How AI is Transforming Data Governance in Today’s World

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How AI is Transforming Data Governance? Consumers are becoming more aware of their rights, making data governance more relevant across organizations. Data governance is a set of standards, metrics, and processes that allow organizations to responsibly use consumer data.

Pathlock-Appsian Deal Combines App Governance, ERP Security

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Deal Will Help Clients Secure Users and Data Across SAP and Oracle's ERP Apps Pathlock has merged with Appsian to form a 500-person vendor that secures users and data across SAP and Oracle's ERP apps.


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US Government Sites Give Bad Security Advice

Krebs on Security

government Web sites now carry a message prominently at the top of their home pages meant to help visitors better distinguish between official U.S. government properties and phishing pages. government. Many U.S.

New Bill Would Secure Government Contractors' Use of AI

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Co-Sponsor of Bipartisan Proposal Calls Bill 'Common-Sense Legislation' Two Senate leaders on Thursday introduced legislation that would form a working group charged with monitoring the security of AI data obtained by federal contractors.

The Next-Generation Cloud Data Lake: An Open, No-Copy Data Architecture

A next-gen cloud data lake architecture has emerged that brings together the best attributes of the data warehouse and the data lake. This new open data architecture is built to maximize data access with minimal data movement and no data copies.

Lithuanian Government Issues DDoS Attack Alerts

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Russian Hactivist Group Posts List Of Targeted Sites On Telegram Lithuania’s National Cyber Security Center has warned of increasing DDoS attacks directed against the nation's public authorities and its transport and financial sectors following Lithuania blocking road and rail supplies to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

Enhancing Security Governance

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Longtime CISO Vito Sardanopoli on Building an Effective Security Program A formal security program that spells out precise governance components is critical to protecting sensitive data, says Vito Sardanopoli, who served on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Task Force

US Government Warns Against Paying Ransom to Karakurt Group

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government agencies have issued a warning to organizations in the country against paying ransom to the Karakurt data extortion group. The threat actor's promises to delete stolen data and not disclose the security incident to the public if its demands are met are false, the agencies say

IT Governance Podcast Episode 4: Ransomware advice, MFA phishing and The Art of Cyber Security

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Plus, we talk to Gary Hibberd about his new book, The Art of Cyber Security. The post IT Governance Podcast Episode 4: Ransomware advice, MFA phishing and The Art of Cyber Security appeared first on IT Governance UK Blog. Podcast Cyber Security Information security

Enhancing the Security of Government Websites

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Sites to Implement HTTP Strict Transport Security Protocol Federal agencies will add a layer of security to their websites that use the top-level

Conti Ransomware Attacks Surging, US Government Warns

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Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, FBI and National Security Agency, which details essential defenses

UK Government Proposes IoT Security Measures

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government is taking the first steps toward creating new security requirements for manufacturers to strengthen password protections and improve how vulnerabilities are reported

IoT 143

ISMG Editors’ Panel: Government Cybersecurity Challenges

Data Breach Today

Also: Dealing With COVID-19 Business Recovery; Zynga Case Goes to Arbitration In the latest weekly update, four editors at Information Security Media Group discuss important cybersecurity issues, including improving federal agencies' cybersecurity and businesses recovering from the pandemic's impac

US: Chinese Government Waged Microsoft Exchange Attacks

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China's Ministry of State Security Also Accused of Carrying Out Ransomware Attacks The Biden administration formally accused China's Ministry of State Security of conducting a series of attacks against vulnerable Microsoft Exchange servers earlier this year that affected thousands of organizations.

The Evolution of Cloud Governance

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Expanse CTO Matt Kraning on Meeting New Demands for Cloud Security The good news is: Organizations are embracing the cloud, and that's a boon to velocity and digital transformation. The bad news: Visibility and governance take a huge hit.

UK government seeks views on cloud, datacenter security via The Register

IG Guru

The post UK government seeks views on cloud, datacenter security via The Register appeared first on IG GURU. Cloud Cyber Security IG News Information Governance information privacy information security Risk News Security Storage Data Center The Register UK Government

Threat actors defaced Ukrainian government websites

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Threat actors defaced multiple Ukrainian government websites after talks between Ukrainian, US, and Russian officials hit a dead this week. Threat actors have defaced multiple websites of the Ukrainian government on the night between January 13 and January 14.

ARMA releases Information Governance Implementation Model v2.0

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The ARMA Information Governance Implementation Model is a useful tool to connect the various stakeholders of information governance. The post ARMA releases Information Governance Implementation Model v2.0

Pro-Russian hacktivists target Italy government websites

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The Italian police is investigating the attack, while the National Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) confirmed that the websites were hit with DDoS attacks. The post Pro-Russian hacktivists target Italy government websites appeared first on Security Affairs.

IT Governance Podcast Episode 1: Twitter, Beeple, QuickBooks, Pegasus Airlines and Hybrid Working Security

IT Governance

Plus we talk about security issues facing organisations with a remote or hybrid workforce. The post IT Governance Podcast Episode 1: Twitter, Beeple, QuickBooks, Pegasus Airlines and Hybrid Working Security appeared first on IT Governance UK Blog.

