Analysis: A Better Approach to Cyber Defense

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Plus, a case study on cross-border payment fraud, and an expert's take on security for the 2020 elections The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report discusses why cyber defense teams need to think more like attackers.

Malicious PDF Analysis

Security Affairs

In the last few days I have done some analysis on malicious documents, especially PDF. Then I thought, “Why not turn a PDF analysis into an article?” SecurityAffairs – PDF analysis, hacking). The post Malicious PDF Analysis appeared first on Security Affairs.

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A Case Study: Measuring the Impact of Db2 for z/OS Buffer Pool Changes

Robert's Db2

Could I assist with that analysis? Well, I find the default aggregation specification for Db2 monitor-generated accounting reports - authorization ID within plan name - to be too fine-grained for effective analysis of a Db2 system in an overall sense; conversely, aggregation at the subsystem ID level is generally too coarse-grained for my liking. Not long ago, a Db2 for z/OS administrator contacted me with a request.

Hunting down Gooligan — retrospective analysis


Beside its scale what makes Gooligan a worthwhile case-study is its heavy reliance on stolen oauth tokens to attack Google Play’s API, an approach previously unheard of in malware. This talk starts by providing an in-depth analysis of how Gooligan’s kill-chain works from infection and exploitation to system-wide compromise.

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Analyze your Web Archives at Scale: The Archives Unleashed Cloud


Wayback browsing and search interfaces work for some applications, but with the rise of the digital humanities, the computational social sciences, and web science more generally, even more analysis tools can help to express archived data in new and enlightening ways. Case Studies How To

Data Mapping Tools: What Are the Key Differentiators


analysis) are now adopting data mapping tools with compliance in mind. BFSI, PHARMA, INSURANCE AND NON-PROFIT) CASE STUDIES FOR AUTOMATED METADATA-DRIVEN AUTOMATION. It also enables automatic impact analysis at the table and column level – even for business/transformation rules.


What Should Be The Core Competencies For Cybersecurity For C-Suite

Cyber Info Veritas

In the case of security professionals, they must be equipped with the necessary bandwidth to increase the alerting threshold and investigate alerts. In my experience, it is also important to remember that C-suite executives respond well to case studies.

NSA releases the source code of the GHIDRA reverse engineering framework

Security Affairs

The platform was presented at the RSA Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday by Rob Joyce, former head of the NSA’s elite hacking team and now White House cybersecurity coordinator, Joyce has presented the code-analysis suite, he remarked the absence of backdoors.

Analyzing AZORult malware using NSA Ghidra suite

Security Affairs

Cybaze-Yoroi ZLAB malware researchers decided to use the NSA Ghidra suite in a real case study, the analysis of the AZORult malware. Technical Analysis. For this reason, we focused the investigation into static analysis and debugging.

Why Is TAR Like a Bag of M&M’s?, Part Four: eDiscovery Best Practices

eDiscovery Daily

Tom has also written several terrific informational overview series for CloudNine, including eDiscovery and the GDPR: Ready or Not, Here it Comes (which we covered as a webcast ), Understanding eDiscovery in Criminal Cases (which we also covered as a webcast ) and ALSP – Not Just Your Daddy’s LPO. Is there a standard, either statutory or in case law to help us with this determination? Most case studies I have seen emphasize speed or accuracy and don’t even mention cost.

Crooks offer millions to skilled black hats to help them in extortion campaigns

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The analysis of posts on Dark Web forums reveals that at least one threat actor is willing to pay more than $64,000 per month ($768,000 per year) to skilled hackers to recruit in criminal activities.

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Connect with Perficient at #Kscope18

Perficient Data & Analytics

We have a great session at this year’s conference, where you can hear Nandini Nehru, Solutions Architect at Perficient, and Janet Kloves, Assoc, Director, Finance, Financial Planning & Analysis at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) present on driver-based rolling forecasts.

Summary – “Blockchain Technology and Recordkeeping”

ARMA International

The chapters respond to, and are structured according to, an initial set of questions from the AIEF’s call for proposals for a study on blockchain, records, and information management. The analysis of blockchain-based records’ trustworthiness is based on archival and diplomatic theory.

