GUEST ESSAY: Skeptical about buying life insurance online? Here’s how to do it — securely

The Last Watchdog

Purchasing life insurance once meant going to an insurer’s office or booking an appointment with an insurance agent. Then, in most cases, you’d have to undergo a medical examination and wait a few weeks to get approved and complete the whole process. But this scenario doesn’t seem to fit the fast-paced world we live in anymore. The pros Apart from providing a hassle-free process, there are other notable advantages to buying life insurance online.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Schneier on Security

Good article about how difficult it is to insure an organization against Internet attacks, and how expensive the insurance is. But even with 20 years' worth of experience and claims data in cyberinsurance, underwriters still struggle with how to model and quantify a unique type of risk. In my new book -- out in September -- I write: There are challenges to creating these new insurance products. breaches cybersecurity insurance


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How to make sure your cyber insurance policy pays out

IT Governance

Cyber insurance is big business these days. With the ever-present danger of data breaches and cyber attacks, organisations must be sure that they have the financial backing to respond appropriately. Damages incurred by information security incidents generally aren’t covered in commercial insurance policies, so a specific policy is necessary to help cover the costs of things like forensic investigation, incident response and notification procedures.

Cybersecurity Insurance Not Paying for NotPetya Losses

Schneier on Security

This will complicate things: To complicate matters, having cyber insurance might not cover everyone's losses. Zurich American Insurance Company refused to pay out a $100 million claim from Mondelez, saying that since the U.S. I get that $100 million is real money, but the insurance industry needs to figure out how to properly insure commercial networks against this sort of thing.

Delivering business value for insurance companies


Recapping a discussion moderated by Stijn Christiaens and featuring insurance data experts from Deloitte UK . Insurance is a data-intensive business. Insurance companies need data to better assess risks and price policies competitively, but also profitably.

How to handle a ransomware attack

IT Governance

So, your computer screen has been hijacked by criminals who are demanding money to return your systems. That’s a question more organisations are having to ask themselves nowadays, with at least 55 ransomware attacks reported in the first half of 2019. Many victims feel forced to pay up, because it’s the quickest and least expensive way to get back to business as usual. Take a look at our seven-step guide to find out. How are they supposed to do work?

Group-IB and CryptoIns introduce the world’s first insurance against cyber threats for cryptocurrency exchanges

Security Affairs

Group-IB and Swiss insurance broker ASPIS that owns CryptoIns project, have developed the world’s first scoring model for assessing cryptocurrency exchanges. Group-IB, an international company that specializes in preventing cyber attacks, and a Swiss insurance broker ASPIS SA that owns CryptoIns project, have developed the world’s first scoring model for assessing cryptocurrency exchanges cybersecurity, allowing the exchanges’ clients to ensure their assets.

How Cyber Insurance Changes the Conversation Around Risk


In this InfoSec Insider cyber insurance expert Nick Sanna discusses how to balance threat exposures and protecting assets with insurance against hacking, breaches and vulnerabilities. Hacks Vulnerabilities Web Security Cyber Insurance Factor Analysis of Information Risk Maersk NotPetya

How to integrate systems more efficiently

Information Management Resources

One way is to arm an integration team with an agile approach to the work. Information systems Insurance exchanges Insurance

How to write a disaster recovery plan

IT Governance

All organisations experience disruptions, whether that’s from a cyber attack, IT failure, weather event or something else, and they need to be prepared. The longer it takes to address an issue, the more the costs will spiral and the harder it will be to recover. A disaster recovery plan gives organisations a process for responding to a variety of incidents. Top management will then appoint a handful of employees to lead the planning process. Want to know more?

How to improve your cyber resilience

IT Governance

It’s not as simple as finding off-the-shelf tools to plug into your organisation. Rather, you must tailor your approach to your needs, assessing the way any one solution affects the whole. You’ll have a clear understanding of what each control does, how it fits into your organisation and why it’s worth the cost of investment. Cyber resilience is the ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber attacks. Returning to business as usual.

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How to Tackle the Information Chaos Problem


Everyone wants to “transform.” Most organizations and departments have a mandate to continuously improve operations. JM : How does consumerization and mobility make data chaos more challenging? There are paper based business inputs and there are vast amounts of digital documents coming to you in various formats – such as video, phone calls, chat logs, web analytics and more – and from multiple sources including social media channels, customer care centers, online and offline.

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How to recover from a cyber attack

IT Governance

One in three UK organisations fell victim to a cyber attack in 2018, costing £17.8 Your first – obviously valid – thought might be that we all need to get better at preventing security incidents, but it’s not the whole story. Cyber attacks are so widespread, and criminals’ tactics so varied, that it’s impossible to prevent breaches altogether. Let’s take a look at a real-life example of an organisation using an incident response plan to recover from a cyber attack.

