MITRE presents ATT&CK for ICS, a knowledge base for ICS

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MITRE announced the initial release of a version of its MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base that focuses on industrial control systems (ICS). Now the organization is going to propose a knowledge base that focused on ICS systems for its MITRE’s ATT&CK.

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How to Select an AI-Ready Knowledge Base for Faster and Accurate Resolution?


The post How to Select an AI-Ready Knowledge Base for Faster and Accurate Resolution? Artificial Intelligence has seen tremendous growth and innovation in the past years and is still in its early phase by industry experts. With the rapid growth of IoT devices, we’re.


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MITRE Releases 'Shield' Active Defense Framework

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Free knowledge base offers techniques and tactics for engaging with and better defending against network intruders


The Data Privacy Loophole Federal Agencies Are Still Missing

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Why knowledge-based authentication is leaving federal contact centers vulnerable to an increasingly sophisticated hacker community

How pre-answered caller authentication helps prevent telephone bank fraud

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Based on the level of information the customer is requesting, the bank representative may ask a number of challenge questions. At this point, they’ve already taken up a minute or more of the customer’s valuable time using knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods that, quite frankly, can no longer assure that the person on the other end of the line is who they say they are. Prevention vs. clean up. It’s a security question all financial institutions should ask themselves.

GAO: After Equifax Breach, KBA No Longer Effective

Data Breach Today

New Report Calls for Other Methods of Authentication at Federal Agencies Some federal agencies inappropriately continue to rely on knowledge-based authentication to prevent fraud and abuse even though this method is no longer trustworthy because so much personal information that's been breached is readily available to fraudsters, a new U.S.

How to secure web apps continuously with Pen Testing as a Service

Pwnie Express

PTaaS provides companies with direct access to security experts/pen testers and knowledge base to assist in-house security teams with vulnerability prioritization and remediation How to secure web apps continuously with Pen Testing as a Service. 28.Feb.2022. Florian Barre.

MITRE adds D3FEND defensive cybersecurity techniques to ATT&CK Framework

Security Affairs

D3FEND is a new project promoted by MITRE Corporation aimed to add a knowledge graph of cybersecurity countermeasures to the ATT&CK Framework. “D3FEND is a knowledge base, but more specifically a knowledge graph, of cybersecurity countermeasure techniques.

VMware fixed critical authentication bypass vulnerability

Security Affairs

The flaw has been rated as critical and received a CVSS v3 base score of 9.8. Organizations that cannot immediately address the flaw can use workarounds for this flaw which are detailed in the Knowledge Base articles.

Class Action Targets Experian Over Account Security

Krebs on Security

We go beyond reliance on personally identifiable information (PII) or a consumer’s ability to answer knowledge-based authentication questions to access our systems,” the statement continues. “We

Hacked Data Broker Accounts Fueled Phony COVID Loans, Unemployment Claims

Krebs on Security

KrebsOnSecurity reviewed dozens of emails the fraud group exchanged, and noticed that a great many consumer records they shared carried a notation indicating they were cut and pasted from the output of queries made at Interactive Data LLC , a Florida-based data analytics company.

RSAC insights: ‘SaaS security posture management’ — SSPM — has emerged as a networking must-have

The Last Watchdog

I visited with Maor Bin, co-founder and CEO of Tel Aviv-based Adaptive Shield , a pioneer in a new security discipline referred to as SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM.) First of all, there was a lack of any knowledge base inside companies and often times the owner of the given SaaS app wasn’t very cooperative.”. Companies have come to depend on Software as a Service – SaaS — like never before. Related: Managed security services catch on.

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GUEST ESSAY: Marshaling automated cybersecurity tools to defend automated attacks

The Last Watchdog

The content on the final page will be determined based on what was learned about the user and tailored as much as possible to their possible interests. It’s knowledge base evolves quickly and soon identifies with new precision what cyberattacks look like, hardening the organization’s defenses against the human error of “bad clicks.”. And with the knowledge that automated tools provide, best practices evolve to meet the dynamic threatscape.

