Malware Training Sets: FollowUP

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Since that day I received hundreds of emails from students, researchers and practitioners all around the world asking me questions about how to follow up that research and how to contribute to expanding the training set. Now, if you wish you are able to generate training sets by yourself and to test new algorithms directly into WEKA. I am a computer security scientist with an intensive hacking background.

Strategies to Protect your Records from Ransomware

The Texas Record

Awareness and training: Everyone in your office needs to be aware of what ransomware is, the methods of delivery, and basic security principles to best prevent a system from being infected. You should contact your IT Department to help organize and facilitate this training. Backup your information: Your data should be backed up in multiple locations, primarily in locations where it is not constantly connected to the computer or network.


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What is the Value of Records and Information Management?


Think about technology like email, personal computers, the web, smart phones, social media, etc. In many cases, Records Management tasks are being done by people with little to no Records Management Training. Electronic Records Management (ERM

What is Information Capture? Definition, Purpose, and Value


AIIM's training offers this definition for Capture: Capture is the process of getting records (or documents) that you have created into some sort of information management system, and recording their existence in the system. Electronic Records Management (ERM) Capture and Imaging

e-Records 2017: “Teacher Retirement System of Texas: The Information Governance Journey”

The Texas Record

TSLAC Wants Your Electronic Records. They decided to attack the problem using a formal assessment process to develop an agency solution, with a few goals in mind: centralizing RIM processes, providing staff training at all levels, and assessing the program on an ongoing basis. These results were used to develop a big bucket retention schedule and create standard repositories for electronic records.

Fund Managers Targeted in Sophisticated Cyberattacks

Data Matters

For remote access to emails, trading systems and other electronic data containing confidential information, the authentication mechanism should utilize at least two of the following factors: what a person knows (e.g., Provide regular training: Industry experts should provide regular cyberawareness training to ensure that all personnel remain alert to evolving cyberthreats and recent trends.

Twenty-One Points, Less Than 350 Words: eDiscovery Best Practices

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As Craig notes in the latest blog post on his terrific Ball in Your Court blog ( Electronic Storage in a Nutshell ), he finished the E-Discovery Workbook for the 2019 Georgetown E-Discovery Training Academy (which we covered here ). In between are concepts about things like storage media, how computers store data, how file types and file formats are identified, different types of metadata, what happens to files when they’re deleted and how they can be recovered, and so forth.

What’s a Lawyer’s Duty When a Data Breach Occurs within the Law Firm: Cybersecurity Best Practices

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Right inside the door, you see a handwritten notice on a big whiteboard which says: All network services are down, DO NOT turn on your computers! Finding this odd, you turn to your firm receptionist who tells you that the firm was hit with a ransomware attack overnight, and that if you turn on your computer all of your files will be immediately encrypted, subject to a bitcoin ransom.”. Electronic Discovery Security

Will Lawyers Ever Embrace Technology?: eDiscovery Best Practices, Part Four

eDiscovery Daily

Do they go to a community night course on computers? Beyond that, I’d also suggest the following books which are worth consulting as well: A Process of Illumination: The Practical Guide To Electronic Discovery , Mary Mack (available on Amazon here ). Electronic Discovery and Evidence , Fourth Edition, Michael Arkfeld (available for purchase at Law Partner Publishing/LexisNexis here ). Electronic Discovery Ethics Evidence

Ignoring Internet of Things Devices Could Be IdIoTic: eDiscovery Trends

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Attorneys, a lot of the time, haven’t been trained how to do that,” said Cozen O’Connor eDiscovery and practice advisory services group chairman Dave Walton. Further, it addresses topics including data privacy, fog computing, smart cities and more. Electronic Discovery Industry Trends

IoT 45

Announcing Eighth Annual LTNY Thought Leader Series!: eDiscovery Trends

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Tom’s involvement with large cases led him to become familiar with dozens of various software applications for litigation support and he has both designed databases and trained legal staffs in their use on many cases. Mary is the author of A Process of Illumination: The Practical Guide to Electronic Discovery , considered by many to be the first popular book on e-discovery. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo and principal of Maura Grossman Law.

Will Lawyers Ever Embrace Technology?: eDiscovery Best Practices, Part Three

eDiscovery Daily

Browning Marean and I spent years trying to begin a law school curriculum that included computer education with no success. We were actually told by the dean of one leading law school when we spoke to him about a legal technology training initiative, “We train architects, not carpenters.”. Some commentators say this isn’t really necessary because the new generation is computer savvy. Electronic Discovery Ethics

Craig Ball’s Wayback Machine and Look at the Mueller Report: eDiscovery Best Practices

eDiscovery Daily

My first computer programming course (does anybody remember Fortran?) Oh, and by the way, the Georgetown Law Center eDiscovery Training Academy is coming up in less than a month! Used by legal and business customers worldwide including more than 50 of the top 250 Am Law firms and many of the world’s leading corporations, CloudNine’s eDiscovery automation software and services help customers gain insight and intelligence on electronic data.

