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APT36 Running Espionage Ops Against India's Education Sector

Data Breach Today

Pakistan-Linked APT Group Using Spear-Phishing to Plant Info Stealer Malware A suspected Pakistan espionage threat actor that relies on phishing emails is expanding to the education sector after years of focusing on the Indian military and government.

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Information Governance – 3 Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


What is Information Governance, and Why is it Important? There are many benefits to constructing an Information Governance program plan. How to Avoid Information Governance Pitfalls. How to Avoid/Overcome: Overcome this issue by addressing objections directly with good communication and contextual education. Conclusion.


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IT Governance Podcast 2023-1: more ransomware attacks on the education sector, and DPC and Meta sued

IT Governance

The post IT Governance Podcast 2023-1: more ransomware attacks on the education sector, and DPC and Meta sued appeared first on IT Governance UK Blog. Now available on Spotify , Amazon Music , Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud.

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FritzFrog P2P Botnet is back and targets Healthcare, Education and Government Sectors

Security Affairs

FritzFrog P2P botnet is back and is targeting servers belonging to entities in the healthcare, education, and government sectors. The bot is written in Golang and implements wormable capabilities, experts reported attacks against entities in the government, education, and finance sectors. Pierluigi Paganini.

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UK Cyber Security Council to Tackle Education, Standards

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Government to execute their vision for the U.K. Claudia Natanson Describes Vision of U.K.’s s New Self-Regulatory Body U.K. Cyber Security Council is a new self-regulatory body for the profession. It is tasked by the U.K.

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Helping higher education institutions graduate to data intelligence


1) How can institutions of higher education use data to start making strategic decisions? Get all the details in Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud for Higher Education , our helpful solution brief. Graduate to data intelligence It’s no secret that data is key to the educational mission. In 2020, the U.S.

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Data Governance Maturity and Tracking Progress


Data governance is best defined as the strategic, ongoing and collaborative processes involved in managing data’s access, availability, usability, quality and security in line with established internal policies and relevant data regulations. Data Governance Is Business Transformation. Predictability. Synchronicity. Maturity Levels.