Cyberattack Hits Aircraft Parts Manufacturer

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Belgium's Asco has shut down manufacturing around the world, including the US, in response to a major cybersecurity event, but what happened isn't clear

Manufacturing 4.0? Industry 4.0? It’s all digital manufacturing to me

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I recently attended the Manufacturers Leadership Summit hosted by Frost & Sullivan in LA. This three-day event was full of presentations, case studies and discussions on the journey to Manufacturing 4.0. It’s all digital manufacturing to me appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

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OpenText Information Management

OpenText™ Enterprise World is always an amazing event and this year was no exception. The world’s largest information management conference was packed with sessions designed to help manufacturers get the most from their digital journey.

Streamlining the Manufacturing and Automotive Treasury Function

Perficient Data & Analytics

The strategic vision of the manufacturing and automotive treasury function is to deliver efficiency, control, and scalability.

3D Printing Takes First Steps Into Serial Manufacturing Production

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Automobile manufacturer Audi is using its A4 Limousine, a low-production model, as a proving ground for process innovation research. One large steel frame section of the A4 has always been difficult to manufacture, so the research team decided to try 3D printing. For a generation, 3D printing has gradually gained acceptance as a useful adjunct to product engineering and manufacturing. It is up to manufacturing organizations to push the ball forward and get it rolling.

Privacy and Cybersecurity September 2019 Events

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

Please join us for our September events. Paul Otto will speak on cybersecurity & patient safety at the Medical Device Manufacturers Association’s 12th Annual Medical Technology Executive Forum. The all-day event will cover a lot of ground through incisive quick-fire presentations, Q&A panels and hands-on workshops. News & Events autonomous vehicles CCPA cybersecurity GDPR medical devices patient data privacySeptember 11.

The Third Modern Data Management Summit: Making Data Work!


The event consisted of over 40 sessions and panels featured more than 60 speakers across industries. Speakers represented life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, financial services, consulting services, and hi-tech. Ankur Gupta, Sr.

Reltio Supports Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Clarion Call for Stronger US Customer Data Privacy Laws


This sweeping level of visibility is invaluable in the event of a data breach. Uncategorized Business Compliance & GDPR Financial Services & Insurance Healthcare High-Tech & Manufacturing Media & Entertainment Retail & CPG Travel & HospitalityManish Sood, CEO & Founder, Reltio. Apple CEO Tim Cook’s call for a U.S. privacy law , similar to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), is appropriate and timely.

Digital Enterprises: Built on Modern MDM


If you missed this event, check out the video presentations here to get the latest buzz in the data management industry (Login: | Password: berightfaster). Ankur Gupta, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Reltio.

MDM 52

Webinar on the SAFETY Act and Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Reputation and Reducing Liability Risk

Hunton Privacy

In 2002, Congress enacted the Supporting Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act (“the SAFETY Act”) to limit the liabilities that energy, financial, manufacturing and other critical infrastructure companies face in the event of a serious cyber or physical security attack. Cybersecurity Events Anti-terrorism Congress

Speak with the UX/UI Designer of OpenTable’s Community at #CNX18

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Industries: Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail. Cloud Consumer Markets Customer Experience Design Digital Experience Digital Transformation News Salesforce cnx18 community Community Cloud connections event opentable salesforce sfdc UX

P3iD to Demo TWAIN Direct Capture Platform

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P3iD will initially target hardware manufacturers and enterprise users with its platform. “If Featured Premium DIR Articles scanners events Cloud CaptureWe’ve been writing about TWAIN Direct in DIR for more than four years now.

My 2014 NewCo SF Schedule: Hard Choices

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It’s not a bad hop from mid-market, where ACT has set up shop, to Dogpatch, where Rickshaw Bags manufactures its wares. I met the CEO of Rickshaw at last year’s festival, and was inspired by his devotion to quality, community, and local manufacturing.

Square 9 Brings Encompass Conference to Nashville, TN

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October 30, 2017 – Developers of award-winning Enterprise Content Management solutions, Square 9® Softworks welcomes its dedicated dealer channel and their customers back to Encompass 2018, a conference unlike any traditional industry event. Press Releases events ECM CaptureNEW HAVEN, CONN.,

Quest for Business Resilience Gives Rise to New Supply Chain Problem: Space Shortages


Heavy industries like auto manufacturing were also choked by border closures and flight limitations. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fact that efficiency isn’t always such a good thing, at least when it comes to supply chains.