US CISA published a guide to better use the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Security Affairs

In 2018, MITRE announced the MITRE ATT&CK , a globally accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations. The U.S.

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E-Verify’s “SSN Lock” is Nothing of the Sort

Krebs on Security

Password reset questions selected, the site proceeded to ask four, multiple-guess “knowledge-based authentication” questions to verify my identity.

Experian, You Have Some Explaining to Do

Krebs on Security

John Turner is a software engineer based in Salt Lake City. But he never could get anyone from Experian’s support to answer the phone, despite spending what seemed like eternity trying to progress through the company’s phone-based system.

HP addressed 16 UEFI firmware flaws impacting laptops, desktops, PoS systems

Security Affairs

An attacker can exploit these vulnerabilities to implant a firmware that survives operating system updates and bypasses UEFI Secure Boot, Intel Boot Guard, and virtualization-based security.

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5 Testing Best Practices for IBM i DevOps

Rocket Software

Work with an IBM i application testing vendor that can test both IBM i code and web-based code or applications that use APIs to link to IBM i applications and data.

Bank Attacks Put Password Insecurity Back in the Spotlight

The Security Ledger

Two separate attacks on banks in the United States and Pakistan revealed this week highlight once again the inherent weakness of a security practice that relies on passwords or knowledge-based credentials to protect critical information. International bank HSBC said it was a victim of a credential-stuffing and became aware of unauthorized access. Read the whole entry. »

WireGuard vs. OpenVPN: Comparing Top VPN Protocols

eSecurity Planet

OpenVPN offers support tickets, as well as a helpful knowledge base where users can self-serve. It also has its own knowledge base.

Tacit Knowledge Vs. Explicit Knowledge


You may click these links to jump to a specific section: What Is Knowledge Management? Tacit Knowledge vs. Explicit Knowledge. Strategies for Making Tacit Knowledge More Explicit. What Is Knowledge Management? Tacit Knowledge vs. Explicit Knowledge.

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Spotlight: Your IoT Risk Is Bigger Than You Think. (And What To Do About It.)

The Security Ledger

In this episode of the podcast we are joined by Curtis Simpson , the CISO at Armis, a cybersecurity firm that offers a knowledge base and tools for fingerprinting IoT devices and then monitoring and securing IT, IoT and OT systems. .

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How Hackers Use Reconnaissance – and How to Protect Against It

eSecurity Planet

MITRE ATT&CK , a popular knowledge base for beginners and security professionals, defines reconnaissance as a fundamental tactic that leverages the “techniques that involve adversaries actively or passively gathering information that can be used to support targeting.”.

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How to Use MITRE ATT&CK to Understand Attacker Behavior

eSecurity Planet

MITRE ATT&CK (“miter attack”) is an up-to-date and widely-used knowledge base that focuses on how attackers think and operate. ATT&CK (Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge) documents adversary behaviors to be used by red teams (e.g.,

How Hackers Evade Detection

eSecurity Planet

The MITRE ATT&CK framework is one of the best knowledge bases available, as it documents in detail how attackers behave and think. Bypassing detection tools is part of a hacker’s routine these days.

Kaseya fixed two of the three Kaseya Unitrends zero-days found in July

Security Affairs

Kaseya Unitrends is a cloud-based enterprise solution that provides affordable, low-maintenance data protection offering to complement existing client backup and recovery solutions. In addition to that they have released a knowledge base article with steps to mitigate the vulnerability.

MY TAKE: Equipping SOCs for the long haul – automation, edge security solidify network defenses

The Last Watchdog

We can use SOAR playbooks to gather context based on past incidents as well as data from other sources. Automation has a bigger role to play in ingesting and correlating information from knowledge bases as well as integrating the outputs of other security tools, such as endpoint detection and response systems. And more and more decisions are going to be made based on the data that’s available, which means you can also automate the response activity.”.

