Thanks to Trump, more U.S. milk will be coming from robots

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Robotics Agriculture industry Data managementAlong with immigrant worker worries, cheap credit and improvements in technology are coming together to tip the scales in favor of robotics on dairy farms.

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High Severity DoS bug affects Several Yokogawa products

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Affected products are used in a broad range of industries worldwide, mainly in the energy, critical manufacturing, and food and agriculture sectors. A serious DoS flaw affects several industrial automation products manufactured by the Yokogawa Electric.

Brazils Embrapa lab adopts 3D bioprinting tech to advance agricultural research


According to researchers from the lab, the center’s new bioprinters will enable them to manufacture increasingly complex and realistic biological structures for agricultural research. Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology’s Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology (LNANO) in Brasilia, Brazil has announced the recent adoption of 3D bioprinting technologies.

Chinese professor turns straw etc agricultural and forestry waste into 3D printing material


And in that respect, a very good innovation has just come out of the Northeast Forestry University in China, where Professor of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Guo Yanling has developed a new material for laser 3D printers made from waste of the agricultural and forestry sectors.

Now Showing: George Washington Carver on Kodachrome

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During his time at Tuskegee, Dr. Carver published forty-four bulletins for farmers covering many agricultural topics, with the most popular being How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it for Human Consumption.

Knock, Knock; Who’s There? – IoT Device Identification & Data Integrity Is No Joke

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The use of IoT technologies holds enormous potential in practically every segment of human enterprise – government, banking and finance, healthcare, retail, agriculture, and ecommerce to name a few. The Internet of Things (IoT) is very crowded. Connected devices outnumber people.

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The Emergence of the Elusive Digital Unicorn — How Digital Disruption is breeding new roles within the project and business landscape, are you ready for it?


New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning (ML) are impacting established industries such as the automotive and agriculture sectors. Disruptive Technologies are changing existing landscapes.

Food and Drink: New Video Wall Show

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As an undergraduate, I studied horticulture and agriculture, and therefore the production and consumption of food and beverages are never far from my mind. Over the past several years, five video wall shows centering on various themes have been created at the Archives.

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RFID Market – Global Forecast to 2023

RFID Global Solution, Inc.

Animal Tracking/Agriculture. MarketsandMarkets. June 2017. Driven by lower prices of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, and increasing penetration of RFID technology in various industries, the RFID market is likely to witness high growth in coming years.

Summer’s Last Hurrah

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As the United States became a more industrialized society, fairs reflected this change by including not only agricultural products but also carnival rides, games, automobile racing, and concerts. Labor Day is quickly approaching, and with it, the unofficial end of summer.

Locked and Bloated

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It happened in the entertainment business, it’s happening in agriculture , for goodness sake. The post Locked and Bloated appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog. image Vator News ) Companies get big. Companies gain market dominance.

Balance of power

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During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, worker and agricultural cooperatives grew around the world in response to power imbalances or vacuums where business either displayed unfair practices or were unprepared to support a sector. The digital economy is transforming every corner of our lives. The changes in the businesses we interact with and the way many of us are employed mean subtle but important shifts in power.

Ready to lead the 5G revolution


A myriad of use cases is emerging, spanning industries as diverse as transport, retail, healthcare and agriculture. Ready to lead the 5G revolution. Mon, 02/25/2019 - 05:48. We’re about to break the next barrier in connectivity by building a 5G world, but this requires a revolution — in thinking, planning, and implementation and, so far, thinking is not yet mature. Every revolution needs a focal point, and we believe there’s a role waiting for CGI.

RoleModel Software’s New Chief Technology Officer: Caleb Woods

Role Model Software

Caleb’s first assignment in 2012 was to work with me on a pretty advanced project building a cloud-based data storage service for the Agricultural industry.

Stock Footage Spotlight: Historically Black Colleges and Universities in WWII

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Prairie View students study agriculture and learn to forge machine parts and tools. When scanning films in the National Archives Motion Picture Lab, we sometimes come across images that we want to learn more about.

US Government Accountability Office Releases New Report On The Internet of Things (IoT)

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IoT is also impacting supply chain and agriculture industries, enhancing productivity and efficiency. On May 15, 2017, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a new report entitled “ Internet of Things: Status and implications of an increasingly connected world.” ” In the report, the GAO provides an introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT), describes what is known about current and emerging IoT technologies, and examines the implications of their use.

Improving economic forecasting with AI


Analyze current developments in major industrial sectors of the economy—including housing, real estate, technology, agriculture, energy, communications, transportation and manufacturing—for their potential effects on the federal government’s financial risk. Improving economic forecasting with AI. kathy.jacquay@…. Mon, 11/26/2018 - 10:40.

Robert Reich: “Saving Capitalism” From Itself

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From banking to broadband, pharma to agriculture, Reich details subtle market mechanisms that concentrate power and capital into the hands of the “new oligarchs.” The post Robert Reich: “Saving Capitalism” From Itself appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog.

Collecting for continuity and for change: The web archiving experience in Westborough


Once an agricultural and then an industrial community, Westborough has been transformed in the last fifty years by rapid residential, commercial, and corporate growth. By Anthony Vaver, Local History Librarian and Archivist, Westborough Public Library.

Workers Must Watch Out For These Types Of Wage Theft


The most cases of wage theft occur in agriculture, poultry processing, janitorial services, restaurant work, garment manufacturing, long term care, home health care and retail industries. Wage theft is a new hot topic sweeping across the United States.

