Microsoft Exchange Server Exploits Hit Retail, Government, Education

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Mandiant researchers identify a range of victims affected in attacks targeting newly reported Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities

Mainframes, Freight Trains and Education Pains

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The numbers are certainly out there, and those of us who work in big financial and retail can tell you that they haven’t declined the way others had expected them to. Programmers should influence our educational institutions. By David Robertson , guest blogger.


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Sports retail giant Decathlon leaks 123 million customer and employee records

IT Governance

Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, has suffered a massive data breach, affecting 123 million customer and employee records. It contained information from the retailer’s Spanish businesses and potentially its UK stores.

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Lessons for In-House Counsel from Cybersecurity’s Front Lines

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

Indeed, in just the past few years, a variety of cyber adversaries have attacked financial institutions, social media sites, a movie studio, hospital systems, a peer-to-peer ridesharing company, the Democratic National Committee, hotel chains, city governments, educational institutions, telecommunications and energy utilities, prominent retailers, manufacturers, and even the mobile app of a well-known coffee and donut chain.

How Tech Companies Woo Higher Ed (and What They Seek in Return)


At the time, Benjamin Johnson, the university’s director of media and public relations, said the retail value of each iPad and associated technology was more than $1,000, but the university will pay a discounted rate. He says these companies want to fill the gap “between traditional corporate training and higher education,” creating a “tighter connection” between students getting a college degree and an initial job with the needed skills. Gifts are plentiful during the holidays.

E-learning: the effective way to train your team

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It is widely acknowledged that the retail and hospitality industries experience high staff turnover: frontline roles are often filled by temporary, young or part-time staff, the hours can be long and unsociable and the work can be physically demanding. Educating your staff can be complex to arrange, time consuming and costly. Educate your staff to be your first line of cyber security defence.

The Third Modern Data Management Summit: Making Data Work!


Speakers represented life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, financial services, consulting services, and hi-tech. Overall the event provided best in the industry networking opportunity and educational sessions that offered new ways for companies to think about their data in the new digital economy. Ankur Gupta, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Reltio.

#ModernDataMasters: Henrik Liliendahl, Chairman & CTO, Product Data Lake


I was educated in computer engineering but my first job was on the business side. Uncategorized B Compliance & GDPR B Consumer 360 B Customer 360 B Digital Transformation B Financial Services & Insurance B Healthcare B High-Tech & Manufacturing B IT B Business B Life Sciences B Machine Learning B Patient & Member 360 B Retail & CPGKate Tickner, Reltio.

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Bristol Airport systems offline in suspected ransomware attack

IT Governance

Our ten-minute Phishing and Ransomware – Human patch e-learning course allows you to educate your staff quickly and cost-effectively. Cyber Security Retail e-learning phishing RansomwareAnother day, another cyber attack. This time it’s Bristol Airport. It has been reported that a speculative ransomware attack on the airport resulted in its information screens being taken offline, and flight information being written on whiteboards, although no flights were delayed.

UX in Libraries: Behaviour Mapping - decisions and desires


The retail industry has long known about desire lines; essentials like milk and bread are not placed near supermarket entrances but instead are located further in so that customers have to pass other goods on their way to them. Higher EducationUX in Libraries: Behaviour Mapping - decisions and desires. Why do we choose one route over another? Time is often a factor: we happily take a winding path in a park if we?re

ICYMI: Day 1 of Data Citizens recap


Today we kicked off our best Data Citizens yet with 45 speakers across 8 industries including retail, financial services, telecommunications, technology, healthcare and education.

UNC2529, a new sophisticated cybercrime gang that targets U.S. orgs with 3 malware

Security Affairs

The groups targeted organizations in the business services, financial, health, retail/consumer, aero-military, engineering and manufacturing, government, education, transportation, and utilities industries.

Decathlon Spain data leak exposed Spanish employees’ data & more

Security Affairs

Experts from vpnMentor have uncovered a leaking, active database containing over 123 million records belonging to the sporting goods retailer Decathlon Spain (and possibly Decathlon UK as well).

Coming together for DC ‘21


Attendees will hear from numerous industries including healthcare, telecommunications, energy and utilities, higher education, technology, life sciences, and retail.

