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What are the Drivers of Electronic Records Management (ERM)?


Virtually all new records are created electronically today – they are what we call “born digital.” Whether a record is in the format of a letter, an email, fax, a web, or other transaction, the chances are today that it originally was created with one or more computers. and that means keeping electronic records, as just explained.

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Transitioning to a Fully Digital Government

National Archives Records Express

A US Army specialist 4 examines a computer printout. National Archives Identifier: 6386418 This blog post is the first in a series focusing on specific areas agencies should consider in their transition to fully digital government.


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NEW TECH: DigiCert Document Signing Manager leverages PKI to advance electronic signatures

The Last Watchdog

Most of us, by now, take electronic signatures for granted. Yet electronic signatures do have their security limitations. As digital transformation has quickened, it has become clear that electronic signatures are destined to become even more pervasively used to conduct business remotely. Achieving high assurance.

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US Government And Allies Disrupt Massive Russian Botnet

Data Breach Today

Botnet Targets IoT And Android Devices; Industrial Control Systems And Computers The U.S.

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Electronic Records, Third-Party Systems, and Contracts

The Texas Record

Take a moment to think about the systems your local government or agency uses to manage its electronic records. What would your ideal Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) look like? The contract acknowledges the local government (or agency) as the owner of the records with absolute authority over the same.

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Estonian National charged with helping Russia acquire U.S. hacking tools and electronics

Security Affairs

made electronics on behalf of the Russian government and military. The Estonian man is accused of having helped the Russian government and military to purchase US-made electronics and hacking tools. manufacturers on behalf of Russian end-users, including defense contractors and other Russian government agencies.

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Delta Electronics, a tech giants’ contractor, hit by Conti ransomware

Security Affairs

Delta Electronics, a Taiwanese contractor for multiple tech giants such as Apple, Dell, HP and Tesla, was hit by Conti ransomware. Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company Delta Electronics was hit by the Conti ransomware that took place this week. ” reported a statement from the security company cited by CTWANT.