MITRE presents ATT&CK for ICS, a knowledge base for ICS

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MITRE announced the initial release of a version of its MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base that focuses on industrial control systems (ICS). Now the organization is going to propose a knowledge base that focused on ICS systems for its MITRE’s ATT&CK.

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How pre-answered caller authentication helps prevent telephone bank fraud

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Based on the level of information the customer is requesting, the bank representative may ask a number of challenge questions. At this point, they’ve already taken up a minute or more of the customer’s valuable time using knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods that, quite frankly, can no longer assure that the person on the other end of the line is who they say they are. Prevention vs. clean up. It’s a security question all financial institutions should ask themselves.

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GAO: After Equifax Breach, KBA No Longer Effective

Data Breach Today

New Report Calls for Other Methods of Authentication at Federal Agencies Some federal agencies inappropriately continue to rely on knowledge-based authentication to prevent fraud and abuse even though this method is no longer trustworthy because so much personal information that's been breached is readily available to fraudsters, a new U.S.

The Case for Integrating Physical Security & Cybersecurity

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You must look inside and outside your traditional knowledge base for the best way to defend against attacks Aggregating threat intel from external data sources is no longer enough.

Bank Attacks Put Password Insecurity Back in the Spotlight

The Security Ledger

Two separate attacks on banks in the United States and Pakistan revealed this week highlight once again the inherent weakness of a security practice that relies on passwords or knowledge-based credentials to protect critical information.

AI Is Becoming a Trusted Sidekick for Legal and HR Departments


For example, starting with a knowledge base of language that is common to problematic contracts, machine learning algorithms can scour millions of similar contracts to find other warning signs that humans might miss.

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Software Converges with Hardware: Infosource Acquires HSA

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Infosource, which is based in Switzerland, has used the acquisition of New York – based HSA to create a new US-based corporation – Infosource (USA) Inc. Leading research firm Infosource expands its breadth with the acquisition of Harvey Spencer Associates.

Expert found a DoS flaw in Windows Servers running IIS

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Microsoft published a knowledge base article to explain how to define thresholds on the number of HTTP/2 settings parameters exchanged over a connection. Windows servers running Internet Information Services (IIS) are vulnerable to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks carried out through malicious HTTP/2 requests. Microsoft revealed that Windows servers running Internet Information Services (IIS) are vulnerable to denial-of-service ( DoS ) attacks. Bypasses Credit Freeze PIN

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It then asked a series of four security questions — so-called “knowledge-based authentication” or KBA questions designed to see if I can about my recent financial history.

MY TAKE: How advanced automation of threat intel sharing has quickened incident response

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based security vendor in the thick of helping companies make more of their threat feeds. The idea was to pool intel from all sources, and make it readily available to all teams, so everyone operated off a common knowledge base. “It

Here's What I'm Telling US Congress about Data Breaches

Troy Hunt

Last week I wrote about my upcoming congressional testimony and wow - you guys are awesome! Seriously, the feedback there was absolutely sensational and it's helped shape what I'll be saying to the US Congress, including lifting specific wording and phrases provided by some of you. Thank you!

MITRE evaluates Enterprise security products using the ATT&CK Framework

Security Affairs

In April, MITRE announced a new service based on its ATT&CK (Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge) framework to evaluate products based on their ability in detecting advanced persistent threats.

GUEST ESSAY: Why corporate culture plays such a pivotal role in deterring data breaches

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People should have the opportunity to pursue new careers within your organization based on their security expertise. A knowledge-base that’s understandable and accessible to all staff. About the essayist: Max Emelianov is CEO of HostForWeb , a Chicago-based web hosting services provider. Picture two castles. The first is impeccably built – state of the art, with impenetrable walls, a deep moat, and so many defenses that attacking it is akin to suicide.

Getting Certified in Records Management

The Texas Record

This certificate program was created to recognize the efforts and achievements of local government officials in procuring a RM knowledge base to help them more effectively care for and manage the records under their purview.

Medical Thrillers and Digital Transformation

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Physicians want an app that has the ability to provide them knowledge base, reach out to peers upon emergency, or just use it to keep track of their patients. Knowledge is power when you apply it correctly.

End of Mainstream Support for Dynamics AX 2009 and AX 2012

Ascent Innovations

Self Service Support (Microsoft Knowledge Base, Microsoft Help & Support Site). Self Service Support (Microsoft Knowledge Base & Microsoft Help & Support Site). This is a good time to evaluate Cloud-based hosting and compare the ROI.

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Kofax Named to Constellation ShortList for Robotic Process Automation

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Kofax RPA helps companies add workforce capacity without additional headcount by automating front and back office operations, allowing the human workforce to focus on higher-value knowledge based work.

History Hub: A 21st Century Model for Archival Reference

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In a resource-constrained environment, we were also excited by the possibility of enabling many-to-many interactions, helping us to serve researchers more quickly and efficiently by harnessing the collective knowledge of internal and external experts.

Q&A: How certifying in-house IT staffers as cyber analysts, pen testers can boost SMB security

The Last Watchdog

Instead, getting trained and certified gives them a knowledge base to and contract out that expertise when their company needs it. Nowadays anyone working in IT needs at least that level of security knowledge. But in today’s environment, it has become important not just to have a pen test done, but also to do something proactive with that knowledge.

Kofax Awarded Nine New Patents, Validating Its Intelligent Automation Platform to Help Businesses Work Like Tomorrow – Today

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“These new patents provide further evidence that our Intelligent Automation platform is based on highly differentiated technologies that provide Kofax with competitive advantage and allow our customers to achieve a more rapid and compelling ROI,” said Jim Nicol, Executive Vice President of Research & Development at Kofax. Kofax’s 200+ Patents Lead Innovation across RPA, Process Orchestration, Cognitive Capture, Mobility & Engagement and Advanced Analytics .

