What’s holding back operational excellence in the utility sector?

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Once upon a time, the utility industry was a relatively simple place to be. It was all about the safe and consistent generation and distribution of energy with good capacity planning, minimal outages and happy customers. Governments and industry bodies got busy with new legislation … The post What’s holding back operational excellence in the utility sector?

Coronavirus-themed campaign targets energy sector with PoetRAT

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Threat actors employed the previously-undetected PoetRAT Trojan in a Coronavirus-themed campaign aimed at government and energy sectors. . The malware infected ICS and SCADA systems used to control the wind turbines within the renewable energy sector.


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Data Encryption Shields the Energy Sector Against Emerging Threats

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Data Encryption Shields the Energy Sector Against Emerging Threats. The energy sector is part of the critical national infrastructure (CNI), and delivers services that are essential for modern life. Energy services companies are a lucrative target for adversaries.

Hackers targeted ICS/SCADA systems at water facilities, Israeli government warns

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The Israeli government has issued an alert to organizations in the water sector following a series of cyberattacks that targeted the water facilities. ” reads the alert issued by the Israeli government.

Document Storage for the Energy Industry

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If you work in the energy industry, it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the most heavily regulated. To comply with government regulations, an energy company might have tens of thousands of documents that need to be physically stored, scanned or destroyed.

Cybersecurity in utilities: Critical questions for securing distributed energy resources (DERs)


Cybersecurity in utilities: Critical questions for securing distributed energy resources (DERs). The energy transition is driving a shift toward the increasing use of distributed energy resources (DERs). DERs are smaller power-generation resources, usually located on the consumer side, that provide energy where it is needed. From a cybersecurity perspective, DERs pose new and unique challenges for utilities.

NERC $10,000,000 Fine of Public Utility Highlights the Need for Cybersecurity Preparedness and CIP Compliance Programs

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On January 25, 2019, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (“NERC”) asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) to approve a settlement issuing a record $10 million fine against an unidentified utility resulting from violations of critical infrastructure protection standards (“CIP”) occurring mostly between 2015 and 2018 (referred to hereafter as the “Settlement Agreement”). Cybersecurity Energy Enforcement Information Security National Security

Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 4): Utilities’ pursuit of new business models accelerates


Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 4): Utilities’ pursuit of new business models accelerates. Some utilities even provide vehicle-to-grid services and home energy management systems to help consumers manage their electricity usage. To seize these new business opportunities, utilities are increasing investments in new products and services, making it the second largest IT spend driver and a top innovation investment (73%) over the next three years.

DHS Officials: Hundreds of US Utility Victims Infiltrated by Russian Hackers

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Federal government officials up their count of US energy sector victims from dozens to hundreds, according to a Wall Street Journal report

Strategize your next move to become a utilities leader, delivering value at scale and pace


Strategize your next move to become a utilities leader, delivering value at scale and pace. Additionally, utilities leaders say their IT investments have increased, and they have moved beyond progressing with discrete digital projects, such as mobile applications.

Tiao Discusses Utilities’ Concerns in Sharing Information with the Government

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Tiao was featured on Platts Energy Week discussing the importance of the homeland security partnership between electric utility companies and the U.S. government. Utilities Wary of Sharing Grid Risks,” Tiao talked about the recent leak to The Wall Street Journal of a sensitive internal memo at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that revealed potential vulnerabilities in the electricity grid. View the Platts Energy Week feature with Paul Tiao.

There’s More to erwin Data Governance Automation Than Meets the AI


Prashant Parikh, erwin’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, talks about erwin’s vision to automate every aspect of the data governance journey to increase speed to insights. The clear benefit is that data stewards spend less time building and populating the data governance framework and more time realizing value and ROI from it. . Although AI and ML are massive fields with tremendous value, erwin’s approach to data governance automation is much broader.

Key strategies and technologies to help utilities respond to a “storm” never seen before


Key strategies and technologies to help utilities respond to a “storm” never seen before. For more than three decades, I served at a leading electric utility, responding to numerous storms to keep the lights on for customers and to support critical infrastructure.

