IoT to the Domestic Manufacturing Rescue

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The list of industries that tech has transformed over time is long and wide; healthcare, business, education, communication, and transportation to name a few. One area that has seen bursts of technological change over the last 100 years is manufacturing.

To Make the Internet of Things Safe, Start with Manufacturing

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Typically, when they are manufactured, IoT devices receive their initial identity in the form of a “digital birth certificate.” Therefore, manufacturing is the first critical link in the chain to establish trust across the IoT.

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5 Reasons to attend Cerner Health Conference 2019

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The Cerner Health Conference (CHC) 2019 is right around the corner — October 7-9, 2019 — offering three full days of healthcare education, innovative technology and networking to more than 14,000 attendees.

Lessons for In-House Counsel from Cybersecurity’s Front Lines

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Cybersecurity & Data Breaches city governments cyberattack cybersecurity educational institutions energy utilities financial institutions hospital systems hotel chains in-house counsel retail risk social media sites Telecommunications

The Third Modern Data Management Summit: Making Data Work!


Speakers represented life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, financial services, consulting services, and hi-tech. Ankur Gupta, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Reltio.

Why Self-Driving Cars Are Good for Car Rental Companies

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At the 2016 Women’s Industry Network Educational Conference, Susan Lombardo, senior vice president of vehicle acquisition for Enterprise Holdings, said, “Many drivers experience new automotive technologies for the first time in rental vehicles…I have no doubt that the U.S. New partnerships with companies that are developing self-driving car technology have also been formed.

Ransomware infected systems at Xchanging, a DXC subsidiary

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The company has customers in many industries, including financial services, automotive, education, healthcare, manufacturing and aerospace and defense, DXC Technology files an 8-K form with the U.S.

Square 9 Softworks Introduces New Director of Digital Transformation Strategies

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His experience ranges from Business Process Outsourcing, Hardware Manufacture, Document Management Software Manufacture, Document Management Reseller and Document Capture Software manufacture. Longtime Capture Industry Veteran Keith Snyder Joins Square 9. NEW HAVEN, CONN.,

Plustek Expands Scanner Portfolio, New Workgroup Scanner Speeds Digital Transformation

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Plustek designed the PS3180U for healthcare, financial, legal, government agencies, education, construction, manufacturing, document management or any digital transformation task. Plustek announces the SmartOffice PS3180U document scanner.

China-linked APT41 group exploits Citrix, Cisco, Zoho flaws

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The group hit entities in several industries, including the gaming, healthcare, high-tech, higher education, telecommunications, and travel services industries. Victims operate in the Banking/Finance, Construction, Defense Industrial Base, Government, Healthcare, High Technology, Higher Education, Legal, Manufacturing, Media, Non-profit, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel, and Utility. .

Xerox Production Scanner Turns Heads with Breakthrough Technology and Disruptive Economics

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Under a trademark licensing agreement with Xerox Corporation, the DocuMate 6710 is manufactured and marketed by Visioneer pursuant to Xerox’s quality control standards. PLEASANTON, Calif.,

BEST PRACTICES: Mock phishing attacks prep employees to avoid being socially engineered

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In 2015, penetration tester Oliver Münchow was asked by a Swiss bank to come up with a better way to test and educate bank employees so that passwords never left the network perimeter.

CarsBlues Bluetooth attack Affects tens of millions of vehicles

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Amico worked with Auto-ISAC to figure out how attackers could steal PII from vehicles manufactured by affected members. The good news for drivers is that at least manufacturers have already provided updates to make their latest models immune to the CarsBlues attack.

FTC Recommends Steps to Improve Mobile Device Security Update Practices

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The Report is based on information the FTC obtained from eight mobile device manufacturers, and from information the Federal Communications Commission collected from six wireless carriers. Many device manufacturers fail to maintain regular records about update support decisions, patch development time, carrier testing time, deployment time or uptake rate. Manufacturers provide little information to the public about support period, update frequency or end of update support.

Department of Commerce Report on the Botnet Threat

Schneier on Security

Awareness and education are needed. Product developers, manufacturers, and infrastructure operators often lack the knowledge and skills necessary to deploy tools, processes, and practices that would make the ecosystem more resilient.

Emerging Technologies vs. Disruptive Technologies


While gaming and entertainment are expected to prompt much of the virtual reality growth, automobile manufacturers, retail outlets and interior designers will benefit from this technology. Regardless, businesses should be prepared and become educated on new technologies. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding emerging and disruptive technologies.

Phishing emails and malicious attachments responsible for 34% of cyber attacks

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Financial and manufacturing organisations were equally affected by both. Email is used organisation-wide and, with targeted attacks a growing concern, it is essential that organisations build awareness and educate their employees.

NEW TECH: DataLocker introduces encrypted flash drive — with key pad

The Last Watchdog

DataLocker honed its patented approach to manufacturing encrypted portable drives and landed some key military and government clients early on; the company has continued branching out ever since. One sliver of the $90 billion, or so, companies are expected to spend this year on cybersecurity products and services is an estimated $85 million they will shell out for encrypted flash drives.

AI and New Collar Jobs

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Gartner had confirmed this by calling AI a “positive job motivator” for a number of new jobs in healthcare, public service, manufacturing, and customer service. The idea behind new collar workers isn’t to have people who are skilled or educated in this industry.

