MassMutual Taps Into the Power of Data Science

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Ariel Weintraub on Putting Data to Work in the SOC and IAM Ariel Weintraub joined MassMutual last fall to focus on putting data science to work to help improve the insurance company's security operations and identity and access management programs.

Women on the rise in Data Science

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IBM Data Science and AI Elite team members Mehrnoosh Vahdat and Rachael Dottle were just one month into their IBM careers when they received their first assignment last July. .


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Tools in Data Science


Data science: Data science is a field that used to extract knowledge and different insights from systems by using different methods. Data science is like a big tree with roots. The post Tools in Data Science first appeared on Cllax - Top of IT.

Data science: Breaking down the silos

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Today’s data science and analytics teams are often composed of individuals with a variety of skill sets, educational backgrounds, levels of exposure to open source tools and professional needs. Here’s a typical breakdown

17 top data science and machine learning platforms

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RapidMiner, TIBCO Software, SAS and KNIME are among the leading providers of data science and machine learning products, according to the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report. Data science Machine learning Artificial intelligence

Best practices for building a data science dream team

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An effective data science team must include people with overlapping skills, all with a deep understanding of a project’s overall vision. Data Scientist Career advancement Data science

How Kubernetes marries IT and data science roles

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Using Kubernetes as a common orchestration layer empowers IT to create self service environments for data scientists. Artificial intelligence Machine learning Data management Data science

MicroServices: Today’s data science gold rush

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1 For more on microservices check out two of my earlier blogs, “ Securing Microservices ,” and “ Seven Microservices Identity Questions to Secure your Data. ”. It’s the next data science gold rush! Data security

Data science transformations: Learn from these clients at Think 2019

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If you’re a data scientist or leading a team, Think 2019 is where you’ll want to be in February to hear success stories from clients using IBM’s data science portfolio of solutions

Data Science: Influencers review 2018 and share their 2019 predictions

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Data science was one of the hot topics of 2018, and it’s likely to dominate again in 2019. We've asked five key data science influencers to take a look back at 2018 and look ahead at what's to come in 2019

IBM and Anaconda partner to accelerate AI innovation with the power of open source data science

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The data science market is evolving rapidly. Many data scientists and developers today want to make use of the latest open source innovations during these steps.

Quick Tips on How to Sell Your Data Science Model

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During a five-week IBM training program, I learned a few things about how to sell data science models that I’d like to share it with you. Drew Conway’s Data Science Venn Diagram. You’ve probably seen the Venn diagram with skills required to be a data scientist such as hacking skills, math & statistics, and substantive expertise. The combination of these skills are what makes a good data scientist.

What is the impact of data science automation?

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As a result, data scientists can be liberated to commit more time to designing, testing and deploying machine learning models. To learn more about what these developments mean for the data science community, I sat down with IBM’s Vice President of AI, IBM Research, to get his perspective.

Learn to deliver fast ROI with data science

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IBM Data Science Experience was designed to kick-start and rapidly scale data science projects, fitting any deployment needs in a multicloud environment

Keep the train rolling: partner momentum in the data science market

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How has the newer data science technology such as Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning and Watson OpenScale been picked up by the business partner community? The new data science technology has been very well received by our partner community.

Ten expert tips for visual data science

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Data science and machine learning provide the basis for business growth, cost and risk reduction and even new business model creation -- but implementing predictive analytics does present some challenges. IT Central Station members have shared tips that help organizations overcome the challenges in effective data preparation, model development and training

Four Steps to Break Into Data Science


Data Science professionals are in very high demand these days. The post Four Steps to Break Into Data Science first appeared on Cllax - Top of IT. The main reason is that every company in the market is looking for a way to extract valuable information for.

Data Science Virtual Expert Panel Presented by AWS


AWS will feature one of our experts to speak on a panel about the evolution and progress being made to solve critical business problems such as customer personalization and forecasting through the use of data science. Leveraging Innovations in Data Science.

Gartner releases 2021 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms

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Gartner has released the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms Gartner lists 6 companies in the Leaders 2021 quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms: Read more.

Experts answer your top data science and machine learning questions

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There’s no doubt data science and machine learning are main areas of focus for enterprises to better their business. However, talking about data science and machine learning isn’t the same as making it a reality

16 top platforms for data science and machine learning

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Machine learning Data science Data managementAlteryx, KNIME and SAS are among the top vendors in this space, according to a new Magic Quadrant report from Gartner.