Updated Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK Allows App-Less Smartphone Scanning from Browsers

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17, 2018 – Dynamsoft has updated its Barcode Reader Software Development Kit as a pure JavaScript API Edition, based on WebAssembly, to enable cross-browser and cross-platform online barcode scanning. In many cases, businesses use a browser-based system for pre-defined workflows.

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Alaris Offers Greater Flexibility with New Software Subscription and Professional Services Capabilities

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According to a survey conducted by IDC [i] , the acquisition cost of solutions is the largest hurdle for businesses to clear when automating document-based workflows. ROCHESTER, N.Y,

5 Reasons to Join the Adept Community Forum

Synergis Software

So, If you’re an Adept customer interested in extending your knowledge of Adept or if you’re a non-user and want to know what our customers are saying about the product before you buy, here are five great reasons why you need to join the community forum now. While our Helpdesk support team is widely accessible whenever you encounter an issue or have a question, the Adept community forum offers a unique knowledge base for users to quickly and easily retrieve information.

FTC Releases Guidance on COPPA Compliance

Hunton Privacy

The revised guidance addresses two newly-approved methods for obtaining parental consent: (1) answering a series of knowledge-based challenge questions that would be difficult for someone other than the parent to answer; or (2) verifying a picture of a driver’s license or other photo ID submitted by the parent and then comparing that photo to a second photo submitted by the parent, using facial recognition technology.

Here's Why [Insert Thing Here] Is Not a Password Killer

Troy Hunt

Part of the solution to this is to give people the controls to do password-based authentication better, for example by using a password manager and enabling 2FA. These days, I get a lot of messages from people on security related things.

Identifying E-signature Requirements to Accelerate Digital Adoption and Meet Global Compliance


Hence the concept of electronic identification and trust services ( eIDAS ) as defined in EU regulation 910/2014 is centered around trust and security and certificate-based signing.

The World Is Tuning Into Twitter Search

John Battelle's Searchblog

Users would be able to tap the collective knowledge of the 6 million or so members of the Twitterverse. Millions of people are contributing to the knowledge base. The tweet is the query. From Ad Age , which penned a good piece on the promise of Twitter search: In the future, searches won't only query what's being said at the moment, but will go out to the Twitter audience in the form of a question, like a faster and less-filtered Yahoo Answers or Wiki Answers.

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Generated Passwords, UX and Security Absolutism

Troy Hunt

Last month, Disney launched their new streaming service Disney+ ; "The best stories in the world, all in one place", apparently.

Android Debugging Tools Also Useful for Compromising Devices, Mining Cryptocurrency

Security Affairs

In reality, devices are sometimes released in a vulnerable state without the end users’ knowledge. Based upon recent spikes in scans of TCP port 5555, someone believes that there is an exploitable vulnerability out there.

The whole sector needs to work together


Jisc is working on issues relating to the National Bibliographic Knowledge Base and the National Acquisitions Group are looking at the framework and Gavin expects to be working on how to meet their recommendations in a way that is workable for suppliers. ?There

I'm Testifying in Front of Congress in Washington DC about Data Breaches - What Should I Say?

Troy Hunt

For example, if your bank verifies that you are indeed who you say you are by asking you for your date of birth yet that's appeared in a data breach, how sound is it as a knowledge-based authentication (KBA) attribute? The immutability of exposed data attributes: The problem with KBA is the assumption that knowledge alone can be used for verification. There's a title I never expected to write!

ProtonMail launches Address Verification and full PGP support

Security Affairs

You can learn more about using Address Verification in our knowledge base article. As some of you may know, ProtonMail’s cryptography is already based upon PGP, and we maintain one of the world’s most widely used open source PGP libraries.

Salesforce Service Cloud Features That are Cause for Celebration

Perficient Data & Analytics

Translations for knowledge are now available in Lightning Experience along with some awesome new knowledge management features. Different flows can be set up for each channel so that you are tailoring your actions based on how the customer contacts you. Knowledge.

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The Modern Federal CIO: Making the most of new tools


Use teams to enhance analysis : Teaming will bring the collective knowledge base to the understanding of cost allocation decisions. FITARA, the MGT Act and IT cost analysis give CIOs what they need to move their agencies to the cloud and to streamline IT operations with strategic plans based on accurate data. The Modern Federal CIO: Making the most of new tools. premanath.puch…. Mon, 07/02/2018 - 04:52. Over the last several years, the role of the federal CIO has evolved.

Libraries Week 2019 celebrates libraries in a digital world


Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day on Tuesday 8th October with the team behind Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls for a chance to win the inspiring new book Ada Lovelace Cracks the Code based on the life of the British technology pioneer and an exclusive goodie bag.

TaxonomyPicker.ascx No Longer Used in SharePoint 2010


The initial fix I found was on a Microsoft Knowledge Base page : This is not causing any issues except for a wrong ULS log message a single time in a web application process life time, the exception is caught and that template file is skipped.

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Petya Ransomware: What You Need to Know and Do

Andrew Hay

With similarities reminiscent to its predecessor WannaCry, this ransomware attack shut down organizations ranging from the Danish shipping conglomerate Maersk Line to a Tasmanian-based Cadbury chocolate factory. Until you can apply the patch, LEO also recommends the following steps to help reduce the attack surface: Disable SMBv1 with the steps documented at Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 2696547. By: Andrew Hay.