National Cybersecurity Alliance advocates ‘shared responsibility’ for securing the Internet

The Last Watchdog

NCSA operates the StaySafeOnline website that provides a variety of cybersecurity educational resources and programs. We also have a lot of educational programs that reach far beyond the insular, cybersecurity expert areas. We have a lot of programs geared toward education at a lot of different levels. A large retailer may spend millions on cyber security. The targeting of Sen.


Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

This transformation from ownership to usership started in software but can be applied to almost every industry, from entertainment and retail to agriculture, energy, construction, trade, and transport. solution, access, value, and education. INSIGHTS from SENTINEL. jstewart.

Steelcase office furniture giant hit by Ryuk ransomware attack

Security Affairs

Steelcase is a US-based furniture company that produces office furniture, architectural and technology products for office environments and the education, health care and retail industries.

How To Keep Cybersecure Over the Holidays

Adam Levin

None of this is to suggest that falling prey to holiday cybercrime is unavoidable or that the potential damage can’t be mitigated, but it is important to educate yourself, friends and family to safeguard the holiday season.

How to Take Your Business to The Next Level with Data Intelligence


Education. Educators can provide a more valuable learning experience and environment for students. With the use of data intelligence tools, educational institutes can provide teachers with a more holistic view of a student’s academic performance. Retail.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in April 2021 – 1 billion records breached

IT Governance

It was another busy month in the cyber security sector, as we discovered 143 incidents that resulted in 1,098,897,134 breached records. Ransomware was again one of the biggest contributors to that total, accounting for almost one in three data breaches.

MY TAKE: Michigan’s cybersecurity readiness initiatives provide roadmap others should follow

The Last Watchdog

When Snyder took office at the start of 2011, Google had just disclosed details about Operation Aurora – China’s systematic breach of dozens of marquee corporations; details were trickling out about a worm, called Stuxnet , that had corrupted the controls of Iranian nuclear plants; and the massive Target retail chain breach, which was to pivot off the overlooked third-party access of a ventilation contractor, was two years in the future.

Xerox Production Scanner Turns Heads with Breakthrough Technology and Disruptive Economics

Document Imaging Report

From healthcare and education to legal and finance, customers are reaping the benefits of this device’s unmatched speed, efficiency and expandable capacity,” said Walt Thinfen, president and CEO at Visioneer. The Xerox DocuMate 6710 has a suggested retail price of $6,500.00 PLEASANTON, Calif.,

The Hand of Amazon: How the financial industry must keep up

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

A bold move by the retail giant which aims to offer the complete shopping journey for customers by changing how identification at check-in can substitute authentication at check-out for payment. The Hand of Amazon: How the financial industry must keep up. sparsh. Wed, 03/24/2021 - 05:33.

SHARED INTEL: How digital certificates could supply secure identities for enterprise blockchains

The Last Watchdog

Early adopters are trial-running Hyperledger blockchains in trade financing, in education and training programs and in supply chains for certain vertical industries. Blockchain ledgers are gaining traction in vertical industries like real estate, Big Pharma and food production and retailing, Wal-Mart being a pioneer of the latter. Blockchain gave rise to Bitcoin. But blockchain is much more than just the mechanism behind the cryptocurrency speculation mania.

Second Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Data Breach Class Action on Article III Standing Grounds

Hunton Privacy

As reported on the Hunton Retail Law Blog , on April 26, 2021, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit affirmed the dismissal on Article III standing grounds of a data breach class action predicated on an alleged increased risk of identity theft. McMorris v.

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Tales from the archive The John Lewis Partnership (ep 2)


Hannah Raeburn is the Digital Archivist at The John Lewis Partnership, the Partnership owns and operates two of Britain's best-loved retail brands - John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners.

Top 9 Network Access Control (NAC) Solutions

eSecurity Planet

The company started in education and has expanded to government and corporate markets. ExtremeControl is popular with education, entertainment, hospitality and healthcare customers and can scale to 200,000 endpoints.