What 15 top data science and analytics jobs are earning

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According to the compensation website, as of April 29, 2018, nearly half of top data science, data analytics and machine learning jobs were earning under $100,000 nationally. Data Scientist Data Analyst Data science

Beyond Unicorns: Educating, Classifying, and Certifying Business Data Scientists ? Harvard Data Science Review

Information Governance Perspectives

Successful data science teams in business organizations, then, need to assemble people Continue reading

5 cool vendors in data science and machine learning

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Data science Machine learning Data ScientistDimensionalMechanics, Immuta and Octopai are among the leading vendors in the machine learning space, according to a new report from Gartner.

Transforming business with data science partners, open source and IBM innovation

IBM Big Data Hub

Recently, I sat down with Kyle Weeks, Program Director for Ecosystems in Data Science and AI. I wanted to review some exciting new opportunities made possible by several recent developments in IBM Data Science

Field of Data Science in 2018

Perficient Data & Analytics

It is no secret that a data science and analytics specialty was one of the hottest and fastest growing careers in 2017, leading to resource shortages (as denoted by the picture below). However, in 2018 and beyond, a data scientist will evolve into data engineer, a data steward, and a governance lead. Every field will groom their own data scientists including finance, marketing, sales, HR, procurement, risk, compensation, and even database administration.

How Data Science Experience improves accuracy for the insurance industry

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In this Q&A, IBM financial services solution architect Irina Saburova discusses an insurance use case with IBM Data Science Marketing Lead Rosie Pongracz. In this scenario common to the insurance industry, an organization needs to adjust its operations based on upcoming weather event and multiple weather indicators can improve forecast accuracy

IBM’s Data Science and AI Elite helps Geisinger break new ground in sepsis care

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Learn how Geisinger Health System tapped the IBM Data Science and AI Elite team to reduce mortality from sepsis

How the Data Science Elite helped uncover a gold mine at Experian

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Find out more about how the IBM Data Science Elite team helped Experian succeed at better analyzing their data at Think 2019

3 challenges facing insurers in data science implementation

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Data mastery is a priority for carriers across business lines, but there are still roadblocks. Data science Data Scientist Chief Data Officer Data warehouses

4 operating models to consider when setting up a data science team

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‘Technology drives business’ is very much applicable to the case of how data science is being evaluated for adoption by many enterprises. Data modeling Data management Data science

What is the Future for Data Science Platforms?

Perficient Data & Analytics

What will the future holds for Data Science and Machine Learning platforms? Most of you already saw the Gartner’s perspective on the evolution of Data Science that was released at the beginning of 2018 and familiar with the outcome. I will be honest with you, I was a little surprised myself, and probably you were too, with the results for the leaders in Data Science and Machine Learning field; I expected to see Microsoft, Google, or IBM.

Data Science for All: What is it? Why care? How do I get it?

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Organizations everywhere, from massive governments to the smallest start-ups, are in a race for the best-possible data expertise and tools. To help your team understand the data science journey, IBM created the Data Science for All webcast

Will data science, machine learning and AI ‘save’ IT security?

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The importance of identifying data sources, collecting those sources, and applying them wisely is key to prevention, the reduction of threat actor dwell time, and threat mitigation. Data security Artificial intelligence Machine learning Data science Cyber security

The Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Platforms for Data Science

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As everything in this world matures and goes through the steps of evolution, Data Science is not much different. Even though it became more affordable for the companies to jump on the Data Science bandwagon and generate quick wins, Volume, Velocity, and Variety are still the bottleneck for most of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects. This makes it challenging for a data scientist to take full advantage of your organization’s data.

Top trends to expect in cloud computing, data science and AI

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Artificial intelligence Data science Cloud computingLast year could be referred to as the year of the cloud. In 2020, however, cloud deployments will become more popular as organizations look to reap the benefits of hybrid-cloud models.

6 Ways How Data Science is Adding More Value to Food Industries


Today, data science is not limited to the IT industry only. The result is unbelievable; The post 6 Ways How Data Science is Adding More Value to Food Industries first appeared on Cllax - Top of IT.

When Morpheus met Watson: JPMC teams with IBM Data Science and AI Elite

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Learn how the IBM Data Science and AI Elite Team helped JPMorgan Chase with AI initiatives

16 top data science platform providers

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Data science Data Scientist Data managementIBM, SAS, KNIME and Rapid Miner are among the firms that offer the leading products, according to Gartner research.

University of Michigan “Data Science Ethics” 4-Week Course Offered for Free via Coursera

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The post University of Michigan “Data Science Ethics” 4-Week Course Offered for Free via Coursera appeared first on IG GURU. Artificial Intelligence Business Education Information Governance Algorithms Big Data Data Ethics Fair Information Practices Principles ActThis course is offered for free on Coursera.