Summer Road Trip 2019: Maryland and the Traveler’s Toll

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The first stops on our cross-country tour are close to home in the towns of Meadows and Croom in Prince George’s County, Maryland, which each served as filming locations for a Department of Agriculture production titled Traveler’s Toll. Digitization Photographs Summer Road Trip 2019 Behind-the-Scenes Bureau of Public Roads College Park Department of Agriculture educational films Maryland silent film transportation travelTime to hit the road!

The Importance of “Legacy” in Colleges and Universities

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North Carolina Central University, NC Agricultural and Technical State University, Alcorn State University, Tennessee State University and East Carolina University. He holds a doctorate in educational psychology, and master’s degrees in business, information systems, and economics. Mainframe Modernization #IBMz business intelligence COBOL COBOL education COBOL programmers cobol programming Education IBM IBM Z mainframe modernization programming Programming languages


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REvil Ransomware Gang Starts Auctioning Victim Data

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“ Sodin ” and “ Sodinokibi “) used their Dark Web “Happy Blog” to announce its first ever stolen data auction, allegedly selling files taken from a Canadian agricultural production company that REvil says has so far declined its extortion demands. The victim firm’s auction page says a successful bidder will get three databases and more than 22,000 files stolen from the agricultural company.

Iranian hackers access unsecured HMI at Israeli Water Facility

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This group also hit other American websites, including a governmental education website in Texas. One of the attacks hit agricultural water pumps in upper Galilee, while the other one hit water pumps in the central province of Mateh Yehuda.

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Calculating the Benefits of the Advanced Encryption Standard

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The economic sectors represented by ten or more survey respondents include the following: agriculture; construction; manufacturing; retail trade; transportation and warehousing; information; real estate rental and leasing; professional, scientific, and technical services; management services; waste management; educational services; and arts and entertainment.

Archive-It Partner News, January 2021


Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. by the Archive-It team. Community News. New opportunity for public libraries. Deadline approaching! We’re inviting 150+ more public libraries to join the Community Webs cohort of web archiving partners.

CILIP?s third Chinese accreditation at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology


The department is the third CILIP accredited learning provider in mainland China following Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou and Nanjing Agricultural University. Nanjing University of Science and Technology is a multi-disciplinary university, comprising academic fields including science, engineering, liberal arts, economics, business, management, law and education. CILIP?s s third Chinese accreditation at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST).

Balance of power

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During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, worker and agricultural cooperatives grew around the world in response to power imbalances or vacuums where business either displayed unfair practices or were unprepared to support a sector. This model worked when education preceded a lifelong career. Perhaps the union movement of the future will become a platform enabling those seeking work to combine with those providing education and employers needing particular skills.

SAA Austin Recap #2! Acquisitions & Appraisal & Electronic Records Section Joint Section Meeting!

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Pat Galloway, archival educator at the School of Information, University of Texas at Austin and students Amy Padilla, Natasha Kovalyova, and Haley Latta were part of a team that worked to make sense of Texas Department of Agriculture files for the first Texas State Library and Archives Commission born-digital integration. Author: Scott Kirycki. Acquisitions & Appraisal + Electronic Records Section Joint Section Meeting at ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2019 .

CILIP?s first Thai accreditation at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok


It is the oldest institute of higher education in Thailand and has been ranked number 1 for the last seven years. CU is composed of nineteen faculties, a School of Agriculture, three colleges, ten institutes and two other schools all in Bangkok. CILIP?s s first Thai accreditation at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.

Summer Road Trip: Los Angeles

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The film is part of the Ford Educational Weekly series which was produced by the Ford Company from 1916 through 1921. The weekly series consists of short features about travel, industry, history, geography, and agriculture. Los Angeles, the City of Angels, La-La-Land, Tinseltown, no matter what you call it, the city of Los Angeles has long been a center of commerce, culture, and entertainment in the United States. It is a must see on any road trip through California.