Unemployment Insurance Fraud and Identity Theft: Up Close and Personal

Lenny Zeltser

How do such scams look from the victim’s perspective, and what can you do if you’re affected? As a victim of this scheme, I’d like to share my experience. How the Scam Works. Since then, the scheme spread to other states, including New York.

How To Start Your Own Cybersecurity Business

Cyber Info Veritas

Starting your business as a cybersecurity consultant is an important decision to make when you consider that your income will be based on how much effort you put into your client’s business. Gone will be the days when no matter how much effort you were putting into your job, you still received the same paycheck. It forces you to develop a mentality which guides you to do things differently. I have to protect myself. Where to start?

How to create an ISO 27001-compliant risk treatment plan

IT Governance

An RTP (risk treatment plan) is an essential part of an organisation’s ISO 27001 implementation process, as it documents the way your organisation will respond to identified threats. Once you’ve completed your risk assessment and defined your risk appetite , you’ll be left with a list of ‘unacceptable’ threats that need to be addressed. This response is appropriate if the risk is too big to manage with a security control.

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How to Save on Cyber Insurance and Be Harder to Hack

Adam Levin

The more you can do to safeguard your company against cyberattacks and employee error, the better you will fare in the coming years. Cyber insurance is still evolving, and as such you can still get good deals even if your cybersecurity is not completely up to snuff.

How to achieve an effective risk assessment

IT Governance

Carrying out a risk assessment is the only way to ensure that the cyber security controls chosen for your organisation are appropriate to the risks it may face. Without a risk assessment to inform your cyber security choices, you could be wasting time, effort and resources defending against events that are unlikely to occur or won’t have much impact on your organisation. Risks are estimated and evaluated, and controls are then selected to treat the identified risks.

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HIPAA Compliance Changes and How to Adjust


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is returning to the spotlight in 2018. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) has agreed to pay $3.5 million to HHS and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) in order to settle potential violations of the HIPAA. In addition, they have agreed to implement a wide-ranging corrective action plan.

How to Share Files Securely with Enterprise Clients


They typically have a larger budget to work with, can provide a more positive collaboration experience, and even generate a boost to your reputation in your industry. Whether you work with enterprise businesses exclusively, or are trying to make the switch, knowing how to share documents securely and safely is important. Find out how to share files securely with enterprise businesses in this short guide. Insurance documents.

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Threatpost Poll: Weigh in on Ransomware Security


Provide your views on ransomware and how to deal with it in our anonymous Threatpost poll. Breach Cloud Security Malware Vulnerabilities Cyber Insurance Cybersecurity Healthcare poll ransomware

Six ways AI will change insurance soon

Information Management Resources

Insurers must decide which business problems they need to address first, which require more data, and how to operationalize models in their core production system. Analytics Artificial intelligence Machine learning

How to create value through digital archiving


How to create value through digital archiving. You can listen now to a podcast version here. This tails back to the national archives who ten years ago came to us with a project. They realised that they had a lot of content and wanted to make sure that they could avoid file obsolescence. ve provided to a client in terms of gaining access to older content? re looking at compliance and criticality you need to automate that.

Machine learning could bring big tech to insurance

Information Management Resources

Companies that have vast amounts of data can easily step into the space and start competing with insurers. Here's how to dodge the threat. Machine learning

Cyber Insurance: Addressing Your Risks and Liabilities

Hunton Privacy

In a webinar, entitled Cyber Insurance: Addressing Your Risks and Liabilities , hosted by Hunton & Williams LLP and CT , Hunton & Williams partners Lon A. Sotto provide a background into the current cyber threats and educate companies and their counsel on how to take full advantage of their existing insurance programs and specialized cyber insurance products to effectively and proactively address cyber risks.

NSL Podcast Series: Part 3 Betting on a Breach – How to Prepare for the Inevitable

Hunton Privacy

Most companies are no strangers to the consequences of a data breach. It’s now rare to be unaffected by such incidents. Sotto stresses that tabletop exercises are especially important in building muscle memory to handle the inevitable cyber attack.

How to Gain Valuable Insights from Untapped Data Using AI

Perficient Data & Analytics

You probably know your organization needs to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to take advantage of the deluge of data that mobile and digital users are creating, but do you know why or how? LEGACY ANALYTICS METHODS AREN’T EQUIPPED TO PROCESS ALL DATA TYPES. Traditional analytics methods can interpret structured data, but without an AI solution it’s challenging to analyze unstructured data in an efficient, meaningful way. Insurance.

5 common pitfalls when implementing AI, and how to avoid them


5 common pitfalls when implementing AI, and how to avoid them. Following are five common implementation challenges, along with suggestions to overcome them: 1. As a result, it is important to focus on the business value of AI to the end user. For example, people buying insurance policies are not just buying insurance, they are buying security. Sticking to old paradigms. Solution : If a process is a relic, modernize it before looking to AI.