Mike Q Says the Weakest Link in TAR is Humans: eDiscovery Best Practices

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We train the software by categorizing the training documents, we operate the software, we analyze the outcome. Perhaps, when it comes down to it, the success of TAR being dependent on humans points us back to the long-used phrase regarding humans and computers: Garbage In, Garbage Out. Analysis Electronic Discovery Review SearchingWe started the week with a post from Tom O’Connor (his final post in his eDiscovery Project Management from Both Sides series).

Ralph Losey of Jackson Lewis, LLP: eDiscovery Trends 2018

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Ralph is also a prolific author of eDiscovery books and articles, including the popular e-Discovery Team® Blog , founder and owner of an online training program, e-Discovery Team Training , with attorney and technical students all over the world, founder of the Electronic Discovery Best Practices (EDBP) lawyer-centric work flow model and founder of an eighteen class training course on Technology Assisted Review ( TAR Course ). Electronic Discovery Industry Trends

Tuesday’s Relativity Fest 2019 Sessions: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

Speakers Include: Cristin Traylor – Counsel, McGuireWoods LLP; Melissa Sanborn – Senior Customer Success Manager, Relativity; Debbie Beeler – Senior Paralegal-Major Litigation, T-Mobile; Tamara Loveland – Electronic Evidence Specialist, US DOJ. How to take advantage of electronic legal holds. Having the skills and training to uncover deleted files and messages while preserving and restoring data is now required in every investigation.

eDiscovery Expert Tom O’Connor Reviews CloudNine Platform

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Platform Description: CloudNine is an integrated, automated proprietary software offering which allows users to immediately upload, review, and produce electronic documents. Based in Houston, Texas, CloudNine is a legal intelligence technology company with deep expertise in the analysis, processing, and review of electronically stored information (ESI). Electronic Discovery. News eDiscovery Electronic DiscoveryWhat I Like About CloudNine.

Relativity Fest is Here! And So Are We!: eDiscovery Trends

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In this session, hear leading national experts with perspectives from major law firms, federal law enforcement, and computer forensics as we examine recent case law, practical technical challenges, current issues—including the regulation of self-driving cars, and the legal considerations of IoT data tracking. Electronic Discovery Industry TrendsThe 2018 Relativity Fest conference is here!

Craig Ball of Craig D. Ball, PC: eDiscovery Trends 2018

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A frequent court appointed special master in electronic evidence, Craig is a prolific contributor to continuing legal and professional education programs throughout the United States, having delivered over 2,000 presentations and papers. Craig’s articles on forensic technology and electronic discovery frequently appear in the national media and he teaches E-Discovery and Digital Evidence at the University of Texas School of Law. They trained to preside over trials.

Sopra Steria hit by the Ryuk ransomware gang

Security Affairs

A cyber attack was detected on the Sopra Steria computer network on the evening of October 20. Sopra Steria is a member of France’s Cyber Campus , a French initiative to spread cybersecurity awareness, training, and product sales.

Maura R. Grossman of the University of Waterloo: eDiscovery Trends 2018

eDiscovery Daily

Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo and principal of Maura Grossman Law. Previously, she was Of Counsel at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, where she pioneered the use of technology-assisted review (TAR) for electronic discovery. With some of the early TAR systems, a lot of commentators said that it had to be a senior partner, or an expert, who trained the system. Electronic Discovery Industry Trends

Why Is TAR Like a Bag of M&M’s?, Part Two: eDiscovery Best Practices

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In fact, the current EDRM definition of Predictive Coding still refers to it as: An industry-specific term generally used to describe a Technology-Assisted Review process involving the use of a Machine Learning Algorithm to distinguish Relevant from Non-Relevant Documents, based on a Subject Matter Expert’s Coding of a Training Set of Documents. Ralph calls it the multi-modal approach: a combination of people and computers to get the best result.

Terahertz Millimeter-Wave Scanners

Schneier on Security

The heart of the device is a block of electronics about the size of a 1990s tower personal computer. How the technology works in practice depends heavily on the operator's training. Interesting article on terahertz millimeter-wave scanners and their uses to detect terrorist bombers. It comes housed in a musician's black case, akin to the one Spinal Tap might use on tour.

European Commission proposes reinforcement of EU Cybersecurity rules

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

A DSP is an information society service that is an online marketplace, an online search engine or a cloud computing service. It is also clarified that data centre services other than cloud computing services are as well covered by the Directive and provides for a definition of this concept.

RMS Section Meeting Teaser #5

The Schedule

For example, at Trinity College (Hartford, CT), many professors taught outside their fields of training during World War II, when 1/3 of the faculty had left for war work. Not only are records creators and archives’ staff restricted from access to physical records, but most staff and faculty working remotely and often creating and storing “institutional records” on dispersed servers, such as personal computers, and in new electronic formats, including Zoom meetings.

Security Affairs newsletter Round 293

Security Affairs

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived! Every week the best security articles from Security Affairs free for you in your email box.

