Pharmaceutical companies exploited by phishing scam targeting job seekers

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Earlier this month, two major pharmaceutical giants issued warnings about phishing emails targeting job hunters. The post Pharmaceutical companies exploited by phishing scam targeting job seekers appeared first on IT Governance Blog. GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca say they are victims of recruitment scams, in which crooks create fake job adverts to obtain people’s personal and financial details.

Metadata Management, Data Governance and Automation


erwin released its State of Data Governance Report in February 2018, just a few months before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect. This research showed that the majority of responding organizations weren’t actually prepared for GDPR, nor did they have the understanding, executive support and budget for data governance – although they recognized the importance of it. Download Free GDPR Guide | Step By Step Guide to Data Governance for GDPR?.

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What’s new in OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2

OpenText Information Management

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies are in the public spotlight as they pursue advanced therapies and vaccines to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Productivity, flexibility and governance capabilities are more critical than ever for speeding these life-saving products to market. Content Services Life sciences Documentum for Life Sciences pharmaceutical quality management regulatory submissions virtual documents biopharma release 20.2

Four Use Cases Proving the Benefits of Metadata-Driven Automation


As such, traditional – and mostly manual – processes associated with data management and data governance have broken down. Metadata-Driven Automation in the Pharmaceutical Industry. One global pharmaceutical giant headquartered in the United States experienced such issues until it adopted metadata-driven automation. The erwin Automation Framework is a key component of the erwin EDGE platform for comprehensive data management and data governance.

Introducing OpenText Content Cloud for Life Sciences

OpenText Information Management

OpenText™ is thrilled to announce the launch of OpenText Content Cloud™ for Life Sciences, an innovative new offering that brings the proven productivity and governance capabilities of OpenText™ Documentum™ for Life Sciences to a cloud environment.

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Australian government secretly releasing sensitive medical records to police

The Guardian Data Protection

Lawyers and health privacy advocates condemn laxness of privacy provisions in guidelines The Australian government is releasing highly sensitive medical records to police through a secret regime that experts say contains fundamentally flawed privacy protections. The Department of Human Services fields large volumes of requests for Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) data from state and federal policing agencies each year.

Business Process Modeling Use Cases and Definition


This also extends to industry-specific other compliance mandates such as those in healthcare, pharmaceutical and the financial services industries. The Regulatory Rationale for Integrating Data Management & Data Governance. What is business process modeling (BPM)? A visual representation of what your business does and how it does it. Why is having this picture important? According to Gartner , BPM links business strategy to IT systems development to ensure business value.

Maintaining Regulatory-Compliant Cloud Solutions

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In industries like life sciences, the stakes are even higher because the systems used for regulated purposes must comply with the governing regulations. Cloud Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Integration & IT Modernization Life Sciences Operations Regulatory Compliance Strategy 21 CFR Part 11 clinical cloud compliance Data hosting IaaS medical device PaaS pharmaceutical Regulatory SaaS Software Systems technology

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Refresher: Which IT Systems Are Regulated

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If your company is regulated, then every IT system you use to design, develop, conduct trials, manufacture, package, label, store, distribute, install, or service your products is also regulated and must comply with the regulations that govern the countries and regions in which your company operates.

Google Yanks 106 ‘Malicious’ Chrome Extensions


Trojan Chrome browser extensions spied on users and maintained a foothold on the networks of financial services, oil and gas, media and entertainment, healthcare and pharmaceuticals and government organizations. Malware Privacy Vulnerabilities Web Security Awake Security chrome web store CommuniGal Communication domain Domain Registrar GalComm Google Chrome browser malware web browser

How To Use Contracts For Regulatory Compliance Of Cloud Systems

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How long will your data be stored, and does that duration comply with all governing regulations? If any of the governing regulations change, is the cloud vendor committed to getting the system compliant prior to the effective date of the changes? In the previous post in this series, we discussed how to qualify cloud vendors.

Today We are Launching a new Series of Information Governance Case Studies


Our first Snapshot focuses on the interplay between IG and privacy by telling the story of Sarah, an attorney in a large pharmaceutical company who leveraged GDPR compliance momentum to build a broader IG program. This Snapshot highlights ways that organizations can gain insight into unstructured data and leverage existing capabilities to bring governance to the chaos.

Google warned users of 33,015 nation-state attacks since January

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Google sent 11,856 government-backed phishing warnings during Q1 2020, 11,023 in Q2 2020, and 10,136 in Q3 2020. During the last summer, Google observed threat actors from China, Russia, and Iran targeting pharmaceutical companies and researchers involved in the development of a vaccine. .