Spotlight: as Attacks Mount, how to secure the Industrial Internet

The Security Ledger

In this spotlight edition* of The Security Ledger Podcast, Steve Hanna of Infineon joins us to talk about the growing risk of cyber attacks on industrial systems and critical infrastructure. is poised to transform the global economy, Hanna said, but not if the issue of cyber risk can't be managed. We talk about how that might be. ” is poised to transform the global economy, Hanna said, but not if the issue of cyber risk can’t be managed.

IoT 40

Oracle BI Data Sync: How to Add a New Fact

Perficient Data & Analytics

Following my previous blog post on how to add a new Dimension to a Data Sync task , this post looks at how to add a Fact and perform a lookup on dimensions while loading the target fact table in a data warehouse using Data Sync. To refer to the blog post on adding a Dimension follow this link. So I intend to cover these best practices when adding new dimension and fact tasks. and may not apply to previous versions of Data Sync.

Webinar on the SAFETY Act, Security and Insurance

Hunton Privacy

From physical threats to cyber attacks targeting a wide range of critical infrastructure, companies in diverse sectors, such as the financial, retail, entertainment, energy, transportation, real estate, communications and other areas, face a challenging landscape of risks and potential liabilities. EST, for a webinar to discuss these issues, including why companies should consider SAFETY Act protection and how to obtain it.

Boosting Secure Coding Practices

Data Breach Today

Carlos Pero of Zurich Insurance on Gaining Buy-In Carlos Pero, who heads cyber application security at Zurich Insurance, discusses how to get developers to buy in to secure coding practices

How to fight fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare


How to fight fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare. The measures it has introduced—intended to modernize the federal government in 14 key areas that enhance its ability to deliver mission outcomes, provide excellent service and effectively steward taxpayer dollars—have already had wide-ranging, positive impacts. These losses drive up the costs of care and take away funds that otherwise could be used to treat patients.

How to fight fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare


How to fight fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare. The measures it has introduced—intended to modernize the federal government in 14 key areas that enhance its ability to deliver mission outcomes, provide excellent service and effectively steward taxpayer dollars—have already had wide-ranging, positive impacts. These losses drive up the costs of care and take away funds that otherwise could be used to treat patients.

Webinar on Hacking 101: How it works and how to mitigate risk

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

Please join the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Cybersecurity team on May 15 for our webinar, Hacking 101: How it Works and How to Mitigate Risk. We will explore how certain common hacks work from a technical perspective and how to mitigate related risks from a legal and compliance perspective. Lawyers, privacy officers, compliance officers, and executives are key figures in helping manage such risks, but many may not understand how various hacks work.

Data Governance: How to Tackle 3 Key Issues The Importance of Accountability, Data Inventory and Automation – Full Interview with Rafael Moscatel

Information Governance Perspectives

I was recently interviewed for an article on Data Governance & Privacy for a number of periodicals including Info Risk Today on “Data Governance: How to Tackle 3 Key Issues: The Importance of Accountability, Data Inventory, and Automation. With privacy law getting stronger by the day, it has become all the more important for companies to know where the data lies. The problem is not new but I am not sure if companies have been able to find a solution to this.

Regulatory Update: NAIC Summer 2020 National Meeting

Data Matters

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) held its Summer 2020 National Meeting (Summer Meeting) from July 27 to August 14, 2020. In addition, the NAIC continued to make progress on a number of initiatives during the Summer Meeting, as highlighted by the following activities: 1. Annuity Suitability Working Group Drafting FAQ Document to Facilitate Uniformity in State Adoption of Revised Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation.

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Rise in cyber attacks leads to cyber insurance business soaring

IT Governance

Increased interest in cyber insurance. With more than 800 million records being leaked in 2017 ( find out more in our Breaches and Hacks Blog Archive ), it’s not surprising that cyber insurance business has increased in recent months. According to the BBC , Hiscox has seen a rise in its cyber and data risks insurance following high-profile breaches – particularly the TalkTalk breach – and in the run-up to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline.

The Tragedy of the Data Commons

John Battelle's Searchblog

I tend to frame that role anthropologically: How have we adapted to this new element in our society? What tools and social structures have we created in response to its emergence as a currency in our world? How have power structures shifted as a result? I’ve been on the road the entire summer, and preparing to move from the Bay area to NYC ( that’s another post). No, this post is about the business of health insurance.

Regulatory Update: NAIC Spring 2019 National Meeting

Data Matters

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) held its Spring 2019 National Meeting (Spring Meeting) in Orlando, Florida, from April 6 to 9, 2019. Reinsurance (E) Task Force Considers Additional Revisions to the Credit for Reinsurance Model Law and Regulation to Implement Covered Agreements. The vote to adopt the prior versions of the proposed amendments to the CFR Model Laws was delayed in December 2018 after the U.S. insurers.