Electronic Records, Third-Party Systems, and Contracts

The Texas Record

Take a moment to think about the systems your local government or agency uses to manage its electronic records. What would your ideal Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) look like? The contract covers the security of the records.

NEW TECH: DigiCert Document Signing Manager leverages PKI to advance electronic signatures

The Last Watchdog

Most of us, by now, take electronic signatures for granted. Related: Why PKI will endure as the Internet’s secure core. Yet electronic signatures do have their security limitations. It adds trust and security into each signature, with the ability to easily work with third-party signing workflows such as Adobe, DocuSign, or other signing workflow platforms,” he says. Signing can be done anywhere using any type of supported computing device.


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CryptoAgility to take advantage of Quantum Computing

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

CryptoAgility to take advantage of Quantum Computing. What is quantum computing and what changes will it bring? You’d probably do the computation a few times, supplemented by further checking using a classical computer, to make sure you arrive at the same result).

New Rules Announced for Border Inspection of Electronic Devices


Cloud Security Cryptography Government Mobile Security Privacy ACLU cameras computers digital privacy digital search Electronic Frontier Foundation Encryption passcodes phones reasonable suspicion tablets U.S. The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol announced new restrictions on when agents can copy data from digital devices at border crossing points.

Ukraine: nation-state hackers hit government document management system

Security Affairs

Ukraine ‘s government attributes a cyberattack on the government document management system to a Russia-linked APT group. According to Ukrainian officials, the hackers aimed at disseminating malicious documents to government agencies.

GDPR and The Data Governance Imperative


Mitigate Data Privacy and Security Risks with Machine Learning. The Privacy and Security Dichotomy. GDPR and the Data Governance Imperative. The confluence of big data, cloud computing, social media, mobile devices collect and aggregate diverse data sets, which taken together, such as internet search habits and GPS tracking information may expose personally identifiable information. The Information Governance Imperative.

Croatia government agencies targeted with news SilentTrinity malware

Security Affairs

Croatia government agencies have been targeted by unknown hackers with a new piece of malware tracked as SilentTrinity. A mysterious group of hackers carried out a series of cyber attacks against Croatian government agencies, infecting employees with a new piece of malware tracked as SilentTrinity. The SilentTrinity malware can take control over an infected computer, it allows attackers to execute arbitrary commands.

Top Database Security Solutions for 2021

eSecurity Planet

Naturally, database vendors are leading providers of database security tools, and a growing number of cloud-based database providers are moving deeper into the data security space. Security is paramount. Read our in-depth review of the McAfee Data Center Security Suite.

Cloud 78

Midterm Election Security: Why Patching Is a Critical Issue

Data Breach Today

Many of the computer devices to be used for electronic voting in November's midterm elections have unpatched older operating systems that make them vulnerable, says Darien Kindlund, a data scientist at the cybersecurity firm Insight Engines, which advises governments and others

Don’t Lose Your Information in the “Junk Drawer”: Make Time for Information Governance in Healthcare


Whether this information consists of paper documents, electronic files, EMR data, or even legacy microfiche, are you fully aware of every single document or file in your organization and can you pinpoint anything you are looking for with ease? Don’t let information governance in healthcare take a back seat. ” “I know I saved that file to my computer drive but it’s not showing up in a search and I need it for my meeting in 30 minutes.”

FAQ: How does web archiving fit into records management?

The Texas Record

Last but not least, think about how the ease of access to your records, their security and management, and your service contract could be affected if your web archiving provider experiences an event that threatens its systems or if it joins forces with another company.

Supply Chain Security 101: An Expert’s View

Krebs on Security

alongside Tony Sager , senior vice president and chief evangelist at the Center for Internet Security and a former bug hunter at the U.S. National Security Agency. We talked at length about many issues, including supply chain security, and I asked Sager whether he’d heard anything about rumors that Supermicro — a high tech firm in San Jose, Calif. Tony Sager, senior vice president and chief evangelist at the Center for Internet Security.

e-Records 2017: “Teacher Retirement System of Texas: The Information Governance Journey”

The Texas Record

Information Governance: Take Control and Succeed. TSLAC Wants Your Electronic Records. Establishing Information Governance for Local Governments in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Data Protection and Information Governance across Data Silos. Big Data vs. Information Security: Bringing Peace to Conflict. Teacher Retirement System of Texas: The Information Governance Journey.

The Myth of Consumer-Grade Security

Schneier on Security

They affect national security. All of those "consumer products" Barr wants access to are used by government officials -- heads of state, legislators, judges, military commanders and everyone else -- worldwide. They're critical to national security as well as personal security. Before the Internet revolution, military-grade electronics were different from consumer-grade. If security is deliberately weakened, it will be weakened for everybody.

