Best of TAB 2017 part 1: the top case studies

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Over the next four days we will share the top white papers, case studies, RIM guides and blog posts. The post Best of TAB 2017 part 1: the top case studies appeared first on TAB Records Management Blog | TAB OnRecord.

The Data Breach Case Study & Protection Guide

Record Nations

The post The Data Breach Case Study & Protection Guide appeared first on Record Nations. Even the tiniest security gap can lead to a data breach. After a $5.5 million settlement, Nationwide Insurance’s breach serves as just one example of the growing number of data breaches each year—making it all the more important you have protections in place. What Happened Even the tiniest serious gap can pose serious risks. Recently […].

Case Study: Workflow Management Software Integration Improves Accounting Processes for Growing Business

Document Imaging Report

Carubba Collision-DocuWare case study. Tweet. Contributed News A/P channel ECM

Award-winning loyalty and rewards program personalizes online experiences

OpenText Information Management

Customer Experience Management Case Studies Case study customer story Jet Privilege Loyalty and Rewards Programs OpenText Elite OpenText LiveSite OpenText TeamSite

How to Use Gamification in Mobile Apps: A Case Study


I’ll examine Forest, a productivity app, as a case study of gamification embedded so deeply into an app’s framework that gamification becomes the entire reason to use the app in the first place.

Tod Chernikoff, #InfoGov18 Speaker Interview Series

IG Guru

Featured ICRM InfoGovCon Information Governance Record Retention Records Management case study change management IBM records and information management Tod Chernikoff

KSJO 92.3 - Good Product, Bad Marketing. A Case Study

John Battelle's Searchblog

In case you're wondering, it was this period of time that inspired the name of my company Federated Media , or FM - the explosion of independent voice in radio during the 1970s was quite similar to the explosion of independent voices on the web today.but I'm taking a detour.

Case study: The Hub by SAS


In a case study they explain that SAS had a number of requirements, including: "All communications would have to be maintained behind the firewall (for security reasons) while seamlessly integrating with other internal business systems such as SharePoint.".

Virgin America's mobile social intranet case study


If you are looking for more detail about VXConnect , this Salesforce Webinar features Virgin America''s Benjamin Eye , who explains the objectives behind their mobile, social intranet : The Virgin America case study itself is covered between the approximate 8 minute and 36 minute mark.

PwC Jive Software case study


A detailed backgrounder on PwC's global deployment of Jive , called Spark, reports: 80% of the frequent users think that Spark increases both their efficiency and effectiveness. Some systems with a similar scope used on a national level have already been partly or fully replaced by Spark, directly saving cost. …a a new employee who explicitly stated that Spark was among the key reasons for him to decide for PwC and against offers from the competition.

Capitec Bank innovates to create real-time client interaction

OpenText Information Management

Enterprise Content Management Banking Capitec Bank Captiva Case Studies Documentum Documentum xCP enterprise content management financial services xPressionHow can digital technologies help banks gain a competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive financial services sector?

Google Apps-based intranet: Ahold case study


Since then I've shared some interesting case studies about companies using Salesforce Chatter and Microsoft Yammer. Thanks to Entopic, I can now point you to a case study presented by James Nunn at their Congress Intranet 2013 conference about Ahold. But again as other case studies have shown, this hasn't stopped Ahold from getting on with the job of using the Google stack to run its intranet.

Two new Australian case studies from Microsoft


Some new Australian case studies from across the Microsoft family: Woods Bagot - Microsoft SharePoint 2013 pilot. NSC Group - Using a free Yammer network. (if if the article is paywalled, try this link (PDF) provided by NSC Group). A quote from Woods Bagot: “With the addition of the new social features, we can use SharePoint to help us quickly achieve a more engaging intranet.”. Note: I reviewed SharePoint 2013's social features over on the Ripple Effect Group blog.

A Java Program, a COBOL Program, and a DB2 Update - An Interesting Case Study

Robert's Db2

I think it makes for an interesting case study. In that latter case, then, even an X-lock acquired on the row (or the row's page) by the Java program would not impede the CICS program's subsequent update operation. In that case, the same DB2 thread should be used for the Java-based SELECT and the COBOL-based UPDATE.