Mobile Libraries: Culture on the Go

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A library is a place that stores information, a place where people from all walks of life have the opportunity to obtain textual and audiovisual material for education, entertainment, and enlightenment. An Information Center served not only as a source for accessing reading material, music, and films, but also as a place that provided opportunities for education and cultural enrichment in the form of exhibits, classes, lectures, and even concerts.

RoleModel Software’s New Chief Technology Officer: Caleb Woods

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Unique Education Caleb was homeschooled by parents who were active in the Michigan homeschooling community. Having an “outside of the box” education to that point, he decided to get his college degree in Computer and Information Technology through an accelerated program as part of CollegePlus. Caleb’s first assignment in 2012 was to work with me on a pretty advanced project building a cloud-based data storage service for the Agricultural industry.

Stock Footage Spotlight: Historically Black Colleges and Universities in WWII

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Prairie View students study agriculture and learn to forge machine parts and tools. At the time, education in the United States was highly segregated. Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) like those listed above provided educational opportunities that white schools denied African Americans. When scanning films in the National Archives Motion Picture Lab, we sometimes come across images that we want to learn more about.

Ready to lead the 5G revolution


A myriad of use cases is emerging, spanning industries as diverse as transport, retail, healthcare and agriculture. Widespread augmented reality could help people to shop, learn and explore wherever they are — from immersive educational experiences to smart mirrors that enable you to digitally try on clothes before ordering garments that are bespoke to your measurements. Ready to lead the 5G revolution. Mon, 02/25/2019 - 05:48.

Student Societies of Amherst Academy & Their Questions

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Is memory more dependent upon nature than upon habit and Education?”. Ought ladies and gentlemen to obtain their education in separate academies and seminaries?”. Which is the more powerful, Education or wealth?”. Is the manufacturing interest of our Country more important than agriculture?”. Which has the greatest influence in this our country, fashion or Education?”. Does fashion exert a greater influence in society than education?”.

If-Then and Antiquities of the Future

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Hence, issue one of Wired had articles about the future of war, education, entertainment, and sex, based on reporting done in the here and now. We’d think out loud: “If every school had access to the Internet, then what might change about education?” Our agricultural practices and policies?

The Hacker Mind Podcast: The Right To Repair


Play it out across a few decades and you start to see the type of trouble we’ll be in if we don’t start educating our legislators now, if current trends are allowed to just continue. How do the current DMCA laws impact those who hack digital devices?

If-Then and Antiquities of the Future

John Battelle's Searchblog

Hence, issue one of Wired had articles about the future of war, education, entertainment, and sex, based on reporting done in the here and now. We’d think out loud: “If every school had access to the Internet, then what might change about education?” Our agricultural practices and policies?

One of the County’s Earliest African-American Radio Programs on WNYC 1929-1930

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Department of Agriculture, where he was involved with research related to black farmers. February 5, 1930 – William Hubert on “Some Trends in Education” February 12, 1930 – Robert W. James Weldon Johnson (1871–1938) was born into a middle-class Bahamian family in Jacksonville, Florida, and educated at Atlanta University. WNYC was one of the earliest broadcasters of a regularly scheduled program aimed at African-Americans.

German Government Asks Internet Companies to Develop Self-Regulatory Code for Geo Data Services and Proposes Draft Law

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Approximately 50 experts attended, including the Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, the Federal Minister of Justice and representatives from various companies, such as Deutsche Telekom, Google, Microsoft, Apple Inc., The public must be educated on where and how the services might affect their personal rights.

IDEA 2008


CmapTools: From Meaningful Learning to a Network of Knowledge Builders РAlberto Ca̱as Based on theories of meaningful learning and education, Co-Founder and Associate Director at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), Alberto Canas presents a software tool that allows users to collaborate in the construction of shared knowledge models based on concept maps, which are used worldwide by users of all disciplines and ages, from elementary school students to NASA scientists.