80% of organisations affected by cyber security skills gap

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The education sector (87.1%) is the most affected, followed by telecommunications and technology (85.1%), manufacturing (81.5%) and finance (81.4%).

Calculating the Benefits of the Advanced Encryption Standard

Schneier on Security

NIST has completed a study -- it was published last year, but I just saw it recently -- calculating the costs and benefits of the Advanced Encryption Standard.

Government survey reveals GDPR awareness is falling short

IT Governance

Of the businesses surveyed, those in the finance and insurance industries had the highest levels of awareness (79%), followed by information and communications (67%) and education (52%). The industries with the least awareness were construction (25%) and production and manufacturing (27%).


More than half of consumers would consider legal action if their data was compromised during a breach

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Those across the manufacturing and utilities industries had the highest preparedness rates at 91%, while retail had the lowest across both countries at 78%. Education. Manufacturing & Utilities.


US DoJ charged two Chinese hackers working with MSS

Security Affairs

The duo targeted organizations in multiple industries, including high tech manufacturing, medical device, civil, and industrial engineering, business, educational, gaming software, solar energy, pharmaceuticals and defense.

How To Solve The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

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Stop treating this profession as a profitable mass education opportunity like just any other profession. What makes a cybersecurity professional is not a regular formation of education from any academia, not even the titles we are given, No.

GUEST ESSAY: The story behind how DataTribe is helping to seed ‘Cybersecurity Valley’ in Maryland

The Last Watchdog

BlueRidge AI integrates the Internet of Things, machine learning and predictive analytics to enable manufacturers to transform their operations into globally competitive operations. There’s oil in the state of Maryland – “cyber oil.”

Laserfiche Wins Gold in Best in Biz Awards 2017

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With customers in nearly every industry including government, education, financial services, manufacturing and health care, Laserfiche offers solutions tailored to organizations’ needs, and the expertise and personalized service that drive customer success. Laserfiche also provides in-person and online training, and educational and support resources such as user groups, workshops and webinars throughout the year.

Are We Prepared for the Rise of Automation?


A great proportion of the six million US manufacturing jobs that have disappeared over the last few decades were lost as a direct result of automation’s slow absorption of physical labor and factory work. We are barreling toward a future of automation.

Square 9 Brings Encompass Conference to Nashville, TN

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Encompass 2018 offers innovative philosophies, providing renewed education on the entire Square 9 solutions portfolio, along with a strategic focus on new product development and the future direction for Square 9’s product initiatives. With three days of education networking and idea sharing, Encompass is designed to ‘change the direction of your business’. NEW HAVEN, CONN.,

MY TAKE: Michigan’s Cyber Range hubs provide career paths to high-schoolers, underutilized adults

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Ford and for its giant furniture manufacturing companies. They’d come into our hub to get educated and attain excellent cybersecurity skills, including leadership development programs. Michigan is cultivating a collection of amazing cybersecurity training facilities, called Cyber Range hubs, that are shining models for what’s possible when inspired program leaders are given access to leading-edge resources, wisely supplied by public agencies and private foundations.

How to Foster Innovation within Your Organization

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I had the pleasure of attending the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC) Manufacturing Summit on October 12 at The Fuge in Warminster where Valerie Gervais was a featured keynote. The “skilled workforce” issue is a major challenge for many manufacturing companies today, and St. Many people associate the application or study of human sciences like anthropology, sociology, political science, and philosophy with research and education.

Critical flaws affect Jira Service Desk and Jira Service Desk Data Center

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The security researchers Satnam Narang of Tenable reported that tens of thousands of installs are exposed online, the IT ticketing application is widely adopted in several sectors including the healthcare, government, education and manufacturing industry.

Businesses to Assist NHS Test and Trace Efforts

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Going forward, this type of additional data collection is likely to be applied not only in the hospitality sector but also in the education, retail and manufacturing sectors, as they reopen.

Podcast Episode 112: what it takes to be a top bug hunter

The Security Ledger

Also: The Internet Society’s Jeff Wilbur talks about the new #GetIoTSmart campaign to educate device makers and the public about Internet of Things security. .

IoT 52

Mobile Collection: It’s Not Just for iPhones Anymore, Part Three

eDiscovery Daily

Apple, of course, registers strongly in actual smartphone sales because they sell the phone AND the operating system unlike Android systems which are fragmented among multiple phone manufacturers. Channel manufacturers, reported to be Hon Hai Precision Industry, Pegatron Corp.

The Crowley Company Mourns the Death of Christopher William Crowley

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represented manufacturers of hardware and software in the photographic, graphic arts and micrographic industries. Basingstoke, United Kingdom) in 2011, Chris added manufacturing divisions to the company, as well as an international footprint. Frederick, Md., San Dimas, Ca.,

Pushing the Creative Buttons

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Each card offered a specific illustrated example mixing function, shape, manufacturing process, and material. The study also found that satisfaction with the D2C method was higher among those with a higher level of educational achievement (masters versus bachelors). Structural and mechanical engineering brings realization to design ideas. Just because engineering is grounded in physical processes and materials doesn’t make it less creative than any other design process.