5 top challenges to digital transformation success

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Managing organizational change, mission alignment, third party vendors, impacted processes and data migration are the most common obstacles organizations struggle with. Data management Data strategy Data Migration

Data Retention Best Practices in a Time of Data Privacy Laws


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which went into effect at the beginning of 2020, and other data privacy laws in place or being contemplated underscore the need for organizations to adhere to data retention best practices now. Why Pursue Data Retention Best Practices Now?

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Most SMBs now seeking promised benefits of digital transformation

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Data strategy Data management Data MigrationDigital transformation is not just for large enterprises. Many middle market companies are well into these efforts and are realizing benefits as well as facing challenges, according to new research.

Is THIS in Your Digital Transformation Strategy? (It Should Be)


I’ll give you one clue: It has to follow your data from cradle to grave. An effective digital transformation strategy should be developed alongside a solid data lifecycle management (DLM) plan. Consider these initial questions to help you jump-start your strategy: To what extent is the organization embracing digital transformation, including extracting value from data? What are current gaps in data storage and management?

6 top challenges to successful data integration

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Data variety, velocity, veracity, volume and sources are among the top factors in whether an organization can successfully integrate disparate data. Data integration Data management Data Migration

Organizations gaining new benefits by automating data engineering

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A number of advancements have now decreased data preparation time while increasing the time available for exploration and applications. Automation Data management Data Migration

Mastering the critical steps to being a data-driven organization

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To succeed at digital transformation, firms need to embark on a journey from being a 'data collector' to 'data aware' to 'data-driven' in a timely and strategic fashion. Data strategy Data management Data Migration Data discovery

The rise of modern architectures based on change data capture technology

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CDC enables continuous incremental replication by identifying and copying data updates as they take place. Data architecture Data management Data Migration

Most organizations struggling with digital transformation efforts

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Data strategy Data management Data MigrationMany companies are in the process of digital transformation, but the vast majority are facing significant obstacles to success, according to a new report.

How the right adoption team members can drive digital transformation success

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Data strategy Data management Data MigrationAssembling the right people for this team can push a project well along the track. Picking the wrong people, or neglecting to create an adoption team at all, can doom the project before it gets out of the gate.

Insurance advisory firm taps IBM blockchain for regulatory tool

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The American Association of Insurance Services will launch the openIDL to share data between carriers and regulators. Blockchain Regulation/Compliance Data ownership Data Migration Data security IBM

Legacy systems, limited budgets top barriers to digital transformation

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Data strategy Data management Data MigrationHaving legacy systems was the top response in a new survey, at 41 percent. Lack of change management capabilities and relevant skills are also seen as key hurdles in 2019.

L.A. sues IBM's Weather Channel for location tracking

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s Weather Channel unit, accusing the company of misleading consumers about how their location data was being used. Data management Data types Data MigrationThe city of Los Angeles is suing International Business Machines Corp.’s

10 ways organizations can succeed with data remediation

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When corporations are able to successfully execute a program, they are better able to handle future challenges as data volumes and formats continue to expand. Data management Data visualization Data Migration

14 top platforms for data integration

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Data integration Data Migration Data managementInformatica, Talend, Adeptia and Syncsort are among the leading vendors in this space, says Gartner Research.

Multi-source, cloud computing demands driving robust data integration market

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Data integration Data management Data MigrationThe biggest users are HR departments, which deal with different types of information for compensation, workforce planning, talent acquisition, social media and other areas.

6 key factors determine the success of digital transformation, study finds

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While the motivating factors for digital transformation initiatives differ across industry sectors, six factors generally determine the success of these projects: leadership, people, agility, business integration, ecosystem and value from data. Data strategy Data management Data Migration

Five myths of digital transformation

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Data strategy Data management Data MigrationSince CEOs are now at least asking about digital transformation, and every technology vendor now claims expertise in digital transformation, it’s time to burst a few of the myths surrounding digital transformation.

Cultural, leadership issues plague many digital transformation efforts

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Hardware and software Data management Data MigrationMembers of the Society for Information Management offer their advice on how to best plan and launch an initiative, and who in the organization needs to be involved.

5 best practices to free data from silos and boost the bottom line

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Data acquisition Data mining Data Migration Data managementFirms that master this process can better understand their own operations, exploit new market opportunities, and bring new products and services to market much faster.

VA transfers 23.5M veteran health records to Cerner data center

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The Department of Veterans Affairs has completed the initial data migration for its Electronic Health Record Modernization by transferring the records of 23.5 million veterans to a Cerner data center. EHR implementations Patient data Data Center Interoperability Data sharing

Despite widespread adoption, most firms still lack a formal cloud strategy

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Whether it is public, private or a hybrid mix, cloud adoption is now widespread, but most organizations still lack a formal strategy around data migration and management in the cloud. Cloud computing Cloud hosting Data strategy

10 years, 5,000 customers and €1 billion

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We’re all moving at our own pace, depending on our organisation’s existing digital infrastructure, backlog of legacy data migration, and corporate vision for innovation. Most of us have started down the digitisation road in one form or another.