Socialtext case study of a family-owned, industrial company pushing innovation like a dot com


In this case, this Webinar from Socialtext provides a case study on Industrial Mold & Machine who are using mobile access to provide access to their social intranet on the shop floor. The Webinar also features Andrew McAfee, who provides context for the case study.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Janssen-Cilag Wiki Case Study


Tuesday, 21 August 2007 Janssen-Cilag Wiki Case Study Here is a great Aussie wiki case study shared by Nathan Wallace from Janssen-Cilag , a pharmaceutical subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit.

DCMS Wordpress-based intranet case study - cheaper, quicker, and user-centred


Continuing what appears to be turning into a series on alternative intranets technologies, here is a great study from the UK about relaunching the Department for Culture, Media & Sport's intranet with Wordpress.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Avenue A | Razorfish Wiki Case Study


Friday, 14 September 2007 Avenue A | Razorfish Wiki Case Study OK. Now were talking Wiki Case Study. " Technorati tags: Wiki , Enteprise 2.0 , Enterprise Web 2.0 , Portal , Case Study , Avenue A | Razorfish , Mike Gotta at 10:11 PM View blog reactions 0comments: Post a Comment Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit.

Download Our Newest Comprehensive Case Study on Les Schwab


This case study reveals a typical but complex IG problem: managing the relationships among key IG players, incl uding: Outside law firms that play a central role in approving, blocking, and/or advising on key IG decisions (like information retention and preservation). Click here to access the case study in the IGI Community.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Bromberg & Sunstein LLP Wiki Case Study


Friday, 7 September 2007 Bromberg & Sunstein LLP Wiki Case Study I discovered this quite by chance , but its actually a good case study on a law firm turning to wiki technology (in this case its Confluence again! ) When I read the case study I sense that this isnt so much about the success of social software, but more the about the success of the software product itself AND the evolution towards read/write intranets.

Yammer case study: Hall & Wilcox, a law firm in Melbourne, Australia


However, Hall & Wilcox is a good case study of the kinds of activities you could be using to help create and maintain momentum if you wanted to do more than simply throwing open the doors to an enterprise social networking platform. We have discussed the importance of adoption events to the success of enterprise social network adoption a few times.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Case Study: Success at Ernst & Young's Center for Business Knowledge


Sunday, 20 May 2007 Case Study: Success at Ernst & Young's Center for Business Knowledge I wrote this case study, Online Collaboration Tools, Knowledge Managers, and a Cooperative Culture , in 2003 while working at Ernst & Young in Sydney, Australia, as the Ernst & Young Online Program Manager for Asia. This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit. However, you need to come over and see my new blog at ©2005-2009.

“Make It Weird”: Building a collaborative public library web archive in an arts & counterculture community


Case Studies Collaborative Collecting Community Websby Dylan Gaffney, Forbes Library.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Another Wiki Case Study from Dan Bricklin: Thomson Learning


Saturday, 10 March 2007 Another Wiki Case Study from Dan Bricklin: Thomson Learning Dan Bricklin has recorded another wiki case study (MP3 podcast), this time with Thomson Learning. Technorati tags: Dan Bricklin , Thomson Learning , Wiki , Enterprise Wiki , Case Study , Twiki at 11:23 AM View blog reactions 1 comments: Anonymoussaid. This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit.

Analyze your Web Archives at Scale: The Archives Unleashed Cloud


We’d love to connect with you – whether you’d like to chat about web archives, your experience with AUK, contribute a case study, or join our growing community, there are a number of ways to connect with our team and community: Follow us on Twitter. Case Studies How To

Web archiving and public knowledge: Collaborating with Vancouver Island Archive-It partners


Provincial Candidates 2017 collection, an outcome of a collaboration started at BC Gov Info Day 2017 at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, and a case of using–or trying to use–online political party resources to build comprehensive seed lists. Case Studies Collaborative Collecting

Expand the reach of Archive-It collections with these access integrations


Case Studies How ToBy Jillian Lohndorf, Web Archivist for Archive-It.

Archiving the Web @EBRPL: Creating and following a web collecting policy in a public library


The Section 108 Study Group recommends collectors give content creators the right to opt out of having their content collected or made publically available. Archiving Spontaneous Events Case Studies Community WebsBy Emily Ward, Digital Archivist, East Baton Rouge Parish Library.