Lessons for In-House Counsel from Cybersecurity’s Front Lines

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Indeed, in just the past few years, a variety of cyber adversaries have attacked financial institutions, social media sites, a movie studio, hospital systems, a peer-to-peer ridesharing company, the Democratic National Committee, hotel chains, city governments, educational institutions, telecommunications and energy utilities, prominent retailers, manufacturers, and even the mobile app of a well-known coffee and donut chain.

Do You Have the Right Stuff to Transition to Information Governance?

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Follow this trajectory and you’ll push the envelope toward information governance (IG) and position yourself as a Very Important Person in your enterprise. all of which require the same disciplines we utilize when managing our records. Information Governance

Electrification: a lottery ticket that utilities must claim


Electrification: a lottery ticket that utilities must claim. Utilities face a fundamental dilemma. Due to unprecedented pressure to support the move to an energy-efficient and low-carbon system, they face the paradox of encouraging consumers to consume less of what they sell and distribute—electricity. Is there a lottery ticket for utilities around the corner ? However, this will not happen without a strong commitment and effort from utilities.

TSA Issues Directive to Enhance Pipeline Cybersecurity

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The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (“CISA”), a unit of the Department of Homeland Security, has already been tasked with producing a cloud-service governance framework and a standard incident response playbook for federal agencies pursuant to the Biden administration’s recently issued Executive Order on cybersecurity. Unlike the Executive Order, which covered government agencies and their suppliers, this Directive focuses on the activity of private sector entities.

SilverTerrier gang uses COVID-19 lures in BEC attacks against healthcare, government organizations

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Nigerian cyber gang SilverTerrier, specialized in BEC attacks, used COVID-19 lures in recent attacks on healthcare and government organizations. The post SilverTerrier gang uses COVID-19 lures in BEC attacks against healthcare, government organizations appeared first on Security Affairs.

China-linked hackers target government agencies by exploiting flaws in Citrix, Pulse, and F5 systems, and MS Exchange

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CISA published an advisory on China-linked groups targeting government agencies by exploiting flaws in Microsoft Exchange, Citrix, Pulse, and F5 systems. Government agencies.”

Securing the electricity network: Understanding the unique ICS environment of a utility


Securing the electricity network: Understanding the unique ICS environment of a utility. As utilities and energy delivery systems begin to seek the benefits that the convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) offers, they also face the challenge of increased vulnerability to cyberattacks. Digitalization is altering the way information is collected, used and processed in the energy system.

Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 3): Data, the new “digital capital” - Going beyond the hype of advanced analytics and AI


Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 3): Data, the new “digital capital” - Going beyond the hype of advanced analytics and AI. This series of blog posts builds on the 2018 CGI Client Global Insights, providing insights into how utilities are making progress toward digital transformation. The findings and perspectives are based on 1,400 in-person interviews with business and IT executives, of which 127 are from the utilities industry. So where do utilities stand?

Department of Energy Announces New Efforts in Energy Sector Cybersecurity

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On May 14, 2018, the Department of Energy (“DOE”) Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability released its Multiyear Plan for Energy Sector Cybersecurity (the “Plan”). The Plan is significantly guided by DOE’s 2006 Roadmap to Secure Control Systems in the Energy Sector and 2011 Roadmap to Achieve Energy Delivery Systems Cybersecurity. Multiyear Plan for Energy Sector Cybersecurity. energy sector. electric utilities participate in CRISP.

Thinking Out Loud: Potential Information

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image ) If you took first-year physics in school, you’re familiar with the concepts of potential and kinetic energy. If you skipped Physics, here’s a brief review: Kinetic energy is energy possessed by bodies into motion. Potential energy is energy stored inside a body that has the potential to create motion. I like to think of potential energy as a force that’s waiting to become kinetic.

Why Russian APT Fancy Bear hacked the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma?

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Russia-linked cyber-espionage group hacked the Ukrainian energy company Burisma at the center of the impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump. The post Why Russian APT Fancy Bear hacked the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma?

DHS and FBI – Hackers Are Targeting US Nuclear, Energy, and Manufacturing Facilities

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According to a new joint report issued by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), hackers have been penetrating the computer networks of companies that operate nuclear power stations, energy facilities, and manufacturing plants in the US since May 2017. If you or your enterprise is engaged in the energy or manufacturing sectors, cyber threat preparation and monitoring is your first line of defense against bad actors.