Centre Executive Testifies at House Hearing on EU Internet Privacy Issues

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House of Representatives Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Technology held a hearing on “the impact and burden” of European privacy regulation. Centre for Information Policy Leadership European Union Events Online PrivacyOn September 15, 2011, the U.S. Paula Bruening, former Vice President of the Centre for Information Policy Leadership at Hunton & Williams LLP, was one of five witnesses who testified at the hearing.

Japanese defense contractors Pasco and Kobe Steel disclose security breaches

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Pasco is Japan’s largest geospatial provider and Kobe Steel is one of the major steel manufacturers. The Japanese firm confirmed the unauthorized access to its internal network after Japanese newspapers disclosed the security incident citing sources informed of the event.

GUEST ESSAY: Here?s why Tesla has been sabotaged twice in two years ? lax network security

The Last Watchdog

Musk reportedly sent out an internal email describing how an unnamed insider allegedly made unspecified code changes to the company’s manufacturing systems. Modifying production code affecting manufacturing operations. Based in Addison, TX, the company is a leading provider of advanced next-generation SIEM (security information and event management) and UEBA (user and entity behavior analytics) solutions.

Priming the payments ecosystem for explosive growth

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This week marks the return of Amazon Prime Day – Amazon’s seasonal retail event which has fast become a masterclass in driving demand and growth through great customer experience.

Preparing for the Worst

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We would later find out there was a manufacturing issue that caused so many disks to fail in such a short amount of time. Often when we think of a DR event, images of tornadoes, earthquakes, and plane crashes come to mind. We think those events won’t happen to our business.

Square 9® Softworks Recipient of 2018 Marcum Tech Top 40 Award, Inducted into Hall of Fame

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The 2018 event marks Square 9’s sixth year as a Marcum award recipient, inducting Square 9 into the Marcum Tech Top 40 Hall of Fame. This year’s top-ranked companies were honored at the ConnectiTECH Awards event at the Connecticut Convention Center on October 3, 2018. NEW HAVEN, CONN.,

German DPAs Adopt Resolutions Regarding “Connected Cars” and Cooperation with Competition Authorities

Hunton Privacy

According to the DPAs, automobile manufacturers, distributors, retailers, repair shops and providers of communications and telemedia services must ensure the informational self-determination of drivers. Ensure that data subjects ( e.g. , drivers and owners) are able to recognize, control and stop data transfers to service providers, such as the vehicle manufacturer, if the transfer is based on contract or consent.

MY TAKE: Why DDoS weapons will proliferate with the expansion of IoT and the coming of 5G

The Last Watchdog

A couple of high-profile distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks will surely go down in history as watershed events – each for different reasons. This attacker easily located IoT devices that used the manufacturers’ default security setting. Related: IoT botnets now available for economical DDoS blasts.

IoT 209

A mysterious code prevents QNAP NAS devices to be updated

Security Affairs

Users of the Network attached storage devices manufactured have reported a mystery string of malware attacks that disabled software updates by hijacking entries in host machines’ hosts file.

Allow me to introduce myself

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Over time, my career took me away from manufacturing floors towards product management, acquisition integration, and ultimately away from IBM to Avaya and Carbonite. I’m also eager to meet with you, our customers, and partners, whether at an upcoming event or in a one-on-one conversation.

Join Our Webinar on November 16th: IGI & Preservica Address the Governance of Long-Term Digital Information


Every organization had at least a few categories of information that they keep long-term, whether that was 25+ years, permanently or indefinitely until a future trigger event. Events SupportersPlease join the IGI and Preservica on November 16th at 11am ET for a webinar addressing The Governance & Preservation of Long-Term Digital Information. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Speakers. Barclay Blair, Founder and Executive Director, Information Governance Initiative (IGI).

Think Ransomware Can’t Put You Out of Business?

Adam Levin

Manufacturing giant Honda had its networks brought to a standstill by just such an attack. In the same survey, 35 percent thought CEOs should be fined for a cyber failure, and 30 percent wanted to see a CEO lose his or her right to run any company following a serious cyber event.