Chinese hackers stole info from Spanish centers working on Covid19 vaccine

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While pharmaceutical companies worldwide are working on the research of a vaccine for the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, threat actors are conducting cyber espionage campaigns in the attempt of stealing information on the work.

Implementing a real-time catalog of enterprise data assets

Information Management Resources

Beyond defining access privileges, effective data governance means that companies need to be able to document or label their data assets, much like the labels on pharmaceuticals. Data management Data visualization Data discovery

FBI warns US companies on the use of Chinese Tax Software

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The alert aims at informing US companies in the healthcare, chemical, and finance sectors of cyber espionage activity by the Chinese government against their business and branches operating in China.

Data Intelligence and Its Role in Combating Covid-19


Managing and Governing Data From Lots of Disparate Sources. This data will be collected from organizations such as, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and state and local governments across the globe. Privately it will come from hospitals, labs, pharmaceutical companies, doctors and private health insurers. erwin Expert Blog data governance metadata management data intelligence covid-19 coronavirus

US govt agencies share details of the China-linked espionage malware Taidoor

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China-linked hackers carried out cyber espionage campaigns targeting governments, corporations, and think tanks with TAIDOOR malware. China has been using #Taidoor malware to conduct #cyber espionage on governments, corporations, and think tanks.

Cambridgeshire crowned the UK’s cyber crime capital

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For example, the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, which is based in Cambridge, was last year imitated in a sophisticated phishing scam targeting job seekers. The post Cambridgeshire crowned the UK’s cyber crime capital appeared first on IT Governance UK Blog.

Benefits of Data Vault Automation


Let’s take a look at a large global pharmaceutical company that switched to Data Vault automation with staggering results. Like many pharmaceutical companies, it manages a massive data warehouse combining clinical trial, supply chain and other mission-critical data. erwin Data Catalog makes it easy to discover, organize, curate and govern data being sourced for and managed in the warehouse.

Enterprise Architecture: Secrets to Success


With more governance around the information and processes we use to document that information, we can produce more accurate and robust analyses for a true “as-is” view of the entire organization for better decision-making.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in August 2020 – 36.6 million records breached

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million records breached appeared first on IT Governance UK Blog. There were a massive 99 data breaches and cyber attacks in August, making it the third-biggest monthly total of the year by number of security incidents.

BEST PRACTICES: Rising complexities of provisioning identities has pushed ‘IGA’ to the fore

The Last Watchdog

Identity governance and administration, or IGA , has suddenly become a front-burner matter at many enterprises. Related: Identity governance issues in the age of digital transformation. Its customer base is comprised of eight of the top 15 banks, four of the top six healthcare insurance and managed care providers, nine of the top 15 property and casualty insurance providers, five of the top 13 pharmaceutical companies, and 11 of the largest 15 federal agencies.

Hundreds of malicious Chrome browser extensions used to spy on you!

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Malicious Chrome browser extensions were used in a massive surveillance campaign aimed at users working in the financial services, oil and gas, media and entertainment, healthcare, government organizations, and pharmaceuticals. Malicious Chrome browser extensions were employed in a surveillance campaign on a large scale, millions of users potentially impacted.

Hackers target German Task Force for COVID-19 PPE procurement

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Hackers are targeting executives of a German multinational corporation involved in the government supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) against COVID-19. Hackers are targeting executives of a German multinational corporation involved in the government supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). The task force was created by the German government to ensure the procurement from foreign markets of PPE, including face masks and medical gear.

China-linked APT41 group exploits Citrix, Cisco, Zoho flaws

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Victims operate in the Banking/Finance, Construction, Defense Industrial Base, Government, Healthcare, High Technology, Higher Education, Legal, Manufacturing, Media, Non-profit, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Transportation, Travel, and Utility. . The China-linked group tracked as APT41 exploited vulnerabilities in Citrix, Cisco, and ManageEngine in a campaign on a global scale.

Q&A: The drivers behind the stark rise — and security implications — of ‘memory attacks’

The Last Watchdog

Warfare is not just with the guns anymore, it’s a cyber attack, and not just on critical infrastructure or government agencies, but on other big stakeholders, as well. Merck had one of its pharmaceuticals delayed, which led to a global shortage. A distinctive class of hacking is rising to the fore and is being leveraged by threat actors to carry out deep, highly resilient intrusions of well-defended company networks.

