Three Fundamental Digital Preservation Strategies

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July 9, 2018 by Margot Note, CA, CRM Digital files exist simply as data until they are rendered by application software, operating systems, and hardware platforms—making them vulnerable to format obsolescence and media decay.

Mark Your Calendars for the Second Annual World Digital Preservation Day

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Happy World Digital Preservation Day! World Digital Preservation Day Digital Preservation Coalition digital preservation web archive website collection website preservation

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Noord-Hollands Archief selects Preservica for sustainable digital preservation


The Noord-Hollands Archief already uses the digital preservation facility run by the Dutch National Archives (which also uses Preservica) for national government records.

Revisiting Digital Preservation - A Tale of Two Undergraduate Majors


The history major perhaps explains why I am so intrigued by the question of digital preservation. Digital Preservation is More than Archives. But moving forward, I’d like us to also adopt the mindset of an economics major with regards to digital preservation.

Digital Preservation -- High Stakes for Finance and Insurance Companies


It is time to think about Digital Preservation differently — as a dedicated capability that keeps long-term information alive and usable and trusted and easily found. AIIM believes that digital preservation needs to be viewed through the prism of a set of Intelligent Information Management capabilities that are integral to delivering upon the Digital Transformation challenge of understanding, anticipating, and redefining internal and external customer experiences.

6 Reasons Digital Preservation Needs to be Part of Your Intelligent Information Strategy


According to IDC, the digital universe is doubling every two years, and will reach 40,000 exabytes (40 trillion gigabytes) by 2020. 2 -- 57% of organizations believe that existing content systems are not effective at managing long-term preservation of digital information.

Digital Preservation futures: looking ahead to 2030….


Much of the discussion in the digital preservation community often focuses on the ‘here and now’. We asked where the practice of preservation is heading in the next decade, who its users will be, and what exactly will be being preserved. Digital preservation in business.

Preservica v6.0: next generation active digital preservation and discovery


delivers enhanced ease-of-use and new ways of working for archives, libraries, museums and businesses - built on a highly scalable platform designed for the future of digital preservation. of its market-leading active digital preservation and discovery platform.

iPRES International Conference on Digital Preservation 2018

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Last fall I was able to attend iPRES , the International Conference on Digital Preservation. The interdisciplinary approach of iPRES is valuable in digital preservation. Digital preservation is not a problem unique to archives.

Preservica and AVP partner on digital preservation


When organizations start their digital preservation journey, it’s important for them to understand how they wish to use their digital content now and in the future.

Our Disappearing Content: Why Digital Preservation Matters


Laurence Hart, director at TeraThink, discusses digital preservation and why it's not just historical archives that need to protect content over the long term (10+ years). "I Preservation of another type came up in discussions at the AIIM conference: digital preservation.

Advocating for digital preservation through better corporate governance


Going digital. Many I spoke to were struggling to properly safeguard digital content or making do with systems that were primarily designed for collaboration, like shared drives, content management or DAMs, rather than long-term digital archiving and preservation.

Using digital preservation for brand authenticity and protection


It also allows us to better understand the needs of groups that have interests parallel to our digital preservation focus. I see the Digital Asset Management (DAM) community as one of those groups. Managing physical, digitized, and digitally born assets.

A new era for digital preservation in the cloud


Control of the digital preservation software, the privacy of dedicated hardware servers behind institutional firewalls, and internal (or cloud-based) storage that can scale to hundreds of TB’s or even PB’s – at a known and predictable cost.

University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Libraries and University Archives modernize digital preservation environment with Preservica


As the Hesburgh Libraries move toward "all-digital assets", digital preservation is key. Within the Libraries, University Archives collects, preserves, and makes accessible the official records of the University of Notre Dame.

Library and Archives Canada’s journey of discovery: modernising our digital preservation infrastructure using Preservica


World Digital Preservation Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the work of digital specialists globally, as well as the transformation of the technology driving digital preservation in the many new projects that have launched since this time last year.

Preservica and Microsoft collaborate to provide enterprise-grade archiving and digital preservation on Azure


Preservica’s market-leading Enterprise Private Cloud active digital preservation platform for Microsoft Azure meets growing demand for secure archiving, digital preservation and discovery of critical long-term data and content.

A new era in collaboration in digital preservation research


You may have seen the announcement this week about a joint project funded by Jisc and combing the research efforts of Arkivum , Archivematica , Preservica and the Open Preservation Foundation to share information on digital preservation best practice.

KB, National Library of the Netherlands selects Preservica for new digital preservation system


Preservica, is pleased to announce that it’s market-leading active digital preservation software has been selected by the KB, National Library of the Netherlands for the library’s new Digital Warehouse.

Preservica International User Group 2019: meeting the future of digital preservation, together


Digital preservation in 2030. One theme running through this year’s meeting was how the volume, diversity and complexity of digital data is increasing and how we as digital preservation practitioners and the wider community can work together to meet this growing challenge.

Mercy International Association works digital preservation miracles with Preservica


Mercy International Association (MIA) will use Preservica’s cloud-hosted preservation platform to future-proof its unique digital artefacts and create a new global online resource.

Affordable digital preservation of government records with Preservica on G-Cloud 11


Preservica’s cloud-hosted active digital preservation platform enables government organisations to protect long-term digital records, increase transparency with greater public access and meet GDPR compliance.