Why Azure Government for the DIB?


Microsoft’s Azure Government has become a trusted cloud for US government agencies, contractors and the Defense Industrial Based (DIB), providing unified security to protect the nation's data, and solutions for secure remote collaboration. Azure Government and CMMC.

Paladin Cloud Launches New Cloud Security and Governance Platform

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The new open source security-as-code platform will help developers and security teams automatically detect security policy violations across the organization's cloud infrastructure

Cloud 66

Why Didn't Government Detect SolarWinds Attack?

Data Breach Today

Senators Want to Know Why DHS' Einstein System Did Not Discover the Incident Two senators are pressing the Department of Homeland Security to explain why its Einstein system failed to detect the SolarWinds supply chain breach that affected agencies as well as corporations

GUEST ESSAY: Improved ‘data governance’ can help companies meet today’s security challenges

The Last Watchdog

million people and compromised names, Social Security numbers, among other data, also ended up costing the file-sharing company $8.1 It was alleged that the company did not implement proper data security practices to detect security vulnerabilities. A solid approach to a data governance program combines business intelligence with standard cyber intelligence; to that we turn next.

IT Governance Podcast Episode 5: Facebook, Twitter, VW, Digital Protection and Information Bill

IT Governance

million GDPR fine for Volkswagen, the new Digital Protection and Information Bill, and why it’s so important to maintain your cyber security through a recession. This week, we discuss a malware campaign targeting Facebook Business users, a breach apparently affecting 5.4


Exclusive: Pro-Russia group ‘Cyber Spetsnaz’ is attacking government agencies

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Following the attacks of the Killnet Collective, the group responsible for the attacks against major government resources and law enforcement, a new group has been identified called “Cyber Spetsnaz”. Resecurity, Inc.

UK: Government publishes its first Government Cyber Security Strategy

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

The government has launched its first ‘ Government Cyber Security Strategy – Building a Cyber Resilient Public Sector ’ (“ Strategy ”), outlining how central government and the public sector will ensure that public services can function in the face of growing cyber threats. This Strategy follows the recent publication of the National Cyber Security Strategy, which sets out the government’s aim to establish the UK as “ a democratic and responsible cyber power ”.

FINAL IGRM (Information Governance Reference Model) 4.1 RELEASED via EDRM.NET

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The post FINAL IGRM (Information Governance Reference Model) 4.1 Business Cyber Security IAPP IG News Information Governance information privacy information security Record Retention Records Management Risk News IGRM 4.1 Check out the post here.

Hackers Exploit Exchange Flaws to Target Local Governments

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FireEye, Other Security Firms Detect Activity Hackers have targeted units of local government by attempting to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange email servers, according to a new report by the security firm FireEye.

New Social Security Scam Spoofs Government Badges

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Criminals text or email photos of fake government identification badges to trick people into sending money

Class Action Targets Experian Over Account Security

Krebs on Security

In July’s Experian, You Have Some Explaining to Do , we heard from two different readers who had security freezes on their credit files with Experian and who also recently received notifications from Experian that the email address on their account had been changed.

Unknown APT group is targeting Russian government entities

Security Affairs

An unknown APT group is targeting Russian government entities since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. ” Security Affairs is one of the finalists for the best European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards 2022 – VOTE FOR YOUR WINNERS.

What is Cyber Security Awareness and Why is it Important?

IT Governance

For all the talk of criminal hacking, ransomware infections and the technologies to prevent them, the key to protecting your organisation is cyber security awareness training. The importance of cyber security staff awareness. Cyber security awareness best practices.

Clarion Housing Group Residents Beg Government to Step in After Cyber Attack

IT Governance

Suzanne Muna, SHAC secretary, said: “We are asking for government to urgently intervene in the governance of Clarion after it shut down most of its services on June 17 2022 following a cyber attack.

IT 84

Israeli Government Agencies Visit NSO Group Offices


Authorities opened an investigation into the secretive Israeli security firm. Government Malware Mobile Security Privacy

CISA Warns of Emotet Attacks Against Government Agencies

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Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is warning about a recent spike in Emotet botnet attacks - designed to spread other malware - that are targeting state and local government agencies Botnet Called 'One of the Most Prevalent Ongoing Threats' The U.S.

Experts warn of ransomware attacks against government organizations of small states

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Cyber Research Labs observed a rise in ransomware attacks in the second quarter of 2022, some of them with a severe impact on the victims, such as the attack that hit the Costa Rican government that caused a nationwide crisis.

Security Affairs newsletter Round 377

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Every week the best security articles from Security Affairs free for you in your email box. The post Security Affairs newsletter Round 377 appeared first on Security Affairs. A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

A massive DDoS attack hit Israel, government sites went offline

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Many Israel government websites were offline after a cyberattack, defense sources claim that this is the largest-ever attack that hit the country. Israeli media reported that a massive DDoS attack has taken down many Israel government websites.

The government of Lithuania confirmed it had been hit by an intense cyberattack

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The government of Lithuania announced on Monday that it had been hit by an “intense” cyberattack, likely launched from Moscow, days after the Russian government protested restrictions Vilnius imposed on the rail transit of certain goods to Kaliningrad.