Nodersok malware delivery campaign relies on advanced techniques

Security Affairs

About 3% of the infected systems belong to organizations in different sectors, including education, professional services, healthcare, finance, and retail. Microsoft researchers observed a campaign delivering malware, dubbed Nodersok, relying on advanced techniques and elusive network infrastructure. Microsoft experts observed a malware campaign, tracked as Nodersok, relying on advanced techniques and elusive network infrastructure.

Maastricht University finally paid a 30 bitcoin ransom to crooks

Security Affairs

“Since the cyber attack on 23 December 2019, UM has been working hard: on the one hand, to repair the damage and, on the other hand, to make education and research p ossible again as soon as p ossible.”

Emerging Technologies vs. Disruptive Technologies


While gaming and entertainment are expected to prompt much of the virtual reality growth, automobile manufacturers, retail outlets and interior designers will benefit from this technology. Regardless, businesses should be prepared and become educated on new technologies. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding emerging and disruptive technologies.

Group-IB Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2020/2021 report

Security Affairs

Group-IB’s report Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2020/2021 examines various aspects of cybercrime industry operations and predicts changes to the threat landscape for various sectors, namely the financial industry, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, and the energy sector.

Does your use of CCTV comply with the GDPR?

IT Governance

This will typically cover public authorities such as government departments, schools and other educational institutions, hospitals and the police. Many retailers sell signs like this, leaving the purpose blank so that you can fill it in with the appropriate message. One of the first penalties issued under the GDPR was levied against an Austrian retailer for its use of CCTV.


Calculating the Benefits of the Advanced Encryption Standard

Schneier on Security

The economic sectors represented by ten or more survey respondents include the following: agriculture; construction; manufacturing; retail trade; transportation and warehousing; information; real estate rental and leasing; professional, scientific, and technical services; management services; waste management; educational services; and arts and entertainment.

The Business of Data Newsletter – Issue 10

Information Matters

23 January 2019 “You might have bought a product from an online retailer—something most of us have done. But what the retailer doesn’t tell you is that it then turned around and sold or transferred information about your purchase to a ‘data broker,’” Cook wrote. “We Which Countries Are Leading the Data Economy? – Harvard Business Review. 24 January 2019 “Which countries are the top data producers?

The GDPR: A year in review

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Our experts couldn’t agree on which sector had done the least to meet the GDPR’s requirements, with retail, education and the public sector among those named the worst. Retail, education and the public sector have been the worst data protection offenders for years, whereas the finance sector is notorious for its adherence to numerous regulations.


SEC and FINRA Issue 2020 Examination Priorities for Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers

Data Matters

OCIE’s 2020 Examination Priorities for broker-dealers and investment advisers include the protection of retail investors (including compliance with new standard of care requirements and interpretations), cyber and information security risks, anti-money laundering compliance, firms engaging in the digital asset space and the provision of electronic investment advice. Protection of Retail Investors . Retail-Targeted Investments. The U.S.

11 cyber security predictions for 2020

IT Governance

The retail and hospitality industries will continue to have their POS equipment targeted. Education is also becoming increasingly important when protecting organisations. Almost everyone wants to know what the future has in store – particularly when it comes to cyber security.

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SEC and FINRA Issue 2020 Examination Priorities (Including Cybersecurity) for Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers

Data Matters

OCIE’s 2020 Examination Priorities for broker-dealers and investment advisers include the protection of retail investors (including compliance with new standard of care requirements and interpretations), cyber and information security risks, anti-money laundering compliance, firms engaging in the digital asset space and the provision of electronic investment advice. Protection of Retail Investors . Retail-Targeted Investments. The U.S.

Finance sector must simplify staff awareness training

IT Governance

Financial services firms must do more to educate employees about cyber security, according to the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). The findings are the result of a discussion between 175 organisation, aiming to address security concerns in the fund and investment management, insurance, retail banking, and retail investment and lending sectors.

VR Business Applications: Branding with VR


For instance, healthcare, education, and journalism are experimenting with VR and related technologies. Some educational institutions are using VR is similar ways, helping simulate certain situations using VR, AR, and MR technologies. Wayfair, another furniture retailer, provides a similar AR application: simply drag a piece of furniture into your space using just your smartphone camera. Virtual reality has a truly astounding trajectory.