How to start your career in cyber security

IT Governance

Technically, you don’t need any cyber security experience to get started, though many people entering the field will come from jobs that have similar skillsets, such as systems administration or information analysis. A version of this blog was originally published on 8 December 2017.

New Functional Schedule for North Carolina State Agencies

The Schedule

In 2015, the Records Analysis Unit of the Government Records Section at the State Archives of North Carolina (SANC) began a project to revamp the retention and disposition schedules for state agencies in North Carolina.

NHS is still assessing the cost of WannaCry one year later

Security Affairs

The estimate in the report considers the financial costs in two time periods: during the attack between 12 and 18 May 2017; during the recovery period in the immediate aftermath to June-July 2017; The analysis focus on two categories of cost are: Direct impact – lost output of patient care caused by reduced access to information and systems required for care leading to cancelled appointments etc.

Beware the gaps in SharePoint


His article also contains a link to a SharePoint case study at BSI Group. " See, why bother paying Forrester for analysis when you can just talk to me. ;-) Technorati Tags: Alex Manchester , Melcrum , Internal Comms Hub , SharePoint , MOSS , Forrester , Case Study , BSI GroupAlex Manchester interviewed me the other day for a Melcrum Internal Comms Hub article discussing SharePoint responding to a new report from Forrester.


SAA/NAGARA/COSA 2018 Recap: Session 201

The Schedule

This session was composed of lightning talks about various email archiving projects, including the first NHPRC electronic records case studies focused on email archiving. Katherine Martinez from the Trisha Brown Dance Company presented on two case studies of museum organizations, looking at records created during the exhibition process, where email was considered a problem record. Email Archiving Comes of Age.

NEW TECH: This free tool can help gauge, manage third-party cyber risk; it’s called ‘VRMMM’

The Last Watchdog

According to a recent Ponemon Institute study , some 59% of companies experienced a third-party data breach in 2018, yet only 16% believe they are effectively mitigating third-party risk. Members gain access to third-party IT security risk management best practices via case studies, surveys, whitepapers, webinars, meetings and conferences. Last year’s study, which looked at 2017 data, showed steady, incremental year-over-year gains, painting an overall encouraging picture.

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Understanding the differences between ISO 27001 and ISO 27002

IT Governance

This blog explains why that’s the case, helping you understand how each standard works and the differences between them. To meet these requirements, organisations must: Assemble a project team and initiate the project; Conduct a gap analysis; Scope the ISMS; Initiate high-level policy development; Perform a risk assessment; Select and apply controls; Develop risk documentation; Conduct staff awareness training; Assess, review and conduct an internal audit; and.

Duo Security created open tools and techniques to identify large Twitter botnet

Security Affairs

The experts developed the tools starting from the analysis of 88 million Twitter accounts and over half-a-billion tweets, one of the largest random datasets of Twitter accounts analyzed to date. In many cases, spammy content is hidden on Twitter on the basis of automated detections.”

MicroStrategy World: AI Best Practices and Real-World Examples

Perficient Data & Analytics

Signal Services: It’s speech recognition, tone analysis, sentiment analysis. Evaluate capabilities by use case. Case Studies. They then used statistical analysis to get to 73% which was better.

Notes and observations about the 2012 intranet innovation award winners


Hansen, who are also a IntranetPrisen 2010 winner (see this case study (PDF) about their SharePoint project). Scott Corporation (see this case study about their SharePoint project). Weston Solutions, also a winner in the World Wide Intranet Challenge (+ see Newsgator for their case study). Stockland (+ see Newsgator for their case study). (I I think this case study really demonstrates the value of investing up front in the design process.

FTC Releases Report on Facial Recognition Technology

Hunton Privacy

In the report, the FTC illustrates through case studies how companies may implement these principles. In one case study, an eyeglass company enables consumers to upload images to the company’s website and place different eyeglass styles on those images. In another case study, a sports drink company operates a digital sign in a grocery store with a camera that can detect a consumer’s age and gender.

