“Pin Down” Your Trade Secrets So the Court Can “Do Its Job” A Case Study via JD Supra

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The post “Pin Down” Your Trade Secrets So the Court Can “Do Its Job” A Case Study via JD Supra appeared first on IG GURU. Compliance IG News Records Management Risk News Calendar Research LLC v. Although four categories of trade secrets had been identified—(1) virality capabilities (2) user interface/experience (“UI/UX”) (3) venue focus and (4) integration of third-party apps—the plaintiff had not identified any trade secrets with “sufficient specificity.”.

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eRecords 2018: “A Case Study in Data Mapping – Are You Ready for a New Norm?”

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Compliance – Regulatory; Industry Specific; Audits. Before taking on this project, apply the lessons learned from KPMG case study so you do not encounter the same issues that slowed them down. Due to the complexity of information in its various forms, your local government offices and state agencies may need to create a records management data map, showing the location of the records within your organization.

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Bringing Control to Information in a Cloud-First, Office 365 World: New IGI Case Study


We recently launched our new series of case studies about how professionals like you are tackling IG. In the first Snapshot we looked at how privacy compliance and IG work hand-in-hand to reduce risk and increase information value. You can read this use case and others here. IG Snapshots are compact case studies drawn from IGI’sinterviews and discussions with our community of IG practitioners.

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Today We are Launching a new Series of Information Governance Case Studies


We are pleased to bring the IGI community another series of case studies about how professionals like you are tackling IG. IG Snapshots are compact case studies drawn from IGI’s interviews and discussions with our community of IG practitioners. Our first Snapshot focuses on the interplay between IG and privacy by telling the story of Sarah, an attorney in a large pharmaceutical company who leveraged GDPR compliance momentum to build a broader IG program.


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We are looking for presentations on solutions to the IG challenges created by new and emerging technologies, the latest legal and regulatory developments that affect IG programs and professionals, practical advice and guidance on traditional IG challenges, and relevant case studies […].


This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Another Web 2.0 service model risk blown away - Google and Postini


service model risk blown away - Google and Postini I noticed in this case study about a law firms decision to pick Google Apps for email and collaboration over Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino , that they mention Google has acquired a company called Postini (actually back last year ). This looks like it answers one of my previous concerns about using hosted consumer services for business email and collaboration, that they dont provide for compliance and records management.

[Podcast] Transforming How Mortgage Insurance Applications Are Processed


Automation can help banks lower loan processing costs, shorten cycle times, unlock visibility, and lower compliance risk. On this episode of the AIIM on Air Podcast , Kevin Craine explores an interesting case study about how Zia Consulting helped a large U.S. There may be no other industry that could benefit more from automation than the mortgage banking industry.

Introducing erwin Insights 2020: Call for Proposals & Engagement


Next, are you willing to present a case study? We encourage you to share use cases (e.g., data governance, digital transformation, regulatory compliance, etc.), We know these have been unprecedented and challenging times. While tradeshows and conferences may never be the same, social distancing doesn’t mean we stop learning. In fact, opportunities for personal and professional growth are more important than ever.

Poster boy for Information Governance


Years ago, while teaching a course to MBA students at Rice University, I used the Target credit card breach as a case study. While there have been a lot of information governance-related stories in the news over the past two years, including Equifax and Facebook and VW and Wells Fargo, my nominee for the one name associated with the most significant teaching example in information governance and compliance is the former FBI Director, James Comey.

RMS Section Meeting: teasers!

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They protect the organization’s legal rights and its ownership of property, ensure compliance with organizational and professional regulations, and provide the means for keeping its constituency informed of its activities, operations, and accomplishments.

New book tackles the challenges of discovery in the (post-Google) era


Facet Publishing announce the release of Resource Discovery for the Twenty-First Century Library: Case studies and perspectives on the role of IT in user engagement and empowerment, edited by Simon McLeish. New book tackles the challenges of discovery in the (post-Google) era.

CNIL Adopts Referentials On DPO Certification

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It is a purely voluntary process to assist in demonstrating compliance with the GDPR requirements. Candidates also will need to successfully complete a written test that will consist of at least 100 multiple choice questions, 30% of which will be presented in the form of case studies. European Union CNIL Compliance Data Protection Authority EU Regulation France


CIPL Releases Report on Effective Data Privacy Accountability

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CIPL has mapped organizations’ real data privacy practices to the CIPL Accountability Framework to provide concrete examples of how to implement effective, demonstrable and enforceable accountability measures through organizations’ privacy management and compliance programs. The Report also includes 46 case studies from 17 participating organizations from different sectors, geographies and sizes – including two SMEs and a university.

Ephesoft Recognized as Alfresco Software’s Global Technology Partner of the Year

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Both companies have multiple joint case studies published on their websites. Another case study describes how a premier golf organization uses Ephesoft and Alfresco to intelligently capture data across multiple departments including HR, finance and compliance, resulting in employee file management reduced from hours to minutes with the ability to access data in seconds.