In Times of Rapid Change, Business Process Modeling Becomes a Critical Tool


It also serves to operationalize and govern mission-critical information by making it available to the wider enterprise at the right levels to identify synergies and ensure the appropriate collaboration. Industry and government regulations affect businesses that work in or do business with any number of industries or in specific geographies. Industry-specific regulations in areas like healthcare, pharmaceuticals and financial services have been in place for some time.

US DoJ charged two Chinese hackers working with MSS

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US DoJ charged two Chinese hackers working with China’s Ministry of State Security with hacking into computer systems of government organizations and companies worldwide.

ICO Announces First Data Protection Sandbox Participants

Hunton Privacy

The projects selected by the ICO include proposals by the Greater London Authority, Heathrow Airport Holding Limited (which is looking at the use of facial recognition technology to streamline passenger journeys), NHS Digital and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, as well as private organizations such as FutureFlow, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited and Trust Elevate.

Benefits of Enterprise Modeling and Data Intelligence Solutions


In particular, the tool helped them to design their qualification review, which is necessary in a pharmaceutical business. a senior manager, data governance at an insurance company with over 500 employees. Data Governance with erwin Data Intelligence. IT Central Station members are seeing benefits from using erwin Data Intelligence (erwin DI) for data governance use cases.

Q&A: How AI, digital transformation are shaking up revenue management in high tech, life sciences

The Last Watchdog

Model N’s 2019 State of Revenue Report surveyed CEOs, CMOs and senior sales executives from leading pharmaceutical, medical devices, high-tech manufacturing and semiconductor companies. And then there is the issue of compliance, and not just from a government or regulatory perspective, but just in terms of internal contractual compliance — staying within the agreed upon terms of a contract can be a big challenge. A recent poll of some 300 senior executives from U.S.-based

The Importance of EA/BP for Mergers and Acquisitions


Industry and government regulations affect businesses that work in or do business with any number of industries or in specific geographies. Industry-specific regulations in areas like healthcare, pharmaceuticals and financial services have been in place for some time.

US DoJ indicts Chinese hackers over state-sponsored cyber espionage

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The US Department of Justice charged two Chinese hackers for hacking numerous companies and government agencies in a dozen countries, US Indicts Two Chinese Government Hackers Over Global Hacking Campaign. The APT10 group is focused on cyber espionage aimed at stealing business and technology secrets from companies and government agencies around the world.

Coronavirus Australia latest: at a glance

The Guardian Data Protection

Here’s everything you need to know to register Free childcare: what do the Australian government’s coronavirus changes mean for my family? Here’s everything you need to know to register Groceries, telehealth and pharmaceuticals: how older Australians can get help at home Have I already had coronavirus?

Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Modeling Tools Have Evolved


A North American banking group is using erwin Evolve to integrate information across the organization and provide better governance to boost business agility. It also operationalizes and governs mission-critical information by making it available to the wider enterprise at the right levels to identify synergies and ensure the appropriate collaboration. Enterprise architecture (EA) and business process (BP) modeling tools are evolving at a rapid pace.

Preservica appoints new Advisory Council to help steer next stage of growth


Preservica Advisory Council members include: Jason R Baron is an internationally recognized authority on information governance and the preservation of electronic records. He has extensive experience working with Federal and Local Government agencies, as well as companies in Energy, Financial Services and Manufacturing. He has worked closely with companies in both Pharmaceutical and Financial Services industries.

Security in a World of Physically Capable Computers

Schneier on Security

Stories like the recent Facebook hack , the Equifax hack and the hacking of government agencies are remarkable for how unremarkable they really are. The government needs to step in and regulate this increasingly dangerous space. We've started to see political battles about government-placed vulnerabilities in computers and software from Russia and China. Doing so requires a multifaceted approach, one that requires government involvement at every step.

The Applications of Blockchain in Data Management


It is also unique in that it is decentralized, so there is no single authority governing its use. Other large companies, agencies, and government bodies have also been subject to damaging attacks in the last decade. The government of Estonia has been using a new blockchain-based technology known as Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) to protect public data. They are stored on blockchain and distributed on a private government network.

Information security and compliance training for the healthcare sector

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Pharmacies, rehabilitation care, social care, medical research and pharmaceuticals all rely on this data being available to individuals delivering their services. IT Governance is responsible for the world’s first accredited programme of ISO 27001 education and currently offers the largest portfolio of ISO 27001 classroom and Live Online training courses in the world. Healthcare is one of the hardest-hit industries when it comes to data breaches.