How We Learned to Love Event Based Retention


Her session is called "How We Learned to Love Event Based Retention: A Valero Energy Case Study in Records Management." Attendees will learn how we performed our analysis and implemented critical changes that considered trigger dates and the volume of records affected by the EBR periods. Allow me to introduce you to Wendy McLain, Manager of Enterprise Content & Records Management at Valero.

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Resourceful Records Managers! Courtney Bailey, Chair, SAA Records Management Section 2019-2020

The Schedule

Whenever I had the opportunity to focus my own research, I tried to focus on a topic that would fill in a gap for me, and in this case, I looked into records management in the business arena. But when a job became available at the State Archives of North Carolina in the Records Analysis Unit, I saw a way to develop my skills in the records management arena while also being able to use my teaching abilities in creating and delivering workshops and online tutorials.

Optimizing healthcare value with prescriptive analytics – Part 2


For the questions we knew to ask, the analysis identified the current and future benefits of: Reduced costs to PSFD by up to $600,000 annually. I invite you to read our case study to learn more about our project methods and results.

ALL Data as a Service (DaaS/BDaaS) - EAs in a New Role, as DaaS Enablers

Interactive Information Management

And, you'd like this information (all of it, or lots of it) right now, in an easily consumable, visual, semantically-relevant way - to share with your community and to be automatically (or easily) ingested by your other systems or analysis tools.

SNA study of


Laurie Lock Lee from Optimice has published the results of a social network analysis (SNA) study of the Wikipatterns community (pdf). " BTW I'm not entirely convinced we need a new term like wiki mining to describe the gathering of relationship data from a wiki, but its certainly worth recognising that a wiki does offer a particularly rich environment for an SNA study to draw information about different interactions.

Truth, Lies & Videotape: Digital Video Archivists Gather at MoMA

Archives Blogs

Through a combination of case studies, key notes, and panels, DAS examines the full lifecycle of digital content. Aroyo and Welty pointed out that data analysis often yields ambiguity and contradictions —so, instead of embracing a binary yes/no approach, they advocate the use quantum intelligence (based on the principles of quantum mechanics) as a new way of analyzing data. The afternoon featured two cases studies. We live in a video age.

Welcome to Relativity Fest 2019!: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

Chief legal officers provide a unique perspective, and to analyze that perspective, Relativity and the FTI Technology business unit of FTI Consulting commissioned a study by Ari Kaplan Advisors, surveying general counsel on a wide variety of legal issues affecting business and the legal profession.

Leonardi & Treem: Understanding the barriers to success and benefits of enterprise social software


One of the key lessons from this case study - which I''ve also see in my own experience over the years - is the importance of: Not just using change management in an implementation, but actually allowing future users to participate in the design and selection of the solution. He outlines a number of dimensions - as potential areas for academic study - that he categorises using the following metaphors: Leaky pipe.

Regulatory Update: NAIC Fall 2018 National Meeting

Data Matters

The GCC Working Group emphasized that the Template is a preliminary draft that will be revised following its analysis of issues emerging from the field testing results. At issue is the applicability of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s decision in the case of Warrantech Consumer Products Services, Inc. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) held its Fall 2018 National Meeting (Fall Meeting) in San Francisco, California, from November 15 to 18, 2018.

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Download IGI’s Whitepaper: Ameritas Leverages Technology For Improved Information Governance


headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, clearly makes such a case. Ameritas began with a pilot project to tackle a clearly identified business problem which they addressed using data analysis, indexing, searching, tracking and reporting tools from Active Navigation. Sign up here to join the IGI Community to access this whitepaper and our extensive library of IG research and tools including our State of IG Report, whitepapers, case studies, infographics, and more.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Mashup News and the Difficulty Curve


software that combines Ajax and SOA with reliable, optimized Web connectivity to deliver Enterprise Mashups, Rich Enterprise Applications (REA) and next generation user-driven portals ", have scored a great case study with the US Defense Intelligence Agency using its software.

GE's Enterprise Collaboration Backbone | ZDNet

Collaboration 2.0

This system was not linked into business data, but functioned more as online access to computer power for local application development and analysis. We had to beg and get in line for assistance from the IT people to get business data for analysis.

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