Benefits of Data Vault Automation


Benefits of Data Vault Automation – A Case Study … Global Pharma Company Saves Considerable Time and Money with Data Vault Automation. Additionally, the company needed lineage and traceability for regulatory compliance efforts. Increasing data integrity, including for new requirements and use cases regardless of changes to the warehouse structure because legacy source data doesn’t degrade.

CCPA and the future of the health data economy


Over the next few years, the compliance requirements around personal healthcare data are set to evolve at breakneck speed. Now, the advent of new state-level data privacy laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the possibility of a comprehensive federal level law means it’s likely that those gaps in regulatory coverage will be filled, creating a range of new compliance requirements.

e-Records 2019: Early Bird discount expires soon!

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On November 15, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and the Texas Department of Information Resources will bring together speakers to share case studies and presentations to help Texas governments achieve the benefits of digital transformation and overcome its challenges. Better Together in a Digital World: Security and Retention. TSLAC @TexasDIR. Reminder to register now and save $30! Early bird registration is only $70. After October 25, the price increases to $100.

Singapore Updates Its Model Artificial Intelligence Governance Framework

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The Model Framework, which was first released in January 2019, is a voluntary set of compliance, ethical principles and governance considerations and recommendations that can be adopted by organisations when deploying AI technologies at scale. Such examples are drawn from a variety of industries – ranging from banking and finance, healthcare to technology and transportation, and are based on different use cases, thereby reinforcing the neutral and flexible nature of the framework. . (2)

Successful Information Governance when the Bosses Just Don't Care


Risk and Compliance - In the age of GDPR , where every week brings another data breach, organizations have a duty to their customers to safeguard information, especially personal data, and to be able to demonstrate their effective handling of information. In all cases, case studies and stories can really help make the case. We regularly discuss the value and importance of information governance - at our conference, in our training courses, in our virtual events.

Data Mapping Tools: What Are the Key Differentiators


Data mapping tools are paramount in charting a path to compliance for said new, near-global standard and avoiding the hefty fines. analysis) are now adopting data mapping tools with compliance in mind. Those organizations investing in data mapping tools with compliance as the main driver will definitely want to consider this opportunity and have it influence their decision as to which data mapping tool to adopt.

CCPA and the future of the health data economy


Over the next few years, the compliance requirements around personal healthcare data are set to evolve at breakneck speed. Now, the advent of new state-level data privacy laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the possibility of a comprehensive federal level law means it’s likely that those gaps in regulatory coverage will be filled, creating a range of new compliance requirements.

NHS is still assessing the cost of WannaCry one year later

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The report includes a case study related a “large NHS mental health trust” that was protected with Advanced Threat Protection that allowed to repeal a phishing email attack with a weaponized excel spreadsheet attachment. The goal is the compliance with the Cyber Essentials Plus standard in June 2021, as recommended in February’s lessons-learned report.

NEW TECH: This free tool can help gauge, manage third-party cyber risk; it’s called ‘VRMMM’

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According to a recent Ponemon Institute study , some 59% of companies experienced a third-party data breach in 2018, yet only 16% believe they are effectively mitigating third-party risk. However, even in the face of intensifying compliance requirements, large enterprises face an uphill battle trying to compel third-party contractors sprawled across overlapping supply chains to embrace secure data-handling best practices.

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Welcome to Legaltech New York 2020!: eDiscovery Trends

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sponsored by EDRM, CloudNine and Compliance Discovery Solutions. Case studies where DApps have been successfully deployed. In just 10 years the case law around eDiscovery AI & Analytics has exploded. Case studies where RegTech has been successfully deployed.

How did we do on the Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) Summit?

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In one area we could have done better, but I knew that would be the case going in and will explain why. Believe me, this process is not fun and I had many painful conversations with excellent consultants and experts (personal friends in many cases) as to why they could not attend. in each case, higher than 4 out of 5). Hard numbers and soft skills: Great case studies, roadmaps and networking toward elevating the information governance stewardship.

Understanding the differences between ISO 27001 and ISO 27002

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This blog explains why that’s the case, helping you understand how each standard works and the differences between them. These are essentially an overview of everything you must do achieve compliance, which is particularly useful at the start of your project, or if you’re looking for general advice but can’t commit to a full-scale ISO 27001 implementation project.

Privacy and Cybersecurity May 2019 Events

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

Bret Cohen will speak on the Privacy Bar Section Forum panels, “Working Across Borders: Partnering and Vetting,” and “Case Study: How Working Across Borders Worked for Me,” during the 2019 IAPP Global Summit. Regulatory Compliance. Please join us for our May events. May 1. IAPP Global Summit.

