Data strategy Data management Data governanceThis is especially true if you work in an unstructured manner.

CIA releases UFO ‘Black Vault’ documents early: How to see them online via Fox News

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The post CIA releases UFO ‘Black Vault’ documents early: How to see them online via Fox News appeared first on IG GURU. Archives IG News Information Governance CIA Fox News UFOCheck out the article here.

How to Apply Lean Principles to Policy Writing


It's important, therefore, not to let that process commandeer more time from your day than it has to. The best way to do that is to keep your IIM policies lean. What Does It Mean for an IIM Policy to be Lean? How Do I Write Lean Policy?

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