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Law Enforcement's Cybercrime Honeypot Maneuvers Paying Off

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Closing EncroChat and Sky, Plus Careful Word-of-Mouth Management, Drove Anom Uptake The global law enforcement "Anom" honeypot operation racked up impressive statistics for the number of criminals tricked into using the encrypted communications service.

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Asset Management Firm Armis Acquires Honeypot Maker CTCI

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Deal Between Private Companies Is Worth About $20 Million Venture-capital owned Armis, a firm that touts its ability to prepare companies for attacks before they materialize, acquired cybersecurity startup CTCI in a transaction approaching $20 million. Armis will merge CTCI employees and technology over the next 30 days.

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Root Admin User: When Do Common Usernames Pose a Threat?

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Honeypot Hits Reinforce Need for Strong Passwords and Multifactor Authentication Honeypot data collected by CISO Jesse La Grew highlights how attackers continue to target default usernames - including for SSH - together with weak passwords to gain brute force remote access to their targets.

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New ZHtrap botnet uses honeypot to find more victims

Security Affairs

Netlab 360 experts discovered a new Mirai-based botnet dubbed ZHtrap that implements honeypot to find more victims. Researchers from Netlab 360 discovered a new Mirai-based botnet dubbed ZHtrap that implements honeypot to find more victims. Experts noticed that that the bot borrows some implementations of the Matryosh DDoS botnet.

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Fake Smart Factory Honeypot Highlights New Attack Threats


The honeypot demonstrates the various security concerns plaguing vulnerable industrial control systems.

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Robocall Results from a Telephony Honeypot

Schneier on Security

A group of researchers set up a telephony honeypot and tracked robocall behavior : NCSU researchers said they ran 66,606 telephone lines between March 2019 and January 2020, during which time they said to have received 1,481,201 unsolicited calls -- even if they never made their phone numbers public via any source.

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How to Comprehend the Buzz About Honeypots

Dark Reading

Honeypots are crucial tools for security researchers and security teams. Understanding what they are and what they can do can be critical for making them safe and useful for your organization.