World Digital Preservation Day guest blog: managing the “digital deluge” at the National Library of Australia


In this special World Digital Preservation Day entry to our ‘Be More’ blog series, Terence Ingram, Director of IT Operations for the National Library of Australia (NLA), shares his digital preservation journey, the challenges of working with an increasingly diverse, complex and growing volume of digital content, and how Preservica’s active digital preservation platform is helping the National Library of Australia manage the “digital deluge”.

New year, new you? Achieving more with digital preservation in 2019


Something that can often fall off the agenda, however, is the longer-term view of how to protect and leverage the value of the organization’s digital assets. We’re back into the swing of a new working year, and the blank canvas of opportunity is stretching out before us.

New Preservica SaaS portfolio redefines affordability of digital preservation storage


Extended Preservica range combines enterprise-grade active digital preservation with private cloud-hosting, a 100% data integrity guarantee and low-cost storage at AWS prices. Oxford, UK and Boston, MA: April 05 2018: Preservica has announced three new cloud-hosted active digital preservation and access solutions that build on the success of its Cloud Edition and redefine the affordability of preservation storage allowing customers to grow their archives with confidence.

Preservica launches cloud hosted digital preservation in Australia


Boston, MA, and Oxford, UK | 16 May 2018 | Preservica has today announced that its market-leading range of cloud hosted (SaaS) active digital preservation and access solutions are now available on the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) region. The SaaS range includes options for dedicated private cloud hosting, an Active Cloud Escrow Backup service with a 100% data integrity guarantee, and ultra-low-cost preservation storage aligned to AWS prices.

One community, one vision for digital preservation: The Preservica Global User Group 2018


Experienced practitioners from the Preservica community shared their success stories: Sarit Hand showcased how the corporate archive of Associated Press (USA) has transformed from simply collecting digital files to active preservation & a “dynamic & living archive”.

Capstone update: A success story for long-term digital preservation of the US Government’s e-mail records


Last month I covered the rapidly approaching digital preservation deadlines embedded in new guidance issued by the Office of Management and Budget and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

Latest version of Preservica delivers new research and innovation in digital preservation


active digital preservation software adds bulk metadata editing, extended APIs and over 75 additional file format migration pathways. The latest version also adds over 75 file format migration pathways based on extensive digital preservation research by the Innovation Team.

Using digital preservation to engage the community in new ways at UMW


Real-world digital preservation blog series: University of Mary Washington (UMW). Angie commented: “A cloud-based preservation system like Preservica was the next move for us here at UMW. Visit the UMW online digital collections.

The Fenway Library Organization provides affordable digital preservation to its members


Preservica, the market leader in SaaS-based active digital preservation, is pleased to announce that the Fenway Library Organization (FLO) has selected Preservica’s Cloud Edition for consortia to preserve and safeguard digital content for its members. The Preservica consortia offering works within their budgetary restraints and includes all the key feature requirements in one solution – safeguarding, preservation, compliance, and access.

University of the Arts London selects Preservica for ambitious new digital preservation initiative


UAL chooses Preservica’s secure AWS cloud-hosted active digital preservation platform to safeguard its unique art and design special collections. The new platform is part of UAL’s cutting-edge approach to its digital environment.

Book Review: Records and Information Management 2nd Edition

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April 22, 2020 Dr. Pat Franks is a well-known teacher and author throughout the Record and Information Management (RIM) profession. Her countless articles and publications have helped many of us run and manage our RIM programs.

Integro partners with Preservica to provide digital preservation for electronic records


New partnership brings together information governance expertise with a proven digital preservation platform to support customers in future-proofing and protecting critical long-term digital records. The new partnership will enable customers to confidently build long-term digital preservation into the overall life-cycle of their critical digital content with the backing of years of proven information governance and content management expertise.

The Digital Preservation Coalition welcomes the Internet Archive as its 80th Member


The Internet Archive (IA) has joined the Digital Preservation Coalition, becoming its 80th Member. Read the full post on the Digital Preservation Coalition’s blog >>> Announcements

Affordable digital preservation of government records with Preservica on G-Cloud 10


Preservica’s cloud-hosted active digital preservation platform enables government organisations to protect long-term digital records, increase transparency with greater public access and meet GDPR compliance. Oxford, UK 7 th July 2018: Digital preservation specialist Preservica is pleased to announce that its market-leading cloud hosted active digital preservation solution is now available through the UK government’s G-Cloud 10 Digital Marketplace.

Dartmouth College Library selects Preservica for long-term digital preservation needs


Boston, MA and Oxford, UK – Aug 15 2018 – The Dartmouth College Library, an integral part of the private Ivy League research university in Hanover, New Hampshire, has chosen Preservica ’s cloud-hosted active digital preservation software to protect and provide greater online access to the heritage and institutional assets of the college. Over the past 20 years, the library has also been accessioning an increasing volume of digitized and born-digital materials.

IG World Summer 2019 Issue Available

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Click here to access the digital copy. The post IG World Summer 2019 Issue Available appeared first on IG GURU.

Archivist warns state records at risk in digital age

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The post Archivist warns state records at risk in digital age appeared first on IG GURU. Archives IG News Information Governance Concord Monitor Digital Preservation New Hampshire

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Shackleton, former OpenText CEO, joins Preservica as Chairman

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Boston, MA and London, UK – 24 July 2019: Preservica , the market leader in SaaS-based active digital preservation, welcomes enterprise information management veteran John Shackleton to its board to spearhead the company’s next phase of global expansion.

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