Innovative Solutions to Real Business Problems with Big Data from Space


Agriculture: Submissions to support national scale crop monitoring, early yield prediction, or regulatory compliance checking. Innovative Solutions to Real Business Problems with Big Data from Space. Wed, 06/27/2018 - 10:00. 10 Petabytes of free Earth observation (EO) data is generated by the Copernicus Programme every year.

Thinking Out Loud: Potential Information

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The potential information inside agriculture? The post Thinking Out Loud: Potential Information appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog. Plenty of potential at the top of this particular system.

One of the County’s Earliest African-American Radio Programs on WNYC 1929-1930

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Department of Agriculture, where he was involved with research related to black farmers. WNYC was one of the earliest broadcasters of a regularly scheduled program aimed at African-Americans.

The Relevance of the Past – Doris Chapman’s Facial Reconstructions in the 1930s.

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The Neolithic Cultures of the British Isles: A Study of the Stone-Using Agricultural Communities of Britain in the Second Millenium B.C. We were delighted to welcome Cherwell School student Jack Evans on a sixth-form work placement here in the archives.

3D printing dew collectors that pull water out of desert air


Chromoplastic dew collectors were envisioned by Frank Herbert in his 1965 science fiction novel Dune; they’re gadgets used by natives of the desert planet Arrakis to extract moisture from the atmosphere to sustain their agriculture.

Student Societies of Amherst Academy & Their Questions

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Is the manufacturing interest of our Country more important than agriculture?”. This week’s blog post comes from our Bicentennial Metadata Librarian, Amanda Pizzollo: As avid readers of this blog will know, Amherst College was conceived out of the previously existing Amherst Academy.

LSU student 3D prints first full human for radiation therapy research


Meagan Moore, a Biological and Agricultural Engineering student from Louisiana State University (LSU) has 3D printed a full-size "human body" for radiation therapy research. 3D Printing Applications

A Strength of Snells

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William has been credited with the invention of the principle of the mechanical knotter or twine binder , which he sold to Appleby who made improvements and revolutionized American agriculture.”. A pounce of cats. A crash of rhinos. A gaze of raccoons. A prudence of vicars.

If-Then and Antiquities of the Future

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Our agricultural practices and policies?

Predictions 2014: A Difficult Year To See

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The post Predictions 2014: A Difficult Year To See appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog.

White House Releases 60-day Cybersecurity Review Detailing Threats

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The epochs of history are long—the Agricultural Revolution; the Industrial Revolution. The White House today released the report from the 60-day cybersecurity review the President ordered in February. Speaking to a packed audience in the East Room, President Obama outlined the broad range of threats facing the digital infrastructure, focusing not only on national security and organized crime attacks, but also on identity theft and incursions into individual privacy.

If-Then and Antiquities of the Future

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Our agricultural practices and policies?

Observations on the Cybersecurity Executive Order and Presidential Policy Directive

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The Executive Order, “ Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity ,” and the Presidential Policy Directive (“PPD”), “ Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience ,” signed by President Obama on February 12, 2013, raise the stakes in the national debate over cybersecurity requirements and seem likely, if not designed, to provoke a legislative response. Industry has good reason to pay attention.

German Government Asks Internet Companies to Develop Self-Regulatory Code for Geo Data Services and Proposes Draft Law

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Approximately 50 experts attended, including the Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, the Federal Minister of Justice and representatives from various companies, such as Deutsche Telekom, Google, Microsoft, Apple Inc., On September 20, 2010, the German government under the leadership of the Federal Minister of the Interior held a summit on “Digitization of Cities and States – Opportunities and Limits of Private and Public Geo Data Services.”

IDEA 2008


The “IDEA Conference&# :[link] took place in Chicago on October 7-9 at the Harold Washington Library Center. The speakers pushed the boundaries of what it means to design complex information spaces of all kinds. We can all expand our practice by absorbing their experiences and ideas.

Web 2 Preview: DigitalGlobe: The World Is The Index

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There's NASA, there's NIH, there's Agriculture, you get the picture, no pun intended). I had an extraordinary day yesterday, in terms of who I got to talk with. Not only did I meet with several of FM's partners - two Fortune 500 marketers, a major platform partner, and a major blogger - I also got to watch the launch of Ad Stamp and the complete schedule for the Web 2 Summit.

Italian drone company Soleon uses 3D printing to improve battery life of crop dusting UAV


One of its latest products, SoleonAgro, is an agricultural pest control drone with a laser sintered polyamide body. For those of us who don’t work in agriculture, our knowledge of crop dusting is limited to a handful of scenes in the Will Smith sci-fi movie Independence Day.

Life-size 3D printed ox statue installed in Hong Kong as tribute to local cattle


With his latest project, Hong Kong artist Edmond Wong has therefore sought to remind tourists in Hong Kong’s Sai Kung District about the crucial role that stray cattle played in local agriculture just a few decades ago.

BigRep unveils DUSTER, a 2-meter-wide 3D printed drone


Potentially the largest FDM 3D printed drone in the world, DUSTER features a carbon thread-reinforced frame and is therefore ultra lightweight, stable, and has exciting applications in agriculture and industrial use.

First five 3D printed NCAR weather stations installed in Zambia


All five stations have been built with the express purpose of providing local farmers with critical weather data, giving them the opportunity to greatly expand their agricultural productivity by optimizing planting and harvest times and avoiding storms and floods as much as possible.