Migrating Workloads to the Cloud with IBM Cloud Paks

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According to a study by McKinsey & Company , IT teams are migrating the simplest workloads to the cloud, but about 80% of workloads are still on-premises. IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Unify and simplify the collection, organization, and analysis of data.

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How to Better Manage Growing Data Volumes While Maximizing IT Budget


Data is growing at an exponential rate and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, IDC predicts that by 2025 worldwide data creation will grow to 175 zettabytes. However, it’s more complex than the simple increase in volume and rapid growth of data.

Botched TSB system upgrade causes data breach

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TSB’s chief executive, Paul Pester, has said the bank is on its knees following last weekend’s chaotic data migration. A data breach is a situation in which the confidentiality, integrity or availability of data is compromised.

3 Steps to Take Care of Before Migrating to a Cloud-Based Document Management System


Here are three steps to take before migrating your business data to the cloud. Once you’ve found it, it’s time to move on to the next step in data migration. Moving your data is the perfect opportunity to organize and declutter business files.

Creating a Holistic View: Data Consolidation and Integration

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The consolidation of data and integration of systems is essential to providing a holistic 360-degree view of patients and members. One organization that understands the challenges associated with bringing data together across a large number of hospitals is Mayo Clinic. They also allow you to bring in data from any vendor source, whether it’s claims, revenue, patient-generated, or other EHRs.

AIIM19 session preview - Content Analytics & ECM Implementation across the Enterprise with John Daly


Maybe it is developing an IG roadmap or a project plan; maybe it is forming a steering committee, developing policies and procedures, data migration, software selection, an audit plan, training, communications, an IG intranet site…phew!

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Latest version of Preservica enables archive teams to achieve more online


Keep your content alive over decades: we’ve added more tools and migration pathways to our core active digital preservation capabilities including the widely adopted veraPDF for validating PDF/A. This could be for a large data migration, decommissioning or digitization project.

Preservica and History Associates partner to provide a one-stop solution for planning, implementing and sustaining a long-term digital archive program


The software automatically migrates stored files to newer formats that can be read and used by future generations.

Weekly podcast: Mumsnet, OkCupid and Apple

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This week, we discuss a data breach at Mumsnet, no data breach at OkCupid, and a lawsuit against Apple for implementing security measures. This isn’t the first time a software update or data migration has resulted in a data breach, and it certainly won’t be the last.

The Dirty Little Secrets of Engineering Document Management

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For managing engineering information, three types of programs are competing for market share: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Data Management (PDM), and Engineering Document Management (EDM). PDM companies extol the virtues of managing access and use of all CAD data. In any installation, there are several steps involved; setting up a usage plan, installing the software, implementing business workflows, importing legacy data, training users, and more.

Why You Need ITAD During a Data Center Migration


So you just completed a big data center migration project, and now your applications and data are up and running in the cloud. Now what are you going to do with the leftover equipment, software and data? Cloud computing providers sometimes pretend migration is as simple as falling off a log, but experts will tell you that the process requires significant planning, documentation and testing. Simply formatting hard drives doesn’t delete the data.

M-Files Makes Microsoft Office 365 the Single Point of Access to All Enterprise Information

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Users can now access this data directly via the Microsoft SharePoint Online, Outlook and Teams user interfaces instead of toggling between these Office 365 apps and other applications.

The Top 11 Mistakes to Avoid During Engineering Document Management Implementations and Upgrades, Part 1

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Opting for manual file migration vs. custom file migration. Now for the nitty-gritty part of implementing engineering document management—migrating your data into Adept. While both manual and custom file migration can get the job done, consider the pros and cons of each before you make a decision. Manual file migration provides an opportunity to clean files during the migration process; however, it requires users to be locked out of files for manual cleanup.

Reltio Cloud – Your Key to a Successful SAP S/4HANA Migration


You know we have been at this SAP S/4 HANA migration for well over a year, and nothing seems to go as planned. We are facing a budget overrun, the legacy data seems to be a mess, and the expected timeline makes little sense now!” Here you have data coming up again.

#ModernDataMasters: Steve Whiting, Chief Operations Officer


Steve Whiting is the COO of Agile Solutions (GB) Ltd, a specialist data management and analytics consultancy that focuses on tangible business benefits. He believes in an agile approach to data-driven solutions and co-founded Agile Solutions in 2014 to deliver that vision.

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