Microsoft Calls for Legislative Action to Set Rules for Cloud Computing

Hunton Privacy

Microsoft is urging Congress and the information technology industry to act now to ensure that cloud computing is guided by an international commitment to privacy, security and transparency for consumers, businesses and government. Microsoft also has called for an international dialogue on data sovereignty to address users’ desire that rules and regulations governing their data remain uniform regardless of the physical location of the information.

US Government Accountability Office Releases New Report On The Internet of Things (IoT)

Privacy and Cybersecurity Law

On May 15, 2017, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a new report entitled “ Internet of Things: Status and implications of an increasingly connected world.” The GAO also convened a number of expert meetings during the drafting process, bringing together experts from various disciplines, including computer science, security, privacy, law, economics, physics, and product development. Cloud computing. Information security.

NIST Issues Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing

Hunton Privacy

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) has issued draft Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing (SP 800-144) (the “Guidelines”) for public comment. The Guidelines provide an overview of the security and privacy challenges pertinent to public cloud computing, and identify considerations for organizations outsourcing data, applications and infrastructure to a public cloud environment. Governance.

Does Your Business Depend on Stronger Election Security?

Adam Levin

This midterm election , a steady flow of headlines and heated controversy focused not on political leanings or flipping seats (at least directly), but rather on the security and integrity of the voting process itself. election officials to attempt to secure outdated, unreliable voting information systems and to provide some semblance of reassurance to voters that the representatives chosen to preside over the levers of power were legitimately elected in a transparent way.

Security expert Marco Ramilli released for free the Malware Hunter tool

Security Affairs

I am a computer security scientist with an intensive hacking background. I do have a MD in computer engineering and a PhD on computer security from University of Bologna. During my PhD program I worked for US Government (@ National Institute of Standards and Technology, Security Division) where I did intensive researches in Malware evasion techniques and penetration testing of electronic voting systems.

Spotlight Podcast: Two Decades On TCG Tackles Trustworthiness For The Internet of Things

The Security Ledger

The post Spotlight Podcast: Two Decades On TCG Tackles Trustworthiness For The Internet of Things appeared first on The Security Ledger. You might not have heard of the Trusted Computing Group but you have definitely used technology it helped develop and deliver.

Strategies to Protect your Records from Ransomware

The Texas Record

As information technology continues to advance, it is vital that all local government offices and state agencies understand how to mitigate the risks of an attack on your records management system. Awareness and training: Everyone in your office needs to be aware of what ransomware is, the methods of delivery, and basic security principles to best prevent a system from being infected. Regular software updates are key because these updates often include security components.

Security Affairs newsletter Round 210 – News of the week

Security Affairs

The best news of the week with Security Affairs. Romanian duo convicted of fraud Scheme infecting 400,000 computers. Security Affairs newsletter Round 209 – News of the week. Gnosticplayers round 5 – 65 Million+ fresh accounts from 6 security breaches available for sale. Gnosticplayers round 5 – 65 Million+ fresh accounts from 8 security breaches available for sale. RCE flaw in Electronic Arts Origin client exposes gamers to hack.

Sales 62

Hackers hit Spain’s Ministry of Labor and Social Economy

Security Affairs

The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy has been affected by a computer attack. “The computer attack that the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy has suffered has NOT affected the operation of the State Public Employment Service,” SEPE said.

An Early Recap of Privacy in 2020: A US Perspective

Data Matters

Employers and governments have been required to consider privacy in adjusting workplace practices to account for who has a fever and other symptoms, who has traveled where, who has come into contact with whom, and what community members have tested positive or been exposed. As a result of all this need for tracking and tracing, governments and citizens alike have recognized the inevitable trade-offs between exclusive focus on privacy versus exclusive focus on public health and safety.

Why Are Businesses Opting for Edge, AI, and IoT – and Are They Wise to Do So?

ARMA International

Edge computing is increasingly associated with at least two “trending” terms in the IT and information arenas: Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). Broadly speaking, the term refers to computing that’s done at or near the source of the data. These great distances can result in delays in computing, which can impact an organization’s capacity to optimally analyze and leverage its data.

Cyber Blackmail: More Than Just Ransomware

The Texas Record

We are happy to welcome guest writers from the Texas Department of Information Resources, Daniel Hankins, Shared Services Security Manager and Andy Bennett, Director Information Security Governance. The city of Atlanta’s operations were virtually dragged to a halt after an unmet demand for roughly $50,000 in ransom ended up essentially crippling the city’s government and has already cost at least $2.7 Ransomware Hits CDOT Computers.

Do you know the difference between cyber security and information security?

IT Governance

You often see people use the terms ‘ cyber security ’ and ‘ information security ’ interchangeably. Information security. You’re most likely to access data on your work computer or via paper records, but information can also be found on removable disks, laptops, servers, personal devices and a host of other places. It all needs to be kept safe, and the process of doing that is called information security. There are two sub-categories of information security.