AI Summit: Tagging Medical Records Create Vital Data and Analytics

Perficient Data & Analytics

Quote: Most medical records , even in electronic form, is not stored in a way that it can be easily extracted from a computer. Mike Porter’s comments: In this particular case, not that the AI has been trained to understand over 1,000 different lab values.

Tom O’Connor of the Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center: eDiscovery Trends 2018

eDiscovery Daily

Tom’s involvement with large cases led him to become familiar with dozens of various software applications for litigation support and he has both designed databases and trained legal staffs in their use on many cases. They understand that there’s some computer technology in play. Electronic Discovery Industry TrendsThis is the first of the 2018 Legaltech New York (LTNY) Thought Leader Interview series.

For Digital Transformation, You Need Content AI


Of course, we've been digitizing content and delivering electronically -- and wrestling with metadata, search, information governance, and compliance -- for decades. New Training Course from AIIM: Practical AI for the Information Professional. Question answering - providing definitions, facts, computed results, and visualizations that respond to the questioner's intent. Amazon is amazingly innovative but made a basic mistake in its choice of recruiting training data.

What is data loss and how does it work?

IT Governance

Unlike desktop computers, laptops don’t have extra covers to protect them from water damage, which increases your risk of electronic components short circuiting. Computer viruses. A computer’s hard drive is its most fragile part.

Debut of the Texas State Records Retention Schedule (RRS): 5th Edition – 5/10/2020

The Texas Record

Training series have been clarified and expanded. 1.1.043 Training Materials now includes class rosters, sign-in sheets, etc. description explains that this series is only for internal training of personnel.

The Consumerization of Artificial Intelligence

Bill Schmarzo - Dell EMC

Doctors can effectively treat patients without a high performance computer or an expensive technology environment. For example, Developers can integrate computer vision machine learning features into their app including face tracking, face detection, landmarks, text detection, rectangle detection, barcode detection, object tracking and image registration. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning (AI | ML | DL) require massive amounts of computer processing power.

Introducing automatic data classification for Collibra Catalog


The current service is trained to recognize around 40 classes of data out-of-the-box. These include a wide variety of personal information, physical address details, financial information, electronic communication details, product identifiers, as well as time and date records. . Every new dataset that is on-boarded provides an opportunity for training to help the algorithm further improve its accuracy.

Introducing automatic data classification for Collibra Catalog


The current service is trained to recognize around 40 classes of data out-of-the-box. These include a wide variety of personal information, physical address details, financial information, electronic communication details, product identifiers, as well as time and date records. . Every new dataset that is on-boarded provides an opportunity for training to help the algorithm further improve its accuracy.

AI, Records, and Accountability

ARMA International

AI refers to computer systems that are able to perform tasks that are considered to require human intelligence – that is, cognitive tasks. ML algorithms require sufficient data inputs and some form of training. The power of ML and the opacity that results from its adaptation and evolution in relation to the vast quantities of data over which it operates combine to raise or magnify ethical issues in a way that other computer technologies, such as symbolic AIs, did not.

Nuxeo Announces Strong Revenue Growth and Continued Product Innovation

Document Imaging Report

Key product developments in the first half of 2020 included: A new, “point and click” interface for Nuxeo Insight to enable business users to configure, train, deploy and operate custom AI/ML models. Company produces significant ARR growth and first profitable quarter in its history.

Analyzing the APT34’s Jason project

Security Affairs

These “exception protections” are usually adopted in two main scenarios: (i) the end-user is not a super “techy” guy, so he might end-up with some unexpected conditions or (ii) the attacker is a professional developer who is trained to write product oriented code and not simple working software (which is what attackers usually do). I am a computer security scientist with an intensive hacking background.

How To Protect Yourself From Hackers

Cyber Info Veritas

Before we outline the safety hacks, let us briefly discuss why you need to protect yourself from hackers: How Safe Is Your Data: Why You Need To Protect Yourself From Hackers As the internet, computers, and connected devices (smart homes, smart appliances, etc.) As computers and smart devices creep into every crevice of our life, the need to protect yourself from hackers has never been greater.

MY TAKE: Why security innovations paving the way for driverless cars will make IoT much safer

The Last Watchdog

Intelligent computing systems have been insinuating themselves into our homes and public gathering places for a while now. Grimm also plans to train others to do similar research at its Sparta outpost. Our smartphones and laptop computers generally become obsolete and get replaced by more secure versions every 24 months. But smart homes, smart workplaces and smart shopping malls are just the warm-up act. Get ready for smart ground transportation.

IoT 122

Y2K: The New Year’s Disaster That Wasn’t

Unwritten Record

Governments and businesses around the world proactively prepared their computer systems to seamlessly to the year 2000 rather than travel back to 1900. Since its creation in 1941, Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi has specialized in technical training in avionics and electronics. Meanwhile in Colorado, Peterson Air Force Base was home to a bank of computers tasked with preventing Y2K problems with the US’s and Russia’s missiles.