Saving Local News on the Web


Case Studies Community WebsThe following is a guest post by Diana Bowers-Smith, Archivist, Brooklyn Collection, at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Describing web archives: Learning from Archive-It partners and friends


In case you missed it live, want to revisit anything, or share with your colleagues, the recording, presentation materials, and space for continued discussion are all now online here in the Archive-It Community Forum. For even more information about UNC’s cases and next steps, see Jessica’s own For the Record blog post, Behind the Scenes: Describing Archived Websites. . Please share your insights, case studies, and questions to keep it going!

Understanding web archive access and use with Google Analytics: Lessons and questions from the Federal Depository Library Program


Case Studies How ToThe following is a guest post by Andra Stump of GPO contractor Zimmerman Associates, Inc., with contributions by Dory Bower of the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO).

Partner in the news: Freedom of the Press Foundation archives online journalism at risk


Archive-It Partner News Case Studies PressBy Karl-Rainer Blumenthal. It’s comforting to know that with the help of Freedom of Press and Archive-It, the internet never forgets. So ends a thorough report by Wired ’s Louise Matsakis on the news that the Freedom of the Press Foundation would work with Archive-It to archive the websites of alternative news outlets before new owners can change or remove their contents.

From local to global, NYARC’s networks bring art history to the web archive


In this case, why are three heads better than one? My team at NYARC has also contributed to beta testing initiatives and studies with colleagues in the computer science department at Old Dominion University, LS3, and Rhizome, in addition to Archive-It. by Karl-Rainer Blumenthal.

Request for Enterprise 2.0 Case Studies: Present Your Environment in Boston

Collaboration 2.0

The Open Enterprise 2009 study, which I am conducting with Stowe Boyd, will be a snapshot of the state of Enterprise 2.0 adoption mid 2009. A major component of this research, which we will be presenting at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston USA on June 23, will be how modern collaborative technologies are actually working

How Information Sharing Helped Curtail WannaCry Harm

Data Breach Today

The latest ISMG Security Reports leads with a top DHS cybersecurity leader, Jeanette Manfra, providing a case study on how information sharing helped mitigate the WannaCry attack in the U.S. Also, the SEC mulls toughening its cyber risk reporting requirements

Honda Is Using IBM Watson to Drive Real Changes in Quality Assurance

Information Management Resources

This IDC Case Study examines how Honda implemented a cognitive system using text analytics to help it respond faster to customer feedback. Customer-centricity Customer data

Best of TAB 2017 part 3: the top white papers

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In a four-part series, we are bringing you the top case studies, white papers, blog posts, and guides – all chosen by your records management colleagues!

Best of TAB 2017 part 2: the top blog posts

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It is time for part two of our series on the top RIM resources of the past year, including your favorite case studies, white papers, blog posts and guides.

Seeking good industrial use cases for virtual or augmented reality

Information Management Resources

Training is one use case where there’s some value. Then the good case studies with tangible value start to dry up. I want to see where the tools make a real and lasting difference. Remote assistance is another. Augmented reality Virtual reality Data management

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: More on E&Y's approach to KM


Monday, 4 June 2007 More on E&Y's approach to KM I know there is always interest in Ernst & Young s approach to KM, so I keep my eyes open for new articles and case studies that are available in the public domain - here are two more: InsideKnowledge magazine interviewed Shirely Jackson , a UK-based director in the Ernst & Young Center for Business Knowledge in 2004. This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit.

Paper 40

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Another Web 2.0 service model risk blown away - Google and Postini


service model risk blown away - Google and Postini I noticed in this case study about a law firms decision to pick Google Apps for email and collaboration over Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino , that they mention Google has acquired a company called Postini (actually back last year ). This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit. However, you need to come over and see my new blog at ©2005-2009. ©2005-2009.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: An interview with Barney Twinkletoes from Santa about Enterprise Web 2.0


and a number of interesting case studies have appeared. Technorati tags: Web 2.0 , Enterprise Web 2.0 , Enterprise 2.0 , Case Study , Christmas , Santa Claus , Father Christmas , Funny at 10:43 AM View blog reactions 0comments: Post a Comment Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit. However, you need to come over and see my new blog at ©2005-2009. ©2005-2009.

How Honda is using cognitive search to drive real changes in quality assurance

IBM Big Data Hub

This IDC case study estimates that the digital universe will grow 40 percent per year over the next decade and, by 2020 it will reach an astounding 44ZB or 44 trillion gigabytes Today, unstructured information represents more than 90% of the information within organizations.