RSAC insights: SolarWinds hack illustrates why software builds need scrutiny — at deployment

The Last Watchdog

Out of this comes whitelists and blacklists on which malware filters are based. ReversingLabs, for instance, relies quite a bit on MITRE ATT&CK — a knowledge base of real-world observations describing threat actor tactics and techniques – a resource that is used widely as a foundation for threat modeling.

Recharacterizing files at scale to align with the latest tools and best practice


Based on David’s detailed analysis this challenge impacts 100s of different file formats and millions of actual files – highlighting a need for the continuous appraisal of preserved content (post-ingest) as well as ways in which recharacterization can automatically happen at scale – both on a one-off and on-going basis. The Video Object Format (VOB) is a format based upon the MPEG-2 video format. Recharacterizing files at scale to align with the latest tools and best practice.

U.S. Secret Service Warns ID Thieves are Abusing USPS’s Mail Scanning Service

Krebs on Security

The final step in validating residents involves answering four so-called “knowledge-based authentication” or KBA questions. A year ago, KrebsOnSecurity warned that “Informed Delivery,” a new offering from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) that lets residents view scanned images of all incoming mail, was likely to be abused by identity thieves and other fraudsters unless the USPS beefed up security around the program and made it easier for people to opt out.

Discover Collibra ARK


Code-based artifacts are automatically parsed and reviewed for obvious problems like calling libraries or instantiating variables that are never used, automatically extracting key metadata from the artifact. At Collibra we understand the challenges of data governance.

Software Converges with Hardware: Infosource Acquires HSA

Info Source

Infosource, which is based in Switzerland, has used the acquisition of New York – based HSA to create a new US-based corporation – Infosource (USA) Inc. Leading research firm Infosource expands its breadth with the acquisition of Harvey Spencer Associates.

Hackers Are Now Exploiting Windows Event Logs

eSecurity Planet

The attackers used two types of Trojans: HTTP-based Trojan with C2 (command and control) Named-pipe based Trojan. Security vendors and knowledge bases such as MITRE ATT&CK are likely to add this new approach to their catalogs in coming months.

Expert found a DoS flaw in Windows Servers running IIS

Security Affairs

Microsoft published a knowledge base article to explain how to define thresholds on the number of HTTP/2 settings parameters exchanged over a connection. Windows servers running Internet Information Services (IIS) are vulnerable to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks carried out through malicious HTTP/2 requests. Microsoft revealed that Windows servers running Internet Information Services (IIS) are vulnerable to denial-of-service ( DoS ) attacks.

RSAC insights: Security Compass leverages automation to weave security deeper into SecOps

The Last Watchdog

This information gets automatically correlated to a comprehensive knowledge base of potential security and compliance issues, which triggers creation of corresponding countermeasures and controls that are added automatically to product backlogs. In a day and age when the prime directive for many organizations is to seek digital agility above all else, cool new apps get conceived, assembled and deployed at breakneck speed. Related: DHS instigates 60-day cybersecurity sprints.

What are the Best Document Management Capabilities?


When the knowledge base grows, it quickly makes finding specific documents a challenge. Document Management is the use of a software application to track digital documents from creation through approval and publication.

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DocuWare Adds DocuSign to its Content Service Portfolio

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The costs are scalable, allowing DocuWare customers to select their subscription level based on usage and demand. DocuWare includes this new service as part of its cloud-based solutions to all cloud customers. Pricing options based on usage are available to on-premises customers.

MITRE Expands Security Testing to Services, Deception Tools & More

eSecurity Planet

Except unlike its Enterprise evaluations, managed services participants won’t know the adversary emulated until the testing is complete, “though it will be based upon publicly available threat intelligence.”

Intelligent Search – Strategies to Find What You Need


IDC data shows that “ the knowledge worker spends about 2.5 Knowledge workers are so used to looking in 5 or 6 or more places for information that they don’t really have a sense of what COULD be.

Palo Alto Networks fixes a critical flaw in firewall PAN-OS

Security Affairs

OS ) that powers its next-generation firewalls that could allow unauthenticated network-based attackers to bypass authentication. base score of 10. Admins could determine if their installs are vulnerable following the instructions provided by the company in a knowledge base article.