Recent Federal Government Activity on Cybersecurity

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This client alert focuses on some of those efforts, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (“FERC’s”) creation of a new cybersecurity office, North American Electric Reliability Corporation (“NERC”) action on cybersecurity Critical Infrastructure Protection (“CIP”) standards, continuing legislative developments concerning cybersecurity and anticipated White House executive orders on cybersecurity.

PseudoManuscrypt, a mysterious massive cyber espionage campaign

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Kaspersky researchers reported that tens of thousands of devices belonging to industrial and government organizations worldwide have been hit by the PseudoManuscrypt spyware.

Hackers Target Oil Producers During COVID-19 Slump

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Real-Life Examples of Spear-Phishing Attacks in the Energy Production Sector. The threat of spear-phishing for energy companies is, unfortunately, not a theoretical one. Why are cyberattacks in the energy industry suddenly on the rise? The Energy Industry Must Remain Vigilant.

FBI confirmed that Darkside ransomware gang hit Colonial Pipeline

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We continue to work with the company and our government partners on the investigation.” Colonial Pipeline is not the first organization in the oil and energy industry targeted by the Darkside ransomware gang, in February the group the Brazilian state-owned electric utility company Copel.

UK, US agencies warn of large-scale brute-force attacks carried out by Russian APT

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US and UK cybersecurity agencies said today that a Russian military cyber unit has been behind a series of brute-force attacks that have targeted the cloud IT resources of government and private sector companies across the world.

Protecting America’s Critical Infrastructure

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From taking a shower, to brewing your coffee, and watching the news, your morning routine is fueled by the energy sector. But the energy sector also underpins our emergency and response systems, our hospitals and healthcare, our schools, our businesses, and virtually everything we do as a society. Unfortunately, the energy sector is of great interest to cyber attackers today. It’s even possible that the attackers didn’t even know they were targeting a power utility.

Sustainability: The COVID Window of Opportunity


The world will consume 6% less energy this year – equivalent to losing the entire demand of India. This pushes up the data processing and transmission overhead of course, but a video conference uses only a few percent of the energy of a face-to-face meeting.

TrickBot member extradited to US faces up to 60 years in prison

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The man was arrested at the end of August at the Seoul international airport, he has remained stuck in the Asian country since February 2020 due to the COVID-19 lockdown imposed by the local government and the cancelation of international travel.

MY TAKE: Iran’s cyber retaliation for Soleimani assassination continues to ramp up

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Buried in the Shamoon code was an image of a burning American flag, intended as an admonishment to the Saudi government for supporting American foreign policy in the Middle East. Less than 48 hours after the killing of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani, the U.S.

Business ID Theft Soars Amid COVID Closures

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To prove ownership over the hijacked firms, they hire low-wage image editors online to help fabricate and/or modify a number of official documents tied to the business — including tax records and utility bills.

Digital sobriety


Analyzing , Information Governance , Records Management. A little history… EDM, ECM, Governance, Web 2.0, What we can say for sure is that manufacturing user equipment is the most expensive, from both an energy and an environmental viewpoint.

Congratulations to Sidley’s Newest Partners!

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Kate brings to her practice substantial experience working with a broad range of government agencies and federal programs across the national security, healthcare, and energy and environmental fields.

Leveraging Data From Smart Devices in Hospitals: A Talk With Innovation Executive and Ph.D., Sam Hanna


associate dean at American University and executive adviser at Alphabet and Amazon, to talk about his thoughts on leveraging data from smart devices and sensors, as well as the part storage and data governance will play in healthcare’s data-driven future.

Operators behind Dark Caracal are still alive and operational

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The Bandook was spotted last time in 2015 and 2017 campaigns, dubbed “ Operation Manul ” and “ Dark Caracal “, respectively attributed to Kazakh and the Lebanese governments.

MY TAKE: Why consumers are destined to play a big role in securing the Internet of Things

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billion IoT devices in use as of 2017, half are consumer gadgets, like smart TVs, speakers, watches, baby cams and home thermostats; much of the rest is made up of things like smart electric meters and security cameras in corporate and government use. This will be led by the manufacturing, consumer, transportation and utilities sectors. Industry standards-setting bodies and government regulators recognize what’s at stake.

IoT 125