SHARED INTEL: Study shows mismanagement of ‘machine identities’ triggers $52 billion in losses

The Last Watchdog

The study looked at firmographics and technographics and factored in actual events. Hudson: We have about 400 customers worldwide: big banks, big airlines, airplane manufacturers, big payment card companies, big health care insurers, big retailers. In one sense, digital transformation is all about machines. Related: Authenticating IoT devices Physical machines, like driverless vehicles and smart buildings; but, even more so, virtual machines.

DoS attack the caused disruption at US power utility exploited a known flaw

Security Affairs

a cyber event disrupted energy grid operations in California, Wyoming, and Utah. The news was first reported by E&E News, a “cyber event” interrupted grid operations in parts of the western United States in March, according to a report posted by the Department of Energy.

MY TAKE: Massive Marriott breach continues seemingly endless run of successful hacks

The Last Watchdog

If encryption keys were compromised and payment data was in fact exposed, this could indicate that stolen credentials were released at an exceptionally slow release rate versus a mass data dump exfiltration event in order to make it harder for fraud and security teams to identify the kinds of patterns that would normally indicate a point of compromise.

Kaspersky found dozens of flaws in 4 open-source VNC software

Security Affairs

VNC systems use the remote frame buffer (RFB) protocol to remotely control a device, transfer screen images, mouse movement and keypress events between devices. Kaspersky researchers found dozens of flaws in four popular open-source virtual network computing (VNC) systems.

German DPAs Adopt Resolutions on EU Data Protection and IPv6

Hunton Privacy

The Resolution on this topic sets forth the principles which manufacturers and providers should follow in connection with ongoing efforts to migrate from Internet Protocol Version 4 (“IPv4”) to Internet Protocol Version 6 (“IPv6”). Operating system manufacturers must implement strong encryption algorithms in their Transmission Control Protocol (“TCP”) and Internet Protocol (“IP”) stacks.

Kodak Alaris’ Annual Partner Summit Goes Virtual

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The global information capture specialist had planned on holding its annual partner conference for the EMEA region in Vienna from April 21 – 23, but in light of the current COVID-19 crisis, decided to make it a virtual event. ROCHESTER, N.Y.,

Top cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

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Here we are again for the annual prediction of the events that I believe will impact the cybersecurity landscape in the next year. The 2020 Cybersecurity Landscape – Below Pierluigi Paganini’s cybersecurity predictions for the next twelve months.

Combining Online and Offline Data in Automotive – Part One

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They are collecting offline data form customers at dealerships and any live events (auto shows, etc.). Currently, there aren’t any auto manufacturers that are paving the way and standing head and shoulders above the competition in this arena.

Hackers Breached Virginia Bank Twice in Eight Months, Stole $2.4M

Krebs on Security

“In its Coverage Determination, Everest further determined that the 2016 Intrusion and the 2017 Intrusion were a single event, and thus, pursuant to the Debit Card Rider, National Bank’s total coverage under the Bond was $50,000.00

Gartner IT Expo: Real Time Data Drives Fanatics Growth

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In house and on demand manufactureing. In venue events. It’s data like this that can drive real time decisions in manufacturing. Of course, this also means that Fanatics needed to push for a more real time event driven architecture.

APT40 cyberespionage group supporting growth of China’s naval sector

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“[In 2017] APT40 was observed masquerading as a UUV manufacturer, and targeting universities engaged in naval research.

FTC Workshop on The Internet of Things

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Many manufacturers of such devices have not established privacy policies, and those that do have policies often fail to follow them. Cybersecurity Events Online Privacy Consumer Protection Edith Ramirez Google Internet Internet of Things Jessica Rich Mobile Device Smart GridOn November 19, 2013, the Federal Trade Commission held a workshop in Washington, D.C. to discuss The Internet of Things: Privacy & Security in a Connected World.

Security Affairs newsletter Round 196 – News of the week

Security Affairs

Hackers have stolen customer data from Titan Manufacturing and Distributing company for nearly one year. ReiKey app for macOS can detect Mac Keyloggers using event taps. A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived! The best news of the week with Security Affairs.