What Should Be The Core Competencies For Cybersecurity For C-Suite

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In the case of security professionals, they must be equipped with the necessary bandwidth to increase the alerting threshold and investigate alerts. In addition, boards should not only make clear but they also need to promote the incentives of compliance as far as cybersecurity is concerned.

5 best online cyber security training courses and certifications in 2020

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To help you on your way, we have made a number of our courses available remotely, enabling you to study from the comfort of your own home and without jeopardising your health. This one-day course is designed and run by real-world practitioners, who help you gain an understanding of risks through practical exercises, group discussions and case studies.

Ireland: New DPC Guidance Sets Regulatory Expectations around Use of Website Cookies

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

The enforcement warning is an acknowledgement by the DPC that regulatory guidance to date has not been sufficiently clear and it should act as a call-to-arms for businesses operating websites in Ireland to ensure compliance by that date. The sweep highlighted varied levels of compliance, indicating inconsistencies in the levels of understanding of the requirements under the current legal framework. John Magee & Eilis McDonald.


To Bucket or Not to Bucket…?

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Conversely, there’s a potential risk when bucketing in terms of compliance. Once it’s completed successfully, you’ll have an outstanding case study that you can share with other divisions within your agency. Overall, you must ensure your agency is in compliance with regulations, and state/federal retention requirements. There is a term in records management circles you might have heard of called “big buckets.”

Welcome to Legaltech New York 2019!: eDiscovery Trends

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sponsored by ACEDS, CloudNine and Compliance Discovery Solutions. Javier Robles, SVP & Group Chief Compliance Officer – News Corp, Lisa Girmscheid, Manager, Legal Operations – Rockwell Automation, Inc. Globally, new enforcement authorities stepped forward, while companies worked to incorporate new guidance and enforcement priorities into their corporate compliance programs. Data privacy in global investigations: compliance with local law, including GDPR in Europe.

Off the Record – Nuclear Records Testing, Legal IG Guidance, Perfect Retention Policies

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To illustrate this point, they focus on a case study of a large U.S. Tune in monthly for a curated collection of articles we found interesting on a broad range of topics; some which are directly related to records management and others which might share common themes. No, we didn’t write these articles —hence the name of this series, “Off the Record”— but fortunately, we didn’t need to in order to share the knowledge with our subscribers.

4 ways ISO 27001 can enhance your business

IT Governance

Developed by IT Governance’s founders, Alan Calder and Steve Watkins, this fully accredited, practitioner-led course shows you how to successfully execute your compliance project. You’ll learn how to implement ISO 27001 in nine steps and have the opportunity to get involved in group discussions, practical exercises and case studies.

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Can Enterprises execute a GRC Movement?

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Any business is run with governance framework and various industry regulatory compliance. Any issue in corporate governance or compliance leads to increase in risk…Hence a Platform is required whose purpose is to reduce the risk in the organization. Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) is about managing your enterprise data effectively but with data comes its security and privacy concerns too. If yes then what kind of use cases?

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Why we need long-term thinking for long-term records


Records and information governance practitioners play a vital role in easing this tension, creating dialogues and use cases to move people from a blinkered short term focus. The other side of the coin of course is compliance and risk mitigation. There are many legal, regulatory and statutory requirements that organizations need to abide by, and access to securely stored and authentic company records is a foundational aspect of demonstrating compliance.

Wednesday LTNY 2020 Sessions: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

sponsored by EDRM, CloudNine and Compliance Discovery Solutions. As noted yesterday , Legaltech ® New York (LTNY) is happening this week and, for the tenth(!) year in a row, eDiscovery Daily is here to report about the latest eDiscovery trends being discussed at the show.

EUROPE: New privacy rules for connected vehicles in Europe?

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

These draft guidelines highlight the data protection risks related to such applications, with general recommendations regarding the processing of personal data in relation to the non-professional use of connected vehicles and present some use cases. While it may not always be possible to resort to local data processing for every use-case, “hybrid processing” can often be put in place. The draft guidelines conclude with some case studies.

Resourceful Records Managers! Courtney Bailey, Chair, SAA Records Management Section 2019-2020

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Whenever I had the opportunity to focus my own research, I tried to focus on a topic that would fill in a gap for me, and in this case, I looked into records management in the business arena. You can find all the details in the case study I wrote for the Government Records Section.). As Jessika knows, I’ve hesitated to participate in her series on Resourceful Records Managers because I suffer from a bit of imposter syndrome.

Thursday LTNY 2019 Sessions: eDiscovery Trends

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sponsored by ACEDS, CloudNine and Compliance Discovery Solutions. Hear lessons learned and case studies on: (i) the record classification of 1.5 In this session, highly experienced lawyers and technologists will discuss the major cases and trends from 2018 and will address practical measures organizations can take to try to reduce their risks of breaches and resultant legal liability. Define/refine strategies for compliance.

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