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Chinese APT Group Uses New Tradecraft to Live Off the Land

Data Breach Today

Targeted organizations include those in the communications, manufacturing, utility, transportation, construction, maritime, government, IT and education sectors.

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IoT to the Domestic Manufacturing Rescue

RFID Global Solution, Inc.

The list of industries that tech has transformed over time is long and wide; healthcare, business, education, communication, and transportation to name a few. One area that has seen bursts of technological change over the last 100 years is manufacturing. Unfortunately, that … IoT to the Domestic Manufacturing Rescue Read More ».

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FritzFrog P2P Botnet is back and targets Healthcare, Education and Government Sectors

Security Affairs

FritzFrog P2P botnet is back and is targeting servers belonging to entities in the healthcare, education, and government sectors. The bot is written in Golang and implements wormable capabilities, experts reported attacks against entities in the government, education, and finance sectors. ” reads the report published by Akamai.

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To Make the Internet of Things Safe, Start with Manufacturing

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

Typically, when they are manufactured, IoT devices receive their initial identity in the form of a “digital birth certificate.” Therefore, manufacturing is the first critical link in the chain to establish trust across the IoT. Digitally signing software and firmware to ensure integrity and protect from malware.

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National Safety Council data leak: Credentials of NASA, Tesla, DoJ, Verizon, and 2K others leaked by workplace safety organization

Security Affairs

On its digital platform, NSC provides online resources for its nearly 55,000 members spread across different businesses, agencies, and educational institutions. The National Safety Council (NSC) is a non-profit organization in the United States providing workplace and driving safety training.

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Researchers Quietly Cracked Zeppelin Ransomware Keys

Krebs on Security

Peter is an IT manager for a technology manufacturer that got hit with a Russian ransomware strain called “ Zeppelin ” in May 2020. He’d been on the job less than six months, and because of the way his predecessor architected things, the company’s data backups also were encrypted by Zeppelin.

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GUEST ESSAY: Too many SMBs continue to pay ransomware crooks — exacerbating the problem

The Last Watchdog

One report showed ransomware attacks increased by 80 percent in 2022, with manufacturing being one of the most targeted industries. The Glenn County Office of Education in California suffered an attack limiting access to its own network. It’s best to stay away from paying out any funds in cryptocurrency or otherwise.