MY TAKE: Why security innovations paving the way for driverless cars will make IoT much safer

The Last Watchdog

Intelligent computing systems have been insinuating themselves into our homes and public gathering places for a while now. The good news is that there is some very deep, behind-the-scenes research and development work being done to make driverless vehicles safe and secure enough for public acceptance. I’m encouraged that this work should produce a halo effect on other smart systems, ultimately making less-critical Internet of Things systems much more secure, as well.

IoT 100

FBI, DHS, HHS Warn of Imminent, Credible Ransomware Threat Against U.S. Hospitals

Krebs on Security

Department of Homeland Security hastily assembled a conference call with healthcare industry executives warning about an “imminent cybercrime threat to U.S. ” The warning came less than 24 hours after this author received a tip from Alex Holden , founder of Milwaukee-based cyber intelligence firm Hold Security. based Sky Lakes Medical Center’s computer systems. On Monday, Oct.

Foreign hackers breached Russian federal agencies, said FSB

Security Affairs

FSB National Coordination Center for Computer Incidents (NKTsKI) revealed that foreign hackers have breached networks of Russian federal agencies. The post Foreign hackers breached Russian federal agencies, said FSB appeared first on Security Affairs.

Cloud 105

To get the most from blockchain in government, a sharing mindset is needed


To get the most from blockchain in government, a sharing mindset is needed. When I was at university earning my Masters in Computer Science, I devoted a lot of my coursework to distributed computing. Agencies can increase public trust through blockchain transparency and introduce new citizen interactions (like secure voting) and value-added services by adopting blockchain. federal government. Importance of governance.

Friday the 13th is Unlucky for the City of New Orleans. Almost. Maybe.: Cybersecurity Trends

eDiscovery Daily

CST on Friday, according to the City of New Orleans’ emergency preparedness campaign, NOLA Ready, managed by the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. However, in August, 23 government agencies were taken offline by a cyber-attack on the State of Texas.

EVRAZ operations in North America disrupted by Ryuk ransomware

Security Affairs

Computer systems at EVRAZ, a multinational vertically integrated steel making and mining company, have been hit by Ryuk ransomware. The post EVRAZ operations in North America disrupted by Ryuk ransomware appeared first on Security Affairs.

Delaware County, Pennsylvania, opted to pay 500K ransom to DoppelPaymer gang

Security Affairs

“The County of Delaware recently discovered a disruption to portions of its computer network. We commenced an immediate investigation that included taking certain systems offline and working with computer forensic specialists to determine the nature and scope of the event.

The City of Durham shut down its network after Ryuk Ransomware attack

Security Affairs

Once it’s inside, Ryuk can spread across network servers through file shares to individual computers,” reads a post published by SBI. The post The City of Durham shut down its network after Ryuk Ransomware attack appeared first on Security Affairs.

Security Ledger Podcast: Security Automation Is (And Isn't) The Future Of InfoSec


Advances in the use of polymers revolutionized everything from food packaging to electronics, telecommunication and medicine. But how exactly will artificial intelligence help bridge the information security skills gap? Computers never get tired.

Podcast Episode 119: EFF on Expanding Researchers Rights and AT&T talks IoT Security Fails

The Security Ledger

In this episode of the podcast, #119: Electronic Frontier Foundation General Counsel Kurt Opsahl joins us to talk about the Coders’ Rights Project. Also: we speak with Senthil Ramakrishnan, a lead member of AT&T’s IoT Security group about that company’s plans to work with Ericsson to certify the security of IoT devices. Read the EFF report “ Protecting Security Researchers’ Rights in the Americas.”

What’s a Lawyer’s Duty When a Data Breach Occurs within the Law Firm: Cybersecurity Best Practices

eDiscovery Daily

I referenced the fact that all 50 states (plus DC, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) have security breach notification laws , but I was not aware of any specific guidelines or opinions relating to a lawyer’s duty regarding data breach notification. Right inside the door, you see a handwritten notice on a big whiteboard which says: All network services are down, DO NOT turn on your computers! Electronic Discovery Security

Canada Uses Civil Anti-Spam Law in Bid to Fine Malware Purveyors

Krebs on Security

Canadian government regulators are using the country’s powerful new anti-spam law to pursue hefty fines of up to a million dollars against Canadian citizens suspected of helping to spread malicious software. Section 8 involves the surreptitious installation of computer programs on computers or networks including malware and spyware. ” A Little Sunshine Ne'er-Do-Well News Security Tools Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation CASL Neil Barratt

Steelcase office furniture giant hit by Ryuk ransomware attack

Security Affairs

In an 8-K form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company has disclosed the ransomware attack that took place on October 22nd, 2020. Bleeping Computer, citing a source in the cybersecurity industry, confirmed that Steelcase suffered a Ryuk ransomware attack.